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  1. wanting to and having the ability to do something are very different things
  2. but Joe has a plan they also have an elite kicker
  3. san fran has a real GM and a MUCH MUCH MUCH better roster and better coaches-we got their left overs in Saleh and T coleman The only thing the jets have in common with the niners at this point is they are both football teams
  4. he is a bust -if you dont want see that or believe it that is up to you but he is just like Mims-accept it and move on-Joe had some monster misses "buiding through the draft" God help us if Wilson is not the guy (I dont think he sadly is)
  5. I would trade for DK in a heartbeat-he is a stud wr -he is a bit of a diva but what WR is not these days the move would help out wilson big time just like getting diggs helped allen out and getting hopkins helped murray out
  6. " plan is to build through the draft" -every single team has that plan that is what the purpose of the draft is -every failed jets gm says the same thing -our plan is to build through the draft and build a team built for long term success-Joe said this then bombed on his first draft something awful the other one is find players "that can play well in our system" if good or great players cant play well in your system then your system sucks
  7. there will be folks that defend the price increase though comparing it to other things blah blah blah
  8. when I decided to walk away I was told I cant ever get season tickets again-like I would want them when stub hub is there lol and the best is I get emails from them all of the time about yes you guessed it tickets the ones I supposedly cant buy lol
  9. I dont believe wilson is the answer but even saying that you have to give him at least another year at minimum-too much is invested to just walk away-the only guy I would consider doing that for is Watson and there would have to be all sorts of conditions tied to his contract to even consider him
  10. I would love to know how many psl owners decided to walk. I did after 40+years of going to games-my psls were paid off I just said thanks but no thanks. I know 4 others that did the same and we are talking about people that had tickets for decades. If they broke us it is only a matter of time before the newbie fans grow tired of the season ticket experience. The worst part about going to the games no matter where you get them is the parking situation -it is a complete disaster and it never was addressed with the new stadium either. I bought into the if you get high end psls you will get a
  11. several years since a team that can compete but yet everything goes up fans are supposed to shut up and be patient and keep paying those invoices and buying those 14 dollar beers
  12. I find it odd that fans are okay with terrible results year in and year out and the jets preach patience while they raise ticket prices on their loyal fans
  13. but the jets and some of their fans want you to be patient and keep writing those checks while the team wins 2-4 games
  14. sad thing is if they ever get good you can expect them to hammer a big increase in
  15. what a disgrace-do what I did-just walk away-had season tickets in the family since day one-I walked for a variety of reasons two years ago and thrilled with my choice-can go on a great vacation every year with the ticket money and if I want to go to a game I can buy from stub hub at discounted prices and dont have to pay for preseason tickets either. the worst part about the parking pass is I had the "green" one and a few times I had to show up like an hour before the game as I had family stuff those days and there was no parking left in the lot. I paid for parking passes but some how t
  16. lol Joe is half way through his contract and folks keep talking about this year as year one of the rebuild-fan boys want no accountability for their boy Joe D The other fan boy mantra is you cant rebuild in one year-total nonsense-Parcells took a worse team to the AFC championship in year two and although he mixed in some vets the guys he brought in became core players for the team for many years. Joe has tons of draft capital and lots of money-a sub 6 win season next year would be an epic failure at that point but his fanboys will say he needs another 3 years to let his draft develo
  17. team won 6 wins in two years-his roster sucks and folks constantly over value the skill of our players. Moore is a legit-everybody else the book is still open or in the case of 2020 closed At some point the guy that buys the groceries and hired the cook has to be held accountable to the meal that is making everybody sick. This is a make or break year for Joe-I hope he does WONDERFUL but I believe he is no better than Mac or Izadick as shown by his record-if he gets the team to win games than I will crown him until then he is a 6 win gm for two seasons and bottom of the AFC eas
  18. JD is essentially half way through his contract and the team sucks-you can make whatever excuses you want from him but the roster is bad and the coaching this past year was bad(some actually give Joe a pass for the bad coaching which I believe is why he made the change-it bought him another "year 1" but the reality is the team won 7 games with Gase before Joe broke up that team. Joe's first draft was one of the worst in Jets history which is no easy task-that is a fact most are not even on the team so we dont have to wait the 3 years+ to know the results My personal opinion is his s
  19. man folks love hyping up our terrible roster-we have holes just about everywhere -there is a reason we won 6 games in two seasons-stop with the nonsense pick one take the best WR on the board-moore is legit -Davis is trash, Kole is trash , crowder is trash- Mimms is trash-berrios has heart and would be a good WR3 Pick Two take the best edge rusher on board I cant believe folks are talking about safety or corner early -did we not already try that and fail miserably
  20. vikings coach was bad BUT they have talent on that team cooks , jefferson and theilen is a great trio jet fans would dream of that type of trio
  21. Joe is terrible as shown by his 2 and 4 win seasons the rest of the division is way better than us as shown by our record vs them joe d fan boys over estimate his skills and the players he has drafted and the talent on the team thefe is a reason the team has 6 wins in two years- joe put together a bad roster and his coaches are bad as well
  22. specifically the jets are going to get destroyed out there-Wilson will be out there surrounded by scrubs and some guys he is not used to playing with and I believe this puts him at greater risk to get hurt. what will he learn or gain from being out there losing by 20+ and getting blasted out there by a solid defense?
  23. a qb that is a very good or great player that the team can build their offense and their "franchise" around for a 5-8 year window
  24. because he is stupid mark my words this wont end well for the jets
  25. wilson should not be playing in this game-they are going to get destroyed and he is without any supporting cast-no good can come from playing him-but if he plays he can get hurt or get destroyed out there and Saleh already said once this year his confidence is shaky no reason to put "the franchise qb" out there in a meaningless game
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