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  1. So I'm watching the Jags versus the Cardinals and damn if the Jags don't actually look like an NFL team. They have a running game, solid receivers in Shenault, and Chalk, Lawrence showed promise. Sure he had a couple of ints, one was on the receiver who practically handed it to the defensive back and the other was a just a rookie mistake that he should learn from. He made some really nice throws especially on the run. There defense is not bad either. I mean don't get me wrong, they will probably lose 12 games but at least they look competitive and give their fans some hope for the fut
  2. So the fact that he was a rookie last year and played decent when he got the opportunity is next to nothing to you? Do you understand that lots of rookie receivers take year or two to get acclimated, especially when they miss camp because of an injury and no workouts because of co-vid. Add in the Gase Factor and I think he did as well as could be expected considering they he only got a handful of targets a game. I remember game she would have 4 or 5 receptions in the first half and have over 50 yards.... and not get another pass thrown his way the rest of the game. I guess that is his fau
  3. Why does everyone keep assuming there is something wrong with Mims attitude? Did he have an attitude problem last year or at Baylor? NO HE DID NOT. All of sudden, everything is the kids fault, he is lazy, he can't learn etc. What a crock of sh*t. This kid can PLAY, I don't give a crap about this scheme or that one. Get him on the field and create some plays to get him the ball. That is what any Coach with half a brain would do. Lets also not forget he is also a very good BLOCKER. Something this offense could use right now in the run game. Sorry, this is on the rookie HC and his co-rook
  4. Just what do you think he can get for Mims? A 5th round pick maybe? More like a 6th. If he makes that trade I just write off this regime as complete idiots (which I am getting close to doing anyway).
  5. This sh*t is getting worse for Saleh every week. After today's horror show he is losing what ever credibility he once had. The team can't move the ball consistently or score yet he refuses to activate Mims, although he is "pumped" what ever the **** the means. I can only wonder what is going through Mims mind right now and that of his teammates... https://sportsmetro.net/2021/09/24/jets-robert-saleh-pumped-for-denzel-mims-in-week-3-but-jamison-crowder-could-stand-in-way/ In an already-crowded wide receiver room that saw Keelan Cole‘s return in Week 2, Denzel Mim
  6. Umm not true. One pass, one 40 yard gain. Never sees another pass or active for another game.....
  7. You forgot one. The HC and OC continuing to bench a healthy Mims is on Zach Wilson.
  8. I know no one wants to hear it but his handling of Mims on a team that can't score points has got to be an issue in the locker room. I mean why is this guy being scapegoated and made inactive every week when the entire offence sucks ass? It is not a good look and it starting to blow up in his face.
  9. You can't return kicks from the bench. That is the ******* point.
  10. Meanwhile timeouts and penalties are still piling up, the only difference is we have receivers who can't get open or make a play when they do. I don't give a rats ass about all these so called reasons. This is a young team in DEVELOPMENTAL MODE. Pair down the playbook and get your best players on the field. How is this so difficult for some to grasp? You can always add more as they build confidence and chemistry with each other. You say they can't limit the offense for one receiver; dude have you seen what this offense has looked like the past two weeks???
  11. OMG the dude fell to the SECOND ROUND, not the SIXTH. How many time players have slipped a round or two? Does any one with a brain really think Mims would have made past the first few picks of the 3rd round if he lasted that long??? I guarantee if he went to any other team he would be playing major minutes and producing but only the ******* jets can take talented player like this and use him to set their example regarding "culture" which is really total bullsh*t. You win with TALENT not CULTURE. This team has not SNIFFED the playoffs in a decade it seems and we are wasting a talented se
  12. All this after two games.... TWO FREAKING GAMES. I tell ya, Jet fans..... we are really something else lol.
  13. Although it was in the 4th round, that pick of Captain Morgan still has me scratching my head.... I'm sure there were plenty of players picked after him who are contributing to NFL teams in some capacity, meanwhile Morgan is... who the hell knows where he is.
  14. Dude was a class act and will be missed. His takes on CuMar were Legendary!! Rest in Peace Dude.....
  15. "I hate how this team has handled things with "Insert Random Players Name Here". Darnold, Anderson, etc.
  16. This was Mims last year in limited action... but yeah he sucks. Lets not even dress him. Do you even realize how stupid that is?????
  17. I couldn't agree with you more. Maybe this is a net result of a rookie HC who has never been a HC anywhere coupled with a rookie OC who has ALSO never been a OC anywhere. Add to that a rookie QB who played a "weak" conference, poor overall offensive line play, and we are looking at a recipe for disaster. After everything is said and done, talent is what wins in this league. Certainly schemes can help (if they are the right ones and you have the personnel to execute them) but at the end of the day, the team with the better players usually wins. I don't care if Berrios and Smith are Mens
  18. I don't really think that either. That would be about the stupidest think I can think of.... outside of keeping the guy on bench behind Jeff Smith and Braxton Berrios that is.
  19. I have never seen a HC so widely anticipated by a fan base, be so disingenuous and get on the bad side of fans so quickly. I know this is premature but if he is not careful he is going have this fan base turn on him with the quickness. This thing with Mims is going to wind up blowing up in his face and it so unnecessary. Just get the kid a few plays in the game that work to his strengths. That will only help Wilson to a big target to throw to along with Davis. The fact that he is not even active for the game speaks to some mind games being played and feel Mims is being made out to be th
  20. So this is Mims fault???? How do you know he is not being prepared?? Cause Saleh said so? He is better than Jeff Smith in his sleep! This is straight up Bullsh*t.
  21. WTF do you think we are going to get for a guy who gets benched for Braxton Berrios and Jeff Smith?????? This entire thing is beginning look very embarrassing for this team. Other teams have eyes and see this guy can't even get off the bench. At this point I would not be shocked if they just cut him out right. This CS has dug in and made a stand (a foolish one in my opinion) and now it is like they have painted themselves into a corner. I really feel bad for the kid. There is no evidence that he has done anything wrong; even Saleh said he had a good week of practice. Really great
  22. He didn't look too bad last year in limited action. How about the CS get its best players on the field and coach them up to do what they do best? He is not a slot receiver so why should he learn that route tree? Don't we have like a dozen slot receivers? How many 6'4 physical receivers with speed do we have?
  23. You are telling he wouldn't be able to help Wilson even a little bit??
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