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  1. JetBlue

    Robby Anderson

    The idea is to pair him with a big, physical receiver kinda like the knucklehead we had who got himself cut from the team (you know who I mean). Very few UDFA become elite so please stop already. Anderson is a very good receiver, with excellent deep speed, good hands and developing chemistry with our franchise qb. How is that a bad thing? Match him up with a Demayrious Thomas type and he will create mismatches all over the place. Perhaps Devante Parker, if can stay healthy, would be a nice compliment. I also like Deontay Burnett in the slot. If Enunwa comes back healthy and we can pick up Parker, I think our receivers will just fine. It is the OL that really needs to be the focus.
  2. JetBlue

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Ugh. Could be worse I guess. Oh well wake when free agency starts..
  3. JetBlue

    Underestimation of offensive talent

    Yep. I like this kid. I think he could develop into a useful player for us. His history with Darnold is plus he has going from him as well. Give him a full off season and see what he does.
  4. JetBlue

    Underestimation of offensive talent

    We have a slot in Deontay Burnett.
  5. I am very happy with Darnold but I would have no problem with Watson. The real point is we took Adams instead Watson or Mahomes.
  6. Also, does he sit a year or do we start him right away like with Darnold? Personally if he sat a year, I think he would still be demonstrating just how good he is. I mean as much as we like to rank on our team we are not totally devoid of talent. Mahomes to Anderson would be sick! He also would have Enunwa and Krease (Pryor too?). Our running backs, when healthy are average to slightly above average. Of course we will never know. Btw for the Watson doubters, he has been playing much better of late and has his team in the playoff hunt. (I bet he is salivating over their acquistion of D. Thomas from Denver.) Jamal Adams...... #facepalm
  7. Unless he was really being a problem for Darnold, (which I really didn't sense or see evidence of) then to me, this is case of cutting of the nose the spite the face. Regardless of what some are saying on this board, Darnold WAS beginning to develop chemistry with Pryor and was gaining more confidence in going to him. Being almost 6'5 with long reach and good leaping ability, definitely provided a catch radius that allowed for a little more margin for error on some passes. I am happy to see Herndon start to perhaps take over that roll. Deontay Burnett may also get more looks. So far I definitely like what I see. I don't know what Pryors sins were, but I wish him well in Buffalo accept when he plays us. I hope it doesn't come back and bite us in the ass; I mean after Hansen, Stewart and Smith picks, I have lost some confidence in their ability when it comes to wide outs. Luckily for them, Anderson and perhaps Burnett somewhat makes up for that.
  8. Nah he will probably sign with NE in the off season and join the likes of Josh Gordon, another talented castoff, and help extend Brady's career another two or three years.
  9. Where is Barkley? ☺
  10. I.Don't know.why the cut him but it was clear to me that.Sam was beginning to get confidence in him. I like the Burnett move but not crazy about this. I hope they can bring him back.
  11. JetBlue

    Rosen Rosen!!

    I agree. He will have to be one of those guys who can slide in the pocket similar a young Eli Manning. If he doesn't master that skill, he is going to have a very difficult time becoming a successful quarterback.
  12. JetBlue

    Rosen Rosen!!

    What also separates them is Sam's accuracy on the move. I remember reading how Rosens accuracy dripped dramatically when forced out of the pocket or being forced to throw on the run. While almost the opposite for Sam.
  13. Be my guest. It only obnoxious if you the shoe fits. You had made your point over and over again. I told you I understood and yet you continue with it. I get it, you felt the team should be 3-2 you felt the coaching staff was at fault, etc, etc. can...we....just....move....on?

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