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  1. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Eric Tomlinson seems like a pretty good football player, compared to other Jets blocking TEs I mostly remember just for getting penalties
  2. Brett Hundley

    Jacoby Brissett is the backup QB to watch this year, right? I mean there's no way I'm actually watching Colts-Titans tomorrow but still, he's not total garbage
  3. These sh*tty punt returns in time-critical situations like this that both kill clock and have penalties tacked on are a huge pet peeve, and by no means is it just us
  4. That's an "Italian soccer betting scandal" call
  5. Game Observations (JAX)

    While we have Forte for a year, I almost want to see some kind of wacky college gimmick offence that can utilize two good pass catching backs.
  6. This is definitely a kind of football
  7. I think it's a bad break for a coach, any coach, to be told to make something happen with this level of talent. Bowles isn't a big name, or a jerk, so he won't just sulk through the season the way some of the players might. But at the same time, if this thing goes the way everyone thinks it will and we're lined up for the shiny new quarterback, we're not going to make his first year be with lame duck Todd Bowles.
  8. Was the punter Mac or Idzik? He's been real good
  9. They're not getting anything on the ground. I don't even get why they're still bothering ed: well i'm dumb
  10. Who will lead the Jets in Receptions?

    I'll say the WRs split the workload, with young guys getting hot and cold and quarterbacks coming in and out, and ASJ is the leading receiver.
  11. Preordering my RG3 jersey to put next to Favre and Sanchez
  12. JETS --GIANTS Official Pre-Season Game Thread

    So Hack takes a big hit and their guy gets carted off on a play that gets memory holed
  13. JETS --GIANTS Official Pre-Season Game Thread

    Well, that's probably the score this game should be