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  1. the gase offense what exactly is that-his offenses have been one of the worst in football since he was put in charge of running offenses? I will save you the trouble the direction the gase run team and offense will be is a bottom tier one like he has ran his entire coaching career-it is funny folks think somehow getting rid of the best players on the team will make the jets better and allow gase to work his magic-Adams in particular actually willed us to two of our wins if we had more players with his skill set our team would be better-get us a better coach and our team will perform better-gase is the exact opposite of tomlin who is succeeding with a 4th string qb, a third string rb and total jags at wr -the only talent he had was juju who has not played in weeks-
  2. bell is going to the hall of fame gase is a coach with a losing record and his teams lost to the winless bengals and dolphins bell is used to having a real coach in tomlin who is winning with a 4th string qb a third string rb and total jags as wr bell needs lots of touches to be at his best-he wears down a defense-he needs passed to out of the backfield.... only in jet land would fans talkk up a total jaq in powell over a hall of fame rb-every time powell was given a shot in his career to be the guy he failed miserably p.s it was common knowledge gase did not want bell and is doing his part to help him fail
  3. pitt is down to their 4th string qb that is right their fourth string-they are down to their rb 3 in snell who sucks-they have no starting wr talent with juju out-pouncy out they have injuries on defense too-they are heading to the playoffs partially because they have a great coach on offense pitt has less talent on the field then we do at skill positions as I posted ealier-Sam > guy named Duck nobody ever heard of who took over for another scrub nobody heard of Bell is light years ahead of snell jr robby crowder and dt are better than washington and the rest of the scrubs they are running out there without juju throw in they lost bell brown and ben to boot-pitt is in the thick of the playoff run-coaching does matter
  4. our roster is bad but our coaching brings out their worst right now look at the steelers they have a 4th string qb out there-sam is better I dont think anybody would argue they would chose duck over sam they have a 3rd string rb out there-ours are better-nobody would take snell over bell they have terrible wr core with juju out-ours is better (not good but ours is better )-robby crowder and DT are better than DJ and Washington there te and ours -about = vance and griffin about the same their line is better but even with two starters out and missing pouncy they find a way If Gase was coaching the steelers the team would have way less wins then they do now-he has no idea how to game plan on either side of the ball
  5. tickets in the family since day one when the team formed-own numberous pls have attended about about 300 games since I was a kid-I may attend here and there but my days of an annual commitment are over for a number of reasons-I am walking away from my psls-they have no value either to be sold-when you factor in the bad team and having to pay for preseason stub hub or NFL ticket exchange is the way to go-pay for the games and seats you want to go to while the owners get stuck paying for preseason etc... and since jets have been bad for years and no hope with Gase tickets are available well below market price on most games
  6. so we instead targeted their teams strengths-how did that work out?
  7. yes a real shocker our coach got out coached again-the bengals are bad against the run every casual fan knows this-at home they are even worse against the run-so what does our coach do he gives Bell the Ball ten times and lets Sam throw 48 times.I understand we got behind but the game plan from the start was bad. Our coach is just not a good one sad but true. He is what his record said in Miami and what it says for the Jets. Yes another Gase is bad thread. When you lose against the worst two teams in the NFl in the same season(when we played them both had zero wins) that tells you all you need to know) I know the talent level is not the same on the lines in particular but man what a contrast watching Tomlin's team yesterday-down to their 4th string qb-missing their best RB and best WR(forget about the fact that they lost bell and brown last year) guy on suspension and he has them heading to the playoffs probably. Tomlin is putting together one hell of a season with the injuries they have been dealing with. Do I expect Gase to be on the same level as Tomlin nope I dont but the contrast with amazing. One team ran the perfect game plan on both sides of the ball and one ran a terrible game on both sides of the ball.
  8. I know they have little value-just some posters especially guys that claim to be "rich" keep saying jets are heading the right direction and plan on buying more psls. In the end I will probably just walk away and call it a day
  9. our coach is not just bad he is a coward too
  10. the jets are 2.5 point underdogs the jets talent is poor without question but it is MUCH better than the Redskins are at almost every position talent wise-they are down more then one rb and run out a washed AP out there-they are on their third TE ,they are down more then one wr , they have a rookie qb out there who is bad and a temp coach running the team. I can assure you right now there is no home field advantage in DC. The jets should win this game by 14+ points but yet Vegas has them favored to lose. If they lose once again it starts with the coaching as like i said as bad as the jets are talent wise the skins are worse at every position and have more injuries as well. I think the Jets should win this and have to win this-if the jets lose and even worse lose badly the Johnson family should take back their stupid vote of confidence in our coach who should have never been hired to start out with
  11. I am looking to move one of my sets of psl-I paid 5grand per so I have 10 grand into this set-fully paid-you can have for one grand each so two grand gets you PSL GOLD
  12. there will always be excuses and sadly always dumb fans that buy into them and want patience .... every year sam spends with gase is a wasted year-you dont want sam to be the next tannyhill who by the way has been playing some real good football as of late-bet he is thrilled to get the stench of gase off of him-funny too people saying gase had tanny so you cant blame him for his failure-Tanny looked pretty damn good beating the chiefs last week and has played some nice ball in general since taking over
  13. rex ran a GREAT defense while here-I am certain if Rex had the defense 2-3 years ago when it was littered with first round picks our D would have been a top 5 d rex took us further than any coach in the modern era I dont get the Rex hate by some that defend Gase-Rex at least knew "his" side of the ball well-Gase knows no side of the ball Rex was bad for the offense but at the same time his teams won-pefect world you have rex run the d a guy like norv run the offense and then a real head coach in place
  14. team is trash , ownership is trash , coach is trash anybody who thinks otherwise and wants to buy a set of good pls for .20 on the dollar hit me up. I paid ten G for this set you can have them for two g which is gold if you believe in gase and the jets(I dont) Those fake rich guys that love to talk about how much money they have and how the jets are going in the right direction get in now at a 80% discount.

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