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  1. I believe it was money no other rational reason for hiring a loser coach just fired by your competition for terrible performance MM should command a higher contract-he actually is a proven winner with a ring
  2. come on u know how this plays out ab will be with tb and bb for the pats it will be like moss brown will destroy all in his path
  3. for you more recent jet fans, I can tell you how the story ends 3-4 years of waiting for the system to work-fired by year 4 2 years from now mac will be fired-the new gm will come in and want to bring his own guy-ownership wont let him so gase hangs on another year or two then gets fired lame duck gm is given more time while new coach learns his way wash rinse and repeat
  4. imagine running a business and needing to hire a new leader for your company you have two options #1 a guy that reached the pinnacle the greatest accomplishment in your industry and has a history of performing well over a decade. #2-a guy that has never come to close to achieving great results-in fact he was just fired by your competitor for poor performance, not being well liked not getting his team to perform. The area he is supposed to excel at his team was the worst in the industry (his offense) The key members of his team were thrilled to see him go. They said he lacked commitment to following the plan to succeed. He alienated his most talented people. The Jets hired a loser. They passed on a winner. If you are a long time fan, you know how this will turn out. This is what our franchise have provided us with joe walton bruce coslet rich kotite Parcells-only smart hire a proven guy-gave us hope and was a vinny t injury away from glory-he drafted guys that became cornerstones of our franchise for a decade al groh-some of you may be saying who? but he sucked herm you play to win the game edwards-only problem his teams never won mangini-given a short leash but did not win Rex-took a shot on a proven defensive guy-results were very good with a terrible qb-two afc championship games-best accomplishment of any coach in my life for the jets Bowles-a terrible coach Gase-he will be this generations Bruce Coslet many times fans do know better-many fans knew right away our hires were bad ones. Many fans knew many of our picks were terrible over the years in the draft-I watched two of them in person us selecting Ken Obrien over Marino and and us selecting kyle brady over sapp and both times the fans were SCREAMING the names of the future hall of famers and the jets picked scrubs instead
  5. a fish dies from the head down-one look at our ownership explains why the franchise makes so many bad moves It is "about winning" they hire a coach that has never won and got the least out of his players and passed on a guy with a winning record and one that earned a ring get ready for another 4 years of misery-but jets you are not getting my money any more-congrats you made probably your longest tenured fan in my father walk away-ticket holder since day one when the franchise started. I am walking away after going to over 300 games since I was a kid
  6. kmnj

    Press Conference

    guy is going to die a slow painful ny death coaching the jets NY does not like a loser and that is what this guy is. hey coach you ran a terrible offense in Miami-the players regressed and some even left town-guy is clueless-he rolled out a 300 year old frank gore over drake every week -he alienated all of his wrs and his qbs were hot garbage yeah team you brought in a guy who ran a terrible offense to try and compete in an offense based league.
  7. how long until you blame the poor roster for your poor record? how much input will you have on our draft-Mac and Bowles both blamed the other for our terrible rosters-lastly you wont be bringing in any other terrible coachs with you for your staff correct?
  8. it does not mean you are not a fan if you disagree with the direction the team has gone and continues to go in-recent history has shown those that have disagreed with our moves were correct
  9. jet fans often let "hope" blind them to what reality really is people defend mac-he built one of the worst rosters in football people defended bowles and his coaching was some of the worst in football people are now trying to defend a terrible hire out of hope-we hired a guy that has a terrible record and even worse his offenses are some of the worst in the league-you will hear he is smart lots of people are smart it does not mean they would be good coaches-they talk about how he will help Sam when QBs have been terrible under his coaching-people will then say they were just bad qbs but one thing we know he has not coached up any of these terrible guys Gase was a terrible hire-now like the guys before him we will be stuck with him for 3-4 years to put in his system football is like a business and a business gets its vision and plan from ownership/management-our ownership is not a good one and they continue to go down the same path and they expect different results and fans have to have hope because without hope you have nothing
  10. speaking of ill informed- what proven results has he had-his offense was at the bottom of the league-his team regressed under his watch and had tons of losses-the team had more talent when he walked in then when he walked about because his better players wanted out of town. MM showed proven results over many years and even before he was a head coach was well respected. His was the fall guy in Green Bay because Rodgers play was bad and the organization sided with their franchise qb- It is bizzaro world which is typical for the Jets world. Fans some how are trying to defend picking a proven loser over a proven winner.
  11. the facts are MM is one of the few active coaches with a ring and his resume is great-I replied about a post where it was said he "tired old ways" which is nonsense
  12. such nonsense it is incredible -it is not like he has been out of the league for years and is some old man-his career is of a winner-Gase has a career of being a loser-MM probably looked around and saw Mac has a bad eye for talent and wanted the right to bring in his own coaches-he said to himself this is the guy that thought Hackenburg was a second round picked and has whiffed on almost all of his picks. He stumbled on to Sam only because Cousins said not to more more money.....
  13. gee you have a choice hire a proven winner or a proven loser the jets do what the usually always do hire the proven loser. The Jet fans are so desperate for hope they try to convince themselves that a rotton piece of road kill is filet mignon from Peter Luger. Gase is awful his record says he is awful, his last employer said he was awful. His team had one of the worst offenses in the league during his tenure in an offense based league.
  14. kmnj

    Gase hire has grown on me

    I wonder what some folks do for a living that try to justify how hiring a guy with a terrible resume over hiring a guy with a proven record was the smart play-
  15. kmnj

    Gase hire has grown on me

    how many years have you been a fan? how many games have you gone to-how much money have you invested in watching the jets? everybody has their breaking point-I have been going since I was three -as to your next question yes many times the fans from this franchise actually do know more-I sat in person at the draft chanting sapp sapp sapp to watch us select kyle brady.... I watched our gm draft a guy that anybody with a brain and a tv knew was not a nfl qb in hackenberg

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