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  1. Young in the USFL was a running demon and even his first few seasons in Tampa he ran a great deal. As I stated over the course of his.career Jackson will probably run less and less but for now, there isn't a better runner in football than LJ so when you have a weapon, you use it.
  2. Vick did change the position. If he didn't have dog fighting issues no telling how his career would have gone. That said, I always felt he was a better runner than quarterback. Same with Newton; it was like having a running back play the quarterback position. In Jackson it is like you have real quarterback but with the skills of an elite running back.
  3. The best example for LJ is not Michael Vick or Cam Newton. It is Steve Young because LJ is a much better quarterback than Vick or Cam Newton ever was. If he never runs for another yard he can still be a very, very good quarterback in this league for years to come. Just like as Steve Young matured he ran less and less but still had the ability to get yards with his feet if it were necessary. What we are witnessing with Jackson is Young 2.0
  4. Sometimes your eyes dont lie. if looks like a JAG, all the excuses in the world won't change that. He needs to step it up, I won't call him a bust but I will say he has been a disappointment.
  5. But Mac addressed the pass rush with J. Polite.......
  6. Well I don't know about that but he is a winning player. He actually gives a sh*t and it shows. The Jets could use 50 more like him.
  7. I have to say he looked impressive to me. I know it was the Giants and they had a few starters out on their OL but hey, he maybe with Williams gone, and increased PT, maybe the light bulb goes off for him. I know he is kinda old for a second year player but between him, Q and FF, we may have a few decent DLmen.
  8. Because he is a winner and therefore doesn't belong on the Jets.
  9. We won, that's all I care about. They could all play in black face, as long as we win. Before someone gets worked up over the black face comment..... I'm black.
  10. Unfortunately yes because many didn't want to draft him in the first place. It's not his fault that he is injured and drafted by a team with a history poor drafting but it is what it is. He needs to get his ass on the field and show something asap.
  11. Tell that to Sam Darnold.... he seemed to think they mattered.
  12. You obviously didn't watch the game...
  13. Okay I didn't see all of the game as I was out running errands and listening on the radio. It sure seemed like he was always under pressure. If he was making bad reads reacting poorly to the pressure, they have got to get that cleaned up asap.
  14. I understand, but some of us were asking for the pass rusher before the draft, knowing the teams needs. Williams may become a very special player but to be honest, I didn't see anything that special in preseason, especially in the way of getting to the qb. I am truly hoping I am wrong, but from what I saw of Oliver, the Bills have a player to be reckoned with and is only going to get better.
  15. The dude was making plays all over the field in his first NFL game. It just never seems to end for us.... I am truly PRAYING that Quinnen Williams proves me wrong...

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