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  1. It's safe to go then... good to know lol...
  2. The only way this team has more than 7-8 wins is if the defense shows up every game. If there are defensive games like last year, than I have no doubt we will be looking at 5-7 wins.
  3. neglecting the rest of the team, after the extension was Tanny's mistake, not actually extending Sanchez. I'll give you it was probably the wrong time, but had Tanny done everything in his power to keep a good OL, I would have extended Sanchez as well. The problem was Rex had just arrived with Sanchez, and once they were done with Mangini's boy's, then Rex started thinking he could GM as well as coach. He should have just stick to coaching.
  4. Up until the part about Darnold you are SPOT on...
  5. The problem with Q is that we've never had the likes of an Abraham since he left rushing the QB, so that an offensive line had to worry about the Edge. That changes this year with 3 potential players in Lawson, JJ, and Clemons. If 2 of those guys can disrupt and find their way to the QB, I'm guessing you'll see Q get his also. He was the only one worth blocking on the line for the last 2 years, so I get it, people want to bitch, me included, but this might be our first real legit line in a while.
  6. With the running game we should put out on offense, I don't think Zach will hit those numbers. Not meant in a bad way, but I'm hoping we have an elite running game this year.
  7. My favorite part of them was when one of the scouts was giving his profile on I believe Michael Clemons. "This is a tough, physical, ultra aggressive, innately violent individual. This guy's switch is real, etc..."
  8. Unfortunately I think you're right, and that's going to be a problem for the JETS, because I believe ML is the real deal, and it's going to be a bad day when we lose him as our OC.
  9. He should be even better this year, sandwich'd between AVT and Tomlinson. His problem was he was playing with GVR.
  10. OMG, I'm glad you said it and not me lol...
  11. I actually think that last year your statement would have been correct, however if you look at that pic, I believe his legs actually look bigger than last year. Obviously I have no clue if that is true, just looks that way from the posted picture.
  12. Zach Wilson needs to prove one thing this year in his development. If he can show that he has learned how to step up into an open pocket, and not run backwards, he will have taken the next step. All the completions in the offseason mean nothing unless he learns his pocket awareness. I don't care if he takes off and runs on plays that break down, but if he runs 20 yards backwards on those plays, or there is an open pocket and he's running backwards, then to me that's a problem.
  13. Couldn't agree more... The kid had some hurdles with health and the 1st year of the ML system, but I truly believe if he can show he belongs he'll find a spot on this team. The kid can flat out catch. If he can learn the routes, then he makes this team.
  14. Or JJ... Nobody thinks he might not have a good year, with the end rotations... Between JJ, Clemons and Lawson, we should have some success with the Sacks...
  15. NO GREEN HELMETS !!!! I don't care if we use the 80's logo, but on WHITE helmets only. That would look FLY lol... Our 98's were so classic and still was the best uniform in the NFL at the time. I might be a homer, but hey, just saying.
  16. Not really his issue at all... He can hit, that's not ever doubted... The angles he takes, and learning the position was his issue. If he has studied this defensive scheme and learns it well, then I think he will be a starter. Remember he walked on at CAL.
  17. If that's the case, then I think it might be on the coaches. I believe that offensively we've got a good if not eventually great OC. The QB will be under the microscope, but the defense as well will be. We've upgraded a few spots, but maybe not all the correct spots to be a very good defense. I believe we are a DT / LB and possibly Safety away from being that defense.
  18. Browns better keep Baker Mayfield for a little bit lol...
  19. Going back to the classics would make this rebuild complete... YES White helmets PLEASE.... I can't stand the current ones. As much as I hate the 80's helmet, I wouldn't mind at all that logo on a White helmet with the 98 uni's.
  20. Go to San Jose Del Cabo every year and have had some of the best Mexican food I've ever eaten. The best places aren't in hotels or the likes, they are the mom and pop spots that most tourist wouldn't even consider. Been going there for 15 years, and will keep going there. It's so much better than Cancun by a mile
  21. How many years total do both of them have in the NFL, playing or not, just asking because I'm thinking it's more than the (1) year that Zach had... Not to say that this is why he wasn't as good as many expected, but can you give the guy some kind of break for being a rook... Seriously with all the experience the other 2 have, you'd think the way you talk about them they should have been starters for one of the other 31 teams in the NFL... Just saying lol...
  22. Gotta admit, he does have a way with the type of contracts he feels comfortable with.
  23. I used my car to take my conquests to wooded areas that I knew nobody patrolled, with the nice blanket I provided so they wouldn't get a scratched ass lol...
  24. Good story... Them were the days... Kids today have no clue what fun the 70's were lol...
  25. I remember talking mine to DC in High School for a choir trip. I had EMT training the night our choir sang at the White House Rose Garden. I was following the bus that had all the other students with just me an my best friend. At 65 miles an hour the entire car would shake like an earthquake. It was the funniest thing, because the bus wanted to go faster, but it couldn't because it would have left me behind lol...
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