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  1. Even when Rex got fired from the Bills for almost destroying that franchise, I was hoping he would on his feet (which he did espn). For him to come after his former quarterback the way he has makes him look a whole lot worse then Smith, who is 25 plus years younger, and never said a bad word about him.
  2. I really have nothing to add; it was aggravating to watch.
  3. Dude if Sanchez and come out of college and played for the Jet teams Geno played on he would be in therapy right now.
  4. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    I would say **** the red sox. I don't care what they do. When they got Sale and the cuban player a few years ago. I was like damn! Oh well, we will see what happens. If you truly believed in your team you wouldn't be crying like a baby about the Yankees, because trust me that is how you are coming across.
  5. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    So the day when the Yankees land the NL MVP and NL home run leader for almost nothing, you have nothing better to do than bash them. Never mind that the overrated former player tried to trade him out West and had to settle for the Yankees offer because of Stantons no trade clause. You really come off as butt hurt and annoying as hell.
  6. I understand to a degree, afterall that team did make the AFC championship for two straight years and went into NE and beat the Pats in the playoffs. Mark played well in that game so I will always have a soft spot for him myself. I just don't understand why if we have to hate one to like the other or make an objective evaluation on each player without resorting to all the emotionality.
  7. So you are saying his play got the HC and GM fired?
  8. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. This Geno hate of yours speaks to some serious underlying issues.... maybe you should seek professional help. It really is not that serious.
  9. Bring McCown back and draft Allen. From Josh to Josh baby!!!
  10. When stated as a fact no I can't. Somethings are facts and others are opinions but then you knew that already. Things like Geno had his jaw broken by IK, his first year the team went 8-8 etc. To say he doesn't have the mentality to start is an opinion, get it now?
  11. Your opinion nothing more. Geno had 105 passer rating his last 4-5 starts in his second season and was the projected starter the following season until his face ran into IT's first. His next chance to start he was playing ok before getting a season ending knee injury. This Sunday in his first start since the injury, he played well enough to win and had marched the team down the field for what should have been the game with the winning score if the defense had down its job. I get this emotional response to Geno as if he committed some personal affront to you or your family, but he is still only 25-26 and some team will sign him this off season and he may very well win a starting job. The NFL is not exactly brimming with blue chip talent at the quarterback position. Bottom line is if Fitzpatrick and McCown can last and play in this league, there is no reason to believe Geno can't in the right situation.
  12. https://nypost.com/2017/12/03/jets-breakout-wide-receivers-dont-care-what-their-critics-think/
  13. I like what Hansen brings to the table as well. Kid has good size, hands, deceptive speed and appears to be developing chemistry with McCown.
  14. With 14th(or 15th) pick of the 2018 Draft, the Jets pick... quarterback from the University of Wyoming - JOSH ALLEN!!!
  15. I get it it just seems that you seem to hold him to a higher standard then the guy twice his age. I agree that you pick your battles but in some respect it might feel like a betrayal in his eyes. Why would he purposely single him out with all the issues the Jets had under his tenure. If he should be missed at anyone it should be at Woody Johnson and John Idsik.