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  1. I am not sure what the rationale was for letting our two pro bowlers go- we had a kicker that was great and one of the best return guys in the game but for some reason we let them walk. I dont understand why. A good kicker vs a bad kicker can be the difference between winning and losing 2-3 games in my opinion. We saw some teams last year lose huge games due to bad kickers. Our return game was electric last year. If felt great knowing our guy had a chance to take it to the house every time he got the ball.
  2. kmnj

    Trading down makes sense

    no trading down-mac has shown he cant draft and his only players of substance were higher picks
  3. kmnj

    Crowell released

    he for the most part was a fail-had a few nice games but shocking none of the browns trio we brought in worked out-josh pryor and crowell-poof gone
  4. never get the rex bashing-his teams were the best teams we had since superbowl 3 Our current coach has accomplished nothing
  5. kmnj

    Where do the Giants go from here?

    somebody might want to tell giants gm-when you do a rebuild you build around young stars you dont get rid of them and you dont keep a washed out qb on your roster the giants are on the hook for money as well with obj-trading him after that contact was a brutal move if you are a giants fan
  6. having hope is great and that is what we as fans need but do you know how many home playoff games the jets have hosted since 1980? I have been going since the early 70s and I can easily count on one hand the home playoff games
  7. I said go to the games you want , sit where you want -did not say on the cheap-historically speaking though it would be on the cheap especially the past five years and us psl owners pay for preseason as well. The fact that they sell for pennies on the dollar illustrates how bad the "investment" was. I didnt buy for an "investment" but did not think they would be worth pennies on the dollar. Yes the terrible team has helped reduce the value too. Back in 2010 the dynamics were very different. Online ticket venues like stub hub and nfl ticketexchange did not have the presence they do now. Fans have way more opportunity to buy and sell seats. Back in the day if you wanted tickets it was hard because there were scalping laws and if you wanted tickets it mean stopping on patersonplank or in the parking lot tying to find "a guy selling" I have been going for over 4 decades and was pretty much born a season ticket holder going since I could walk. I would tell fans 2019 is not 2010 and to buy on the secondary market -go to the games you want to go to, sit where you want to-have the option to buy cheap or expensive tickets based on your preference for that game. Enjoy not being forced into buying preseason tickets. That premium alone enables to to buy over face value and still be in the money on the other tickets. Parking passes can be had-you will pay a premium but it is not bad and you can take bus or trains too.
  8. psl is the worst thing a fan could buy and this coming from a fan that has been going to games since I was a kid so over 40+ years of having season tickets in the family-my dad had them since day one before I was born in the 60s-I by the way also own some very good psls as well and I would tell any fan considering buying them not to-buy on stub hub or ticket exchange go to the games you want and sit where you want and you dont have to waste money on preseason tickets as well-
  9. I am thrilled about bell if we did not get him I would have no hope at all-sam needed a legit weapon now find a legit wr to go with him via the draft or fa probably has to come from the draft in one of the earlier picks
  10. kmnj

    John Dorsey

    our gm is good at drafting bad and not closing deals
  11. kmnj

    John Dorsey

    football is a business and number one rule in business is hire proven winners to do the job-browns might have the best offense in football now and their defense is solid too
  12. kmnj

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    I remember folks getting laughed at by saying the browns were heading in the right direction and we were not-they hired a great gm we did not
  13. we have a gm that has built one of the worst rosters in football which is a fact-losing in NY is a bad place to loose as the press is brutal and we hired a coach that was just run out of his last job because his team was terrible and for an offensive guy his team was near the bottom of the league oh and most players hated him and he got the least possible out of his players
  14. kmnj

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    I agree 1000% it was the same when we got curtis martin
  15. kmnj

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    how he should play it is get the guy to say yes I want to be a jet

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