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  1. Pretty miserable TV product but I think they were all penalties, maybe the Cashman one could have went either way
  2. I remembered the wacky Giants fans reactions being good, but I didn't remember them being great
  3. Did the Jets outsmart Bill Belichick by signing Patriots castoff Braxton Berrios?
  4. Hey Mike, I think you gotta pick up Jason Giambi for this Jets job. I'll hang up and listen.
  5. Tom Brady and, I don't know, Richard Sherman had the talent where they would have made it in any organization. They were just underrated as prospects. Normal players in this spot have to bust their asses and get lucky.
  6. They got Scotty McKnight in the 7th round and like his entire knee exploded in his rookie year. "Scotty McKnight had a chance to make it" is my most contrarian Jets fan take, probably
  7. wait, there's a football player named Trash? And the Jets can pick him?

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