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  1. simply terrible compensation for moore a second round pick who was very good with a real QB -i would MUCH rather have moore then mercole and it is not even close
  2. could he be retiring and moving to france with a guy named pierre?
  3. knew he would not announce anything probably wait until June
  4. I am pretty certain you are correct he will say something to the effect of there are lots of things to be settled and "we will see how things go" anybody that thinks he is announcing he will be a jet I believe will not be happy today and will have to wait
  5. he wont be announcing the deal today on pats show book it
  6. clearly anything being written in the media is speculation or guessing but I read a few " experts" saying the jets may have to part with 2 number ones to get arod-if that is the case it is way too much for a guy that at best will be here 3 years but more than likely 1-2 at that price I would rather have lamar who should give you 5-7 years or sign the mustache on the cheap and draft a qb and hope joe gets it right after missing badly before
  7. you mean damn you joe why didnt you pick fields like many said was the choice
  8. Joes job is to build a winning roster and that starts with having a viable qb which he has not produced yet. Jets need arod or Lamar and if they end up with neither he should go but he won’t
  9. Arod is hurting the jets with his delays in a big way
  10. By holding up the process we are losing players- arod not coming here and joe should go
  11. Wilson being the starter will be catastrophic and if that happens show Joe the door
  12. this will be like giving riggins to the skins
  13. hello tom brady my name is Joe Douglass how would you like to come to the jets and play for us for the next two years-I am in desperation mode as I cant imagine having Zach "no game" Wilson as our starter next year- I know you are near 100 and many feel you washed out last year but even if you lost your hands in a tragic accident you still play 100x better than "my guy" Zach
  14. If arod signs with the jets joe gets major credit if however arod passes on the jets joe should get Lamar - if the jets end up with no viable qb joe should be fired he has now had years to get a viable qb and we have none and that will be his fault
  15. If Joe lands the prize I will sing his praises if he does not it will be a BIG failure Joe has not provided us with a viable QB and picking Wilson was simply terrible
  16. if Jd gets rogers it will be a feather in his cap and deserves credit-if he fails it will be a big blemish that he should be accountable for He has not found a viable QB for the jets since he took over which is why the Jets have a terrible record under his watch
  17. I think he ends up getting traded to the dolphins-better wr core , better weather , no state taxes and Tua is not going to be the answer for the fins so they want a qb
  18. you cant win without a qb and Joe has failed (so far) to deliver one-no excuses for that if we end up with wilson flacco and jacoby I wont even watch
  19. if the jets start next season without a legit QB Joe should be fired-he could not draft one and so far has not found one via FA in his tenure as well.
  20. carr is by far the best option he just needs to be average and they are a playoff team and joe can use the picks he would have to give up for arod to fill holes carr can be a 3-5 year qb option for the jets Arod is not motivated to play football and is older and he looked bad last year and will cost more money and picks the best solution would be to draft a guy but joe already ruined that option
  21. tanny sucks but still better than wilson
  22. carr is way better than wilson that is the bottom line and he wont cost the jets draft picks-Joe has shown he has no idea how to get this team a QB so far-Wilson was an epic bust and the rest of his qbs have been trash arod is not woth the money or the draft capital -his skills have declined and he is super annoying as well
  23. only the jets look around and find the worst of the worst and say yes lets hire him hackett ran the worst offense out there- hey who ran the worst passing offense out there lets hire him their hires are just as smart as the adam gase hire-lets bring guys that were trash and fired for being incompetent jets will be without a viable QB next year again (unless you consider mike white viable) after next year joe and saleh will be gone
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