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  1. Says the guy who sh*tted all over Mahomes.
  2. This. Trade down to 7 and take Lance, Pitts or Smith.
  3. What exactly DIDN'T you see on his tape? Or was it he ran too much, or level of competition, etc?
  4. Thank you! How many times are we going to miss out on elite talent because "their college teams never produce, or that style doesn't work in the NFL, blah, blah, blah." This is the reason you trade down for Lance rather than risk a 2 on Wilson or Fields. If Lance busts, you still got plenty draft capital build your team and even go after another quarterback next year or the year after. Wilson has also only had one good year, played for that football powerhouse BYU, is a bit undersized and coming off shoulder injuries that might flare up in the future. Fields seems to be very slow in his decision making and processing, and not sure if that is something that can be rectified, especially in the NFL where everything is happening much faster than in college. He also played for a school that is notorious for their lack of success in developing NFL caliber quarterbacks. To me the smartest move is to trade down, get more picks and take Lance. Now if they feel he will not make past the top 5, then they would have a decision to make.
  5. Says who? Go back and look at his game film. While you are at it look at the scouting reports on the "accuracy" issues Josh Allen had. I think we would all like a do over on that draft. We get our quarterback and have 3 second round picks to build around him. It is all about the coaching and it appears that for the first time in forever, we just might have the right coaches to develop a young quarterback.
  6. Yes you are correct. I was looking at a scenario where that is exactly what they did or traded him to another team that needs a quarterback like even Denver.
  7. My sentiments exactly. He is not a perfect prospect and that is why he should be available few picks down but his upside is as high as anyone in this draft.
  8. I don't see any issues... do you? Remember all the negatives they said about Josh Allen... Get this kid the right coaching and you have a star.
  9. Not sure what you are reading but perhaps you should do some watching. His down field accuracy is not an issue at all. If you are referring to the video that I posted, it was about one pass that he put too much air under. If anything he needs more experience in reading defenses, but that is true of most your quarterbacks. I also am more interested in seeing him throwing more mid range passes. Here is another nice analysis - I don't see any issue with him throwing the deep pass... do you?
  10. A lot can change between now and the draft. JD is not going to commit himself to either of those quarterbacks so early in the process. And like said in a previous post, Lance is nothing like Darnold. If anything he is a poor mans Mahomes.
  11. He is absolutely NOTHING like Darnold. This guy had one of the greatest college football seasons in history and had like ZERO interceptions. Darnold was a turnover machine in college and that has carried over to the NFL. The knock on Lance was him not playing this year so he needs more reps and game experience so he is definitely a risk. That is why he needs to sit for a while and get some serious coaching, but his tools are undeniable.
  12. Hey I'm personally okay with that scenario, but we shall see. A lot can happen between now and the draft. I mean Wilson could come in at 6 feet tall, or Fields could bomb in interviews etc. I think JD will play it close to the vest and unlike previous regimes, he will keep his options open and keep everyone guessing as to what he plans to do.
  13. I guess I mean that he probably would not even explore the possibility of trading down. He was not a "think outside the box" kind of guy.
  14. In your opinion. You have no idea what they plan to do. They might trade for Watson for all you know lol. Lets not be so dogmatic in our arguments.

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