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  1. 4? I think he has the talent to get up to "league average" some day but it's not a process I want to watch, it'll probably take another organization or two, and it's not worth the investment we made in him. I don't know, I think Darnold and even the coach are pretty likable guys, so that just makes it worse if I have to watch another fifteen weeks of this.
  2. The 1st down delay of game was actually the funniest thing i've seen all game
  3. Football is like chemistry. The positive plays and the negative plays balance each other out perfectly, and you get to 0. That's what football is like, right?
  4. ASJ was alright here too, kind of the same kind of player. I didn't know he was out of the league, hope he's doing okay
  5. The idea of a Manginiist deep state makes about as much sense as anything else about this stupid team
  6. Maybe we end up in a situation like the Bucs, where Good Jameis and Bad Jameis do battle for the soul of the city
  7. The hell are these jerkoffs talking about? Fournette got into his face, and they called a pushoff on Anderson today that is straight up never called
  8. Pretty miserable TV product but I think they were all penalties, maybe the Cashman one could have went either way
  9. I remembered the wacky Giants fans reactions being good, but I didn't remember them being great

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