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  1. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    Consider he was also getting his first extended playing time last season and with all the issues you mentioned he still almost had 1,000 season and double digit TDs finishing with 7. Now we actually have two TEs who can catch and runin Herndon and Leggett and a big, physical receiver with sub 4.4 speed in Pryor and the return of Enunwa with his 4.45. All this bodes well for Anderson as if they try and lock on to him Darnold or whomever is the starter will have other quality targets to choose from.
  2. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    I know, we got folks calling him a "one trick pony" because he didn't break the top 30 in receptions even though McCown missed about 4 or more games and Petty was a disaster. Had McCown been healthy, he could easily have caught another 15-20 balls, 2 or 3 more TDs and another 150 - 200 or more yards to his totals. The guy was in his second year as an undrafted free agent and I saw him abuse quite a few top cornerbacks. Why one would assume he would not continue to improve is beyond me. Anderson was on any other team we would be singing his praises and wonder why we can't ever get lucky with UDFA like that.
  3. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    And I totally disagree that he doesn't get open often. Again; watch the games. He is open quite often but it is up to the QB to get the ball to him. Simple math is not as simple as you think.
  4. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    Nice breakdown but I thought it was interesting that Hansen was considered "gritty" and "intelligent". Why? Because he is white? Why couldn't he be considered a talented but raw receiver with good size and deceptive speed? Lol could you stereotype him more? Btw Anderson and Pryor are also excellent at high pointing the ball; perhaps better than Enunwa.
  5. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    And to you that means one trick pony?? Did you even watch the guy play? Btw he was on course for 80 or more receptions before McCown got hurt. It tells me that with a real quarterback he can put up some serious numbers. The fact he gets YAC doesn't mean he is only running go routes. Of course if you actually watched his games you would know this.
  6. JetBlue

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    Thought he only had one "trick"?
  7. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    Also let us consider that this is Anderson's third season and he has gotten better each year. Why do people assume that playing with more weapons (Pryor and Enunwa) and possibly better quarterback play, he won't continue to improve? I watched a lot his highlights from last season and I saw him abusing a lot of top cornerbacks. It is to the point where I am starting to think this kid is really underrated especially by Jet fans.
  8. JetBlue

    Can we talk receivers?

    Anyone who is still calling this guy a one trick pony is an idiot who is just repeating what they heard or saw from his rookie year. Anyone who actually WATCHED him play last season knows he has expanded his route tree and was running slants, curls and other routes including go routes. This guy may have some off the field concerns but I bet most objective fans can see the talent this kid has. He has only scratched the surface of his potential.
  9. Sorry but I have to disagree here. Rodgers is an excellent athlete; while I do agree that injuries robbed Namath of much of his mobility, to say he was a better athlete is a bit of stretch imho.
  10. Okay so because it goes against your narrative, you have "hard time believing..." Whatever guy.
  11. Really Dude? Do you not get that he HAD NO COURT DATE; THE CLERK MADE A MISTAKE! Yeesh, I can't with some you guys....
  12. you apparently have never seen Marvin Harrison... Some guys are just naturally thin and wiry and the funny thing is it seems they are rarely injured.
  13. That is the "environment" we live in today. Never apologize for anything, never admit when you are wrong, always attack, attack, attack. Some may think it makes them look strong but all it really does is make them look weak.