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  1. joe picked morgan who never was going to play here and ignored a need at wr and the bills took g davis 3 picks later which worked out well for them not so much for us and for those that say it is easy to say now a good amount of people questioned that move draft and and after it and 90% knew Morgan was a terrible pick like hackenberg only difference was Hack was earlier so more terrible
  2. it was such a bad idea to try and build a championship caliber team from the secondary in-I could not believe at the time folks bought in to that nonsense-sadly now some folks are talking about how the jets need to draft a secondary guy round one-like we literally never learn our lesson This is an offense driven league. Joe should go WR oline and tight end early-you can find decent secondary guys all of the time through FA
  3. Joe extended griffin who is awful you want a young QB to have a shot-get him a stud wr and a stud tight end I hope Joe drafts a stud te early and does not try to bring in another one year temporary guy like he seems to like to do-draft a top guy or pay a top free agent te if there is one-
  4. Joe your griffin experiment was awful. The Herdon experience was not fun at all. Tyler sucks as well- Use a high draft pick and get us a real tight end The tight end is a key position these days and most of the playoff teams have good ones-yes they have other good players too (clearly QB is most important) but tight end is an important position -Jets have not had a really good one since Mickey Shuler Bills-Knox-dude is a stud Chiefs-Kelce a monster talent 9ners-Kittle a bit brittle but a stud Tampa-Gronk you very much Cards-Ertz very solid Rams-Higbee-
  5. just keep the top picks and Joe please dont bring us another fat lazy lineman that busts out or a wr that cant learn plays or catch
  6. Bills get up early and then Mahomes crushes them by 21
  7. some how Joe was able to draft a worse WR than StephenHill in Mims and a player worse than another Jets high draft pick lineman that busted out in Dave Cadigan Thanks Joe
  8. wanting to and having the ability to do something are very different things
  9. but Joe has a plan they also have an elite kicker
  10. san fran has a real GM and a MUCH MUCH MUCH better roster and better coaches-we got their left overs in Saleh and T coleman The only thing the jets have in common with the niners at this point is they are both football teams
  11. he is a bust -if you dont want see that or believe it that is up to you but he is just like Mims-accept it and move on-Joe had some monster misses "buiding through the draft" God help us if Wilson is not the guy (I dont think he sadly is)
  12. I would trade for DK in a heartbeat-he is a stud wr -he is a bit of a diva but what WR is not these days the move would help out wilson big time just like getting diggs helped allen out and getting hopkins helped murray out
  13. " plan is to build through the draft" -every single team has that plan that is what the purpose of the draft is -every failed jets gm says the same thing -our plan is to build through the draft and build a team built for long term success-Joe said this then bombed on his first draft something awful the other one is find players "that can play well in our system" if good or great players cant play well in your system then your system sucks
  14. there will be folks that defend the price increase though comparing it to other things blah blah blah
  15. when I decided to walk away I was told I cant ever get season tickets again-like I would want them when stub hub is there lol and the best is I get emails from them all of the time about yes you guessed it tickets the ones I supposedly cant buy lol
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