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  1. So they cut Bell and now the running backs get targeted more in the passing game.
  2. Is there any interest in starting a buy/sell/trade sub-forum or even allowing a single thread for it? I'm sure a lot of us have Jets gear that it would be nice to find new homes for, or maybe some are looking to decorate a space dedicated to our team.
  3. Looks like the coaching staff have written off today and would rather everyone be healthy for after the bye.
  4. i wanted trent here earlier in the summer, but now 2 weeks into the season, realistically how long would it take for him to get acclimated to the system and be in playing shape? Is it worth it for what could possibly be a 14 game or less rental?
  5. My point was that in Hackenberg's first series in his first preseason game, he lit it up, marching down the field for a TD. People got excited and thought maybe he was the real deal. We never saw anything very good from him ever past that first drive. Jones isn't Hack, but you can't say how someone is going to turn out just because of their first drive.
  6. Does anyone remember Hackenburg's first drive in preseason for us? How did his stay end up here?
  7. He hasn't reported to camp and now Washington is bringing in other LTs. If we got him, it would make up for the lack of love our OL has seened these past few years.
  8. if Gase can nab Trent, he will have undone a lot of bad will Mac earned in the last draft.
  9. That's what people said last season and how many vets were signed?
  10. If the shade of green is right in that leaked image, I really like it. Now if the rest of the design has been tweaked, that would be a bonus.
  11. if Bowles isn't fired today, it's because they do not want to jeopardize their Pick No 3 in the draft. They are probably holding out hope we can bump it up to 2 or 1.
  12. Bowles should be fired by the end of the day and Mac should be fired at the end of the season. Mac criminally neglected the offensive line and this season showed it off big time.

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