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  1. Opps, scratch Davis. We really need Nesrildeen/Sherwood to step up. Maybe sign Kwon Alexander if he fits their system. I definitely see us signing another vet linebaker before the season.
  2. What I think we have to really look at is this team has A LOT OF FIRE POWER. I don't care if GW and BH are rookies, when you add them to Moore and Davis plus the new TE room and better OL, I can see this team being explosive and being in position to strike from any where on the field. With Zachs arm talent and a few more seconds to throw, I think we will be in just about every game because we now have explosive talent. Add an explosive running game to that and play action, end arounds, screens etc. It helps having wrs like GW and Moore who can also make plays out of the backfield. I really think we could be one of the most exciting teams in the league. On defense, If we can truly generate a consistent pass rush both on the edge and up the middle, I think our secondary can be VERY good. The big question mark is the linebackers but even that question might have a positive answer. We have Jarrad Davis back along with Mosley and Williams. I know also signed another depth piece as well. The key is if either Nesrildeen or (or both) Sherwood step up and become legit NFL linebackers. The biggest worry I have is stopping the run. If we can effectively do that then our defense could be top 15 or higher in the league. If we can combine the two and assume we will have average to above average special teams, I really like our chances to have a good season. Like I said I expect us to be in every game and even when falling behind, I think we will have great come back ability with all of these weapons. I am really excited for season.
  3. That may be true but I will take it nonetheless. I am tired of losing to this franchise.
  4. Speak for yourself. I always thought that was straight bullsh*t.
  5. He could have given the standard answer and then go ball out and make it very difficult for them to replace him. Now by being "honest" he has put all the pressure on himself and he goes through a few bad games he might find his ass on the bench sooner than later.
  6. That was last year. I would expect that Sherwood and Nasirildeen have added a few pounds with a full year to prepare for the move to LB. Nasirildeen is 6'4 so he already has the frame to add 10 or 15 pounds. I can see Sherwood also around 230 maybe 235. The weight isn't the issue as much as can they actually make the move to lb. This is where the coaching comes in. Don't forget that Nasirildeen had a 2nd or 3rd round grade before his injury. I am very interested to see how he looks in camp this summer. Sherwood was a favorite of Saleh in terms of his Football IQ. I hope he can translate that onto the field this year. I do agree that we could have use a real "thumper" at LB like a Leo Chanel. Don't forget they also get back Jared Davis who also missed almost all of last season.
  7. I came across this video last night. JJ holds his own and is considered the "winner" in most of this match up. Ekwonu is going to be a problem though. That boy Good!! JJ is going to be a BEAST. I love the fact that he never gives up on a play. The last play shown, he puts a spin move on Ekwonu that is epic.
  8. I wish, although I have done pretty decent in crypto
  9. Pretty much like this entire age issue. The dude is a dog and should have 5-7 seasons of quality play. That is long enough for me.
  10. I posted back in March in the draft forum that if Hall was there at 38, I would take him and would consider taking him at 35. I took a bit of heat for that from the "positional value" narrative guys and I could understand their points of view but when was the last time we had ELITE talent at running back? I mean I like Michael Carter but does not strike me as an every down back. Pair him with Hall and it seem he can be even more effective. I thought Gardner was in play but only if KT were off the table. The biggest shock has to be passing over KT. I'm not sure if ANYONE saw that coming. If Wilson was there at 10 I fully expected us to take him or trade back. I really thought the Falcons was going to take him at 8 and we would either go with Williams/London or trade back. In some mocks I had us taking Ruckert in the 3rd and even 4th rounds. But I began to think we would go with Jelani Woods instead. Obviously the JJ move took everyone by surprise. When we passed on him at 10 I was expecting us to take someone like Mafe at 35. I still am finding it hard to believe we wound up with Sauce, Wilson, JJ, Hall and Ruckert...
  11. I believe he just turned 23 a few months ago...
  12. If so, that ability alone will get him some quality reps this season. I know he was one of the best blocking TEs in this draft; again it shows JDs commitment to the run game and pass protection for Zach going forward. Now we finally have runners who know how to set up their blockers and maximize the space they create. I am really excited about this kid; he has the ability to be the best two way TE we have had since Mickey Shuler.
  13. Who said it's important? Relax dude... this is a message board, remember?
  14. Dude did you watch him in college? Even his rookie year when did get on the field (especially with Flacco at qb). If there is an outlier in his career, it was LAST YEAR. Every year in college he PRODUCED and when he finally got healthy in an injury plagued, no training camp rookie season he showed some signs of what he could be capable of. To write the guy off at this point in his career, while he is still on a rookie contract is just mindboggling to me. I mean don't these guys get paid to COACH up players????? This kid has all the ability in the world and while he may not be a perfect fit for this system a SMART coach finds away to use his ability on the field. I totally agree that the reason they didn't draft another receiver outside of having traded several picks in trade ups, is they want to give Mims a chances under the best possible conditions and see what they have. He is healthy, and working out with Wilson. I will be interested to see how he looks this spring and summer. It would be truly awesome if he could reach some of his potential even as a 4 or 5 receiver this year because if he can develop going forward (assuming they don't resign Davis or bring in another vet receiver) in 2023 and beyond, a WR crew of Wilson, Moore and Mims with Berrios primarily in the Slot could be very interesting. I still have faith he could be a legit receiver for us.
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