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  1. Welker was the greatest slot receiver in league history and yea he was better at that role. Edelman otoh has one of the best punt returner averages in league history, was not always a slot receiver (he played Y a lot) but was considerably more clutch with a greater playoff resume. So it’s a different type of career.
  2. I mean it makes sense. Hoyer provides good, affordable mentorship and is probably still capable of winning some games (not many) in the NFL. It just doesn’t really inspire confidence for the fate of the season, given that there’s a good chance we see a lot of Hoyer when whoever our rookie qb is, has growing pains (or catches mono).
  3. I’ve been wrong about a lot of qbs recently, but I look at that tape and see a late 1st pick, not the 2nd pick in the draft. it’s nothing like Burrows, and looks much more like Manziel or Baker Mayfield. I don’t like his throwing motion. There’s a flick in it that wastes time and leads to erratic accuracy.. Most of the power comes from his legs (which is ok technically) but it’s not easy arm power like Mahomes or even Darnold. A lot of what he’s doing is not going to translate into the pro game and im kinda seeing a Mayfield like NFL progression where it might take a good amou
  4. Of these, Sherman and AJ are the best fits for a zone system, and Poole is a slot/nickel cb. The others are more man cbs. It’s not ideal.
  5. They don’t make the trade unless they’re happy with the 3rd best guy on their board. There’s simply no guarantee picks 1-2 don’t remove their choices. You don’t move up if you aren’t completely assured of hitting, lest you wish to gamble with your job.
  6. This means a few things. 1) this is a qb trade. The value is roughly draft chart compensation, but no team gives up multiple first rounders like that. 2) SF is happy with any of the top three qbs in the draft. We don’t know if that’s Fields or Wilson, but merely their top three and that they expect their choice to not be there at 12.. 3)Garrop will be a cut. 4) We can’t be sure they offered this to the Jets, but my guess is they tried and Douglas said no, strongly implying we take a qb, or expect an even better deal in the future.
  7. Wait till you see what they can do with Jets OL!
  8. There aren’t that many great zone cb fits.. They also might be waiting for some contracts to come down in price. I suspect we will sign a vet at some point in the next few days, there’s no way we enter the season with rookies and what we have.
  9. So he’s a good player. It’s also a bit ackward as it implies that Fatukasi isn’t viewed as a scheme fit, but that’s what happens when you change coaching staffs. You end up losing good players as part of system purges. Anyway, depth is great of course, but I doubt that 8 mil per yr is going to a backup. We shall see.
  10. A lot of people here are assuming that Douglas is the one pushing for these one year contracts. Maybe true, and maybe that’s what he wants. However, I think that’s a somewhat suspect assumption. I see a lot of teams and FA contracts this year that are just like ours, which implies to me that it’s the players and their agents banking on the fact that the cap will explode.
  11. There’s only one reason to spend a lot of money this year on high priced finds. And that’s because we might be getting long term value for when the cap explodes. That’s why the Pats and KC are spending big this year. They’re basically getting their spending out of the way for their three year/long term plans. However the players also know this, so they’re mostly asking for short three year deals banking on the fact that they’ll get big paydays in the future. So the argument to not spend in FA bc we aren’t close to being a playoff team while 100% true is somewhat weakened by the ca
  12. Wynn is a legit but injury prone franchise LT, Bailey is a top young punter, Wise is a consistent starter and Damien Harris is really good (PFF have all of those guys in top20 territory).. Uche had an ok rookie season as well The narrative that BB doesn’t draft well is problematic to say the least. I’d say it’s just the 2017 draft that was bad by historical standards, and the highest picks there were third rounder.
  13. Great pass rushing abilities and potential.. Awful at setting the edge or any sort of run support. This is an ok signing, and fits Salehs philosophy. It is a bit of an overpay, but that’s par for the course for pass rushers in FA.
  14. Really like this signing. He was on my list of highly underrated wrs that I was interested in, along with Agholar and John Brown. Still would be interested in Brown.
  15. I’m a little jealous they got Agholar and was hoping we would go after him. He was low key one of the best receivers in football last year and is chronically underrated. They got him for pennies on the dollar.
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