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  1. not like me for sure lol actually many do travel for the games they can make a weekend out of it and it costs less for them to sit in good seats in new england. I know folks that do this through work
  2. good luck there lol people love to tell others what they should do with their own tickets or own money. I will happily hand over my psls to any fan that wants to pay what I paid for them-they can control every single game and who sits in my seats for eternity
  3. the bottom line is win and they will come lose and they wont-the reason pats fans travel is to see a winning team not because they like met life
  4. yes but back then u did not have to pony up thousands of dollars for the rights -some with psls sell to recoup some of that initial outlay of cash-
  5. jets just need to win-perfect example yankees during the playoffs--you can make a bundle selling playoff tickets to the Yankees but having gone to the games I can tell you the majority of the fans are yankee fans not out of town folks and this is true year in and year out too-People pay to see winners and those teams where fans are paying to see their teams and travel no less do it to see winners.
  6. if you think there are lots of out of town folks watching now be careful what you wish for by talking about restrictions on season ticket holders. This team is terrible and has been for years if you put restrictions on what you can do with the tickets there will be no such thing as season ticket holders and out of town fans will have complete access to all seats to all games
  7. yes but the bronco organization does not flood the market with tickets themselves and cheapen the value of the psls and the broncos have won in the past 50 years to say the least
  8. you can take your number and multiply it times about 6 and that is what my family has spent and I dont blame one single fan for selling their tickets especially folks where money is tight. The jets promised to put a winning team on the field . They have not put anything close to that on the field for years and at the same time they have devalued our psls. In business if you supply your customer with a good product they will be repeat customers and continue to spend and return over and over again. As i said before jet fans are loyal as can be until there is no reason to be loyal.
  9. the bolded would be nonsense for the jets who have done everything they could do devalue ones psl investement-from making exclusive perks available to others after the fact(green parking pass) to allowing others to buy season tickets and even game tickets without the psl commitment.
  10. in my seats and my section I barely ever saw opposing fans. Season tickets an expensive luxury item for some-when they feel they are not getting their ROI in fun they try and recoup money when they can. I dont know anybody that bought tickets or psls with the goal to sell them especially at a profit. When you consider the fact you have to buy preseason tickets which have no value and the psls are worth pennies on the dollar if even that.
  11. I used to fill out surveys I honestly believe they never read them. I have included all of my contact information with some of them and nobody ever reaches out to me on any of my questions or concerns
  12. I have attended over 300 jet games. I have gone since I was a kid. It amazes me how loyal jet fans actually are-in reality nobody should go based on the decades of bad performance. Every year when fans have hope opening day is PACKED with jet fans it is only when the team falls apart and regresses to the same old jets that fans lose interest and to some their ticket money is a big expense so if the team sucks and they can recoup some of the money by selling a few tickets they do it. When the Jets made their run under Rex the stadium was packed and crazy loud.
  13. a profit that is funny most games you cant give away tickets-case in point I could not give away my jets browns tickets. I am sure nobody is dying to go the the dolphins game....Yes there year there are a few games in demand but none the less. I spend thousands every year on pre season tickets. Anybody that bought psls is under water in a BIG way-nobody is making money on them. Anybody that bought PSLS bought for the love of the team not the PSL gold or profit.
  14. I have been going since shea-season tickets in family since before I was born-I have some of the better psls in the house. The Jets can go F themselves if they ever implement any rule that tells a person what they can and cant do with their tickets that they paid for. If the Jets want they can buy back the PSL gold they sold fans if they want to control who sits in the seats. I can assure you if the jets put a good team on the field fans will be there in full force. It is amazing that you would be mad at the fans instead of placing blame on the organization where it belongs. I would argue anybody that bought psls or fans that bough season tickets the majority did so with the hope of going to see the team they love in person-when the team is unwatchable some decide to cut and run and recoup some of their money on games that have value to others.
  15. no the jets organization is who should be ashamed for collecting money from season ticket holders and from PSL owners and then year in and year out putting a garbage team on the field. Why should any season ticket holder be forced to watch such a bad team. Maybe just mabye(although I doubt it ) ownership will one day say hmmm why dont our fans want to attend the games and how can we improve upon our business relationship with our fans. Imagine you go to a hotel and it is an awful experience or a fancy restaurant where you get sick. Who in their right mind would keep going back over and over again to the same terrible place and expect different results. Jet fans are actually one of the best most loyal fan bases in the NFL- We have endured decades of bad football while watching others win -at this point fans should be paid to go see this attrocity

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