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  1. Yeah I will never live this thread down lol. I guess I was really hoping he was the one against all evidence to the contrary. As was mentioned, what was worse than taking him the second round was passing on Watson and Mahomes the next year and doubling down on their mistake. That decision set this franchise back for years.
  2. Never said he was a great receiver. I said he was legit and I stand by that; Mayfield has been looking for him more and more and he has delivered. I am looking at what his potential and what I can see him doing in the games to come. Sometime it is not always just numbers, especially when you are looking at young players who take time to get the playing time and to get in sync with their quarterback. The bottom line is he is a weapon I can definitely see Mayfield utilizing a lot more going forward.
  3. I can only speak about the ones I was hoping for before and during the draft... Especially when it was a position of need and that need was one of the deepest positions in over a decade.
  4. Dude I am Jet fan so I don't really care what other teams do or who they pass on. We were the team desperately in need of more receiving help and a talented but raw receiver was there for the taking and we passed on him for a punter, a back up quarterback and an offensive guard (who I was okay with). No one and I mean NO ONE thought Tom Brady was going to be much, Russell Wilson went in the 3rd round not the 6th. They way good teams become and stay good is by finding these late round gems. I mean we could have also taken Quez Watkins who went in the 5th and is now looking like a real p
  5. You do realize he would have been on the team BEFORE the Free agency right? Perhaps we would not have needed to sign Cole, but instead focused on another OL. Or they don't take Moore but take the TE Friermuth instead. All I know was there was plenty of folks who liked DPJ in that draft and the fact that we passed on him for a back up quarterback and a punter was very disappointing to me. Now to see him starting show is ability it just reinforces the point that much more.
  6. I think his fundamentals could use some work but not as bad as it appears when you have people who can catch the ball, oline who can provide protection and a running backs who can actually get some yards.
  7. We can if we were screaming for that player and he lasted until the 6th round, but we pass over him for the likes of James ******* Morgan.
  8. Somebody gets it! Last year was one of the deepest WR drafts in recent history and we came away with one receiver. The Raiders loaded up with Ruggs and Edwards and you can see the dividends those two are paying. Taking DPJ in the 5th round would have been genius move; hell, the dude lasted until pick 187 in the 6th round. This year JD could have loaded on the OL and or taken that TE as you mentioned. This is not hindsight when we are saying this at time of the 2020 draft.
  9. he has more than one good game and is in the process of developing chemistry with his quarterback. He flashed in several games last year. Mayfield is starting to look for him more and more. I swear it is like some of can't think for yourselves. This not an I told you so, it is reality staring you in the face. They passed on a guy with great tools at a position of need, and even if he was a bust, it would have been more understandable than wasting a 4th rounder on a back up quarterback that couldn't even make a the roster of a 2 - 14 team one year later.
  10. Stupid response. Many of us was intrigued by him before the draft, the fact that he lasted until the 6th round and we walked away with Morgan, Clark and a Punter (two are injured and third is no longer on the team) and we said this at the time; this was one of the deepest WR classes in history and JD with all those picks, walked away with just one. No one said we had to use a high draft pick on him but when a guy like that lands right in your lap, it is not rocket science to take a chance on that kind of athletic ability.
  11. No one saying otherwise. In fact if you actually read the post you have seen that I stated if any of the other young qbs were on the Jets they would probably be struggling just like Wilson.
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