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  1. He should be in the slot instead of Berrios. Not sure what they are thinking.
  2. And that is why you are not in charge. Let me know when Flacco gets "hot". That game was a loss until Cleveland went to sleep and let Davis moon walk into the endzone. The quarterback of the Jets is Zach Wilson, get over it.
  3. I think he is fine a returner although I would love to see Bam Knight in that role. As a receiver is okay but I would prefer to see a rotation of Wilson, Moore, Davis and yes Mims. I know I will get hate for it. Berrios would still get some plays his way...
  4. Don't forget the defense got worn out against the Ravens becasue the offense couldn't get anything going most of the game and constantly gave the Ravens good field position. The first half the defense actually played pretty well.
  5. Really? You definitely need to see some of these episodes. Many were well ahead of their times. Don't let some of he cheesy special effects throw you; that was the best they had back then. It is the stories that have stood the test of time.
  6. Inger Stevens..... one of my child hood crushes.
  7. What do you expect him to say? They just drafted Zach 2nd in the draft and he is not playing because he got hurt, not because of his performance. When he is 100% healthy, he will be back unless Flacco is playing lights out. That is how it should be. Remember the TEAM overall should be better this year because of the upgrade in talent on both sides of the ball. If the team plays well with Flacco, why do so many assume it won't continue to play well with Zach?
  8. Did you see who Zach was throwing to when he came back? Berrios, Smith and who?? No TE to speak of... Lets be fair. I can't wait to see what Zach can do with all his new weaponz.
  9. The other factor is when we did this last time, it was with "veterans' for the most part who really had reached their ceiling and was not going to get much better, if anything, had career years. This time around we have a nucleus of your talented but inexperienced players. Inexperienced in playing time as well as playing together with each ohter. Even if Zach sits for a few more games and this team elevates it's overall play, that should make it even easier for Zach because he will be returning to a better TEAM than started with in preseason. Also at Flaccos age, and lack of mobility, the odds of him playing an entire season are extremely low. I aslo expect him to have a few more "Flacco" games where he is just not very good. The point is, unless he just catches lightning in bottle, we all know what Flacco is at this stage of his career. He is a competent back up who can still start and play well but I don't think anyone would want to see him play the entire season. Of course stranger things have happened but I fully expect Zachs return by week 5 or 6. No later than after the bye week.
  10. I think Zach getting hurt in the preseason, while a bummer, may turn out to be the best thing for him. He has had the chance to sit and watch Flacco and should be that much better when ever he is back under center, which I anticipate to be by week 5 if not sooner. Unless we are 3 and 1 going into week 5, Zach will be back. If we are 3-1 by some miracle, there is no way you can sit Flacco and Zachs education continues...
  11. That move made absolutely no sense. Pinnock was looking like a real contributor at Safety. Meanwhile he kept Davis and Joyner. Bad move JD, bad move.
  12. I said this last year when we were trying to make Berrios into an all pro. Where was Moore all day? What about our 10th overall pick? Could not try a few deep shots to either Davis or Mims??? Instead we watch our defense play great and then give a pass interference that gave Baltimore great field position and then score a TD. After that series I said to myself, "now we need to respond in kind and try for the pass interference or completion on a deep shot down field. I know Flacco didn't have a lot of time but there were several opportunities to go deep, especially with his arm strength and he never did. That has to be on Lafleur and his play calling.
  13. Don't leave out our Genius OC and the other turnstiles on the OL
  14. Hall will be fine assuming our OC gets his head out of his ass.
  15. while trying to get the first down. That was just a great defenseive play. Sometimes you have to give the other guy credit.
  16. Running game is not the problem it is the OFFENSIVE LINE. You cannot run with no holes.
  17. They really have not torched us "all day". They both are quality players; the problem is our total lack of offense and our defense getting worn out by being on the field too long. The offense has been the real culprit of this game, not the defense.
  18. Again I am not going to mention names because I am not a GM. I just know JD has left the line critically thin in my opinion. I mean I would have kept Edoga over Ty Johnson if it came to that. I think he is better than McDermott and that is not saying much. As I watch Flacco run for his life on every play in this game, I feel even more that JD should have done more to shore up the line.
  19. First of all no said trade for another teams starting tackles so please with the straw man statement. The best we coud do is McDermott??? That walking turnstile? Sorry but had to be or has to be someone out there better than him we can or could have signed?
  20. Once Becton went down he should have been on the hunt for OTs (in additon to Brown) even if it meant giving up a mid round pick. Not sure what was available and maybe he just couldn't pry one loose but this is not a good look for JD.
  21. I tend to agree but I must say I am intrigued by 6'4 Irv Charles who showed outstanding speed and hands at his size. I would actually be okay with him be elevated from the Practice Squad. Also Rashard Davis looked impressive as well. Of course it would have to be an outstanding offer for me to move Davis.
  22. No offense but that is just stupid. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible.
  23. Mims played okay his rookie season and last year was bad for all the reason that has been discussed over and over. He also had a very good preseason. Why would you want to cut him???? The Mims hate knows no bounds....
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