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  1. Yep. Jets need every position on the football field, other than DT, where we have good starters and quality depth.
  2. Except those guys get to one or two conference championships in their career, whereas Rogers/Brees/Ben/Brady etc are there rolling the dice almost every single year without fail. Brady has been in a Super Bowl over 50% of his healthy seasons. An elite QB is everything.
  3. Tom Brady will now have been in 18% of all superbowls in the modern era.
  4. Parity in the NFL is a conference championship with 3 GOAT candidates at QB, and the fourth an MVP candidate.
  5. Couple reasons for that. 1) Drew never took a home town discount and always cap strapped NO unlike Brady who left 100 millions of dollars on the floor. 2) just like for Peyton Manning, NO overwhelmingly favored offensive talent. So it was always Drew, an assortment of allstars on the line and allstar WRs, and then absolutely JAG lvl defenses. Meanwhile the Pats let Brady put up the points with mostly jag offenses (or underpaid homegrown talent like Edelman and Gronk) and instead had elite defenses. It was only this last year and the super bowl run where NO had a good D.
  6. Bills fans beginning to get that old familiar PTSD twitch.
  7. Slightly concerned about a dropoff from Fatu (who was in an ideal system) and Myers. QW will be great at 3tech. As far as I’m concerned most of our lb core needs to be redone, bc our guys frankly aren’t good enough. We desperately need a SAM in the new system. Those over systems requires a lot of speed at the mlb position, which is going to be a question mark with Mosley.
  8. It’s hard to get excited about the Jets at this point (kinda like how it’s hard to get exited about 2021 in general). I’m still very down with Sams failure and the fact that most of our young year 2-3 players have not developed. It seems like we had a bunch of potential break outs last year, and almost all of them failed to break out (see Herndon, most of our defense and OL etc). What we have now is almost a completely bare cabinet other than what the new GM has picked. it’s hard to see how this team is going to be relevant in the first part of this decade. We’d need to find a franchise qb against all odds. We need to find a WR1, a TE1, 4starting OL, a RB1, 2DEs, and an entire lb and secondary corp revamp. That’s simply a ridiculous amount of holes for an NFL roster, and we haven’t even discussed the depth problem. And apparently no one wants to work for us either, which doesn’t give me much faith in whatever coaching staff we make next. Help me see past the jade...
  9. Quinnen makes sense in either system and is fine as a 4-3 3tech, but Fatu is a bit wasted in the 4-3 and so is F-M (no idea about Huff). It’s ashame bc usually your happy to run the 3-4 when you can find an elite nosetackle, and we have one....
  10. Pretty sure that we’re going to be in qb purgatory for the next couple years, just like most basement dwelling teams until they get lucky. I mantain my overall skepticism with this entire qb class... Even TL looks problematic afaics.
  11. Good game. Heineke did great and Washington gutted out a nailbiter. But yea, Brady is still an elite qb and there was just too much talent in TB.
  12. I’d offer the entire team. Let them know they can have any six players under contract on our roster. Think they’d go for it?
  13. Nickel and diming is his you win FA.. But you try to resign your own players, which are proven commodities in your system.. that’s why Maye is a big resign. He tried to get Anderson, but the latter bet on himself and picked a shorter contract, so his mistake wasn’t offering him the best deal on the market, it was instead that his plan B was poor and somewhat desperate. Biggest mistake was probably Desir and CmG. The former was always a gamble but the latters failure here was definitely puzzling. Who knows.
  14. I think he had a couple really brutal games that probably hurt his score. The Pats were pushing him around on almost every play, and their interior DL is pretty bad, so that likely affected things
  15. People often say this, but its hard to find any evidence of this. In fact its the opposite. Define a draft as average if you get 2 good starting caliber players. The only year where the patriots failed to get that was 2017 (Deatrich Wise was the only ok player from that draft, but they only had 3rd round picks and higher). Well they hit that mark or exceeded it every single year from 2010-2020. When you look at their draft position, this makes them look even better. For instance footballoutsiders has them at 7th in total draft return. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2020/nfl-drafting-efficiency-2010-2019 What is true, is that BB has an absolutely hilariously bad track record for drafting WRs (and only wrs). He hits on most of his rbs, OLs, and lbers but consistently bombs at the outside (this is likely due to the fact that their system puts a lot of strain on how a WR reads the defense). What's even less appreciated is how well that team does with UDFAs. They seem to hit a few every year (see Malcolm Butler, Jonathon Jones, Meyers etc).

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