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  1. Unfortunately yes because many didn't want to draft him in the first place. It's not his fault that he is injured and drafted by a team with a history poor drafting but it is what it is. He needs to get his ass on the field and show something asap.
  2. Tell that to Sam Darnold.... he seemed to think they mattered.
  3. You obviously didn't watch the game...
  4. Okay I didn't see all of the game as I was out running errands and listening on the radio. It sure seemed like he was always under pressure. If he was making bad reads reacting poorly to the pressure, they have got to get that cleaned up asap.
  5. I understand, but some of us were asking for the pass rusher before the draft, knowing the teams needs. Williams may become a very special player but to be honest, I didn't see anything that special in preseason, especially in the way of getting to the qb. I am truly hoping I am wrong, but from what I saw of Oliver, the Bills have a player to be reckoned with and is only going to get better.
  6. The dude was making plays all over the field in his first NFL game. It just never seems to end for us.... I am truly PRAYING that Quinnen Williams proves me wrong...
  7. On defense? It seems so. Their pass rush is vastly superior to ours as is their secondary.
  8. Only one game but this is why I wanted Josh Allen/Oliver. We NEED a pass rush in the worst way and I'm sorry but Williams may turn out to be a very good player but I don't see him being that much of a pass rush threat, least of all someone you have to game plan for. Yet Oliver was constantly having to be accounted for and was in Darnold face all day (when he wasn't dropping into coverage and making plays...) Macc - The Gift that Keeps on Giving... Thoughts? Again, I know it's early but Oliver looks like he is going to be a beast.
  9. This is what relentless pass rush will do to you. It might have been good if they had taken a few shots down field earlier in the game so maybe he and Robbie could have gotten in sync. By the time they did, Sam was already a bit "shook" from all the hits and hurries. I don't understand for the life of me why Gase didn't have him rolling out of the pocket more; I mean it was obvious that staying in the pocket was wasn't going to work, especially on 3rd down.
  10. He's going to be 28?? Damn, how old was he when he got drafted? I thought the dude was like 24 or 25.
  11. Trading for him is not the issue; it is what you have to give up. A shrewd GM would get him for his asking price or not deal at all. Mac on the other hand...
  12. I liked Jeff Smith for his speed and versatility but he has got to get back on the field. Last I read he had a hamstring and has fallen behind guys like White and Dorch. Not sure what his timetable is but he is missing out on a golden opportunity here.
  13. Don't assume Kalil will get the job just like that. First he has to pass the physical and make the team and I don't think he will be gifted the starting position. If Harrison outplays him, he should start.
  14. I think we have to also give credit to Mac for making the trade up to 3, where he got lucky and Darnold fell to us. Having a potential franchise quarterback going into his second season had to play a role in convincing Gase as well as Douglas to sign on. If this team goes on to become a perennial playoff/superbowl contender in the next few years, we will be able to point back to that trade and draft and when everything began to turn around for this franchise. For that we really have to give Mac his due. Having said that, it was definitely the right move to let him go.
  15. Why do you have to be the reasonable one? Don't you realize this is Jet Nation where you get 15 minutes to show what you can do or you are shown the door? Patience? We don't need no stinkin' Patience!

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