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  1. I read it in a few places such as DENZEL MIMSWR, NEW YORK JETS The Athletic's Connor Hughes reported that Denzel Mims worked with the Jets third string offense on Friday. Well that escalated quickly. Despite being the Jets second round pick last year, Mims was working alongside Jeff Smith and Lawrence Cager today. At this point, there can be no doubt that free agent addition Keelan Cole is firmly ahead of Mims on the depth chart. Rookie Elijah Moore has also continued
  2. yep and parcells was in the AFC championship with a team that was 1-15 when he got there the bar should be 8 wins in my eyes 6 wins or less would be beyond awful 4 wins or less and tell me who to write the check to for the plane
  3. mims now working with the 3rd string team getting passed on the depth chart by Cole would be a brutal
  4. anything less than 6 wins at this point would be miserable failure Joe's year one drafts need to step up-the mims excuses fan boys can only talk him up so long...
  5. they pretty much have to and I think a good vet would help mentor Wilson It would be insane not to have a legit vet as a back up at this point If Wilson god forbid misses time I dont want to hear that you cant expect results from the coach or gm as he has no back up with experience. I think Foles makes the most sense
  6. mims was a good prospect his production is what his numbers say he is which was very bad last year-this is a make or break year for him-another dud and he can put his jersey next to lam jones and stephen hill
  7. that is total nonsense -he did not have one game over 80 yards and had zero tds in these so called top perfomances with flaco- the entire season and he was out played by berrios who got three tds with the same qbs and coaching if anybody was impressed with mims they were not watching or watched through green glasses
  8. our gms top two draft picks from the last draft-the fat unmotivated guy and the soft guy that was outproduced by Berrrios-cruel but true mims has all of the makings of our own modern day stephen hill-he will be our wr 4 or wr 5 I do have high hopes for our other WRS Moore in particular -he will be everything the Mims fanboys said Mims will be
  9. sar is correct -there were excuses being made all over the place for the last years team -if we win under 5 games again this year it is an big fail mims and becton where hailed as genius picks by joe-lets hope they can actually stay on the field and be productive-if they fail this year that is on joe and his draft grade goes to a F
  10. mims and becton joes top two picks look soft and year two the best stay on the field and actually live up to even some of the hype-especially mims who was less impactful than berrios was last year the one they call sar is right-anything under 7 wins is a big disappointment-the roster we keep being told is MUCH better and we have a MUCH better coach and Joe has been running the show and had his second draft two to four wins again is a failure
  11. teams always want the player to be loyal but dont want to honor their own contracts I am on team crowder who actually has been a good player for us
  12. berrios was a better player than mims last season with the same coach and same supporting cast-he found the endzone 3 times while mims didnt even sniff it once. I hope Mims produces this year even half of what the Mims fan boys think he can as folks keep mentioning him in the same breath as elite wrs in this league(which by the way is crazy) since he did not get one td last year and didnt have one 100 yard game
  13. this is such nonsense he never looked like a top 6-7 wr he didnt even look at good as a 4th round pick in gabriel davis.... when flacco was under center how many tds did he have ? none oh well then he must have had some hundred yard games then -no he did not do that either berrios a total jag managed to find the endzone not once not twice but three times with the same qb and the same coach mims may turn out to be a good wr but so far he has produced NOTHING
  14. I am not a joe d fanboy for sure his drafts have not been good based on actual production-mims and becton are guys folks point to as big hits but so far on the field they are not. the roster got much worse on his watch now I will give joe credit-I think he hired a good coach in the end Joe D will be judged on the type of QB wilson is-Joe decided to let Sam go and bring in the new franchise qb If Wislon becomes a stud-Joe will be around for a while if he sucks Joe D is toast in 2-3 years
  15. our gm picked this guy and hired the staff-the gm and the staff best make sure the guy is in the best shape possible-a number one pick should not be fat and lazy and out of shape and if that is tolerated I blame not just the player but the guy that picked him we were told Mims and Becton were studs ... time to see it on the field
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