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  1. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2018/01/nfl_draft_2018_mason_rudolph_scouting_report_surpr.html By Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com As the Jets prepare for the 2018 NFL Draft, there will be a lot of speculation about which quarterback they could draft sixth overall. Could Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, andJosh Allen all be options? Sure. They're considered the big three quarterback prospects in this draft. But what about Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph? Let's take a look at some scouting reports for Rudolph. Rob Ferguson | USA TODAY Sports Rudolph is actually rated as the No. 1 quarterback prospect in this draft by CBSSports.com, which rates him as the No. 10 overall prospect. So for what it's worth, at least one outlet likes him the best of all these 2018 draft quarterbacks. Now, let's take a look at what the scouting reports have to say. THE MEASUREABLES Rudolph has the prototypical NFL quarterback size that Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan has typically looked for in a signal caller. Rudolph is a big dude — 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds, at least according to his Oklahoma State bio. We'll see what he measures and weighs in at when he attends the NFL Scouting Combine. But it's pretty clear he isn't a small dude. THE STATS Like Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, Rudolph is a senior, so he has lots of experience. Rudolph, who turns 23 in July, started for three years at Oklahoma State. As a senior, he threw for 4,904 yards, 37 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. So he has the body of work. WALTER FOOTBALL "Rudolph will need development as a pro. He will have to work on his shaky accuracy and field vision, plus get used to playing under center and calling plays in the huddle. Rudolph is also not very athletic, though he has good size with average arm strength. Going through progressions and reading the field are problems for Rudolph, and he has to improve there for the NFL. His anticipation is terrible, too, and that will have to improve for the pros, or he could be taking a lot of sacks from holding onto the ball too long." MATT BOWEN, ESPN "Rudolph is the model of consistency in the Oklahoma State system. He has the size and toughness in the pocket that NFL scouts want. And he has played a ton of football -- 38 starts for the Cowboys. He has improved in every season. I see enough pop in his arm to challenge over the top or outside of the numbers. I wouldn't expect Rudolph to wow scouts in athletic testing. He's not a quick-twitch athlete. I don't see the lateral movement skills or the sudden glimpse of speed on tape. He can pull the ball down to run on designed schemes or when the pocket starts to fold up, but he's not a natural athlete. Scouts are also going to question the Cowboys' run-pass option system that produces plenty of open windows for Rudolph to deliver the ball." MATT MILLER, BLEACHER REPORT "Mason Rudolph has incredible numbers operating in Mike Gundy's wide-open Oklahoma State scheme. He carried a Day 3 grade into the season but has shown improved accuracy, decision-making and pocket presence. If you follow Bill Parcells' quarterback rules, you'll love Mason Rudolph. Of Parcells' four rules, Rudolph checks the box on all of them." GEORGE STOCKBURGER, FANSIDED "Physically, Rudolph reminds me of Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz coming out of North Dakota State. Both stand at 6’5 and around 230 lbs coming out of college with long legs and a strong arm. He’s athletic enough to avoid pass rushers and despite being under pressure he’ll step up in the pocket with his eyes always downfield. Rudolph typically has good footwork but occasionally his legs will get out of sync, leading to rushed and misthrows. His pocket awareness is also up for scrutiny but he was able to show the ability to avoid pressure by stepping up in the pocket and taking only 22 sacks all year." ROBERT QUINN, USA TODAY "Rudolph certainly looks the part, standing 6-foot-5, 230-pounds. He’s got a strong enough arm and possesses underrated athleticism, having played tight end before making the switch to quarterback. Rudolph is a bit of an odd prospect, as he tends to be more accurate with deep shots that travel 25-30 yards downfield than he is on standard short-to-intermediate passes. Due to the quick-strike nature of the [Oklahoma State] offense, there are legitimate concerns regarding Rudolph’s ability to quickly go through progressions, as he spent three seasons in a one-read, rhythm throwing offense." PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS "Outstanding feel for throwing the deep out/comeback, even from the far hashmark in college football. Feel for throwing passes along the sideline is unmatched in college football. Though he’ll float some deep passes, has excellent accuracy at 20-plus yards whether leading receivers into space or throwing more on a line. Arm strength comes and goes. Will throw some passes with good zip and others seem to be lacking. Must improve his short-area accuracy, particularly on 'catch-and-throw' type of routes. Perhaps a hand size issue?"
  2. Josh Allen Did Very Well

    I actually like Rudolph so I might be okay with that.
  3. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    Blah, blah, blah, blah indeed!
  4. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    Relax, he will be gone before we pick any way. Now when he goes on to have a hall of fame career for the Giants or Broncos, we may want to revisit your incredibly articulate response .
  5. No you don't. Stay at 6 or trade down a few spots and take Rudolph.
  6. Rudolph fits the bill and should be available unless he blows up by the time the draft rolls around.
  7. What makes you think Rudolph makes it to the second round? This guy really gets little respect on this board. I personally like better than every prospect not named Rosen or Darnold.
  8. Re. Rudolph, yes he is and after the senior bowl and combines don't be surprised if he leaps into the top 10.
  9. Baker Mayfield

    You might be right but the players in the NFL are much better athletes than what he faces in college. To your point though, I don't see that many of Drew Brees or Russell Wilsons passes knocked down either.
  10. Baker Mayfield

    Mayfield looked good but I am still thinking long term, Mason Rudolph will be a better pro. He has had a 4 year career almost as good as Mayfield and looked good in his bowl game as well. At 6'5 235 he has prototypical size you look for, he is going to be setting right there for us. Of course if both Mayfield and Rudolph are there and we pick Rudolph, I know this board will experience a serious meltdown!
  11. Mayfield, Rudolph or Jackson?

    I tend to disagree, but we shall see. If he shows better than expect mobility, measures in at a legit 6'5 235, with his arm, 4 year track record at OKS, I don't see how he doesn't move up in rankings. Of course it could go the other way entirely and he drops. I just think he may be one of those guys somewhat overlooked and could emerge as a top ten pick the closer we get to the draft, if he does, and if Mayfield is gone when we pick, I personally would take Rudolph with no reservations.
  12. Mayfield, Rudolph or Jackson?

    David Carr says hello. Show me a quarterback that debuts with a bad OL that goes on to great NFL success. Rarely if ever happens. I mean you can say the exact same thing about Mayfield or anyone else. The idea is to build them a decent line if you want to succeed.
  13. Mayfield, Rudolph or Jackson?

    Sure I probably went over board a bit, but aren't you the guy who went to balls to the wall over Paxton Lynch? All I am saying is after the combines, workouts etc. alot can change in terms who who is ranked where. Also there is the possibility of Darnold staying in school another year which would also shake things up a bit.
  14. Mayfield, Rudolph or Jackson?

    Totally disagree but that so okay. Lets wait until after the senior bowl, combines and individual workouts. Then lets talk.
  15. Mayfield, Rudolph or Jackson?

    I have seen highlights and that why I make the point. Not saying he isn't capable of threading the needle or leading receivers; I am just saying that in many of the plays I have seen his receivers are often wide open. Listen if we draft Mayfield I will root like crazy for him but I am just saying Rudolph may have every bit as good if not better career when it is all said and done.