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  1. Only weak teams on schedule fins raiders maybe pats if they can’t get qb play
  2. Schedule is brutal not sure what u guys are looking at odds are 0-3 right out of the gate i dont see more then 6 wins I hope for a ring but hope is a four letter word
  3. I will wait to give him some love when we are not a bottom five offense-williams is the real coach on our team and the reason for most of our wins now that gase has a bunch of new players on offense and year two lets see if the team can score points
  4. If our guys boom then hats off to our gm - I would snag two more wrs today and hope one pans out
  5. I would have preferred a pro bowl tackle in Trent then two stud wrs- instead we got two high risk high reward guys
  6. I wanted us to trade for him then go back to back wr like Denver did sf got him on the cheap too
  7. wr is and was the biggest need on the jets we have a franchise qb and have given him maybe the worst wrs in the league to work with-give the guy some real weapons. I would have traded for trent from the skins and drafted wr pick one and pick two this is league where you need to score points to win waiting until day three would be insane -sam must hate it when he sees Josh allen can throw to diggs brown and beasley and he has hot garbage to work with-the only real threat the team had was anderson and he is gone. The team now has NOBODY to stretch the field which will hurt the entire offense-just load the box and stuff bell
  8. Failed drug test big red flag for me. I would have stayed away. I understand some don’t care about one test but in my eyes it shows terrible judgement on his part. I hope it was just a kid that made a mistake and learns from it - now that he is our guy I will embrace the pick and hope it works out . The jets better find at least one wr that can actually play in this draft
  9. trade our third pick to the skins for trent-he will be good for 3 years and by then we will know what we got in sam he is also probably better than any tackle that is coming out and wont take time to develop. If necessary throw in a late pick or a pick from next year as well. The skins are not going to get what they want for him. I know some will say draft a tackle and trent is old but realistically he has 3-5 years left and even if you go with 3 that is enough to help out sam. Now to give sam a fair chance since he has one of the worst wr core at his disposal in the league-first round pick-best wr on the board-second round pick best wr on the board but I would go Jeudy round one then pittman round two. If we could walk away with two stud wrs and a nice tackle I would be thrilled this is the jets though-they ignore the offense and draft a guy on defense that makes no sense as that is what they do no matter who runs the show we need an elite wr for sam-stop with the trade down and try to find somebody nonsense. This is a passing league and if you want your qb to do well you give him weapons. Sam has none. If Sam had bell and two stud wrs-crowder as our wr three and hope herndon stays clean that is a nice core for Sam
  10. I have gone to over 300 games if you include road trips-how many have you been to? My family had seasons tickets since the teams inception what about you? how many psls did you buy? I have been patient for 40+ years and there is zero reason for optimism on offense-our roster is bad and we watched others in our own division get better while we did next to nothing. once again We had a bottom tier team on offense last year and it will be worse this year. We had a nice defense and we have a good dc-our team will win or lose based on them. The Jets have given Sam zero weapons and it is a disgrace.
  11. come on sar tell me what offense will be worse-
  12. yes this is a doom and gloom post on the offense but the reality we face I like our D and I like our DC
  13. they will be better-lets look at their core-aj green (yes he may get hurt) mixon who is better than bell now-boyd tate and ross-a MUCH better trio then ours-and probably will draft a qb
  14. yes u got me-I have been going to jet games since 1974 as a kid at shea-from the 70s until last year I had missed maybe 8 home games-I have seen enough bad jets football to know a bad coach and a bad roster when I see it

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