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  1. The offense needs to produce this year, no question about it. 10 wins produce will be difficult, but Zach is the key. If he takes a good leap forward this year, then I think 7-9 wins is reasonable. The biggest question mark on this team now is defense. We needed a big body in the middle for run stuffing, and we didn't get it. Our hope this year is that Lawson, JJ, and Clemens can produce the kind of pass rush to take the heat of the middle guys. I don't want to see QW, or Rankins, or JFM trying to get sacks, I want to see them contain this year, and go for the run stop. I'm sure they will get some sacks, which is ok, but I don't think that every D lineman should be looking to sack the QB, Just my opinion. If the middle can take care of run stops, then I think the LB's and box safety can also contribute to stopping the run and coverage. The DL is the key to this years defensive success.
  2. I said I want, not that we will lol... I get it, but like I've said in previous posts... This is the year Ulbrich needs to step up his play calling for the defense, and the middle needs to make stops. I believe you will see a rotation of Lawson, JJ, and yes I believe Clemons might be able to crack in there with the starters. Those 3 guys alone should be able to help out the middle with less double teams on QW, and whoever else wins the other DT starting position.
  3. I could live with a split with the Fins, however I want to SMOKE the Pats twice this year. I have no preconceptions that we'll beat the Bills until maybe next year.
  4. Truer words have never been spoken. I will defend him as the best singer EVER till the day I die. There were other good ones, but Nat King Cole was in a class by himself.
  5. You're friends with Nat King Cole ? Opps, he's passed, and before anyone makes fun of me, he's the best Male vocalist of all time, so don't think I'm making fun of him. I met the man way back when I was a kid growing up in NJ.
  6. We've got some exciting players to build around now... We aren't going from last to 1st this year because of one team called the Bills. We've made up some ground on the Pats and Fish, however now this team is in the hands of Ulbrich and Zach. If Ulbrich doesn't call a better defense this year, and Zach doesn't show the kind of improvement we need from him for the offense to score more points then we are again looking at last place in the AFC east. If everything pans out the way I think it will, we at least split, both the Pats and Fish, and lose both Bills. The best case scenario is winning both of the Pats games, and splitting the Fish, cause I still think we lose both Bills, unless they somehow have an off day at the Meadow (opps MetLife). One last thing... JD seems to be doing his job to get Saleh the type of players he desires. Now it's Saleh's turn to ramp up the All Gas, because if Ulbrich doesn't get better results this year from the defense, it's time to part ways, and find someone who will. Let's hope that ML has the same upside we saw out of him after the first 5 games.
  7. What on earth would make anyone here say that the Giants deserve that game more than the JETS... What have they done lately, and what kind of draw would that game get. I don't get it... JETS/PATS seems more of a draw on Sun night than anyone the Giants play, unless we have the NFC East this year, which I haven't checked in which we play each other for the Snoopy Bowl all over again lol...
  8. If the OL does what it's supposed to do this year, the JETS will have a well rounded offensive attack. Have waited for this since the JETS started to break down after 2010. I believe we have the makings of a special offense.
  9. Saw him and Jake Ferguson as the 2 TE we might target. I think he's going to work out nicely here...
  10. He and JJ should make a good pair of bookends once Lawson is done, or we don't resign him.
  11. Somewhere in all our posts we have selected most of the players drafted just not at the right numbers. I'll have to admit, not in 1 mock did I have Sauce or Wilson as my top 2. I always traded down for more picks. got JJ, Hall, and Ruckert to my credit lol...
  12. Cause he can backup at Center, not just guard.
  13. I believe so yes, from prior conversations. Don't know him personally, but recall some of our club discussions. Don't ask me to go back and do any searches lol...
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