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  1. if bowles and or mac are back I am walking away from all of my psls and calling it a day-it should be noted that I have been going since a kid at shea and have only missed a handful of games in 40+ years and have done many a road trip as well during those years and my father has had season tickets literally since day one when the franchise started -every man has his breaking point this will be ours
  2. this game means nothing now-the jets should play hack is the coaches think Petty cant compete and lets see what he has-let him throw all over the place . I believe Mac wont play him all year so he can hide behind the he is "still developing" instead of wow the guy I drafted is beyond terrible I really suck
  3. if I was petty I would have gone into the huddle and said coach wants us to lay down and quit like dogs but not me not this guy -I would have chucked it all over the field until I was pulled and after the game I would say my coach told me to quit and I am not a quitter if the coaches want to quit that is on them but us players we play until the final down and if the coaches dont want to coach they should find another job. What the F are they going to do the rest of the season ? They were still fighting for a slim playoff chance at the time. I am 1000% certain if you asked Petty what would be worse going down fighting or laying down like dogs. The excuse that they did not want to hurt the confidence of Petty is so stupid for so many reasons but how about this-do you think Petty's confidence was improved knowing the coaches thought so little of his ability that they would rather just lay down then fight?
  4. man some soft folks here talking about not wanting to hurt anybody's confidence-these are not five year olds-these are pros being paid big money to be on the biggest stage. Even in peewee ball my coach never said guys we are over matched we have to throw in the towel and these are pros and we are worried about their confidence ? GTFOH I have have never heard a coach say he led a team into quitting before. Leaders lead they dont quit...
  5. if the players are so bad they cant even compete another indictment on our sh*tty gm
  6. everybody has to go and this is just another reason you cant admit you quit when oh by the way you are still in the playoff hunt at the time no matter how slim odds are and even if out of it you cant quit-OC did not do this without Bowles giving the ok-both need to be fired . I would not even let the OC make it though the night after his comments. GM needs to go too- this is a new low for the jets and there have been many lows over the years
  7. I think bowles is a terrible coach and has to go-Mac is a terrible gm and has to go. I dont fault Bowles for not wanting to play Hack who is a terrible qb that should have never been drafted. If I was the coach I would play the best players as that is my job to try and win. Mac failed to draft a QB and should be fired at seasons end. My solution has been the same for years but the jets wont do it and have not since Parcells.Hire a guy that has proven to be a winner. Most fans would tolerate yet another rebuild if they have belief the guy doing it can do it because he has done it before . If you want top talent you will have to over pay for it but money talks and the ownership should do the right thing. No more "cap" guys or guys with no real experience
  8. he is still our best qb and playing him right after surgery and one hand would be our best qb there is zero reason to roll out petty we know he sucks-play browing nagle the sequel aka hackenburg the rest of the way-our gm wont though because each snap he plays is an indictment on how awful this pick was
  9. long time jet fans knew

    I am probably walking away from my pls unless the coach and gm are gone-they wont miss me and I wont miss them-
  10. there was NO WAY we go into Denver and win no matter how awful they have been-yesterday was everything I expected-in fantasy I rolled out denver d everywhere and anywhere possible this game was what the jets are and always have been-they give you a taste of this team maybe is not as bad as we thought they were and that is when they punch u in the mouth with a HUGE reality check. We have a terrible coach and a GM that has failed drafting the most important position in the the game-our defense is littered with high draft picks and cant stop terrible teams from scoring. The coach needs to go and the gm needs to go-find a proven guy and pay him whatever he wants. I am fine with a rebuild I just want a guy that is a proven winner doing it.
  11. folks we have seen this movie before and know how it ends-we bring in jaq qb because the other guys we drafted are so bad they cant get on the field even though we hear about this great promise they are showing-the washed up jaq has a few decent games and then we stick with him and extend him for another year -I suspect we will over pay Josh as well to stay even though we are his only suitor-next year we get the full and complete jaq that Josh has been his entire career and he looks dreadful on the field-our "young " guys suck so we have no other option to play Josh again. 2019 we pass on a few stud qbs and select a safety round one and follow up round two with a corner-while all of this going on our gm will hope nobody notices each one of our "star" defensive" players has been relocated to other team for little or no value.
  12. I can post tons of write ups that said our draft was bad as well football 101 qb is most important position and we did not go there -
  13. ) New York Jets » Round 1: (No. 6 overall) Jamal Adams, S, LSU. » Round 2: (39) Marcus Maye, S, Florida. » Round 3: (79) ArDarius Stewart, WR, Alabama. » Round 4: (141) Chad Hansen, WR, Cal. » Round 5: (150) Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson; (181) Dylan Donahue, DL, West Georgia. » Round 6: (188) Elijah McGuire, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette; (197) Jeremy Clark, CB, Michigan; (204) Derrick Jones, CB, Mississippi. If the double-safety maneuver works and Todd Bowles forms the base ingredients of a nasty, versatile defense, then this draft could be exceptional. General manager Mike Maccagnan is in a tough spot partially of his own doing. With such a threadbare roster, he was never going to satisfy a fan base convinced it needs an upgrade at nearly every position save for defensive line -- especially if Jamal Adams doesn't excel from Day 1. Also: Who is playing wide receiver and tight end for this team in 2017? GRADE: C-
  14. I know of plenty of sites that rated it as a c or worse they passed on a top college qb that was a winner and went not one but two safeties when they have NO QB and QB is most important position
  15. didnt understand it then or now-you dont draft and build around safety when you have no qb-football 101 most important position on field is the qb