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  1. I'm just tired of not having an offense. 
    Meaning whichever QB is under Center has zero chance for success and almost impossible to flash signs of potential greatness; due to no offense. 
    • Horrible O-Lines dating back to immediately after Ferguson and Mangold; 
    √ Give me Penei Sewell. And we'll have two future HOF bookends @ Tackle for the next 10+ years. Who cares which one plays RT or LT if the ultimate goal is to build a Joe Douglas powerhouse Offensive Line that can compete for a future Championship? Football is a team sport. 
    And Mekhi Becton/Penei Sewell would become an absolute offensive force and a nightmare for pass rushers and run stoppers every snap of every down; and our QB will be able to stand in the pocket in order to scan the field. 
    • We never feature any RBs that I love. Thomas Jones was nice but not since #28 have opposing D's had to fear our RB. Frank Gore was boring. 
    √ Give me either one of Najee Harris or Travis Etienne. With our Seattle pick of the 1st round. 
    Najee Harris or Travis Etienne? Behind both Sewell and Becton? We're talking All-Pro potential here @ all 3 of LT/RT/RB; Our QB is now protected behind a deadly run game. 
    • When have we had a WR room full of A+ talent and/or potential? Toon and Walker? Keyshawn and Chrebet? Colrs and Santana? Marshall and Decker? It's been a long time coming. 
    ✓ Invest into our WR position two more times. Once in FA (a big splash on Kenny) and once in the draft during the 2nd round on Terrace Marshall Jr.
    Why not? We haven't invested into our WR position in a long time. 
    Denzel Mims, Corey Davis and Jamison Crowder are 3 strong building blocks. But it's not enough WR firepower surrounding the QB position. It's 2021 - attack WR like never before - our QB deserves it. 
    Give me a monster O-Line, an exciting RB and an A+ WR unit from top to bottom and Sam Darnold will flourish. 
    QB: Sam Darnold (4th year with Mahomes type of K.C Firepower behind pass protection). 
    RB: Najee Harris (Seattle 1st round).  
    WR 1: Kenny Galloday (FA). 
    WR: Denzel Mims. 
    Slot: Jamison Crowder. 
    WR: Corey Davis. 
    WR: Terrace Marshall Jr (2nd round). 
    A true outside #1 in Kenny and from WR's 2-5 you've got 4 A+ WR talents; who can all line up all over the field (depending on down, distance and situation).  
    LT: Penei Sewell. 
    RT: Mekhi Becton. 
    That's a top 5 offense in terms of talent pure talent surrounding Sam Darnold.
    And I believe he'll absolutely look like a different QB and flourish like Josh Allen/Baker Mayfield/Lamar Jackson while doing so. 
    Focus on interior O-Line with our two 3rd round picks and give Sam a chance. A real chance. 
    And that's something that Macc/Gase nor JD has never gave him before... A chance. 

    I love this... but others will rip it apart... rootin’ for ya

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  2. Those 7 picks from 155 down should have been used to trade up into better slot selections.15 picks is too much. 8 is a good # in rounds 1-5

    Oh I 100% agree. I was trying to have my son eat breakfast at the same time... and before I knew it, it was my time to pick... but yes, I agree.

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  3. Wrong friggin' simplistic narrative.  Check the facts.  He wasn't jogging 10 miles from home and video suggests his activities had nothing to do with cardiovascular exercise of any form. The video confirms his comings and goings at the building site on multiple occasions. Moreover, not "hunted down and shot in cold blood".  Struggle for a weapon.  Chit happens, especially when you cross the line.  Bummer.

    I hope this is sarcasm

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  4. The 9ers badly need a WR and traded a stud DL for that pick so they can grab one. They're looking to win a Superbowl. They're not dealing for 2021 picks

    It’s been said they’re looking to trade both. They don’t have picks until the 5th round. They want to add quantity

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  5. Hospital admissions in NY are down. Death toll was down in NY yesterday. The Governor said this morning the outlook for next week is much better. You can watch the press conference on YouTube

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    Happy to hear! We need to keep this stay at home for the foreseeable future however. If the country relapses, holy sh*t we’d be ****ed

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  6. Yes . Who said there weren’t going to many deaths? The trend is slowing nationally. The data and the doctors are telling us this. We are going to going on the right direction, despite the fact that this week will be brutal

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    Not sure where you got that from. But watching Fauci last week who said this week and next will be the worst we’ve seen so far. Also, people are not abiding the staying in and social distancing. NY is horrible as I’m sure other places are about this. I saw video yesterday of people just chilling in a park in BK like 40-50 people. Then cops had to break up a funeral in BK For Orthodox Jews where they were 60+. Without people adhering to these stipulations, this will never end

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