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  1. Was just going to post the same... Saleh has got to take hold of this team and get a little mean. Not yelling or anything, but get angry and let the player know he's angry. If he's letting his DC call all the shots, then he needs to step in and help out, and he needs to look out of the box and bring someone in to help LaFleur.
  2. They need to move Sherwood back to Safety when he comes of IR, because he's just to small to be a LB. He's a great tackler, and is quick, but this experiment should end next year. You want fast LB's, then draft fast LB's....
  3. How bout the days when QB's actually called their own plays... OC's were there to go over game plans and that's it. It was the QB's responsibility to understand the game plan and know his opponent. If you believe in your QB give him the reins and let him call plays in the huddle with an audible in his pocket. If we want to know if Wilson is the real deal, that will tell us all we need to know, because we already know LaFleur is in over his head. The reason I say that is the one article I read back when we were drafting Wilson, on how he went to his OC at BYU and said on the first play I'
  4. You missed the point, not consultants to hire, but tell Saleh and JD, they can reach out to mentors etc to help them out in their jobs... Maybe consultants was the wrong word.
  5. Why would it be a longshot... If that scenario happens, you don't bench Flacco, and you tell Zach to suck it up and learn baby learn. If the coaching staff were to bring back Zach after that scenario, I would know for certain that they aren't the right guys. Zach will get it, but this team like I said from before he was drafted, isn't ready for him to be the starting QB. The OL is not where it needs to be for him to have to get killed first before he succeeds... You didn't see this in training camp, or in preseason, because there was no pressure on him. Now that's it's live, he's fading behind
  6. For once I'm going to agree with you... Woody is so F'n soft it's not funny, he wouldn't know how to run a successful organization if he actually had some skills. I'm not going to waver my support for JD, just yet, but telling this football operations in public he expects more out of them is not throwing them under the bus, but making it clear, that things need to change, and they'd better start figuring out ways to make that happen. In private, I would be sitting them down and saying listen, I know it's only 5 games, but what I'm looking at is not what I expected. I'm not firing anyone o
  7. you had me until Trubisky...., but I wouldn't be against bringing in competition for Wilson. The first 2 are a MUST have in the draft, and the first pick in the 2nd round better be one hell of a good TE.
  8. The problem Rex had was he wanted to be the King here. If he had a competent GM that kept him in his place, and knew how to pick players, I believe Rex might have achieved something here. We did witness what he did with all of Mangini's players until they started letting them go and picking bad players under Tanny and Idzik. Mangini had Tanny under control, but Rex didn't, cause we all know Tanny wasn't picking the players.
  9. We thought that of Hess as well, but it seems we are cursed no matter what we do. Not sure if you're a METS fan also, but we thought that Cohen buying the METS would be the best thing. Finally someone other than the Wilpon's. Not sure why the JETS are so cursed, but I'm not even sure if the Johnson's sold this dumpster fire would it even matter lol...
  10. Becton is the enigma here, because that dude has what it takes to get it done, he just needs to get his head on straight or else I'd move him to RT, and draft a new LT. Fant is a good backup on his next contract which should be less $, and this is the kind of strategy I believe JD has in mind in the Baltimore sense of having good core that if someone gets injured, the next man up is very capable. But Center is the guy we need in the draft next year to continue on the young line build.
  11. That would be acceptable, as well, since he has better numbers as a RG than a Center.
  12. YES, YES, and one more YES.... Trade either for a TE or RG... Or trade one for a TE, and the other for a RG. I'm sure you'll have tons of adoring JN fans if you're to do this JD Maybe even JETSY and SAR might come around lmao...
  13. He was also part of a very well run Baltimore organization, that used the same strategy people on this board are complaining about. Not overpay FA's but build the team through the draft. Maybe Jetsy and SAR could tell us how well those Raven's teams played throughout the years. I seem to remember them always competing, and having a team that could weather injuries with very decent backups. If JD can build that same type of success here, I'm sure most people would be up for that. Constantly in the playoff's with a few SB's sprinkled in here and there. But hey, let's get rid of him bec
  14. Sorry guys, i'm guessing they spell them differently. So to re-answer that question, I have watched 0, again that's 0 Giants games, so I don't think I would be the correct person to answer that question. I know we need TE help, so if Engram is better than what we got, then I probably would say YES... lol
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