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  1. He could trade the pick to team who wanted him though.
  2. Or they can switch them out for the Jets receivers.
  3. Well lets face it. The first dumb thing they did was trading OBJ and still having a bunch of his salary on their cap. Not only did it allow teams to focus more closely on him, but some what hamstrung the FO ability to bring reinforcements. Imagine if they had kept OBJ, Barkley and Daniel Jones. Both Barkley and Jones were not going to be making a lot of money so you could afford OBJ salary and give your young qb a few nice weapons to develop with. Never understood what they were thinking... I realize the traded OBJ away before drafting Jones but we knew they wanted a quarterback after not taking one the previous year. Lets face it, the Giants have been something of train wreck themselves the last few years but because they those Super Bowl Trophies, they can get away it with a lot more than the Jets can.
  4. Giants should have traded the pick perhaps to a team looking for a quarterback, and got some more draft assets or players. As good as Barkley is and was projected to be, the position he plays did not justify his draft position.
  5. This draft might one day be considered as much for the running backs as for the wide receivers. James Taylor, Halaire-Smith, Dobbins, Antonio Gibson and that UDFA James Robinson are a few running backs that are looking very good so far. I hope Perine can join them once he gets on the field.
  6. I like Barkley and it is too bad about his injury, but this is why you don't take a running back with the 2nd pick in the draft. The Giants are going nowhere fast and in a year they are going to have to decide if they want to resign him and take up a big chunk of their cap space. I think the sweet spot for taking a running back, even the elite talents should be late first, thru 3rd with a lot of solid backs lasting a lot longer even into the 5 and 6th rounds. It's funny but I wonder how would Darnold perform if the Giants had taken him and had a chance to play with OBJ. Anyway, it sucks that Barkley is out for the season.
  7. It is great to see that he is figuring it out. I liked him before the draft but new we wouldn't take him, especially when Darnold was there at 3.
  8. So are are you saying Mims is garbage too? I guess it doesn't matter who we bring in if by being a Jet they automatically are garbage. Sorry but I'm not buying it. The problem is a lack of patience and moving on from players too fast. Not everyone develops at the same rate yet on this board I seen player after player called a BUST after one or two seasons. Claypool would be Darnold's best friend if he were a Jet. The only thing I will concede is at the rate things are going, he probably would have pulled a hammy getting out of the shower.
  9. There were still quality receivers available in the 4, 5 and 6th rounds. We didn't need to draft a back up quarterback or trade a pick for back up cornerback.
  10. Shenault has also looked good. He is already being called an "X-factor" for the Jags, lining up as both a receiver and taking hand offs out of the back field.
  11. I wanted this guy so BAD. Mims was a nice consolation prize and can't wait for him to get on field to show what he is capable of. But Claypool is looking like; a true match up nightmare for opposing secondaries. He made this 84 yard TD look very easy...
  12. Good for him. I didn't want him but we need him develop into player worthy of being the 3rd player taken. I have no axe to grind; I'm happy for him and hopes he can build on this performance.

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