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  1. I feel like this years FA crop are pretty underwhelming. The smart money was to stay out of a lot of this overpriced fools gold. Unlike alot of others here, i'm not super keen about Osemele, who has been genuinely terrible for about a year and a half. I watched quite a few oakland games last year, and he was a turnstyle, and got Carr killed multiple times. He might literally be cut in camp b/c of how expensive he is (fortunately we aren't on the hook for his contract, so at least theres that). My favorite signings is definitely Anderson and i'm cautiously optimistic about Bellamy (I think special teams is massively undervalued by the fans). CJ Mosley's contract is horrendous, but he will shore things up a bit back there. Our ILB situation in base formation and running downs was really bad last year.
  2. Obviously this is a great move for them, and yes it is a bit of a tool to game the comp draft system. By using late round picks to acquire a player that would normally be cut, it allows them to not sign that player as a FA as it would then count against them when doing the comp draft formula. They also avoid having to pay any of the signing bonus, and so get the FA for relatively cheap. People don't give BB enough credit as a GM. He really runs a pretty tight ship.
  3. It makes sense for Buffalo as they don’t know what they have in Josh Allen and they might have the worst receiving corps in football.
  4. Hael

    Browns release Jamie Collins

    He had decent stats with the Browns, but this is a cap move. Like a lot of players in the NFL, once he got his payday, his interest and his play dropped. A motivated Jamie Collins is one of the most talented players in the league, but I’m not sure if he is still that interested. Could be an interesting player if we got him on a one year prove it deal.
  5. He is considered one of the best at his position. He was ranked 2nd best edge defender last year by PFF, ahead of Watt and is only 25. He also consistently shows up in the postseason. Now 17 million a year is a pretty steep price, for anyone. Generally speaking, i'm usually not inclined to pay big money in FA, and tend to prefer depth over big name players. So eg 2 good edge defenders at a discount is usually better than one great one b/c of the nature of injuries and reps in the NFL.
  6. Ansah, when healthy, was an enormously talented and proven end who was one of the best players in the game. He literally dominated games. So its a medical and financial issue more so than anything else. I'd love to get him on an incentive laden contract! He is definitely the best of the bunch. Fowler. Yea no thanks. He's massively overrated. Preston Smith is a solid pick, but I think he's going to get well above fair market price in FA, its not like he's unknown. I'd be happy with him though.
  7. That number is physiologically impossible as others pointed out. Most body builders are in the 6% range with proper Deca scans and those have margins of error that can be up to two percent. Judging from the pics, there’s no way that player is in professional bodybuilding territory either (nor would you want him to, as it requires copious amounts of gear to achieve, for a real eye opener check out natural bodybuilding comps to see what can be achieved naturally.. it should disturb people to realize a lot of pro nflers are actually superior to the natties. Having low body fat is not desirable anyway as they would not have adequate stamina, and would have hormonal problems. It’s a major misconception to equate body fat percentage with athletic performance. They can be linked, but it’s far from perfect. In fact having the wrong hypertrophied muscles is often a detriment to athletic performance.
  8. Hael

    Bengals shopping John Ross

    He’s actually quicker than fast. His straight line playing speed is significantly slower than his combine (pads slow thin guys down a lot more relatively speaking). His best success seems to be in the slot. Still he doesn’t create much separation as almost every dB in the league easily keeps up with him. He also makes Robbie Anderson look like the hulk and his hands are terrible. So you are getting a very raw player that you hope to bulk up, retain his speed and then teach how to play the position while hoping he stays healthy. pass!
  9. Every one in the league has people talking about trading down, including the Raiders publically. The likelihood of it happening at this point for us is minimal, especially at 3. You might see a qb go later in the draft 6-10 and some qb needy team like the Pats or Dolphins might be willing to trade up, but since the strength of this draft is the depth, I don't see it.
  10. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t do full team makeovers in fa. I’d prefer if we got reasonable depth for good deals than spend all our money on bell, Flowers and ab. The one exception is the OL, where I’m slightly ok to spend big to protect our fqb. We don’t have to spend all the money today though, we can push some into next year with the realization that Darnold prime is still many years away.
  11. Crabtree has had a very inconsistent career. A few pretty good years, but then they are mixed in with some pretty bad ones.. He was never the fastest or quickest guy, and he doesn't have a lot of margin of error anymore. Especially when as a possession receiver, he fails to make catches. He's a number 2 or 3 at this stage of his career, and we already have a surplus of those.
  12. If someone pays a large contract to someone, that is in some sense a better gauge of true value than draft status or accolades. Butler actually had a quietly good second half of the season (despite being terrible for the first half). I like the comp system in principle. It rewards teams for developing talent, and it can help out small market teams where big name FAs don't want to play. Of course its also going to reward the best teams for managing rosters correctly. At the end of the day, the reason the Ravens, Seahawks, Steelers and Patriots do well in these sorts of systems is b/c they are better at putting a price to a players performance than the rest of the league. The abolition of the comp draft system won't change that fundamental advantage.
  13. We paid a very large draft capital to move up (much larger than the draft chart would normally indicate). Essentially it cost us an extra 2nd rounder in value. So the trade perse was a risk (as others pointed out we could have gotten Rosen/Allen) and pretty desperate. However it was something we *had* to do as a franchise. I would have been ok with trading our first rounder this year as well. Getting a FQB is basically worth an infinite amount of draft picks.
  14. Flowers is legitimately good (IMO better than Chandler Jones). He’s young, smart, versatile and has made huge plays in the most important games (a game winning sack in the Atlanta Super Bowl). Unlike Chandler Jones he is consistent. He won’t have the four sack games, but he is perpetually disruptive against even the best OL, and doesn’t hurt the team by making many overplay mistakes. He’s great against the run, deals with doubleteams well and can line up everywhere on every down. He’s going to get a huge payday now with all the press, and I don’t know if it’s worth at this point financially. Brown is interesting. He’s extremely inconsistent and I saw him make multiple mistakes that Brady hid. He also can get beat by the speedy DEs. However, he doesn’t get beat fast as much as you would expect and he absolutely manhandles bullrushers. He’s not great in the run game, but you would expect him to be dominant there given his size so he can potentially improve a lot. His potential of course is limitless, and for the right price he is a very intriguing prospect who could be a dominant franchise LT. Still, there is a lot of risk bc his tape is spotty.
  15. I think Adams is great and a bright spot on our D. Definitely top 6 or 7 safety. I don't know about the 20th best player in the league, or the 2nd ranked safety though. PFF has a tendency to overrate run support and sacks for cornerback/safeties. I saw Adams beaten too many times this year to really to put him in the Ed Reed/Legion of Boom category and he needs to keep improving.

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