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  1. Well I guess when you see him you can tell him that. It really isn't that serious, at least not to me.
  2. For that reason, I think Yeboah has a really good chance to win the starting job at TE, as he is a better and more willing blocker than Herndon and may be just as good if not better as a receiver. Yeboah is their guy as Herndon was drafted by the previous regime and lets face it, has not exactly set the league on fire the last two years, after a promising rookie season. He really has a lot to prove. Also with the type of receivers we have in terms of Mims, Davis and Cole, they are all good blockers who take pride in that part of their game.
  3. I think it was more like, in the 4th they had Michael Carter higher rated than any one else on their board. After that pick they concentrated on defense and were prepared to go into camp with what they had at TE, perhaps hoping someone might shake loose from some other team or something. When they saw he was going to go undrafted, they jumped to the front of the line and made him a great offer which he accepted. It just really worked out well, similar to how JD wound up getting Mims later in second after trading back for more picks. Definitely some luck involved but to his credit, he wa
  4. Wow and people talk about our ownership. Yet I have not heard a peep out of BSPN about how stupid a move that is. To paraphrase Woody Johnson, I guess "you can't get enough Tebow."
  5. I think Kenny Yeboah may will also be part of the TE rotation. The team had a 4th round grade on him and they didn't pay him all that money as an UDFA if they didn't feel he could make the team and compete to be in the rotation right away. I think the competition between him and Herndon will be one of the fun things to watch in training camp.
  6. Exactly. The dude was fired by Miami and 15 seconds later Chris Johnson hired him to coach the Jets. Who in their right mind thought that was the best coaching hire they could have made?
  7. I guess he means there is a lot more he could have said... Let's face it. It has to sting getting replaced by a guy with the worst quarterback rating the last three years not once.... but TWICE. He is no doubt feeling a bit salty about it.
  8. Now why drag me into this mess? As the accountant said to Kaiser Soze, "I told them NOTHING! I SWEAR!!"
  9. Actually not true, he is very good at sliding. This clips just don't show him doing it. I am sure he will be instructed to slide more often than not.
  10. I seriously don't know how anyone can grade last years draft considering the pandemic, lack of mini camp, all the injuries and the horrible coaching and atmosphere created by Gase. For me they all get a mulligan and I am more interested in how they perform this year.
  11. THIS. I really don't think we understand just how much damage Gase did to this team last year. That's why I'm giving a pass to lot of players for last year including most of our 2020 draft class. Between the pandemic, injury bug, lack of training camp and Gases ineptitude I don't know how anyone can accurate judge how good or bad many of our players are. Now with a real HC who inspires and gets out the most in his players (the anti-Gase) many of these same players are going to surprise folks. At least that is what I feel and if they don't improve, they will not be on the team.
  12. I would have to say the Tampa Bucs old unis may have been the worst I have ever seen. The old Pats were not much better. Once they changed unis (especially Tampa) they began to change that perception a bit. Of course drafting, signing and trading for good players didn't hurt either.
  13. Savage69 we both go back to the old Jet Addicts/Gang Green board. We have suffered through the years of ineptitude and being a laughingstock of the league. We finally have some folks in charge who seem to get it and are doing things the right way but folks still bitch, moan and whine because they didn't do things the way THEY wanted them to. I think I will just ignore those folks going forward. To paraphrase HAL 9000 in 2001, "That conversation can serve no useful purpose."
  14. You call it fantasy land but yet you are projecting something that hasn't even happened yet. You prefer to see inteceptions and I choose completions. Lets just leave it there because obviously there is no changing your point of view and you definitely are not changing mind. Instead you choose to resort to insults and call me delusional. Well if that makes you feel better, knock yourself out. It must really suck to be you.
  15. That is the part that is actually most interesting. He was not perfect and still found a way to win in impressive fashion. His talent was on display. I am sure JD came away very intrigued but this kid. I also see where the Mahomes comparisons came from.
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