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  1. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    For as long as I can remember, the Patriots almost always drop an egg in South FL around this time of year. They simply don't like playing in warm, humid weather. Brady doesn't play well there, there defense which has been the best in the NFL since week 3 plays like crap, and BB goes into the press conference with a pissed off face mumbling. It's deja-vu.
  2. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    The guy is a camp arm and a preseason player. He doesn't seem to understand the depths of a playbook, reading defenses or how to play when going up against anything that isn't completely vanilla coverage. Setting protections, snapcount, command of a huddle and a pocket are all completely missing from his repertoire. You could see that he was already panicking after a few touches, and his feet were beginning to shuffle and he locked onto his first read every time. These are symptoms of a QB that is out of his depth and hasn't had the reps to get comfortable with much of anything. I think it would take 4-5 years of starting to get Mr Petty the reps he needed to be just average in those areas, and I dont think many NFL teams have that sort of time they're willing to invest.
  3. Jets vs Broncos Report Card

    Hard to argue with any of these grades, they're pretty spot on. I did see the safeties out of position a few times (and it looked like there was miscommunication between cbs and their deep support a few times). I'd chalk up most of the performance to a lack of effort, and thats gotta be on the coaches and the leaders in the locker room. We won a few games early in the year on effort alone, so that's gotta be discouraging from a team building standpoint.
  4. 1 PM Games Thread

    The hit and concussion on Tom Savage was brutal. All the doctors and officials that allowed him back on the field need to be fired, and the Texans should suffer league penalties. That’s one of the most egregious and unethical displays I’ve ever seen in a day and age where we really know better.
  5. Do we think he comes back next year or is this it? Not many NFL ready qbs where we are drafting so it’s likely we sign a veteran hold the fort QB if we draft a mid round 1st. Unless we get Cousins or Garropolo, we will need another McCown like player.
  6. Running twice down 20+ tells you all you need to know about what they think of Mr Petty’s abilities.
  7. Yea our safeties had a bad day (rookie wall maybe?). But the KC cbs were even worse. They just had no idea what they were supposed to do, and it looked like they were perpetually confused on almost every play. Revis can't run anymore, why is he even employed...
  8. Analytics In Football

    For some things analytics are clear. Like when to go for it on 4th down or when to go for a 2point conversion. But Football is notoriously difficult to get good data. Watching the tape doesn't necessarily tell you what you want to know. There is a lot of baiting in football, and without knowing the exact assignments by the coaches on any play all you are doing is guessing intent. In Baseball, everyone does the same situations over and over again. So you have a clear baseline. But how do you get a clear baseline when you are evaluating a QB who runs a unique playbook, and who is going up against a bunch of college defenses that are also running unique playbooks. So while it does help with evaluating certain things (ok this WR gets a lot of statistical separation on his post routes), almost any good scout will be able to eyeball close to the same thing, so the marginal benefit is small. However things improve over time. More data is accumulated and the methods are refined. A good analytics department will eventually be a necessity for most teams.
  9. Regardless of what anyone says. B/c of this GM, the Browns will likely have Darnold or Rosen as a young QB, with a core young nucleus of 10-15 players most of whom are starters on rookie contracts. I would say at least 4 are sure thing future all stars with the possibility of a few more joining them. They have an upcoming draft where they again have a lot of draft capital. They have almost no 'bad' contracts, and they have a ton of cap space for the future. This is a dream, almost can't miss GM spot and Dorsey (who has always been good) is going to kill here. I still think this is how you want to rebuild a Football team. People still have to execute over the next few years and to build a winning culture with good coaches, but from a talent and salary cap point of view, the Browns are doing really well.
  10. Don't agree with this move. I liked what he was doing over there. The last two drafts he was a part of were imo pretty darn good. They have a lot of young talent on that team and they now have a huge war chest of money to spend on more young talent. Of course unlike the Jets, they took absolutely no veteran contracts and so the team looked like a bunch of young kids playing against men. That was always to be expected, and having another losing season was absolutely expected. As far as passing on Wentz. I mean come on, the kid didn't look great on tape and his measurables were good, but he was far from a sure thing. Hell, he still might not be a sure thing. Philly is a stacked team and they make him look better than he is.. It takes years to evaulate draft picks, and so they are back to knee jerking things over in Cleveland. Money ball will work in the NFL eventually, its just a matter of time.
  11. Gronk is like the Shaq of the NFL. On almost every single play he's ever in, both him and the defender commit penalties. Gronk OPIs and the defender holds. It's just the nature of his size/strength. Some times the refs call the defender, some times they call OPI on him and sometimes they don't call anything at all b/c people are fed up with endless penalties all the time. There really isn't a clean consistent way of officiating people like him, and its probably frustrating to all involved (I know many defenders complain about him). As far as the hit goes, he definitely deserves the suspension.
  12. Analytics teams have done a lot of work on this, and the current consensus is that most teams punt a little too much. However the percentages are often very, very close and sometimes its better to punt, it depends on the situation.
  13. Sorry, we definitely do need a young WR1. Right now we have Enunwa, Anderson and Kearse and they are all number 2 wrs. But Julio Jones or Brandon Marshall they are not, at least not yet. Yes Anderson is on a hot streak, but he didn't start the season off well, and i'd argue a lot has to do with some pretty darn good passing by McCown. Kearse also seems to get the majority of looks by the primary db. So maybe Anderson develops (puts some muscle on etc) into a real wr1 and maybe Enunwa delivers his potential, but i'm not sold quite yet and that doesnt mean we shouldn't be looking. I'd say that we really need a good slot WR to upgrade Kerley, and that can often be found in the mid rounds. They shouldn't pass on an AJ Green type generational talent either (assuming no QB picks are available).
  14. McCown has been playing well... He is like the 12th or 13th best qb in the league by rating. That's right there with Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson, and ahead of Dak Prescott, Eli Manning, Big Ben, Cam Newton and other big name players. The guy has a porous offensive line and very little topshelf receiving talent or a running game. He has some over/underthrows but no more than anyone else (have you seen how bad qbs are this year?). He has been playing well above his talent level all year, and ultimately isn't the reason we're losing game (late game mistakes nonwithstanding). At the end of the day if you told me we would have a number 13 qb this year, I would have been very satifisied with the position. Yea, at some point soon we'll probably see Petty or Hack but it's not going to be pretty.
  15. Definitely Geno. He was always pretty transparently bad, but he always had this swarmy attitude that made me understand why he was punched in the face.