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  1. Quad injury -did not practice - he is day to day and they "hope" he can play odd are he sits based on what I read but yes sometimes what you read is not accurate but none the less
  2. if you like wilson or hate him-this week he should be on the bench the team will be probably without moore and we know davis is out rbs-no carter probably no coleman this game is going to be ugly even though the saints pass d is beatable protect the "franchise" qb roll out white
  3. greg the leg was out there Joe picked guys without a leg
  4. by the way gano this year 25/29 perfect on x points and from 50+ yards 6 of 9 stop with the blaming Mac Joe sucks and passed on many proven kickers such as Gano
  5. lol our kicker problem is the problem of Joe D stop blaming Mac-Joe has been here 2.5 years and he sucks yes mac let good kickers go but guess what he is not the GM and was not this year or last year - Joe is-there were PLENTY of kickers Joe could have signed-I mean there is one kicking in the same stadium he could have picked up for an old ham sandwich in Gano who is WAY BETTER than what Joe brought in
  6. the coaching staff on both sides of the ball and the head coach is awful fans keep pumping up the roster and the coaches -we have how many wins? our team is bad in every single aspect of the game
  7. Corey Davis signed a 3 year, $37,500,000 contract with the New York Jets, including a $2,000,000 signing bonus, $27,000,000 guaranteed, not looking so good ....
  8. not with the jets-as a fan if u bet with your heart you lost 75% of the time this year and last year lost 63%
  9. when it comes to the jets betting your head is a smart way to make lots of money and there is not much skill to it-poker is definitely a game of skill and poker you need a big bankroll to compete most times -to steal a quote from rounders-the size of your stack is almost as important as the quality of your cards
  10. every week there are posts where people say they are betting on the jets-it is one of the worst moves you can ever make-never bet with your heart-as a jets fan you know more then anybody just how bad this team is. a simple way to make lots of money last year and this year is betting against the jets-I know I know as a Jets fan betting vs them is a painful choice to make so if you cant stomach that just save yourself the misery of betting on them and losing as most bets are going to be doomed no matter how good the spread looks. The jets are the worst team in the NFL vs the spread an
  11. the only team that can beat them is the chiefs in my opinion
  12. I know that and I know a substantial portion said bill's plan would fail badly-meanwhile we cant find a kicker let alone a solid online or a defense I wish we could go back in time and convince bill to stay with the jets
  13. people dont care -if it was wilson who had 9 wins or the jets folks would be crowing Wilson Joe and Saleh. The pats as I just posted are everything we are not Better GM Better Coach Better Players Better record sh*tty fans-our fans are more loyal that is all we have going for us
  14. I hate it with all my heart but the pats for two decades are everything we are not the pats were very bad last year-BB executed a one year rebuild and they are the best team in the AFC-some on here clowned him saying it would never work out -well he is proving you to be VERY wrong one could question how Bill did it and if it is a long term vision but you know what they are the best team in the AFC right now and we once again suck something awful.
  15. mims is not happening-he sucks Joe drafted a worse version of stephen hill ever fanboys of Joe know it now Davis was a bad pick up but Joe in his defense had limited options-him and Kenny G did not go as planned Davis being out will 100% benefit berrios-he is just a better player than Mims-it is the cold reality and berrios even though is a jag has heart and it shows
  16. WR was supposed to be a position of great strength for the team Moore is now thankfully balling-I had high hopes for him and gave Joe credit for this pick which is only fair as I have blasted many of his terrible picks from the draft and his poor free agents-Moore looks like he could be our first legit number one caliber WR we have been searching for many years.-might even be a jersey you could buy and be proud of wearing if you are a jersey type of guy. Davis has been MIA Crowder-I would rate his season as poor Keenan -showing he is the jaq everybody thought he was Mi
  17. Jets have only a few good players on the entire roster- the jets are losing because they have bad players and a bad coach and they were all brought in by Joe - stop sniffing glue Joe can’t even find a kicker
  18. Anybody that watched the news this past week knew who was going to start vs the Jets
  19. Joe”team is 11-31 he is what his record says he is His team will be at the bottom of the AFC East yet again while the other teams fight for the playoffs You play to win the games - hello you play to win the games Those that blame the coaches should remember Joe hand pick these guys as well FU Joe
  20. His record is awful, his roster is awful, his coach is awful- guy can’t even find a kicker - what about all of the terrible misses he has had by the way ? His first draft was historically bad and his free agents have been terrible The only good thing about Joe is he got some really stupid people to buy into this year being his first year
  21. Joe must go wilson sucks Blow it up again like the cards did
  22. Wilson sucks becton sucks mims sucks saleh sucks the above brought to u by the worst gm going joe d
  23. same folks that ignore this simple truth think Joe is doing a great job and has a great roster while once again ignoring the reality of his 4 wins and all of those losses his team has accumulated in his tenure even worse many were not even remotely competitive
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