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  1. Compton, Lewis, Shell, Harrison, and Edoga. They will service as starters, or serviceable backups... Plan should be to try and get Thomas, but if he's already taken, with some good trade down scenarios, and a possible Adams trade we should be able to get Biadasz, Wirfs, Little, or Bredeson with the extra picks. If we can bag 3 out of the 5 of them, that should put the OL in decent shape. I'm not sure we should spend 15mil a year for Scherff, unless we don't bag a very good guard, center and tackle in the draft.
  2. Truest statement from the post... This team needs OL and there are not enough picks in the draft to draft as many as possible. This team can do without Adams, as long as we keep Maye, and hopefully TEZ comes back strong next year. Pick up another box safety in FA. I'd go with best edge rusher, and best center of LT in the first round if we can still get #1 and maybe a 3 or 4 for Adams. No brainer.
  3. not funny, but very funny lol... I hit a deer about 35 years ago when it was dark. Thank god it was on a back road where the speed limit was like 35-40, crushed the front end of my girlfriends honda civic... She was hysterical cause it was her car. I'm like what would you have me do, drive into a tree instead... I also remember my Dad driving down 287 from the Morristown area. This is going back to early 70's... We had a Pontiac Catalina with the big steel bumper. Here's the good thing about most cars back then, vs today's cars. The deer was crushed, no damage to our vehicle except for the antler going through the radiator. My older sister was also hysterical, and I had to slap her to stop screaming in my ear lol...
  4. Thomas (LT) first pick in the 2020 draft, 3 down, 2 to go...
  5. Don't want no Bosa, just use it on Allen, Williams or trade back is my first choice. Need OL... Would be great to get C, and LT in 1st/1st, or 1st/2nd...
  6. What I'd like to see is #57 retiring #12 just like #57 did #11.... Unless of course they have another #12 in the works lol...
  7. it's only your opinion and mine as well. I've been a fan since 68, so i like what I like. I have no problem with our uni's I just don't like the helmet... So you can take your self absorbed nose in the air attitude and put it where the sun don't shine...
  8. Much better than what we have now... Sorry.....YES lol..
  9. Our new uni's would look much better with this helmet.
  10. I don't like the 80's logo, but I prefer that over what was leaked. Also I don't think the helmet should have changed colors... White helmets were very classy.
  11. I like this helmet as the only one that will replace our current ones... No all green

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