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  1. I agree totally. Having someone like Perriman with his speed, on the other side along with Crowder in the slot means he should have a lot of one on one match ups.
  2. The only thing I see slowing Mims down is injury, God forbid. He just has that can't miss look to me. That doesn't mean he won't make mistakes or have growing pains but his talent is just good. I think some teams may have over "thunk" it when it came to Mims. I will not be the least surprised if he turns out to be better than Higgins, Claypool or Pittman Jr. in a few seasons. I think his ceiling is certainly higher than theirs.
  3. I was just referring to the fact he said the Jets didn't have a tall receiver who could take the top off the defense in years and that described Anderson to a T. I know Mims projects to a number 1. His other point was more valid when he stated someone who Sam could just throw the ball in his vicinity and could come down with the ball. Now THAT is something we haven't had since Brandon Marshall.
  4. I don't know if he will make the team but UDFA George Campell is also 6'3 and ran a sub 4.40 forty
  5. I know, but he said Sam has not had a player like this in years.
  6. I see a faster Dez Bryant, who also was somewhat limited in his route running coming into the league. The difference between Mims and Bryant (who was a head case) is the Mims seems to be someone who will work hard to get better at it. Still if he can duplicate Bryant's best seasons, I think we will be okay with it.
  7. Nice video in first video but he really doesn't know much about Jets when he says, the Jets didn't have any one with Mims height with his speed. Does the name Robby Anderson ring a bell? He as also 6'3.
  8. Redskins had two under radar picks in AGG and Antonio Gibson. I would have loved to have drafted those two players. Definitely would have preferred AGG to Morgan; Dude looks like a poor mans Terrell Owens or Brandon Marshall, but oh well we got a developmental back up quarterback. He better show something so we can trade him in a year or two for 2nd or 3rd our pick.
  9. This guy has some great ball skills and excellent hands for a corner back. He is probably more of a zone corner because of his lack of elite speed and quickness but his instincts are next level. I'm thinking maybe he should drop 5 or 10 pounds to improve his overall speed. At 6'3 he is probably the tallest corner in the league. He is an excellent tackler, strong in run support and is also a good blitzer. I think I could see him moving to safety, especially if they decide to trade Adams. Even if Adams stays Jackson good be a solid back up at safety. I have said it before but it bares repeating; the competition in the secondary is going to be intense.
  10. They were too of my favorite Jets. Didn't Caster convert to WR and Barkum to TE later in their careers?
  11. I don't disagree, but now two season into Gase's system, with a better Oline and more weapons, we should see Sam emerge as a true franchise quarterback.
  12. Okay I am not going to belabor the point. This not a post about Anderson who is no longer here. It is about Darnold. I stand my statement that he wasn't someone you could depend on to make that big catch. You disagree, fine. Lets move on.
  13. I said someone you can DEPEND ON to make that big catch. I didn't say he never made a big catch. Sams go to guy was Crowder not Anderson; that should tell you something. When he needed a catch more often then not, Crowder or even Griffin, was his target. Again, doesn't mean Anderson wasn't valuable and I would have liked to have resigned him.
  14. I was watching film and highlights from last season, and was amazed that Darnold was able to accomplish as much as he did considering the play of the OLine and our utter lack of weapons. When Jameson Crowder is your go to guy, that tells you all you need to know. As nice as Anderson was, he was not someone you could depend on to make that big catch. Griffin was a pleasant surprise but the absence of Herndon was a huge loss. Darnold rarely had ANY time to set his feet, survey the field and make a throw. Almost immediately he had to scramble out of pocket and basically had to pass on the run the vast majority of the time. In some ways this kind of played to his strength as he is very good at passing on the move and improvising, however as a young quarterback, it put a lot of undue pressure on him to make his reads that much faster and speed up his decision making which lead to more turnovers. I think as the season went on, the game began to slow down a bit for him and he also matured a bit and started taking better care of the ball. Now flash forward and he now has a a completely rebuilt offensive line. Granted it may take a few games for the line to gel and get comfortable, but as good as Becton is, he is still a rookie and will have his share of growing pains (although I think he will have a very good season). Thinking of Becton, we rarely talk about the impact he should have on the running game. While he might never admit it, having that year off definitely effected Bell as he seemed more indecisive and step slower. Part of that was him have few if any holes to run through, but he didn't look like the Bell we were accustomed to seeing. I believe he will have a better season and with Gore and Perine, we have quality back ups that should do well in their roles. That brings me now to our receiver corp. The additions of Perriman and Mims will more than make up for the loss of Anderson. Crowder was a revelation last season and now he has help. Vyncint Smith is a dark horse and Lawrence Cager could make the team and provide that big physical presence at WR. The return to health of Chris Herndon is huge as he had developed great chemistry with Darnold. Griffin's emergence was a pleasant surprise and he and Herndon are nice one two punch. . As you watch this video, just imagine Sam with our new and improved OL and additional weapons.
  15. Man, did you see him BLOW by Isiah Wilson? As high as I am on Zuniga, Wilson is going to really struggle in the NFL. Dude just reacts way too slow. Thank God JD didn't draft him. I would pay to see Zuniga go up against Becton in full pads. It should be a good experience for both and instructive on what the both will need to work on.

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