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  1. I would trade for lamar and tell the packers you snooze u lose the entire Joe D tenure I kept hearing he is doing it the right way with the long term vision. I believe the arod move is joe just trying to save his job as another losing season and he is toast but the Arod move is not "building for the long term" that would be Lamar and the best option at this point
  2. yes he reminds me of a number 2 alright but nothing to do with football
  3. Sign zeke bye bye carter
  4. simply terrible compensation for moore a second round pick who was very good with a real QB -i would MUCH rather have moore then mercole and it is not even close
  5. could he be retiring and moving to france with a guy named pierre?
  6. knew he would not announce anything probably wait until June
  7. I am pretty certain you are correct he will say something to the effect of there are lots of things to be settled and "we will see how things go" anybody that thinks he is announcing he will be a jet I believe will not be happy today and will have to wait
  8. he wont be announcing the deal today on pats show book it
  9. clearly anything being written in the media is speculation or guessing but I read a few " experts" saying the jets may have to part with 2 number ones to get arod-if that is the case it is way too much for a guy that at best will be here 3 years but more than likely 1-2 at that price I would rather have lamar who should give you 5-7 years or sign the mustache on the cheap and draft a qb and hope joe gets it right after missing badly before
  10. you mean damn you joe why didnt you pick fields like many said was the choice
  11. Joes job is to build a winning roster and that starts with having a viable qb which he has not produced yet. Jets need arod or Lamar and if they end up with neither he should go but he won’t
  12. Arod is hurting the jets with his delays in a big way
  13. By holding up the process we are losing players- arod not coming here and joe should go
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