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  1. If they aren't giving up a first rounder, there's very little downside. Do I think the team is a bonafide contender with a 50 year old Aaron Rodgers, no, but maybe we can have some fun.
  2. We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place
  3. Especially in a game like that where most of the football is pretty bad, those guys are just rooting for stories. Pickett coming in at the half and getting the W would have been a big story.
  4. Same free agent class as Josh Evans, who also died at 48 from cancer last year. Horrible. https://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/news-photo/new-york-jets-josh-evans-and-steve-white-celebrate-after-news-photo/97310720 RIP bros
  5. I did not like the punter-to-kicker lateral option fake field goal try. But he looks/sounds like a fun football character in the same way a Dan Campbell is, I'm gonna listen to all his interview stuff
  6. I liked Perriman with the Jets lol. Don't even remember why. Some guys become "lovable bum," some guys are just bums
  7. I knew Corey's brother passed away this year, but I didn't make the connection that we had Titus Davis in our practice squad until now.
  8. Lions beat writer. Was Saleh having a "good interview" with the Jets reported out anywhere else but here?
  9. Wasn't he well regarded out of college by pretty much everyone? I wasn't following the prospects at all that year but I know it was part of the meltdown about picking Daniel Jones at 6th or whatever it was, that they couldn't get the great Dwayne Haskins
  10. I despise Carson Wentz and I'm kind of intrigued by Jameis but really there probably isn't that much between them. Darnold has shown nothing so without a first round QB, you have to do the open competition thing, right?
  11. I would like them to draft the tackle, fall in love with a QB down the draft board (Mac Jones?), pick that player up with the Seattle pick and get it 100% right. But that doesn't sound like something that happens to the Jets.
  12. If this Isaac Rex has some kind of futuristic invisibility power that makes opposing secondaries unable to see him, he could be worth a draft pick
  13. Sure, if we get relegated this year then we can get right back into the first division
  14. Assuming we want to go QB, we finish with 2 and the Bengals finish with 3, I guess we can talk up Sewell in the press enough for them to give us something to move up? Won't be the Colts Darnold haul though.
  15. I don't know a lot about the quarterbacks as individuals, I've seen a bunch of Fields/Wilson stuff as background noise, but I don't think you can draft a QB second overall on a team like this, that just went 1-15 or 2-14, and sit him even for a couple games. So if that's your path, you sell Darnold for what he's worth and if Flacco retires, find another Flacco. The "Sam + best non-QB prospect" path is something "edgy" and "weird" enough that I'd be able to sell myself on it if there was a real consensus elite non-QB prospect?
  16. Even if that's really what they want to do, do they have the guts to draft Sewell or trade down, leaving the QBs on the board? Like whether it's smart or not, that's a brass balls call. Fans will probably be allowed at NFL games next season. It's gonna be a crazy atmosphere at Jets games no matter what they do.
  17. He's a much better talker than I expected? He'll be great with the media if he goes here and the whole thing isn't a disaster.
  18. How many games does the BYU kid have left against teams that aren't, like, Boise Polytechnic and Cal State Merced?
  19. Can someone post a good article about Herbert in college/as a prospect? I wasn't paying attention to him but I know there was a little bit of the Josh Allen where the Very Serious People weren't crazy about it
  20. Perriman-Crowder-Mims-Berrios (or whoever) is a below average NFL unit but when you're talking about a team that can go winless, yeah, it's not really the problem.
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