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  1. if a guy was rich and he wanted his tickets to go to a local jet fan he could easily go to any boys and girls club , YMCA or local school and find a fan to give them away-when he puts them on stub hub to make a few bucks he knows odds are they are not going to a jet fan but an out of town fan
  2. so I guess it is unfair to judge bowles due to your train of though-tanny threw for 4000+ yards more then once-I only hope we get that from Sam
  3. the dolphins offense got worse not better under Gase he is a proven loser-he has not proven he can win and he has not proven his offense can be a top offense
  4. People forget Tanny was a high draft pick Tanny had more then one 4000 yard +season and threw for 24-27tds with only 12 ints-I would love Sam to throw for 4000+yards with that ratio I would say his numbers regressed greatly due to poor health and the Gase system
  5. extremely pessimistic -there is zero reason for optimism he is a proven loser as his record indicates-his teams got WORSE not better under his watch and for an offensive "guru" his offenses were terrible. I have hope but that is different than optimism.
  6. I would be annoyed if I was the guy that ran out and bought them when they first came out only to see them 25% off last week all over the place-$85 bucks saved will cover almost a beer a game at the stadium
  7. mac was a terrible gm one of his only smart things was bringing in bell-I wish he also improved the line and WR core better but still the Bell move was a great one and will definitely help Sam improve as well-as far as Gase goes the only thing we know is he cant win games and has a losing record as a coach-there is ZERO reason to believe Gase has any clue on how to manage a roster or a payroll but since he failed as a coach so far(his supposed area of expertise) I think it is safe to say he would not be a good gm either.
  8. jet fans love to hype up hot garbage I see it every draft and each time we bring in a new coach-Gase is a proven loser who ran one of the worst offenses in the league-his team got worse under his watch not better-he might be one of the worst coaches we have ever hired. People like him because he is a dick to the press? I want a coach that can win football games-our coach has proven he cant do that. I want a coach that can get the most out of his stars and get players to exceed expectations-Gase has shown he cant do that. Until I see otherwise Gase is what his actual record says he is-a loser coach that cant coach offense
  9. mac was beyond terrible-I wanted him gone last year at seasons end it makes zero sense to let the guy you think sucks draft and go through FA then what makes matters worse is giving more power to a loser failed coach who has run some of the worst offenses in the league-it is not like they gave parcells or bb control they gave it to a scrub coach who for sure will fail
  10. yes gase is such and evil genius he was ran out of town and has a losing record and his offenses got worse every year
  11. yep lets compare a loser coach with one of the best that ever coached the game by the way most pats players through out the BB era LOVE playing for him-the thing the players did not like about BB is he ships you out once your play drops no matter who you are
  12. gase is a total loser and has no business running the team let alone coaching them-anybody that is buying into this mess is simply insane the only thing gase is good at is alienating the best players on his team and he is off to a banner start again
  13. Would I have thought firing Mac would be a bad thing until today I thought he was a terrible but once again we see the ultimate problem is ownership there is no way you can let a guy run FA and the draft and then give control to a failed coach - even great coaches have failed when given control Gase is a loser as shown by his record and how you let it known that Gase did not want to pay bell is insane- bell will now be a cancer Jets are a clown show might as well fire gase now too woody and Chris can be gm and coach
  14. thanks I will look out for it- my dad had season tickets since it all began-I took over then and I own psls. I would say we have attended the majority of jet home games since the early 70s together when I was a tiny kid and him before me. even as much as a bad mouthed the jets the past few years and almost walked away from it-I never could Sundays watching football with dad was tradition at its finest.
  15. hi does anybody know how this work etc... my dad was a jet fan since the titans early days and has been a fan ever since-i would argue he probably attended more jet games than any fan in the history of the jets he passed away recently in a car accident and i got to thinking maybe I would try to get him in it as I think he might have liked that. the one regret he had was when the jets made it to superbowl three that he did not find a way to come up with the money to go-he often told the story of no problem I will just go next time but as all of us jet fans know that day never came. I have had a love hate relationship with the jets spanning 40+ years since my early childhood but one thing that was consistent was every sunday when there was a home game my dad and I were there watching. We saw some crushing defeats over the years and honestly some terrible football with a few good years mixed in but those sundays even when we got destroyed by other teams we still walked out smiling because it was our thing that we did together. Anyways if anybody has some info on how one would go about it-please let me know here or pm would be fine thanks very much

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