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  1. Garappolo is younger and has more promise than Cousins. As far as actual level *right now* that's hard to say for certain. From what I saw, i'd give the edge to Garappolo, but QBing in the league is very difficult to gauge accurately b/c it depends on so many other things. What we did see was that the 49ers went from a scrub offense with random Jags at qb, to one that was capable of putting up serious points against a legit defense like the Jaguars with the replacement. So yea, i'd be comfortable (indeed thrilled) if we were signing Garappolo here and we knew that he worked in our Offensive system after 5 games.
  2. Josh Allen Did Very Well

    I'm beginning to be resigned to the fact that there are likely only 2 qbs in this years draft that are legit. Darnold and Rosen. Even they have some question marks. If we don't trade up, we won't get them. Allen is fools gold, and Mayfield ... Well he's being placed several rounds too high b/c teams are so ridiculously desperate for qbs.
  3. Why can't we get a Rodgers vs Brady or a Brees vs Brady SB. It's been a boring season, and even the Pats don't look as good as they used too. So many bad teams, and despite tons of bullsh*t, the qbing has been very mediocre. The second best qb in the league the past 5-6 games was Brady's backup... Bored of the same script over and over.
  4. I think Morton should win an award for the job he's done this year with the Jets. We have #@$@ all for talent at the skill player positions, a porous Oline and a journeyman qb. He turned that into the best unit on the field for the Jets and is the only reason we weren't losing by 30 points every game. Once McCown went down, we had a qb who couldn't execute the offense and we saw what that did for the bottomline. Anyway, I can't talk about personalities, fit and certainly now is the only time you can still make a change, when its still early in a rebuild and before the franchise qb arrives. Still, this is pretty depressing.
  5. This should be a no brainer. Kick him out!
  6. Can Jax Beat NE & The Refs

    At the end of the day, Pats are a much more talented team than most give them credit for. Their D is chronically underrated and they have the top ST and O in the league. I think only Philly had a realistic shot when they had Wentz healthy. Now, it’s hard to see how any of these qbs can put up enough points to squeak out a win. That’s not to say The Jags can’t win, but it will require Brady having a terrible game, as well as a lot of luck going there way. I Just don’t see it happening.
  7. If you can pay to get a young QB do it. But lets face it, even with a good draft, and spending all our money on top tier FAs and we land Cousins, its still unlikely we make the playoffs, or at least will be a one and done team. It will be 2015 all over again. We need a little more of a firmer foundation. We're almost there, don't get too impatient.
  8. Cousins is a legitimate Franchise qb, and yes he is worth it. One might complain about his ceiling being a little under the best of the best, but as Denver recently showed, you can win in this league with mediocre qb play. And yes, his level is way better than what Peyton showed in those playoffs. Will his contract hurt us.. Yea it will. But there is no way around that. One way or the other you have to pay above average starting qbs nearly crippling amounts of money, but thats just the nature of the business.
  9. He is by far the best coach in the league.. A top three defensive mind, a top three offensive mind and a top three special teams mind. No one in the league has that sort of balance. He’s also a top five GM as well, routinely scoring well above average drafts year in and year out despite picking last almost every year. He almost never screws the team with bad contracts and knows when to cut bait. Also his players fit the system and are always put in the right position to excel. Then it’s all woven together seamlessly and players are allowed to develop without too much media noise. We won’t see this level of excellence top to bottom again for quite a long time once he’s retired. It’s just almost impossible to keep it together in this day and age of huge contracts.
  10. Grading the Jets 2015 Draft

    Agree with every grade except the Leonard Williams grade. He WAS an easy pick. Too easy it seems, as he would probably be just outside the top ten if a redraft was to be held today. Also when you draft a DT that high, you are sorta expecting a Geno Atkins level player (maybe not Aaron Donald, but well at least a perennial probowler). Unfortunately he is just on the outside of that group. I'd say there are maybe 15-20 starting DTs that are currently better. So while he is going to move up, its unclear if he will be a top ten DT. So weighted for the expectations of a 6th pick and the mediocre stats and plays he's outputed i'd give him a B- and hope that he redeems himself over the next few years and gets back to a A-
  11. If I can, I trade up for Darnold. I don't care what anyone says or how bad he played this year.. Him and Rosen are the two eventual starting level NFL qbs in the draft. He will be a bit of a project, but it doesn't matter, he has the arm, accuracy and the intangibles and that's what matters at the end of the day. He'll be a Big Ben type of qb one day. If we can't get that, line up the brink truck for Cousins.
  12. 10 and 6 next season

    Mac nearly killed us last time he splurged in FA. We have plenty of time to build. Go after young guys with high leadership. We don’t need Dez Bryant or even a super high end young FA (unless it’s QB). Diamonds in the rough please. Save our money for when we actually need it bc no matter what we aren’t making the playoffs with a qb in a new system. Patience is a virtue here. Splurge in FA when we have an established qb and a core group of guys acquired via the draft. We aren’t there yet. At least one more year of real rebuilding pls.
  13. This is like the oldschool conversations about Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Montana wouldn't be good without Rice. But Rice sucks without Joe and Steve. etc etc The fact is BB and Brady are both stupid good and universally lauded by coaching staffs around the league. I really don't even know why this is a debate at this point.
  14. Play Hack....

    At this point I agree. One game audition for Hack. At this point I think we all agree that one of either Petty or Hack is a cut next season to make room for whoever we draft at QB, so now lets see what we got in Hack.
  15. Garrop isn't going anywhere for a very long time barring injury. 49ers will lock him up forever. He was my favorite qb prospect of the past few years coming out of college, and people were insane not to draft him earlier. BB went on record praising him after they traded him, which he almost never does, which tells me they are secretly hoping he comes back in FA one day.