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  1. if Gase can nab Trent, he will have undone a lot of bad will Mac earned in the last draft.
  2. That's what people said last season and how many vets were signed?
  3. If the shade of green is right in that leaked image, I really like it. Now if the rest of the design has been tweaked, that would be a bonus.
  4. if Bowles isn't fired today, it's because they do not want to jeopardize their Pick No 3 in the draft. They are probably holding out hope we can bump it up to 2 or 1.
  5. Bowles should be fired by the end of the day and Mac should be fired at the end of the season. Mac criminally neglected the offensive line and this season showed it off big time.
  6. I will be very surprised if he isn't fired by tomorrow morning.
  7. If (when) the Jets lose to the Bills, it's time to fire Bowles. Let an interim head coach have the bye week to get things in order to compete for the rest of the season.
  8. I was really hoping we could have traded him with a 1st for Mack. :(

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