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  1. In the case of Covid like illnesses, it’s thought to be the opposite. Masks protect others more than they protect you. Covid spreads via droplets, so when you cough or talk, those masks serve to catch some of the large discharges with a significant amount of viral load.. A little mist will penetrate and fall to the ground, but catching 75% of the viral load is a big deal. on the other hand, if someone sneezes without a mask into the air, and you walk through it, your mask might only block a small fraction, as it’s already dispersed into the air. Anyway, something is better than nothing so wearing one is always recommended.
  2. Lets just be clear what Logan Ryan is. He's played CB2 behind Malcolm Butler his entire career. And while Butler was a legitimate top 10 cb1 for about two years early in his career, he's been sporadic ever since and is probably what you would call a rank 25-30 cb1 at this stage in his career (will probably be a cb2 now that Jackson has developed). However Ryan was probably the best CB2 in football last year. So you're looking at someone who is probably a bottom tier cb1. If you put this guy up against elite wr1s on an island, he's going to get smoked. However, he will stabilize the position and give you a certain stable veteran value, just be sure not to pay him CB1 money.
  3. There are only two qbs that imo deserve to be in tier1, and thats Brady and Montana. They are a good step beyond every other qb on that list, and its not close. Now, I have a bit of a problem with some of the rest of the rankings. The usual overrating of Brett Favre. Ok, anyone that seriously takes Favre over Rogers has to have their head examined. There is the usual undervaluing of Steve Young (people forget how good that guy was, he just happened to play behind one of the GOATs and had his career shortened b/c of it) and frankly Russel Wilson is also perpetually undervalued for some reason. And then theres the Manning/Brees dilemma (and imo they were both equal in terms of Qbing). That is that they both played with the most ridiculously stacked teams on offense in history, in domes and super favorable offensive conditions and that despite their regular season dominance, they would typically fall short in the playoffs. Still top10, but a little perspective... And then there is the recency bias. B/c Otto Graham and Unitas could both legitimately be tier1 based on dominance and impact, but we have to discount them b/c of the talent level in those eras. Hard cases.
  4. One of the at risk groups are African American males with obesity issues. And while elite athletes are probably/maybe ok, what Covid could do to the staff and family members surrounding them could be absolutely devastating. The NFL knows this, and are simply banking on the hope that better treatment options will miraculously be available. My belief in an uninterrupted season is low.
  5. They had the best D in the league last year by a comfortable margin. They eventually gassed out b/c their offense was so bad. Otoh, this offseason they lost their entire probowl lbing core, except Hightower who is getting old. Their safeties are getting old, but they have the best young cbs in the league and are five man deep there, so they'll be fine I imagine. I expect their D to still be very good but perhaps no longer number1. Their offense on the other hand were walking injured last year. They were running RBs at WR for some games. Their Oline which was one of the best in football the year before, should be injury free. We shall see. They're still big question marks about their skill positions and the qb. Overall, I expect their O to remain in the basement. I think they're looking at a 500 season or something like that. They'll still be dangerous for us, we weren't even close to touching that D last year, and I still have nightmares about what they did to Sam.
  6. I don’t think our talent lvl is viewed that favorably around the league, so 6-10 against a hard schedule is perhaps not a crazy fireable offense. Gase is known as an offensive coach, and it’s not like he has much to work with there. Now 3-13 is another story...
  7. I think we have a similar talent lvl to last year.. sorta a sidegrade. couple things working for us: Last year we had bad injury luck, and the starting QB loss straight up lost us three games that could perhaps have been competitive.There is more continuity this year, so people will be more familiar with the O and D. NE is no longer a guaranteed two loss on our schedule. The things working against us: Hard schedule, big turnover on the Oline which will take some time to gel. Miami and Buffalo made serious upgrades to their rosters. Overall, I think we improve by one or two games but just miss the playoffs.
  8. Jordan was an average three point shooter, he even had a couple really above avg years shooting the three, but yea no where near players nowadays. i actually disagree about talent. Since the late 70s the talent in the NBA exploded, but it’s just a different types of talent. You don’t see anyone with the capacity to rebound like Moses Malone or Rodman. Or who can play post defense, or with post moves like Dream or Kareem. Heck I’d say everyone has lost the art of the mid range jumper as well. What everyone can do, crazily well now, is shoot three pointers and handle the ball. In the 80s handling was mostly PG land and a few crazy talents like MJ, but now even bigs can dribble and hit threes. But defense? Passing? Yea im not sure everyone will shoot that well after getting mauled by a team like Detroit or the old Heat teams under those rules, but we will never know. So yea, it’s just a different sort of talent that’s adapted to the rules and league as it currently stands.
  9. I very much enjoyed this draft. Having a competent GM makes such a difference to my blood pressure (I admit that every Mac draft after the first round was like dragging my nails on a blackboard). A few things to read into this. 1) Despite saying he went BPA, he really went need. That's gratifying to the fans but it doesn't necessarily make the best longterm outcomes. On the other hand he simply had no choice. We *had* to take a tackle in the first to protect our longterm franchise future. I think there were better players available, and Beckton is my least favorite choice of the drat, but we needed something. We also had to take cheap rookie options at QB, WR and CB b/c we don't have the cap space to fit starters in and he did. We also have a potential replacement for Jamal, if contract talks go south (so hes covering his ass and keeping options open, again a refreshing take). 2) He maneuvered the board extremely well. something that Mac never did in his entire tenure. The Mims pick was excellent in that regard. 3) He picked longterm projects, instead of day zero starters with an emphasis on athleticism. Again, I like that from the point of view of our franchise. Its a realistic take of how long it will take to get there. It makes sense to err on the side of projects as opposed to win now players. I have no idea if these picks will work out or not. one never does. But the strategy was correct across the board. The fact that he had to take need in this draft (and really only in this draft) was clear, and the rest of the picks all sort of reinforced what his take on our timeline is. So I give him an A+
  10. There’s a lot of things wrong with those rankings. our RBs should be tied with the Bills as best in the AFCE and we have the best qb. Pats have by far the best cbs in the league, they’re super talented there. Their Lbs are old now and depleted by FA and probably worst in the AFCE, ditto for their WRs. (Everyone on their offense was walking injured last season, but you can clearly see major slippage in Edelman and Sanu, Nkeal didn’t look great after he returned). However their DTs and DL are underrated. They had a historically great D that gassed out mid season bc their O were so banged up they were putting rbs at wrs. They have a ton of youngtalent on the Oline that played hurt, but on the weapon and rb side it’s old Edelman and a ton of unproven. They’re the worst offense in the AFCE... worse even than the Dolphins.
  11. Love this pick. This is cap related. We didn't have the money for a high end backup without sacrificing a lot of things (not just this year but next year), and qbs are amongst the most expensive positions in football.
  12. I’m really happy about this pick. I think he’s going to be an upper echelon receiver, and he’s my fav pick of the Jets draft, but it’s important to say that it’s also going to take a bit. He has a couple problems that are apparent from just watching those tapes. Namely while he has good body control and his route running is solid for close quarter play, the cutting part of his route running is not great.. He telegraphs his cuts, they aren’t super sharp, and he puts himself out of balance doing it. A savvy dB will easily anticipate where he’s going, and the worry is whether his strength will translate to the pros when they’re in his hip pocket. Also questions about his release. So yea, he’s like 3/4 of an AJ Green, but the good news is all that can be worked on, so his ceiling is very high.
  13. It’s hard passing on Jeudy, but we had to make this pick. There was no other option. B grade bc I would have liked a trade up to get one of the other two. Still it’s a bit of a reach in terms of value at 11, but that’s the nature of being a beggar and not a chooser. We couldn’t take BPA. Imo there weren’t any sure fire instant stud Joe Thomas like tackles in this draft, but there were two relatively good ones (eg avg rank starters). Now Becton is probably not quite starting grade (like rank 30 amongst RT) and likely will need a year or two to come into his own. High upside, and we’ve seen some of these other big RTs do well in the league. i think he’s going to be a better run blocker than a pass blocker, and I think he’s likely going to be a RT for the foreseeable future. Still I think he’s a huge upgrade over Edoga. people are going to freak out when quick DEs blow right by him in the first year, but I think he’s going to be a solid tackle in this league.

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