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  1. And he never used stickum.... unlike some other widely famed WR we won't mention here who I actually liked until I found out he was wearing that crap all over his hands... lol
  2. Thanks for the link... Done.

  3. @Maxman Hope she beats it once and for all... It's never any fun losing anyone let alone your spouse to an illness. My mom lost my Dad when I was only 17, and didn't have anyone for more than 30 years only to meet another wonderful gentleman, who also lost a battle with cancer. So I know it's not fun. Lots of love going out to you and your lovely wife....
  4. Amen, to the above. I miss a big FAT nothing about the northeast other than the food, my boat I used to own on the Jersey shore, and the friends I still have that live there. As far as NC, it's friendly, people wave and say hello, it's slow and relaxed, and I don't have road rage anymore lol... I do have to agree with you on Raleigh, but I don't go there often, and try and stay away from Cary as well. I live south of Chapel Hill and it's starting to grow rapidly. Once my wife retires, I don't envision us staying there, as I need to get closer to the water (ocean)... Time for my NEW b
  5. Spoken like a true delinquent lol... notice I "left" out the word. You do post some funny S%^T though
  6. This team only works if we have the kind of players that will be realistic regarding their contracts. If we have more Jamal's types then we are doomed... Not saying Tom Brady doesn't make a lot of money on his back end (lol)... but seriously, at least he is always willing to put the team first when it comes to his salary at the cost of winning. We need our players with the type of character who will be team first come contract time. That's the only way we're going to be able to contend on a consistent basis. The only other way would be drafting guys who can take their place and perform the sam
  7. In JD we trust, after this draft !!! My only one wish would have been a Center along with this draft, but if reports are true that we already have a Center in mind for next year, then I'm cool with that.
  8. I was hoping for him as the last pick for the JETS, but I'll settle for them signing him as an UDFA....
  9. Amen to that JETS brothers....
  10. You're back, I was wondering how long it would take....
  11. If we have to move back 20 spots in order to recoup a 3rd, then maybe getting an extra 4 and 5 will keep us from moving back to far, while then using some of the 4 and 5's to move back into the 3rd. I'm sure JD has already been thinking about this. We need one more starting caliber OL, preferably Center so we can move McGovern to RG where is has excelled much better. He can be a VET presence for the rookie Center to mentor him. Then JD can pick whatever position he feels like for all I care so long as the transformation of our OL is still Priority #1.
  12. Wait a minute, @TomShane. Someone stole your account...
  13. 68JET11

    Pick 34?

    Because each of those 2 guys are really good blockers.... and solidify the most important position on this team now that we have a new QB.... Get off the stupid RB argument.
  14. Think every person who knows you build a team from the trenches up would agree, and have suggested the same, myself included. My hope is that JD can gauge where Creed Humphrey might fall to and trade back to get one of the 3rd's we gave up. and get our center of the future. I'd move McGovern to RG. This of course is just a thought, and if JD see's better center's coming out next year, I'll be on board. I'm all in on Jenkins at 34 if that's who he chooses. We need starters, not projects.
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