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  1. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    Devin Smith is still on the team, right?
  2. Let the Jets get Cousins and trade DOWN to have 2 first round picks (somehow) and draft OL, reminiscent of Mangold and Brick.
  3. Even if we win several more games, we can always trade up. Yeah it is expensive, but if QB is that key that we absolutely need to get, then it should be in consideration. Especially if we are talking about moving from say a mid pick to a bottom top 10 pick.
  4. Decker/Marshall

    What that tells me is if they were still on the Jets, we may still not have had a true #1 or #2 receiver.
  5. What number was our pick 10 years ago when we traded down (I think, or back in late) to get Mangold and Brick?
  6. Wesley Johnsons grades?

    Seems to be the case with all the linemen we started this week - as they have been getting real game experience, they are getting better.
  7. Friday Injury Report

    So what does our OL look like if none of these guys can play?
  8. I'll have more respect for him if he sells the team.
  9. I second over exposure - spreading the games out over multiple days dilutes the product. I remember when Football was all about Sunday afternoon and ONE monday night game (generally a highlight game). Gone are those days. Definitely some of the rule changes have hurt things too, making the game less exciting to watch. And if you want to raise revenue, allow us to subscribe to a season pass for the team we follow at a FAIR PRICE!
  10. If it's not too late, I too would love a couple tickets.
  11. he's bending his knees, so that's a good sign.
  12. Just the other day Minnesota said how they weren't going to do something stupid like this and what do you know.
  13. Maybe Geno was pulled so he didn't get injured before the call from Dallas?
  14. Geno better light it up so Dallas comes a calling when the game ends.
  15. The problem with Fitz is that he trimmed his beard too short!