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  1. It won’t happen till the season is over, even if we go 0-16. Even then... now that management has gone to bat for them, I’m not sure if they pull the trigger. From a reputation point of view, it’s really, really bad form to fire a coach after such a short tenure. Already Bowles was gone a year too early, and if you get two in a row, it’s hard to see how anyone will want the job. maybe if he loses the locker room?
  2. It put us in cap hell for two seasons, which resulted in Idzik gutting the roster. We were in a really good spot, coming into 2015, bc we had no bad contracts, a ton of space, had some young promising talent, and lots of picks. Basically the equivalent of the 2020 Dolphins. This unfortunately led to what can only be described as rank stupidity. Where our new glorious GM, decided we had a playoff core with barely any foundational pieces and went out and spent 100 million dollars on old vets instead of finding young up and comers. The franchise has never really recovered from those moves, bc while it did make us ok for a season, it choked out our rebuild. So yes patience is everything, and will be for a few more years given the extent of the roster stink. Next year better not be a repeat of 2015, and you can already see the fans clamoring for big money shinies due to how uncompetitive we are.
  3. Well, that was one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time. Somewhat encouraging bc I think Brady probably would have won it, but on the negative side, Cam looks like the 2015 version, which isn’t great for our chances. Wish we had one one hundredth of that coaching.
  4. That’s crazy. A perfect ball in the face of a great rush, into perfect coverage with a great catch. Almost like a different league.
  5. Few observations. 1) problems in the interior of the OL 2) lack of talent at skill positions. 3) Lb core played atrociously today. They missed every open field tackle and they were burned by the hbs on every single pass play. 4) Secondary was absent. At least Maye was in position to contest (even though he lost quite a few battles). But the rest of the team were miles away from the 49ers second and third string players. 5) complete lack of an edge pass rush. We were also slashed by their running game bc we didn’t set the edge. 6) Despite QW being not terrible for once, I felt they had all day to throw and pushed our DL around. 7) feel like we gave up in the third quarter. Locker room revolt? 8) play calling shows Gase has no confidence in his offense (with good reason) 9) Special teams was awful. Not much to look forward to, other than our rookie LT.
  6. SF has half their starters out, their QB is on one leg, and somehow they're 2nd stringers are up three scores on us. YIkes!
  7. Our secondary is an absolute disaster. We are going up against 2nd stringers.. Come on!
  8. Hard to watch these injuries. The lack of a preseason really makes this difficult.
  9. It’s between him and Mahomes. He’s definitely been better than Brady/Rogers and Brees over the last four years or so as they’ve aged. I mean look how bad his offenses have been. He had the worst Oline in the league for a number of years until recently. A bevy of good but not great WR2s. An over the hill TE and a meh running game. He’s completely carried that team, often running for his life. if he had Mahomes offensive talent, I’d bet he would break every record in the game. He’s doing what Brady used to do with very mediocre talent. Completely agree with BB about how underrated this guy is.
  10. Paying big money to Anderson for a one or two year deal. Paying Clowney.. all that stuff is the sort of bad ideas Mac would do. Would it make us better in the short term? Yea. We’d draft in the top ten vs drafting in the top 5. But it’s the wrong timing. You pay money for stuff like that when you are in playoff contention. You don’t when you are putting together a young roster core. We don’t have a core, and putting strawberries on top of a brick doesn’t change the fact that you will still break your teeth. Does it hurt Darnolds development? Yea maybe. But again consider timing. It’s better that he develop chemistry with his receivers of the future, rather than waste reps on Anderson who probably only has two or three more years of production (a go route receiver after thirty...not a great record). so in the meantime we are going to suck. But I’m hopeful we see incremental improvements by our young guys who are put in the fire.
  11. I've noticed that PFF tends to grade situations where there are easy 1-1s to diagnose. So eg its sometimes hard to grade a rb on a specific play, b/c they're supposed to be patient while things develop (and thus look awful when nothing develops and they get stuffed), hence they likely ignore those situations in their grade. However when you have 1-1 situations like on those wheel routes, its very clear whether Bell beats or doesn't beat his man. So my guess is that there were a lot of plays where Bell didn't have much of a chance b/c of stacked boxes, or bad blocking, and thus his score was largely about his passing down plays (and he was shredding their lbers all game before he was hurt).
  12. Sorry, must have missed him. He graded out ok at a solid 69.
  13. PFF scores for our team. I won't go over everything, just list the ones that are interesting. They grade players by film and analyze what they think their assignments were and how they perform (so eg do they win 1-1 battles). Obviously imperfect, but well it's something.. Scale is roughly as follows 60-70 is avg for an NFL starter, 70-80 is good but not great, 80-85 is very good, 85+ is elite, 50-60 is bad, below 50 is garbage -qb Darnold 37.2 -Not a single one of our WRs scored above a 56. Perriman was the highest at 55.4. -Herndon was 50, Ryan was 64. -Our Oline: Fant was 58, Lewis was 82 (surprise), Van Roten was 69, Becton was 77, McGovern was 58. -Rbs: Bell scored 74 (surprise) On D: CBs: Hairston:47, Desir (30), Austin (60), Poole (59) S: Maye: 84.6 LB: Cashman 64, Langi 45, Hewitt 48, DL: QW (56), FAtu (81), Anderson(59), Shepherd(50) and McLendon(50) Edge: Jordan Jenkins was the best at 56. (everyone else was garbage tier). (Basham, Luvu, Willis, Phillips) Couple observations that challenge what people were saying: Our WRs and TEs were not getting open. Bell played better than people give him credit for. Oline was a mixed bag but some good things there. Our CBs played much worse than what we thought, even Austin had a mediocre game according to PFF. Lbs were mostly garbage other than Cashman. DL was atrocious other than Fatu (who I think deserves to be first string at this point, after outplaying QW in pretty much every game of his career). Maye is elite. Zero edge presence.
  14. I’d have to watch tape, but my suspicion is that Perriman wasn’t as bad as his stat line indicates. I saw him open a number of times.
  15. He had at least three problematic plays. The sack was on him, he was beaten but Darnold could have dumped it off to avoid it. The hold would have been a sack and was the worst play for him. He was badly beaten a few plays earlier as well, but Darnold rolled out and the rb picked it up. They were getting consistent edge pressure though, and Darnold was forced to step into a pushed pocket quite a few times which led to a number of wobbly throws. He needs to work on his finishing move technique. The flip side was his talent was evident. He has solid balance for such a big man, moved well and his strength was impressive. Real deal talent, unlike QW who just fails to look anything like a first round selection. He also looked better in the second half, so that’s positive.

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