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  1. What kind of logic is this? Rosters change year to year. I merely pointed out under Bowles as HC the Jets have had a defensive ranking of 4, 11, and and last season 25. We lead the league in cap space last year. Which equates to rebuilding and lots of youth. We lead the league in cap space going into next season. But I get your logical POV. You've watched 2 preseason games. One that was a shutout. The other giving up 5 field goals. I can understand a declaration that the 2018 Jets defense sucks and it's because of Bowles.
  2. total defense since Bowles has been the HC for the Jets. 2017 ranked 25th 2016 ranked 11th 2015 ranked 4th Also want to add that when an NFL team leads the league in cap space, I would assume that team is rebuilding and does not have a high level of talent. I believe we are heading into 2020 again with the most cap space. If you want to place all the blame on Bowles, how many wins would a decent coach get with this current roster, since most on here don't believe Bowles is at least a decent HC? How many wins would a good HC get?
  3. So you're saying schematic Bowles is good, GM Bowles is bad?
  4. 2015 top 5 defense. 2016 top 1/2 defense 2017 was not good but you realize they stripped the roster and went with youth. Hopefully 2018 a bounce back year. If so, should be good for a young QB. There is your proof, within the last 3 seasons, Bowles ran a top 5 defense, and a top 1/2 defense. Can be done. No excuse needed
  5. total defense since Bowles has been the HC for the Jets. 2017 ranked 25th 2016 ranked 11th 2015 ranked 4th preseason game 1 was a shutout. game 2 was 5 field goals.
  6. Wow, how the hell did Bowles get an extension? Curious how many wins does a good, not great head coach get in 2018 with this current roster?
  7. Philly and Seattle play a 43. Maybe Smith is better suited to be a 34 OLB? With such a need for edge rush why the hell not.
  8. The hate for Bowles is strong. But to use a pre-season game to validate that hate is ridiculous. Where was this thread last week? You don't see how ridiculous that looks?
  9. No idea but isn't that the point. It's pre season.
  10. Agree. If only the Jets had a better coach to squeeze out a week two pre season victory. If only we could have fired Bowles and brought in the next guy who loses a week 2 preseason game in 2021 and then we can make the next we'really going nowhere with XXX coach. It's worked over and over the last however many years, I'm sure the next one will be the right one.
  11. Shut out last week doesn't count. 15 points off 5 field goals is atrocious. 2 games the defense averaged 7.5 points against. We should pray this is the defensive results in regular season. It won't be but now is as good a time as any to declare the D sucks. Pre season where you're main goal is to give starters some run, see if the younger players imoroved, and evaluate players to determine your 53. Makes sense to me.
  12. Ha. Love it. Again it's pre-season but if we allow 15 points a game it's going to be a great season.
  13. pre-season. shutout last week. 3 field goals so far
  14. It it worth keeping 4 TEs in lieu of keeping a FB on the roster. Can the 4 TEs replace the production and blocking assignments of either a Flowers or Thomas? H-Back, Joker, Move TE instead of a traditional FB? Or does the Bates west coast rely on having that position?
  15. Interesting to think about. Shurmer connection. Young QB he knows well and could replace Eli in a year. Bridgewater won't have to move. Maybe the Giants pay a little more because it's hard to get the two NY teams to trade. Plus Giants did us a favor with Sam. I could also see the Giants going after teddy in the off season depending on how his tear plays out.
  16. It's one thing to over react when watching a pre season game. It's a whole other level to over react to tweets from a joint practice. By this logic, if Leo gets a sack on Thursday then he deserves the big contract? If he beats Trent in another practice rep, do the Jets tack on another million? He's got 16 games to show what he's worth.
  17. Anthony Becht was very good. Our punter has some guns. Pennel has some guns. And darnold looked good. Recipe for success.
  18. This got quoted a bunch so will just put it all here. After a whole draft season where every thread was inundated with the great leadership, moxie, confidence, and all the extolling of his on field tactics, it's all acceptable for Baker Mayfield. But Adams stating he's confident in himself, wants to revolutionize the position, be a perennial pro bowler, will work his ass off to do it, and calling out teammates who haven't give it 100 is vilified. Never said you can't critique any player, regardless of color. I'm not a black man so not trying to play a race card, just pointing out wh
  19. Ok? But presenting a racist angle and then have someone convince said person the racist angle is imaginary also adds to the design of said crazy nonsense thread.
  20. He can play. Will be even better year 2. I don't see how anything Adams has said to this point has been a detriment to the team. As far as a ban I will be ok and understand if it happens. I like checking in to jet nation for jet news. Not to discuss. I post because sometimes the things posted here are crazy nonsense. Like most of this thread
  21. I thought Sar was black? It seems strange because the whole off season, jet fans basically put baker Mayfield on God's pedestal. But Adams needs to shut up.
  22. What is it with jet fans on here that makes Adams so polarizing? I don't get it. Anything he says is dissected to the bones. Every jet fan I know loves Adams. But then again my jet fan friends are not crotchety old white guys who get their panties in a bunch when they see an uppity black kid open his mouth. At least that's how it comes off to me on here.
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