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  1. I hope this isn't just me being an idiot on a message board who hypes up a bubble player that gets cut - I really, really liked Eric Tomlinson last season.
  2. Baeton Manning

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    I graduated from one of Canada's top business schools with really good grades.
  3. Baeton Manning

    Poll: Make the Pick at 3

    Rosen and Mayfield seem pretty safe and solid to me. I want Rosen. Maybe they're not super high on Mayfield's pure talent level. From the perspective of watching the soap opera the best pick is clearly Allen, like I wouldn't even be mad
  4. Sucks that college players are broke in a multibillion dollar industry but at the same time, just having NFL money won't make the guy stop being a thief. Look at some of the owners and politicians.
  5. Baeton Manning

    Giants shopping Beckham

    OBJ and the 2 for the 3 and our 1st next year, let's gooooo* *I know this is a dumb trade but I love him so whatever
  6. Maybe I'm overstating the competence of the worst teams in football or thinking this process is less chaotic than it is. But I have to assume it's an open league secret that the Browns have "their guy" who they're gonna pick and whoever he is, he's 99% off the board.
  7. Baeton Manning

    You are the Browns GM

    Pick your quarterback first and you have a good chance of Barkley falling to 4.
  8. Baeton Manning


    Is Allen really that horrible? It seems too trendy to crap on him for me. I want to see some hot pro-Allen takes that aren't just "big arm throw ball far"
  9. Baeton Manning


    Hope we know what's happening with the first two picks and don't get caught unaware, that's a big price
  10. I'd be thrilled with using our pick on the OL Nelson and doing a tradeup to get Lamar somewhere in the 20s.
  11. Baeton Manning

    Any sleepers on the current roster?

    Sterling looked good as a receiving TE for a couple games, but I actually liked Eric Tomlinson a lot too? Just a guy that was always in the middle of things. Josh Martin on defense too, if he still counts as a "no-name"
  12. Baeton Manning


    Lol we're gonna get the ASJ call again aren't we
  13. Baeton Manning

    ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Eric Tomlinson seems like a pretty good football player, compared to other Jets blocking TEs I mostly remember just for getting penalties
  14. Baeton Manning

    Brett Hundley

    Jacoby Brissett is the backup QB to watch this year, right? I mean there's no way I'm actually watching Colts-Titans tomorrow but still, he's not total garbage
  15. These sh*tty punt returns in time-critical situations like this that both kill clock and have penalties tacked on are a huge pet peeve, and by no means is it just us

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