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  1. Typical off game for the Pats. They look mortal, give false hope to the rest of the league and then still manage to blow the other team out. ill say this though. Their O is mortal this year. They’ve had major injuries up and down their Oline, lost their pro bowl FB and Gronk and they’re playing hurt and it shows. This isn’t the top 5 unit from last year. Their WRs are also hurting. At the end it was just Edelman and a UDFA... All of this is beginning to expose Brady, who did take a step back last year. I think a team with an explosive O who can put some points up (NO/KC) against their scary D has a chance in the playoffs.
  2. Umm you were responding to my post.. My post was responding to Gastineau. What part do you not understand... (or Voice of Reason for that matter too, since he keeps butt fumbling me)
  3. The D has honestly been bailed out by a lot of penalties by opposing teams, dropped passes and some rather unexpected good play by players who we weren't expecting to be good. You rarely see much pressure, whoever Tru is covering is almost always wide open, and well there is a lack of turnovers. The flipside is that we've had pretty great LB play. So lots of solid tackling, sealing the edge, and we haven't hurt ourselves too much with penalties. So yea, 12th place seems about right.
  4. Who said anything about cutting them? In general having a healthy pipeline of diamonds in the rough that come out of your football program is the key to success. They play out their contracts, and you then get compensated for their success by having them sign big contracts with other teams. Alternatively, you sign the ones that are still undervalued relative to their free market value. What you don't do, is what Mac did for the past five years, where he would sign the 'rockstar' player with the max possible cap hit. The fans and critics love the move, but it sinks your football team faster than any amount of bad drafting can possibly accomplish bc they are almost never worth those sorts of sums For instance, letting a potentially rising star like Poole go, might be the right move after this year. We might not be able to afford him if he keeps playing the way he does, and that's usually a good thing.
  5. Yea I mean the problem here is that players like Roberts and Enunwa are decent bargains considering you’ve already payed a good chunk of their salaries. You won’t find comparable players at their price points. You also won’t be able to afford three big ticket FAs unless you basement shop the entire rest of the team (20 odd players worth). And as we’ve learned, having a glaring weakness is a far bigger problem than having a slight strength. So someone like Myles Garrett is an upgrade over Harry Anderson, but the 5 or 6 extra sacks per year he brings is not worth the difference between someone like Ryan Clady and replacing him with Edoga. That ends up just face planting your entire team.
  6. Trading Leo makes sense. He won't be back next year, and we are likely going to be a net importer of FA again, so we won't get any comp picks back for him. Of course he has vastly diminished his value at this point, so I don't expect that we get a Sheldon Richardson like haul for him. Maybe a 4th rounder if we eat some of his salary? Other than that, we don't have much that we can trade. Anderson won't get much.... Tru won't get much (even if we eat most of his salary). A firesale that probably won't have many takers.
  7. The Pats are the most talented team in the league this season. They have good young players top to bottom on both sides of the ball. Even if Brady retires and BB goes away, it will take a few years of FA departures before their talent depletes. In the meantime a hold the fort FA QB likely gets them to 11 wins and the playoffs. Only Buffalo really has a chance in the short term to rival them, but I simply don’t think Allen is the answer.
  8. Edoga has at least two sacks on him. He's been beaten over and over again today, and looks completely lost.
  9. QW hasn't played well. But McClendon, Phillips, Hewitt, Bashman and Poole have all been excellent on D.
  10. Leo and Tru are both complete fails and are the black spots on what has been a decent effort by the D.
  11. Are they going to challenge the spot? It looked further than that on first glance?
  12. You evaluate things right after the draft!
  13. Sorta, the D is being bailed out by Philly penalties. I see people losing one on one matchups all over the field, so I suspect the playcalling has been spot on.

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