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  1. A better version of Colin Kaepernick.
  2. Prayers headed your way. God bless and hang in there.
  3. Wow, you must be really special to make that judgement from someone having a good time at a wedding party. It is not like she posted the video herself. People are allowed to enjoy themselves even if they have famous children. I'm sure Zack could give sh*t, he has more important things to focus on. His mother is a person in her own right and entitled to live her life the way she chooses. Nothing to see here, lets just move on.
  4. Are you saying that is why he went undrafted? He did transfer from Temple...
  5. Not so sure when we are making serious critiques in mini camp....
  6. Agreed Crusher. I think he has an excellent chance to make the team and contribute. Saleh is not committed to any of the TE currently on this roster. For the first time in a while, players will have to EARN their positions and will need to out perform the competition to keep their spot.
  7. He was projected to go around the 4th round or 5th round and that was with the him only playing 8 games because of the pandemic. I think if this had been a normal kind of year he could have gone as high as mid to late 3rd. I think he was just overlooked and when the draft ended, JD wasted no time in getting this kid signed to a pretty sizable contract for an UDFA. They obviously see something there.
  8. It would be different if we were loaded with talent at the TE position, we are not. I mean there are articles hyping up Tyler Croft for Gods sake. Unless we pick up someone cut by another team, I strongly see him having a chance to make the team. Similar to Isiah Dunn the UDFA corner, Yeboah was given one of the largest contracts ever given to an UDFA. There is a reason they did that and also a reason they jumped on him as quick as they did. They obviously saw something, (a mid round talent going undrafted) and he will be in the mix for rotation minutes unless he totally flames out in c
  9. He had a couple of drops IN MINI CAMP. Jezus, first Mims sucks and now this... The utter lack of patience from this fan base is mind blowing.
  10. Dude it is mini camp. It literally means nothing. Sure we would like players to look good in shorts, let's see how he does once the actually hitting begins. It was his first camp, give him a chance to get used to the speed of the game and to get more reps. If anything I think he may surprise. I look forward to seeing him in preseason.
  11. I mean seriously? Mini camp??? Lol, come on Man!
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