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  1. Hael

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    Revis is retiring in a pretty weak HOF class. I mean Witten, Demarcus Murray aren't exactly first ballot material. He is also indisputably the best CB of his generation and probably the last 10 years (before that you run into Woodson and Champ Bailey). I'd say he is a top 10 of all time and in his prime was maybe a top 5 in ability, and of course he has a superbowl ring which *is* important in the voting. I think that puts him in a pretty good position to at least be considered. After that it's hard because of hte crazy amount of logjam in the HOF and it depends on who else is being considered that year.
  2. Hael

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    I'd take pre injury Bridgewater or Mariota any day of the week over Winston... Even if I didn't know anything about the off field issues. The media has made Winston one of the most overrated players in the league. He has a stacked offense, yet perpetually finds ways to lose or to underperform with that team. When I see Winston play, I see him make many poor reads, and he is known for inconsistent throws. He basically lives or dies by throwing 50-50 jump balls to one of the best talents in the league, but that isn't going to give you long term success in the NFL. Meanwhile Bridgewater had a great rookie season with very limited weapons. He doesn't cause his team to lose, and can make a lot of great plays when necessary. Tom Brady was like that too early in his career. Take care of the football and slowly expand your range.
  3. When we drafted him, everyone was going on about Ardarius, but I personally thought that Hansen was the much better pickup and had the more viable NFL skillset. Just looking at some of his route running and his plays I think he's going to be more like Edelman and less like Welker/Cole Beasley (Welker was a pure slot receiver, Julian is more of an intermediate threat with some occasional slot plays). Obviously, the comparisons are very premature, but that's the sort of player type.
  4. McCown, by most advanced statistics was somewhere between the 10th and 15th best qb in the league last year. This despite having one of the worst Olines in the game, and very mediocre skill players statistically. Granted a lot has to do with the excellent playcalling on O and the west coast system we used, but still, it should be clear that it's unreasonable to expect a rookie to be a top ten qb right out of the gate. Also, I think it will be very difficult for Darnold to outright beat McCown in a fair camp battle. I mean I just don't think its realistic for Darnold to be able to read defenses and command the huddle and playbook like a vet. So the only reason he would be out there is for the reps. Which is fine to some extent, playing for the future is important, but still you want to have some sort of team presence, at least before you are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
  5. Most of the articles I have read put him at like 5th or 6th in the league in drafting, given their frequently low draft positions. Not the best, but not bad either Also, Cassel, Mallet and Hoyer are not busts for the Pats. They all either produced draft pick compensation in trades or alternatively were signed to good FA deals, which gave them compensatory picks (often refunding the value). That's why drafting 'merely' a good backup qb is rarely a bad thing in this league. It often provides more compensation than you would normally get. Of course, you don't want someone like Hack or Petty either (who provided identically zero compensation)
  6. Last year I thought they had one of the most talented teams in the league before the season began objectively speaking (once you get past the bias). Then they proceeded to lose there best wr, multiple pieces on the OL, their best defensive player, several of their rookies, there second year cb etc etc. In mid season, they also traded away two starting nfl qbs. Despite having one of the highest injury tolls in the league, they proceeded to make the superbowl where they lost their best wr as well as benching their allstar cb. And it was still close. The conclusion was the team was pretty stacked. This year, is the first time in a long time where I think there is a certain writing on the wall. Not having Garrop is a huge blow to the future of the organization, and I think its clear that they've now lost a lot of talent to FA without getting much in return. Meanwhile the stars they do have are returning from bad injuries and/or aging (Hightower, McCourty, Chung, Brady, Gronk, Edelman). They backside of their roster is full of young players with some promise (there OL is pretty good all things considered), but they don't have the same quantity or quality of premium players that they did in their superbowl run a few years ago. Then there is the whole off the field drama. Yea, they'll probably still win the division, but I don't think the superbowl is a guarantee like it was last year and I think it's going to be hard for them to make it back without a bit of rebuild (by which point Brady will have retired).
  7. PFF has him at 21 amongst interior linemen or 34 DEs, which is about right. He’s not a pro bowl player but is an above average young starting caliber lineman with plenty of room to grow. i think when he hits his prime he might be a top ten lineman. Will he be Aaron Donald or JJ Watt? Probably not, but he’s still a very good player. If his asking price isn’t too high, you definitely build your team around young pieces like this.
  8. Hael

    Contention Begins in 2019

    I doubt we are a playoff team this year, although there is an outside chance if everything goes right. 2019 might even be a step down, as Darnold plays his first year and has the associated growing pains. I think the real contention starts in 2020 and 2021 where hopefully all the long term young players we've been drafting (and will draft) start to enter their primes. We still need a lot of picks at the OL, a real franchise wr1, a TE1, a RB1, a pass rusher, and a cb1. So I'd say at least 7-8 big needs that are still unmet with probably at least 5 or 6 of those that need to be drafted (we can probably get one or two in FA)
  9. PFF had NE as the third best OL in football last year. That’s probably a bit high, but suffice it to say they aren’t scrubs and are deep with a lot of young players. They stoned Phillys great pass rush for almost the entire Super Bowl. Normally cast aways from a deep unit are worth a look. However that he’s a third round cast off on a cheap contract in only his second year is a very bad sign. It either means he has some huge red flag we don’t know about, or more likely he won’t ever play in this league.
  10. I had Mayfield at 3 behind Darnold and Rosen. Rosen dropped hard b/c of character issues, and I can understand not spending a high pick on a @#$hole (see Jay Cutler) but I don't understand how any sane front office takes Mayfield over Darnold. Mayfield might be a very good qb in this league, hell he might be better than Darnold.. I love his accuracy, iq and spunk. But just from a gambling perspective, I don't see how you pass on a high character top shelf talent like Darnold who has prototypical features and attributes. It's just kinda crazy.
  11. Hael

    Petty Cut

    Petty was one of the worst products i've ever seen play in the NFL. He had no mastery over the little things that a QB is expected to at least have some understanding off. Whether it was the snap count, or reading rudimentary defenses or even what the names of the plays were and from what I gather his ability to learn things was very, very slow. It was just a disaster from start to finish. The guy basically only knew how to throw jump balls to Anderson over and over again. I'm glad we've moved on. JFC!
  12. Hael


    Indeed, he very much reminds me of Big Ben. Especially the quality of the throws and the willingness to leave the pocket and make things happen. He won't break as many tackles as big Ben, and time will tell if he learns to understand the game as well, but yea if we get even 90% of what that hall of famer gave Pitt, it would be worth it.
  13. Hael

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    Rosen is more pro ready and obviously has a much larger understanding of football than Darnold. Darnold is more of a project. But people can be taught systems and how to read defenses. The reason Rosen wasn't chosen is b/c of his injury history and much more crucially, he gives off major Cutler vibes. Recall that Cutler was an elite qb in the league for a few years there when he was younger, but then sorta tapered off into who gives a **** mode. You can't have that in your franchise pick. You have to want it day in and day out to keep wanting to perfect the little things necessary in order to win.
  14. Hael

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    If you watch tape on him, he is the only qb in the draft (along with Rosen) who really has NFL ready throws. It's extremely rare for any college qb to be able to do that, and that's why those two guys have been so heavily hyped. Even players like Aaron Rogers weren't making those types of throws in college (it took a few years). Some guys have great arm strength (hell, look no further than Hack and Petty), but that's really not enough. You need the combination of release speed, the tightness of the spiral, the velocity and angle of the ball and crucially the accuracy of placement that sets a pro ready qb from someone who isn't. Anyway, couple that with a good work ethic, and we finally have a player that has a nonzero chance of developing into a good QB. Compare that with a prospect like Hack who really isn't interesting, simply b/c you know that he will never end up with over a 55% completion percentage in the pros.
  15. I haven't looked at the contract structure, but in a sane world: If Bridgewater has anything left in the tank, it will be between him and McCown for 1 and 2 and Darnold will be at 3 (likely only playing in preseason). (Hack and Petty will be cut and likely never play another down in the NFL) If Bridgewater is done, he'll be cut and McCown will be 1 followed by Darnold or Hack at 2/3 depending on how camp goes. In any event Petty is gone (indeed one of the worst NFL qbs i've ever seen) and Hack's time is probably also over or at best a one year cheap backup on a rookie salary. McCown is getting up there in age, and qbs often fall off hard at this point, so its unlikely he plays as well as he did last year. However his experience and mentorship skills are absolutely perfect for tutoring Darnold, so i'm pretty sure he's a roster lock.