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  1. 19 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    This is the perfect time for a change. Players are frustrated. You fire Bowles, especially if we lose to the Bills, Jet fans might kill him with their bare hands but that's how you find your young leaders in the lockerroom. Who rises after the Ax comes down? This team aint winning nothing in 2018. What type of effort do you get after Bowles is gone & who takes advantage of the substitute teacher (who ever that may be?). Not one guy on this team isn't expendable other than Sam Darnold..NOT ONE.

    If (when) the Jets lose to the Bills, it's time to fire Bowles.  Let an interim head coach have the bye week to get things in order to compete for the rest of the season.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Rangers9 said:

    Again our priority in the draft is the O-line. I wouldn't use the top pick for one OL if I can I trade back and get two linemen. Often times these highly rated lineman are over hyped. Let's rebuild that no. 1 and not draft a Qb with that pick. The Cowboys passed on Johnny M and drafted linemen and that's really the story of their success. 

    What number was our pick 10 years ago when we traded down (I think, or back in late) to get Mangold and Brick?  

  3. I second over exposure - spreading the games out over multiple days dilutes the product.  I remember when Football was all about Sunday afternoon and ONE monday night game (generally a highlight game).  Gone are those days.   

    Definitely some of the rule changes have hurt things too, making the game less exciting to watch.  And if you want to raise revenue, allow us to subscribe to a season pass for the team we follow at a FAIR PRICE!  

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