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  1. Scarnecchia is one of the best OL coaches of all times imo. It also has saved the Patriots millions of dollars in cap space. A good OL is not about the 5 best blockers you can put on the field. It's about the 5 guys who make the best synchronized team. He also has an eye for talent, and the Patriots rarely make a mistake when drafting OL as they tend to hit pretty big on midround picks. As a result, for very little money, they have one of the best, deepest and youngest Olines in the NFL and they always seem to be able to overcome the loss of franchise pieces like Nate Solder. Imo, its one of the big, unheralded secrets of their success and something I wish we could emulate. Other teams with good OL (like Dallas or Pitt) tend to spend a staggering amount of draft and cap space capital for their results.
  2. Hael

    I’m tired of losing

    Playoff contender? Take any team in the AFC playoffs this year and compare our roster to theirs. Even with say AB and Leveon Bell (an easy way to take away 40 million and our first rnder), and a high profile OL signing as well as resigning all our FAs. Are we close to a playoff roster with that? I don't think so. We lack depth at almost every position and our talent is basically highly overloaded in pricey FA signings with very little homegrown talent to lead things the way the coaches have designed. AB and LB probably get us to .500, but to break into the playoffs the only man who can get us there is Darnold, and he's still very young and inconsistent.
  3. Hael

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    On paper, they have the sort of defense that is problematic for Brady. Eg a strong pass rush up the middle. But they seem to be surprisingly weak at various points during games, and you basically have to play flawlessly throughout 4 quarters to beat the Pats. I don't know, they don't give me great confidence.
  4. I was watching the Pats-Chiefs on an airplane tonight. The *entire* plane groaned when the Pats won the coin flip, so predictable was the outcome. Anyway, its the same movie over and over again with Brady. It's just incredible how they always manage to win by the closest of margins at the last second. Not even Montana did it so often and with such regularity. At the end of the day, you have to strip sack him or have one of his receivers fumble the ball or something like that, b/c you know you simply can't leave him with 2 minutes. As far as Mahomes. Well, I was dead wrong about him. He's the second coming of Favre, and looked clutch as well. That Kansas City offense was one of the sweetest units i've ever seen in the modern NFL. I think if they still had Hunt, this would have been a win.
  5. Hael

    Andrew Luck

    Lucks had consistently bad teams for most of his career. First time he’s had a semi functional OL and he makes his really pedestrian skill players into all stars. He’s a great QB.
  6. The irony here is the Rams team they mentioned and the Denver team they mentioned boasted basically the most ridiculously deep skill position players in the history of the league. Wes Walker (a potential Goat slot receiver) was the fourth best receiver on that Denver team! The Rams were equally as ridiculous and teams would run out of dbs to cover all the mismatches on the field. I’m pretty sure Madden could call a random offensive play and there would still be a mismatch somewhere on the field that Warner or Manning could easily identify presnap. So I’m pretty much skeptical about how much the play calling actually mattered.
  7. We didnt get a 2nd net value for Richardson. We got a late 2nd, swapped 7s and we got Kearse. The first two parts comes out to a mid 3rd in total draft value, and Kearse was widely viewed as a salary dump (we were taking his contract off their books and so they payed us in draft capital). So you could speculate that the net trade value Seattle assigned to Sheldon by himself was that of a late 3rd. More or less the same story with most of these big shot rookies on the last year of their contracts. Basically 3rd round pick trade value over and over again. It never really gets into 2nd round value unless you are dealing with a QB (see Garropolo)
  8. They have one of the most talented Olines in the league this year, Sony Michel is good and they have decent edge rushers. They're not getting the same production from Edelman/Brady/Gronk as they normally have. The rest of the team has actually been carrying them far more than in years past.
  9. They double JJ, and the rest of their DL aren't able to put enough pressure on the Indy OL since they're only rushing 4 (and dont have Clowney atm). It's too easy against this secondary.
  10. The Browns are poised to have a huge year next year. Tons of cap space, and a few more good pieces in the draft and you could be staring at a future powerhouse. Im less convinced about the Colts, and I’m less bearish about the Pats and Steelers as others here. Yea their QBs are getting old, but they have a very strong base of talent and have a lot of young up and coming players to at least maintain their perennial place in the top echelons. AB and Gronk might be gone, but they’ve quietly gotten it done without them too. KC probably wins a Super Bowl either this year or next year. Chargers and Texans? Eh.. i don’t know. Something about them doesn’t inspire confidence.
  11. McCarthy is at this stage of his career, approximately average amongst NFL coaches. There are youngsters that are better than him now, and there are probably really better hires to be found in the college ranks but that carry more risk. However, he is a proven commodity in the league and will at least stop the bleeding. End of the day, I’d be pretty happy if he decides to join, but I’d very much want him to have more control than what he will likely be given. Again I think he’s in a dysfunctional structure and that’s hard to overcome.
  12. Neither Bell or Brown is getting this team to the postseason. If they couldn't get it done for the Steelers (who have far more talent than we do) it won't be enough for us either. Every single time we try to 'win now' without the foundation in place it ends in disaster. Our 2014 roster wasn't good enough for the 2015 FA spending spree that our stupid GM did (setting us back at least 2 years in the process). The only time that worked was when we had a deep young team that Mangini had built. But even there our QB wasn't ready and so it ultimately proved to be a wasted opportunity. Going after some FAs makes sense now (as opposed to last year where we wasted big money on Tru). But its imperative that we choose youth over age, and to penny pinch as much as possible while Darnold is still in his formative years (hes not good enough to take us far in the postseason anyway) so that when he's in his prime that we don't instantly have cap problems. Rome isn't built in a day.
  13. This is headed south in a hurry. Clearly the rot starts higher than the objectively terrible GM in this crappy organization, and this mess is just going to lead to another disaster the second the new coach isn’t on the same page during a losing streak or something of that nature. These idiots haven’t learned their lesson yet, and we are going to continue to have a dysfunctional organization with a million heads all pointing fingers at each other.
  14. Brady is too good to be given so many chances. I'm done with this coaching staff.
  15. Our D is simply not designed to play the Pats. You need pass covering lbs to take out their rbs in the pass game. You need shifty DBs (not necessarily speed guys) to press their small wrs and you need coverage safeties to remove the Gronk threat. You also need an interior pass rush. We have none of those things, so its always painful to watch. This is really a GM level problem.

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