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  1. jets rbs and tight ends are total trash-they both need to be addressed in the draft I cant believe folks are arguing for a corner-do you want wilson to fail like sam? how did building the team through drafting corners work last time we did it-the "genius plan" of maye and adams.... -it set us back years.
  2. in any business you start at the top and work your way down-it is not feasible the niners did not reach out to joe and decided to settle at three without asking the jets
  3. so u are going to tell me that the gm of the 9ers wanted to trade up for a qb and didnt reach out to the jets but went straight to pick three ? that would basically be total incompetence on the niners gm - it is not feasible that Joe was not contacted-
  4. nope not at all- he still would need upgrades around him but I would be thrilled with trevor which is the main reason fans last year said the miserable performance was okay as in the end we were getting trevor
  5. u dont think the niners called the jets first ? they wanted to get behind a team needing a qb?
  6. he will be a top ten qb-he will be in a position to succeed for the first time in his career-it will be a duplicate of Ryan T you will see it is amazing what weapons can do for a qb which is why everybody but us surrounded their young gun qb with weapons-Sam had the worst offensive roster in the league to work with-then throw in the worst coach in the league... We even saw in New England what weapons mean-brady looked washed out his last two years throwing to hot garbage-he goes to a team with weapons and right away back to be a superbowl winning qb-I am NOT saying Sam is Brady by
  7. stop he is not a better prospect than Trevor and if the jets had number one they would not take wilson
  8. people were talking about his 10 million dollar price tag- as crazy as this may be to some-we actually need to field a good roster with competitive players -it does not need to take 5-8 years to rebuild as Parcells showed with his 4-28 team he inherited and he didnt do it at the expense of the future either. Some folks here think you either suck or are great-a rebuild really should be incremental progress at a minimum-our roster was made worse so far under Joe-this is a fact and proven by our two win team
  9. complete utter nonsense-he did not intentionally tank the season and if you want to say he did he failed at that because we are not getting trevor. If the plan was a tank he would have thrown guys like Morgan out there
  10. not sure if it is true or not but we do know joe d passed on trading the first pick for a big haul which I fully believe is a big mistake-he had a chance to pair sam with probably two stud first rounders on offense and then go back for more ... It is possible Sam is just not going to be a very good qb but I would have given him a shot with actual weapons and an actual coach-worst case he bombed out and you grab a qb next year.
  11. dont throw facts in.... he paid 5.5 million cole who projects as the wr4 at best
  12. he paid 5.5 for a jaq wr that is terrible you can add in one or two of his other scrubs and we have the money for clowney
  13. u must be joking almost all of Joe's free agents were one year deals
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