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  1. certainly could have made it better -didnt have to make it worse
  2. roster is terrible coach is terrible GM manages both If he improves upon the roster and the coaching he deserves all of the credit if not he should get all of the blame you can do a big improvement in year one and especially year two wasting a year does not aide in the rebuild-he could have signed good young players this year as the money was there and at the very least kept and paid our good players that we had jets went from 1-15 to 9-7 in one year-
  3. is it a new turf this year? it is not like the stadium was just opening this year
  4. I would take any coach over him besides kotite and handley from the giants-he is even with them so I would leave it up to fate and a coin toss
  5. His job is to put together a roster that wins football games-so far he gets a F -he has made the roster worse not better -his coach gets a F too so that is on him too. He signed some terrible contracts as well. I am not impressed with his draft so far(clearly early)but when the smoke clears I believe he will end up with one good player which is nothing to be excited about as a five year old should be able to find a good player round one-our history is though we will get rid of that player in 2-3 years if he is any good or he will just disappear Now clearly it is VERY EARLY and my assessment is harsh and unfair but to me he will be judged on his draft next year with the extra picks and who he signs in the offseason
  6. but bill walsh was a proven winner gase is not the two things are not mutually exclusive you can actually have a terrible roster and a terrible coach and his name is Adam Gase who has followed in a long history or bad jets coaches-right now he is going to to toe with Rich kotitie for the worst team in jet history-and kotite at least brought us wayne chrebet
  7. only in bizzaro jet land does this happen you have a terrible coach that was fired from his last job for being terrible but some how he should be given a few years to figure it out. Time does not cure terrible If you went to a restaurant that made you sick would you keep going back there hoping that one day it didnt make you sick and that it might become great? NO you would not "have patience" if you had a terrible person do work on your home would you keep hiring them hoping that some day they get it right even though the last home they built collapsed ?
  8. fitz looks great when parker is there not so much when no parker-see pats game when parker left-see bills game with parker there-look at last year Fitz had 3500 20 tds- almost half (9 went to parker) 35% of his total yards passing went to parker give sam parker and he will look better than with hogan......
  9. because Gase has had input on who is on the roster and who plays and gase has already failed with better talent in miami
  10. Sam is being judged vs other young qbs and the disparity of weapons is criminal and now his "weapons" are not even the same guys so in addition to having jags to throw to they are not even the same jags that he has limited practice with
  11. look at the young qbs in the league and weapons given and even they have struggled a bit -I will not include mahomes because he is all world talent but still has tons of weapons Danny dimes-slayton tate engram barkley(rip) sheppard Baker-hunt chubb landry obj hopper Murray-drake fitz kirk hopkins Allen-diggs brown singletary and even cole beasely who would be our one Goff-woods kupp highbee and had gurley but now has some young backs of promise give Sam any of those teams weapons and he looks way way way better
  12. not only does sam have a terrible coach he has hot garbage at wr and it is not even the same hot garbage you really think he should have the confidence to throw the ball or in the routes run by hogan berrios and herdon?
  13. stop with the nonsense already-fans buy into the hype of garbage players. Perriman is a total jaq that was cut by two teams Herdon is not Kittle or Andrews but a jaq te who didnt see the field last year to contribute and his best season was 39 catches Crowder is the only semi capable wr he has to play with and he is a wr3 on most teams saints lost a road game it happens-even without thomas they have kamara and cook and smith all better than our options-carr by the way has a great rb a great te and some nice young wrs Carr looks good now because he has a good coach and good weapons exactly what same does not have
  14. yep I agree sadly the success or lack of success by many players is determined by what team selects them and what tooks they give him to develop and succeed. The offense is painful to watch but really guy is throwing to guys that basically are not NFL caliber wrs and gore is way way way washed They handed darnold keys to the car and then he saw it has no engine and square wheels and people wonder why he cant drive
  15. Adam Gase happened and no wrs happened-it really is that simple give a young qb a coach and a star wr and suddenly they develop coaching matters and weapons matter the real question is why did we draft a franchise qb and set him up to fail? I am sure Sam wants out as fast as he can-he looks at Tannehill and says just hang in until the contract ends the run for the hills

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