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  1. My wife is a huge BAMA fan so I've watched a lot of this kid this year. I have only one question when it comes to this kid. Was it him, or the scheme he was in at BAMA... I noticed, that there were a lot of play calls with tons of misdirection that got him open. On the other side I also saw his talent beating press, zone and running many impressive routes. I would not hesitate to add him to the NYJ, at #2... I'm sure he can add some weight.
  2. Actually you meant to say Mahomes lol...
  3. I agree, and while I'm not opposed to trading in some cases, I think the amount of cap space we have and quality draft picks this and next year, I believe that FA's is the way to get most of what you just suggested.
  4. That we can certainly agree on...
  5. There are 32 teams in the NFL... I'm sure you can get a job scouting for one of them lmao... I had to sorry BTW, when are you inviting me to the coast lol...
  6. Been there done that lol...
  7. Good faith in our GM, and for that matter our new HC, on what to do with those picks, and possible FA moves. Just love you guys willing to throw that all away. How did that work out moving up for Darnold who I might add everyone on this board was t!ts on getting... So we should waste draft capitol now on both Watson and Lattimore, because so many think that we're only 2 players away.... You know I respect you guys @Jetsfan80 and @Dcat, but this is backwards thinking. I'll say this once again for those who think they know how to build a team. You build in the trenches first before anything, otherwise you won't have a stable foundation no matter how good your QB is. Once you're there, then you add the skill positions, or along the way if you think the foundation is much stronger. Think of our teams like the sack exchange, and the OL's we've had. I know we've never had a good QB for most of those good teams, but that would have been the time to add one with teams like that. Our best shot should have been to get rid of Todd, and add a QB to that team, or 98 with Vinnie, and he wasn't even elite, but the TEAM behind him was good enough to win the SB. Unfortunately we don't have nearly as good a team as those. Stop trying to fool yourselves into thinking that Watson is going to do us any good until at least 3 years from now, and even maybe not then if the picks you guys are throwing around to send off to Houston and NO, for Watson and Lattimore. Crazy talk. 😁
  8. The only reason that happened is because everyone good player on that team decided to sit out the year for Covid. I'm sure if they were full strength, they would have won more. Would they have taken the division, probably not, but I'm sure they wouldn't have been were they are.
  9. For Jets fans, the past is always a faint reminder...
  10. I never said I wanted him that bad... it's everyone else on this forum. And # 2 is a deal breaker for me, you want that pick, then you don't have a deal. End of discussion.
  11. Point well taken, but how do you propose to do that, when everyone is clamoring for Watson, and now this guy. How many first's do you think it's going to take to get all the players JET fandom deems we need to get a good team on the field. Please, the amount of draft capitol JD has acquired and cap space is the reason Saleh came here, because he has the same philosophy as JD. You build through the draft for sustainable teams. We have plenty of CAP space for the wants of many JET fans to improve certain positions. it's not giving up the best resources to keep this team competitive for the long haul. I'm just as impatient as the next JET fan, but I want this done right this time around because I'd like to be the next Patriot dynasty and right now we're giving that away to the Bills and possibly the Dolphins.
  12. Finally a smart and rational JETS fan....
  13. Like it all with the exception of trading 3 1st's for Watson. I'm only trading the 2 firsts we got from Seattle along with the third, because they are picks we never had until we traded JA. I'm sure other picks or player compensation could be worked out with those 2 firsts and 3rd. Under no circumstances do you part with #2 this year, should JD choose to trade down to acquire some of those picks back while still trading for Watson.
  14. Sure let's dump all the draft capitol that JD has built up, that hopefully landed us a great coach this time, just so we can have that ONE player on the team that will lead us to 4-12 this time next year, instead of 2-14. He'll lead the league in passing and have great completion percentage, but we'll still be 4-12... That should sit well with all of us.
  15. Nothing beats these Uni's.... Not the stupid new helmet, or the 80 helmet, or jerseys. This is our identity, and we should have stuck with it.

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