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  1. send darnold and our two first rounders - watson is elite qb that is cap friendly in the early part of his contract pair him with Arod or Godwin bring in Gus Edwards / Jeff wilson and philipp lyndsey sign hunter henry use rest of draft picks on o and d line boom we are a playoff team next year and not at the expense of our future
  2. anybody that does not want watson is crazy dude has actually been a good soldier. If I was him I would have had a public mutiny when Obrien traded hopkins....
  3. hey woody and chris -watson would be a huge deal-it would get me to renew my psl tickets too and I had both feet out the door and I know I am not alone sign watson and bring in arob or godwin at wr and sign gus edwards or jeff wislon and Phillip Lynday and u can be talking playoffs-yep playoffs in my best him mora voice
  4. I would take watson in a heart beat-it would be the ideal thing for the jets as I posted before-trade sam to texans plus picks-call up arob and say how would you like to catch passes from Watson instead of mitch? then I call gus and say get on the bus gus time to come to NYC and then call up hunter henry and say you are our new tight end
  5. trade sam plus the number 2 and the 23 for watson bring in arob and hunter henry-sign gus and now we have an offense
  6. glad us arm chair gms mostly seem to be against juju I think on his own team dj and clay are better
  7. tight ends out there are mostly old guys -henry is by far the best option-he can be our modern day mickey shuler
  8. agree totally I am not a juju guy at all I think he is actually the third best wr on his own team we need a legit stud arob or godwin fit the bill
  9. I would target qb winston-I dont think jets are drafting a qb and sam needs competition godwin then arob either works-dont want juju at all rb I would target gus edwards or Jeff wilson and Phillip Lindsay te-throw lots of money at hunter henry
  10. if I were joe I would bring in Phillip Lindsay and Gus Edwards as our rbs are trash and I assume we are going to try to follow niners system
  11. drives me crazy when folks say making the jets worse was his plan-it was not -Joe , gase and the players all tried to win every game-they did not tank-they just sucked at their jobs across the board- the entire year I heard it was to get trevor but we saw what any rationale person knew-no players are going to lose on purpose and neither is a coach-the jets tried and to their credit if you wish they got the wins at the end Joe's resume so far is took a decent roster that was a 6-8 win team and made them a 2-3 win type of team-this is a fact we lost talent and replaced them with worse talent-this is a fact his draft-one player produced becton-the rest are all hopes and dreams for the future but poor on the field results or even worse never making it to the field
  12. took a long time but found something we agree on the sad thing is I watched this movie before with mac and izadick. I had to hear from some that you build championship teams by drafting back to back defensive backs at the top of your draft joe may prove to be a good or even great gm so far I give him a F
  13. joe has lots of money to spend and lots of picks he better not screw up like he did this past year one draft pick proved to be a good player-the others all sucked no matter what excuses u make-even worse some didnt even take the field his FA players were awful
  14. joe fan boys will cheer who ever he picks but I have zero faith in him-he made our roster much worse in his brief time here -that is a fact-you can say all part of some big plan but so far he is the captain of the second worst team in all of football and the team is now much worse then when he got here
  15. u snooze u lose I am not saying Saleh should be the hire but the jets if they wanted him screwed up by not offering him the job -he will end up the chargers coach now-a better qb and a better roster all the way around jets are amateur hour always no matter who runs it you know pederson is going to be the coach and then I go from not renewing my psls to not even watching on tv

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