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  1. Leo was doubled less than Anderson actually and was doubled at a rate that wasn’t particularly high for his position, or for his status as a team’s best lineman. PFF has him as the 30th best interior lineman last year and if I recall he was 24th the year before. That’s not bad, and it is valuable to have an above average starting caliber player with a lot of upside. Still, he will be expensive and it’s unclear what his real price point should be. It’s also clear that there are much better quality price options in the NFL. Look no further than Anderson.
  2. Hael

    Brady’s steroids

    Forget about the illegal stuff. These guys take massive amounts of painkillers before games, have prescriptions for ADHD meds like Ritalin (which is like Cocaine when you take a lot of it) and take so many stimulants that they're wired to the hilt without an inch of feeling in their bodies come game time. That's in many ways more important performance wise than the pure strength and muscle builders/cardio boosters b/c it allows them to go full speed without a regard for anything.
  3. Trade compensation for Leo would be roughly what we got for Sheldon Richardson (who had more production). Eg a net third rounder (in Sheldon's case we got a 2nd and swapped picks to bring the draft value to a mid third)
  4. Timing matters here. Our new GM search is now considerably harder than it was before. Instead of picking the best candidate, we now need to pick a candidate who is both available, ok with having Gase as their coach, as well as one who is decidedly aware that NYJ is the place where coaches and GMs come to die. Further, every player currently on the roster is now subject to being purged by any new regime. Even including untouchables like Darnold. Don't think it can happen? Look no further than the Redskins. It's also a really poor look for the franchise. If we believed that Mac was doing his job (and that the offseason was a success), then it means that he was fired b/c his own hand picked coach turned on him (or that the front office turned on him on a whim). Alternatively, if he wasn't doing his job, why was he kept for so long? In both cases, it paints a very bleak picture of the process going on within the FO. In the meantime, we have an inexperienced GM running things, we potentially have a bunch of players that don't fit our new coaches system (which was what seemed to be the problem that led to this situation in the first place), and we have a coach who is essentially unaccountable b/c they're not 'his guys' for at least a few years. So yes, it matters.
  5. Hael

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    7-9, 8-8 if all goes well and we play to our talent. If we instead implode b/c of the farce in the FO, or b/c Gase goes insane it could be a lot worse than that. The schedule is objectively nasty, where most of our 'easy' wins are supposedly divisional games, which are always unpredictable.
  6. Good article. It really shows how inept we are. Notice as well that teams like NE and New Orleans, despite drafting near the end of every round due to continued succes, somehow manage to acquire a lot of expected AV (likely through trades and comp draft picks). Yet somehow we manage to have less expected AV (nevermind the fact that we end up being negative after the actual draft) than they do, despite drafting in the top 10 almost every season. It's just mind blowing how this could be called a rebuild. At the very least, before Darnold we should have been close to the Browns in terms of expected AV. Idzik couldn't draft either, but at least he was competent enough in stockpiling draft picks. Mac is literally amongst the worst GMs in our entire history when you factor everything in together: The bad drafting, the stupid and bloated contracts to bad FAs, the opportunity cost lost etc etc.
  7. Hael

    What is more disappointing?

    Honestly, i'm pretty depressed about now. My hopes that Darnold will have a decent supporting cast has dwindled, and instead its looking more like an Andrew Luck situation for the first ~6 years. I think there's a reason why there's a lot of grumbling about our off-season internally, and it doesn't bode well for our near term future. We shall see in training camp. My optimism is very low right now. More saliently, when there is a rot in the organizational scheme, it will continue to be a cancer until its purged and frankly that's not going away until there are more sweeping changes. It's all quite ridiculous.
  8. Meh, we'll see. Count me as being skeptical about just how good our 'offseason' was. We had hundreds of millions of dollars to spend, and what i'm seeing is a lot of pricey 'question marks'. Of course the non question mark players we acquired at astronomical prices, which is going to hurt our long term viability. That's fine when you have a championship pedigree, but this looks a lot like 2015. Back then we got good mercenaries that were ok at what they do, but do you see any of them on this roster four years later?
  9. Here we go. Time for the firesale of the previous administrations table scraps.
  10. Hael

    Mac fired!

    Wow! This is one of the more puzzling and dysfunctional situations i've seen. A new coach installed by a GM, usurps the same GM's authority before training camp even starts, and forces managements hand (who are decidedly incompetent). I dislike everything Mac has done in his tenure here. I hate his spending on high priced fool's gold, and I don't like his drafts or team building philosophies. The best thing he did in FA this year, was to resign Anderson on a team friendly deal. Anyway I digress. The big problem is that we are now going to be in a situation where every current player on a roster, including this years draft class and FA acquisitions are subject to being cut in favor of the new regime's vision of things. It's a pretty horrifying way to run things, and imo our management should be instantly fired as well. Let the GM run things, and report directly to the team owner, like every other franchise. This multiple faced hydra and associated power struggles is guaranteed to continue to be a problem
  11. Mine would be something like: Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen, a big gap, Watson, another gap, Trubisky, Murray, Mahomes, Jones. Haskins/Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen wouldn't even be close. I'm still pretty confident in that rating, other than the obvious huge wiff on Mahomes. I'm not entirely sure how he corrected his accuracy issues so fast, but it's been impressive.
  12. Don’t see us beating the Browns. They already had a significantly better defense than us last year, and they upgraded cornerback and DT. As far as their O, they’re not even in the same stratosphere as they were last year. At least Hunt will be ineligible... Anyway, they’re either equal or more talented than us at basically every position group other than safety, so it’s hard to see how we win unless they’re new coaching staff was as bad as the previous ones. We should beat the Bills I think.
  13. What I remember about this game, was that it was two poorly coached football teams and a tale of two halves. I was also dismayed by the level of talent the Browns had compared to us, especially on the defensive side. They're players were mean, flying across the field at mach3 and were making spectacular individual efforts. Once Tyrod came out, and Mayfield came in, the Browns had one or two momentum building drives that crushed the will of our D and from that point it was all over. It also showcased a season long trend, which was that our D would gas in 4th quarters (usually after playing pretty good D for the first and third quarters). This lack of cardio was a major component in multiple losses, and its something that can be placed squarely on the culture of the organization and the accountability of the players.
  14. Hael

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Jones is going to be a pretty good QB. Despite all of the Gettleman hate and the Giants angst, I actually think he made the right call. I'd definitely take him over Haskins. As far as who is better Darnold or Jones. As far as being a QB prospect, Darnold was elite, matched only by a handful of guys in the history of the draft. As far as career, who knows?
  15. Buffalo has improved considerably compared to last year, but Miami is a question mark as they lost a lot of FA talent and are rebuilding again. The Pats are going to be a big problem for our secondary now that they have 3 huge WRs and they imo had a very good draft. We are better than last year on paper but the holes are still pretty large, and everyone will be learning a new system. Optimistically, 10-6, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we are a .500 team.

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