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  1. Agree to disagree that westoff would have been the better HC than Bowles. Maybe you're right. What I stated was Bowles knows more about defense than westoff. You're also correct in saying he's not belly or Parcells. But i feel Bowles has done plenty of good with the rosters and QBS he's had. Again you're right, moving defensive players around for a favorable match up is something that would be beneficial. I was stating they do move Leo around or put him in situations to make plays. However the flip side is offenses are also going to do things to neutralize him in which case you woul
  2. Even the most ardent Bowles hater would agree. Bowles knows more about defense than Colon and Westoff combined. I am confident that Leonard Willams was not stunted because he didnt play enough end in nickel last season. Not really quoting you but just throwing all my thoughts into one reply. So last season, Bowles is accused of being a selfish coach. Only caring about victories to get an extension. Sacrificing the development of young players, playing vets because he wants to win, ruining the Jets draft position. BUT at the same time, he gives up. Because that's the best way to get
  3. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jamal-adams-competitor-standing-cam-newton-article-1.3661024
  4. So the analytics dept is now the GM and Coach? Is there any factual basis on Leanord Williams not moving around? How much do D Lineman move around in general? In a 3-4 you either line up as a nose or an end. Flipping left to right? Are we talking nickel? I assume this another narrative created on JetNation that somehow turned into fact.
  5. Is Arians visiting the Jets during training camp. Watched his football life during breakfast and thought his relationship with Bowles is very interesting. Starting at the 36 minute mark, Arians finally became a hot head coaching candidate. Interviewed first with the Chicago Bears and Arians thought he had the job. Didn't get it because Arians was only going to take a HC job is Bowles was part of his staff. I know Bowles is mostly hated on this board but still thought it was interesting. I know Arians is retired because of health reasons but if Bowles survives this season (I hope he
  6. I'm a fan that does not want to see Mac or Bowles fired at this point. Bowles gets most of the hate on this board but Mac should be thanking Bowles for getting an extension after last season. Not the other way around.
  7. **** you. Another fake ass tough guy who spews sh*t because he can hide. I would hope I'll sh*t would happen to you but I'm going to assume you're life is already ******* horrible
  8. Remember the outrage when Dexter McDougle was traded for Terrence Brooks who went on to win Defensive player of the week last season.
  9. It is fan talk Year Team Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int 2017 Seattle Seahawks 44 27 17 1.0 -- 1 1 2016 New York Jets 62 38 24 1.5 -- 2 --
  10. Sure. You know why I put it up. But for the other posters, it was show how a troll talks about a play, has no idea what goes into said play, and just uses it as a lame excuse to proclaim some kind of indictment on Adams. As far as defending Adams, no need. He will continue to talk, and care less about what a troll thinks about him. But you'll spend your precious time giving lame reasons as to why he's a bust. Throughout the season you and other Jet fans will smile every time you perceive Adams to play poorly but eventually will come on here, probably around mid season, and say someth
  11. Every post on here is self serving. That's the point. As far as horrible, that would be you trying to troll everyone with your Fasano owned Adams for a TD. I put the clip up so fans can make up their own minds about the validity of that statement. Im going to assume it will get mentioned less now. It's amazing how BS can be posted here, and fans will run with it as fact. Actually not just here, everywhere. What Cutler probably saw was the play was going to work because Adams was going to rubbed out of the play. Not, Adams is covering Fasano so this is a guarantee TD. Probably because
  12. I believe the clip below is what the trolls refer to as Fasano owning Adams. What we don't know is Roberts may have been responsible for a better jam, or maybe it was on Adams to play the rub route better. Either way, the best coverage defenders get beat on this play all the time in the NFL. Also this is a rookie who started 16 games and played well but I guess he's destined to suck because he is a safety and he was picked 6th.
  13. Chan retired. Bates was let go for his subordinate who I assume was promoted because he's the better coach. Morton is still looking for a job. So it was one OC fired. Bowles never said Morton passed too much. Don't recall any Jet coach or someone from the organization saying Morton was fired for passing too much. What it probably was is an opinion written by a writer, that is taken as fact from a few fans, who then pass it on as fact on this board.
  14. Valiant effort but it's not worth it. You can't change stupid. And nothing is dumber on this board than Jet fans that whine about Adams. Its apparent that the hate stems from Adams "talking too much" because the other arguments make no sense. Which is funny when you think about how much this board loved Mayfield, a guy who hasn't taken an NFL snap yet.
  15. Yawn. I get your MO. Its partly my fault for responding to you. What I am really trying to say is you lack the mental ability to wipe your own ass. Your combine numbers show you don't have the athletic ability to wipe. And your toilet paper lacks the makeup to cover what you call a mouth. Better?
  16. My point is he wouldn't have been there at 33. It's imaginary. Outside of experiential reality
  17. What does that mean? Is there a point you're trying to make or is it simply Adams is a bust?
  18. This is what I don't get. Whatever Adams did at LSU warranted him not being close to available at 33. Find one piece written or quoted where Adams wasn't going top 10. Add to that, whatever he did his rookie season you can't find one piece written or aid where he doesn't go top 10 in a redraft. Correction, bleacher report has him going 13. Adams obviously did some good things his rookie season, and you expect some big improvements year 1 to 2. Just weird he needs any defending on a Jets website. 6. New York Jets Redraft pick: Jamal Adams, SS Actual pick: Adams Adams
  19. That's where we disagree. What did Adams need to do to be considered really good as a rookie? For me it was start immediately and play well and on top of that, he's pretty much the leader of that D. Adams hasn't even been given a chance to be great before long because he's played one season. I consider safety a premium position in today's NFL. Rather have a great safety than great corner because safety is the more versatile position.
  20. Collins finished 3rd in DPOY voting two seasons ago. Can we agree he's at least really good
  21. So you want to be all hung up on Fasano scoring a TD against Jamal Adams. That's your ace to prove how sh*tty Adams is. The TD you are so hung up on is below. You serious? This is it? The one where Adams gets caught in traffic by two players. This is the play you hang your whiny hat on about Adams?
  22. I guess its normal to say stupid sh*t and then back it up with made up sh*t.
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