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  1. joe's team last year was the second worst in the league-joes team this year will be near or at the bottom again-Joe is what is record says he is-GM of one of the worst teams in football and the team has not shown improvement as indicated by the games lost and the lack of competitive plan on the field.

    Joe will be here for two more years at a minimum -as I said before, his best accomplishment is convincing some fans he needs years for his master plan to work when by now Parecells was in the AFC championship and he was handed a 1 win team. The Joe fan boys will ignore that reality and make all kinds of excuses why Parcells could do something that Joe cant even come remotely close to accomplishing.



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  2. 1 hour ago, Waka Flocka Flacco said:

    The NFL is hard. It's really as simple as that. Nobody consistently wins or loses money at picking players. There are a number of studies, plus it's intuitively a very obvious example of the skill paradox. You can't reasonably expect to get from 2-14 to anywhere good by out-evaluating the 31 best evaluators in the world.

    Parcells was handed a 1-15 team and year two we competing for a ring

    we already know it can be done we have seen it

    folks will say but but bill brought in some of his own guys and didnt build for a long term future-which first is nuts as he left us a solid core and two I would love to be relevant and compete for a ring for a 2-3 window vs being in the basement under Joe 

  3. Telflon JOe

    Joe hired the staff

    Joe picked the players

    the team is awful again showing no real progress

    Dont blame Joe though even through everything runs through Joe-he has a 8 year plan and each year will be a re set from scratch

    Next year's excuse will be Joe just drafted all of these guys (with next years draft capitial) and our team is young- to be fair Joe needs 3 more years before you can judge him on next years draft-that 

    Joe sucks he is just like those before  him-he is a hybrid verson of Mac and Izadick

    I am certain Joe will be defended though as blindly as Mac and Izadick were as we waste another  2-3 years.


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  4. I cant wait until  next year when folks say you didnt really expect them to be able to compete this year again-I mean it will only be Joe's 4th year getting paid by the jets and he will have had 3 drafts and 4 off seasons to work with. Joe is the anti Parcells-he is in it for the long haul  to make us worse each and every year



  5. 3 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

    Yes you are what your record says you are. But is there anyone, that looked at this team in pre-season, that thought this was a team that had a chance to even compete? Reasonably?

    so you are saying Joe put together a terrible roster that is not able to compete ? the  roster and the team have not improved under  Joe & that is a fact as indicated by our record-

    there are PLENTY of folks on this very board that they the  jets would be competitive before the year. I was NOT one of them because I think Joe is terrible


  6. 4 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Highly discourage this

    It's such a disaster getting in 12 or after 

    I make it a rule now to get there by 1030 or earlier. Much more relaxing experience. 

    definitely a bad idea  getting there late but sometimes u have stuff you need to do on a sunday-I just could  not understand how if I "own" and paid for my parking pass how the lot could be full and I could not park there

    we used to get there a few hours before the games-not really to tailgate but just to get a good spot and not have to deal with the lines

  7. jet fans are some of the greatest fans walking this planet-53k is HUGE to go watch a zero win team that is very bad especially when the pandemic is still impacting things-

    If the jets can become a winning team again fans will be packed in there and LOUD

    my biggest gripe is the parking is so poorly run and has been for years-most of those folks "working " make things worse not better

    one of the big perks to me about getting good psls was the special parking benefit and easy in and out lane-that was a miserable failure and the Jets then opened up the green lot to everybody-a few times pre covid I got to the game only like an hour before and the lot was full-how could the lot be full when I paid for that green pass-

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  8. I hope he actually gets lots of snaps and is not just "active" from the bench

    no harm in seeing what the kid can do we are 0-3 and need play makers

    I hope he has a great game -the titans d can be beat without question



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  9. 45 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Convenient of you to disappear week 2 you twat. Will you disappear again if we run well against the Titans?

    oh no a keyboard warrior posting from his moms basement-I posted week two plenty and by the way our running attack sucked then too. I will be at the titans game coaches club what about u -hiding in your moms basement  or  a peasant that cant afford tickets



  10. Before the reason started I posted our RBS were trash and I was called a troll and was told our running attack would be great because we were going to employ the "shanny" sytem which you can plug in  any running back in-well that proved to be 100% false-you actually need to have a line and to run the shanny system, you need backs that can run in the shanny sytem,  you shockingly seem to need shanny to run the shanny system -folks thought our coach learned from osmosis because our coach was on the same team as shanny

    I cant believe Joe brought in Coleman who washed out of his last two teams including the coach's old team you know that ran the shanny system. Joe left Sam with no line no tight ends and a washed up gore-sadly Wilson has no line no tight ends and a washed up Coleman-following history to a T

    so what is the plan going forward ? having no running attack is a recipe to get your rookie QB killed especially with no line.

    The move that makes the most sense to me is for Joe to pick up the phone and trade Mims for a RB  as clearly the team hates Mims-in the mean time I would roll carter out as the feature back and put wilson on the move and throw lots of screens to carter -he at least has hands and speed 



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  11. yes yes yes another mims thread-one of the only interesting things about the jets this season is the mims enigma

    Will the coaches finally free Denzel or are they still waiting for him to learn how to play wr ?

    one could argue Denzel from the bench is almost as productive as some of the guys actually on the field -how much more harm can he do? I assume he knows the players in the other color jersey is the opponent and not to run into wilson some how





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  12. 2 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    This is classic bullsh*t.  

    The guy has played 3 ******* games.  This offense is designed to run multiple slots which is presumably what you think "is best suited for him and his being scheme diverse and able to play inside and outside,

    no it is dead on accurate 

    as noted kroft and griffin have almost as many reps at slot-that is criminal 

    -moore has lined up in the slot 36 times berrios has 100 snaps in the slot which is also criminal 

    the guy that is best suited to play in the slot 

    Moore is 5-8 170lbs he is most productive without question in the slot -corners are big and strong and he is not getting off the line vs them-this is not college with a lower talent level.





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