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  1. i have been so down on the jets lately. i have put in my 40+ years of attending games since i was a kid but there has not been much hope in my eyes since Rex had his run but really the only true time i had hope was when Parcells was brought in. I was super down on Joe and after his first draft i was done with him. The record was bad and so was the talent. I often vented my disgust and displeasure with Joe and the direction the team was heading. I will never post a negative thing about Joe again on this board. He has earned my respect (not that he needed it) based on what he just did with the draft. i wont even fault him for any of the picks if they dont live up to expectations as he made some great moves in the draft. My favorite was getting a stud RB as now i dont have to talk about the washed Tevin Coleman anymore. I always said the blame and the credit lies with Joe and now I give him all of the credit and to his supporters that saw in him what i did not way to go. I hope the roster now turns into wins. We need Wilson to be the guy Joe thought he was. Go jets! What is better than having "patience" is having hope
  2. I have been very critical of Joe and his terrible record and his abysmal first draft but I think last night he did very good job in fact an excellent job adding three players that should contribute right away. I really like Sauce as a player but was not happy he went at 4 based on our needs but Joe more then made up for it getting the edge we needed at the end. I hope these additions translate into wins and the jets are competitive on the field. The time for "patience" expired a long time ago for me.
  3. Is joe going to follow the izadick model and draft another db next pick lol U don’t build a winner from the back in I like the player but not for the jets based on their needs
  4. Bigger ceiling than a pro bowler which wirfs is ? I expect joe to take online at #4 which is insane considering he has had two drafts so far and one of them he used a top pick already on the position- what is next a qb at ten to replace Wilson lol
  5. I was at the draft we passed on sapp because he smoked weed now cause a guy may know a guy….
  6. Becton is a bust trade him while u can - another year of not being productive does not help the jets on the field or his trade value just kills us that joe picked him over wirfs - if we had wirfs then we can definitely go edge rush then wr
  7. after becton I would strongly prefer Joe not risk busting twice on online at the top of the draft-go with an edge rusher and a wr -those are the impact players that can be the core of your team and also create excitement among the fans
  8. I think all fans want to see wilson lead us to numerous championships. I dont think anybody wants to see him fail. I have been VERY critical of Joe as a gm but I want him to succeed. I take no pleasure in seeing guys like Becton or Mimsy fail. A person can be critical of moves that dont pan out though especially in the wirfs becton scenario and not be a troll. As a fan I just want to see a winning team or even one that is competitive or entertaining and if that happens I will crown joe and sing his praises but another 2-4 win team and I will bash Joe-not because I hate him but his job is to get us wins
  9. jets need playmakers on both sides of the ball-edge rusher and wr should be the picks drafting a defensive back round one is criminal for a team with the glaring needs the jets have. Edge rusher > DB-better to stop the qb before the throws it than after he throws it
  10. and a terrible pick which is deeply concerning considering that is supposed to be his area of expertise .... Many on this very board were clamoring for wirfs(rightly so)
  11. those that want becton to be "accountable" he should be but so should the guy who picked himi Joe bombed becton and with mimsy and in another classic case of the fans know better wirfs was the guy then and clearly is now way to go joe
  12. joe picking him over wirfs was criminal then (most casual fans knew what the pick should be ) now it is just such a terrible look-joe I thought you were a Oline "expert". I dont trust Joe to pick a lineman again round one-he proved he cant be trusted to do it correctly
  13. trade them becton mimsy and a 2 for deebo
  14. looks like revis was just a man ahead of the game-all of these players now are forcing management to pay them or get rid of them. As a fan I would welcome in a stud wr but also as a fan i do not like the direction the league is heading. It reminds me of the NBA . The owners are creating their own monster by signing guys to their teams that just forced their way out of another team
  15. the above is complete nonsense chase and jefferon the past two years had major impact right out of the gate and there are others as well
  16. joe should have kicked the tires on melvin who will end up going to the fins as a fa
  17. jets need to score points they need weapons for wilson or u will have sam part 2 joe cant be that stupid to leave sam with a poor wr core and a bad running game-draft a wr and a rb of quality
  18. I agree with pretty much everything you said Joe fan boys want to you to ignore his first draft-which is near a historically bad draft(I dont need another year of mims not playing and hearing becton is "close" to know this while wirfs is a pro bowler. they want you to ignore the multiple jags or sub jags he brought in Our roster is one of the worst in football and since Joe got here were have not even reached the level of performance the last guy was fired for. I asked my nephew what jersey he wants for this year-he said um save your money they have no stars on the roster that he would be proud to wear. I said what about a Mims or Becton jersey (kidding I would never do that to him) but I did say how about Wilson he said nah it will end up next to my darnold jersey by next year. He will never be a top 10 qb and I sadly agree. I hold out hope though that by some miracle Joe nails the draft and we can at least compete in games. Sadly our own division keeps getting exponentially better-the fins roster is now light years ahead of ours
  19. no the jets need to get elite players-enough with stockpiling draft picks and cap to be used "next year"
  20. joe became the gm the day he signed his contract and got his first check-from that day on he was in charge any move that was made or was not made was on Joe's watch If the jets do not nail the draft and become competitive especially in the division Joe is not the guy to right the ship but just like mac and izadick
  21. seriously what planet do you live on? His roster is terrible as is his record Mims is a bust becton was a terrible pick-even casual fans said take wirfs Joe tore down a 7 win team and made them a 2 and 4 win team-he is what his record says he is-gm of one of the worst teams in the NFL how has even-keel , no nonsense and smart translated to performance on the field-it has not-might as well say he is a good eater and has strong facial hair and his head looks like mr clean
  22. it will be nice when becton and mims are gone so we dont have to hear anything more about them as they were terrible picks and illustrate how bad joe's first draft was-I am sure the coaches are tired of having to try and come up with answers about why top picks cant play football for the jets
  23. he was an AWFUL pick by a guy that is supposed to be an Oline guru even most casual fans knew the pick should be Tristan Wirfs who was an all pro becton and mims could not have worked out any worse for the Jets-thanks Joe-when you are going to build through the draft not FA you cant have monster misses like that
  24. yep you are what your record says you are-at some point Joe's teams need to win games-tearing down a 7 win team to a 2 win team takes no talent -literally anybody can do that-what takes talent and what not many people can do is build that torn down team into a winning team. If you cant add quality free agents you best hit most of your draft picks-a rebuild cant happen when your guys like becton and mims suck and cant get on the field.
  25. the jets are a terrible team with a gm that totally blew his first draft, a coach that is unproven but he is a d "expert" and coached the jets to one of the worst defenses in the league and a rookie qb that many think is not going to be a great qb. The only way you can get elite players or even very good players to come to the Jets right now is to grossly overpay something Joe has shown he is not willing to do. The only way the jets get out of the basement of the AFC is for Joe to nail this draft in a BIG way. If Joe is smart(that is a big if) he needs to draft game changer playmakers-WR and an Edge rusher. I believe drafting a defensive back with one of the first two picks is criminal at this point.
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