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  1. Hael

    Did the NFL just jump the shark?

    It’s all about sacks, ints, fumbles, big runs and touchdowns. Great on the eye, but three and outs and hard nosed D isn’t allowed. To be fair KC has the best O since the Broncos in Peyton’s first year with them. They just have too many guys you have to cover, and a dominant Oline that buys too much time for everyone. if you the refs won’t allow Ds to be physical with them in the playoffs they’re going to beat everybody no questions asked.
  2. Ive had my eye on Trey Flowers for a long time. He is probably the most underrated player in the league. He likely wont ever hit FA, but just to give you an idea, PFF currently has him as the 3th best edge rusher in the league and most people have never heard of him. He's doubled on almost every play and still produces... He's an elite player. He's going to command some money on the open market, but way less than he deserves and that as they say is an opportunity.
  3. Hael

    For the Darnold doubter.

    The only thing that will ruin a qb is to bring in a ton of bad HCs every three years and change systems over and over again. As long as Darnold has consistency, I think he'll thrive in this league. Its sort of interesting to speculate which scheme he would work best in. I think something more like what the LA Rams run (sort of hybrid west coast offense) fits his talents a bit better.
  4. I got the feeling that the Titans and Lions spent the offseason drilling plays that would mess up the Patriots (and only the Patriots). I've never seen a more perfect defensive scheme (especially the Titans) against Tom, at least since the Ravens from back in the day. However it's a very sophisticated type of defense and really requires a ton of prep time to pull off. Basically you're going for a complete mixup of what seems like random coverages where there is almost no motion presnap (to not give Brady many reads) and where you frequently rush four and give him a 1-1 on the outside, but make him think that there isn't one (like the safety will take a fake step to try to draw him off). Brady from about 7 years ago has no trouble against those D, b/c he could scramble around in the pocket a little more. but he's beginning to get happy feet with age (especially when he is already worried presnap) and it effects the velocity on his balls as well as his accuracy. Still, the pats were banged up in the TItans game, and I don't expect a repeat of that performance (even if the Jets always play them hard). Unfortunately for hte Jets, the Patriots D is underrated (they have good coverage units and their edge rushers are chronically underrated) and their huge glaring weakness (speed at lb and coverage against rbs and TEs) is not a strong suit for us.
  5. Mac has been absolutely terrible since day 1. His lack of patience set the franchise back at least 2 years with the anti-Idzik strategy where he signed a bunch of aging veteran superstars to huge paydays in order to artificially pump up the 'winning' culture. The result was nothing short of catastrophic, where one of the most expensive single season rosters failed to even make the playoffs, despite having a huge year from Fitzpatrick and of course resulted in a locker room implosion. In fact, he's been relatively lucky all around given that his qb signings have turned out a lot better than they could have been (its fair to say Fitz and McCown both overplayed their relative mean skills). I'd argue that the real product which he's fielded is significantly worse than it appears to be. The real problem has been the half in, half out strategy which is guaranteed to make at best a ,500 team, and at worst end up in the dumping pile where we are right now. It doesn't make sense to pay big money to free agents when you don't have a young nucleus in place that is already carrying over 50% of the load. We don't have anything like that yet. Only now does it start to make sense, given that we have a franchise qb. People talk about the warpile of money that we have for next season. Yes, but we could have had even more if we didn't eat the contracts of Mo Wilkerson, Revis, Tru, Skrine, etc etc All of those things could easily have been pushed into the future to be used once Darnold entered his prime. Then of course his drafting has been pretty bad. Again he got lucky with very conservative and obvious safe picks in Adams and Leo. Other than that, he really hasn't hit on a single non-obvious pick. I'd argue that the only really successful pick he's made was Maye in the 2nd round, and even that is debatable given that there were several better players that we desperately needed more than another safety, and that again Maye was on every single draft board in the country at around that spot. There are worse GMs in the league than this guy, but I don't see a superbowl at any point in the future as long as he's part of the organization.
  6. Hael

    It starts with talent

    There is some talent on the defense, but it's 1) too expensive for what it produces 2) drafted too high for what it produces 3) No where near enough (both in quality and quantity) All of those statements reflects quite poorly on the GM. Someone who inherited a war room of money and draft picks from his predecessor.
  7. In the craze to fire Bowles, I feel like Mac is being given a pass here. Can we discuss how it’s possible for a team where almost all the FA money, draft picks and brain trust is placed on one side of the ball can possibly allow a jag qb on one of the most historically inept teams to put up a clinic? Three+ years of this nonsense and our D looks like a pale shadow of what Rex Ryan was putting up, even in his down years.
  8. Enunwa proved me wrong, and I now consider him a legitimate number 1... Probably somewhere in the 20-30 best receiver in the game range, which is ok. He's not Julio Jones elite, and never will be, but he can definitely trend towards being a top 15 receiver, which is good enough. Anderson is a below average two, but with a number 1 level go route.. That's interesting, but it would serve us more if we had a more consistent receiver. I think he would be a lot better if we had a slot receiver and TE threat, but is currently not ideal for this offensive system.
  9. McCown was like the 12th best qb in the league last year, despite playing without Enunwa and an imo worse OL. Of course he was in a very favorable system that he was familiar with and it's far from clear if he is adept or suited to our current OC's system. Either way, this is his last year in the league and it doesn't really make sense to bench a healthy Darnold, unless we really see him regressing.
  10. Hael

    Lions cut Ameer Abdullah

    He has Patriot written all over him. He’s a strange back that looks like the second coming of Barry Sanders 10% of the time, then absolute trash the rest of the time. Reminds me a lot of Dion Lewis, who wasn’t utilized properly until the Pats played to his strengths.
  11. The way to look at it is, that we are year one in a rebuild with a franchise qb. We have some young pieces on D, but our time frame for being a contender is somewhere in year 3 and 4 of Darnold. So BPA is still a pretty good idea, especially in round 1. We don’t have to get everything in next years draft or in FA, we still have some time. But yes, getting some pieces on O will be important, if only to start forging some stability and continuity. The most important thing is to not pick up too many busts or bad contracts, that end up wasting everyone’s time and that sets the franchise back into endless rebuilds.
  12. I've definitely been wrong before, but I just like the way he throws. I like that he looks coverage off sometimes, and that he makes strong, accurate throws and can do it even off a wobbly platform. I even like some of the decisions he made that resulted in INTs. He really looks a lot different than what we've had before. Geno Smith for instance I thought was godawful from the first day. A guy who threw mostly checkdowns, but was so stupid that he could throw 2 yard passes into double coverage. Sanchez always looked like a game manager to me, (and I thought he could be a decent one), but yea the semi infrequent brain farts that would lead to pick 6 game finishers definitely happened way more than could be accepted (and without the corresponding wow moments that a talented qb like Darnold can produce). Having said that, Darnold did look shell shocked for the first time yesterday, and I really didn't like that. Rookies are going to be up and down, and I expect more bad games, but its how they respond to adversity that we need to look out for.
  13. Hael

    Jets 8 Point Favorites over Bills

    Their defense doesn't suck as they have a decent front, but their offense makes ours look like the incarnation of the 2000 Rams. Its seriously one of the worst displays i've ever seen on a football field, and is historically inept. Outside of an aging McCoy (who is fading fast), they have nothing to bother us, and their qb situation is hilariously grim. Once their defense gives up in the second quarter, we can score a lot of points in a hurry. I think we easily cover the spread.
  14. Stats lie a lot of the time at the qb position. People like Mahomes, RG3, Kaepernick, Fitz, Cam and many others (including Peyton Manning) have often benefited from crazy surrounding talent that oversell their real abilities as a qb. Other QBs like Rogers, Luck, Wilson and Brady have been made to look worse than their real ability for many years. Darnold this year has played above my expectations, and shows a lot of the pure Andrew Luck type pocket ability despite having nothing on O to work with. Even in the games where he has bad stats, (like the last one); you see him making great throws and making sound decisions. It’s just incredibly refreshing compared to scrubs like Petty who would make some really stupid throw and end up scoring off it.
  15. Hael

    Brandon Marshall released

    He was already fading fast at the end of his Jets tenure. He wasn't getting close to the same separation that he had the year before. Then, It dropped off a cliff hard the very next year with the Giants. Great WR in his prime, borderline HOFer, but he's very done.

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