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  1. If he's not the OC and a good HC, then as a good HC he should see that this offence is horrible and fire immediately Loggains, and anyone else associated with this mess. Problem is, it's his offence, and he's the one calling the plays. So the only way if I'm JD or CJ that I allow this to continue is to force him to stop calling plays, and be the HC. Find someone out there that has some innovation calling plays and hire that dude.
  2. BTW, I've been in hiding since I moved to NC lol... I work from home so I basically got a jump on Covid
  3. If you buy me and @Jetsfan80 one of these, we'll drive up from NC....
  4. Nobody is coddling the kid... but he still is just a kid, he needs someone who know how to coach, and GASE is not it.
  5. Couldn't agree more... If I were him, I would be mad as hell. If I were him my conversation with Gase for the next game would be. "Stay the F out of my way, I'm calling all the plays in the huddle next week, if you try and call a play, I'll audible out of it... later"
  6. While I get there are a lot of people down on him, I feel bad for the kid to have to go though this. He deserves better and a chance at a coach who actually knows something about football.
  7. If I commented about the 1st 2 games, I would have been lying out my teeth, because after the first Bills touchdown, I turned the game off and haven't watched another down. I figure at 63, I might finally have better things to do lol... I'll watch again, but probably not until GASE is GONE...
  8. Nobody is arguing that MetLife holds more fans... But your argument was that Seattle holds more opposing fans than MetLife. I beg to differ. Ive been to Seattle many times and opposing fans are few and far between. Yes there are, but nowhere near the opposing fans that pack MetLife.
  9. This team needs a President of Football Operations with Football experience. Someone that has the GM report to him, and the HC report to the GM, and an owner that writes the checks. I agree that since we don't have that, JD needs to be the man at this point, and CJ needs to say, all decisions stop with him. Give him power to hire and fire whoever he see fit. He seems to have his head screwed on the right way, although some may say he failed in drafting more than one WR. For now I'll give him the benefit of the doubt..
  10. I'm a JET homer just like the rest of us, but you are delusional lol...
  11. You're kidding right ? Maybe for the number of fans you have an argument, but Seattle fans pack that stadium, and I'd rather doubt that there are more opposing fans in that stadium then MetLife.
  12. BB is a douchebag... why would anyone give a S*&^ what he says...

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