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  1. I would say there is no truly elite talent on this team. Maybe the Becton from last year qualified…. Certainly not ZW at this time. But none of our skill positions are truly top ten lvl elite. None of our defenders (Maye has underperformed relative to last year and QW is AWOL for too many stretches of play). There is no Aaron Donald or TJ Watt that will get us that crucial sack, or a Stephon Gilmore to get us a much needed INT. I would say 75% of the problem is the rookie qb who is a good bit behind other rookies in knowing how to play. Watching little things Mac Jones did yest
  2. I like what JD is doing. At least the logic and idea of things. I like the trades, I like that he hasn't spent too much money too early in the rebuild etc etc But yea, the picks are looking like a problem. I'll give him a pass on that first draft, b/c he didn't have a coach and a system and I think this draft is looking to be pretty good (especially the corners). However the FAs have some issues and GVR is the poster child. Still, Fant/Moses/Davis and most of the defensive FAs have been ok. Unfortunately, i'm less happy about the QB than others here. I don't think he's had a si
  3. D gave up long ago... Their Oline is completely dominating our best players. What a joke!
  4. Burrows is killing it. He killed it last year too. Its incredible how fast a team turns around when you have a real qb
  5. They're the definition of average. Actually a pretty good barometer, b/c the fact that they're blowing us out just shows that we aren't an NFL lvl team.
  6. I'm actually enjoying football this week!. Bye week is my favorite week of Jets football.
  7. I don't know about that. TL has an absolute cannon for an arm. It's like top five or six in the NFL.
  8. We would get at least a 4th and probably a 3rd for one of the best safeties in the league who is still south of 30. If we let him walk in free agency we would probably get a 3rd in comp picks if it came to that.
  9. One of the interesting things about PFFs analysis this year that doesn't quite match what i'm seeing, is the CJ Mosley hate. He's currently ranked at 35.7 on the year which makes him one of the worst rated LBs in the entire league. Yet he makes tackles every week. Which leads me to believe he is being badly beaten on a lot of plays that we don't see off screen. Maybe he's getting beat in pass coverage.
  10. I think you are talking about his progression reads (eg hi lo type things) and coverage reads (zone/man). I was actually talking about the very first read.. Namely the initial, am I getting blitzed vs my protection read. This is important b/c it sets a qbs internal clock and changes whether they go to their hot route or not. Well, in almost every single play he seems confused as to whether he is getting rushed or not. Like Darnold lvl bad.. Which is why he sometimes gets happy feet when he doesnt need too, and why in others he holds the ball way too long when he should simply throw i
  11. There is so much more than just accuracy going wrong with ZW right now. 1) He has no ability to read defenses, which leads to problem... 2) He gets happy feet in the pocket. Which leads to the rollout to the right play (which is predictable for the D) Now, this is pretty typical so far of young qbs. The problem is he also 3) Doesn't go through progressions calmly, based on reads (which he may or may not be evaluating correctly). 4) Locks onto a receiver and his eyes never lies to the defense. 5) Throws off an unstable platform at least 50% of the time, even
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