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  1. 8 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

    Hackett is a good OC, look at his track record. Also Aaron Rodgers loves him. Doesn’t mean Rodgers is coming but you are dead wrong to judge Hackett by his HC performance. See Josh McDaniels!

    Brady made the Pats offense not Josh -without Brady Josh has been trash-Hacketts track record as a player caller is terrible-he didnt call plays for the packers.

     Under Hackett, the Broncos averaged only 15.5 points per game, their lowest total since 1966.  

    In six seasons as a playcaller, only once did he have a top-10 offense -- the 2017 Jaguars



  2. 5 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

    I think the Jets already have an idea. I’m sure JD has already spoken to Green Bay to see if a deal is realistic and possible. I also think they hired Hackett regardless of if they trade for Rodgers. My gut tells me they do eventually land Rodgers. We will see.

    did joe watch the broncos last year or was he sleeping during their games

    Arod is NEVER  coming here-he is staying in Green Bay-I cant believe people are buying into Arod to the Jets after what happened with Denver  last year. Green Bay is paying him big money and the team got better and Arod got used to his young wrs





  3. 5 minutes ago, Jet2020 said:

    Aaron Rodgers @ age 40 and @60mil is a joke. He’s gonna use the Jets like a cheap wh*re and laugh all the way to the bank along with the Packers. He’s not winning a SB here or even get close to it. He’s washed up. So washed up, even this trash Jets team bitchslapped him. He is not emulating any of his seasons. 

    he wont be coming here so dont worry


  4. I get having hope that is all many of us jet fans have had for decades without getting to the big game.

    This is a TERRIBLE hire-either you are blind or did not watch the Broncos last year-their offense was beyond terrible-fans chanting so they get plays off on time. It was the worst offense in the NFL

    Only the jets look at a guy that was just run out of town for being awful and then hire him-We did it with Gase who was run out of Miami and now with this trash-yes I understand this trash is the OC not the head coach but he was brought in to fix the offense when he just ran the worst offense in the league with better talent than ours-Russ might be washed but the is still a million times better than Zach

    This hire is the final nail in the coffin of our gm and our coach


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  5. Just now, choon328 said:

    You realize they hired him as an Offensive Coordinator not Head Coach right? How could it be Adam Gase part 2? Take a Valium

    yes I do 

    Gase was an OC then a failed head coach-we thought hey he sucked at his last job lets hire him to run our offense



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  6. terrible hire-

    jet fans love to pump up trash-he is trash

    denver offense was beyond terrible with better talent than our team has

    only the jets would hire a guy that was ran out of town by his last team-this is Adam Gase part two-when Saleh gets fired after next year Hackett can take over

    Rodgers is not coming to the jets -if they hired this trash to run the offense to try in lure arod in joe should be fired on the spot when arod stays with the packers which he will-Joe copying the failed Denver model is typical jets


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  7. that would be actually the worst possible guy in football they could bring in-bringing in a guy worse than the guy you just fired(who was not good himself)

    his offenses were terrible.

    the broncos were a total trainwreck with him-they have talent too even if you think russ is washed

    hard pass on this hire 


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  8. 11 hours ago, FootballLove said:

    Combo of good coaching and bad division and bad NFC. I mean my gawd, if the Giants of all teams reps your conference......there's nothing to be proud of. Nothing.

    Bad division? Eagles are one of the best teams in the league - division has 3 playoff teams 

    giants are a good team just accept it

    their rebuild worked ours failed miserably 

    they are super well coached - they got two wrs off the street that played great 


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  9. NJ Is cold last quarter of season-carr cant play in the cold-hard pass


    In his seven games played in temperatures below 37 degrees, Derek Carr has only ever tossed one touchdown in each on average, and he has passed for 222 yards only once.

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  10. drop the other two and you will feel liberated-I walked away from all of my paid psls after being a ticket holder for decades-if I want to go I just buy from stub hub and I am not paying for preseason and when the team sucks I am not calling everybody saying you want free tickets only to be told um no thanks


    use the money you save and go on a nice trip with the family and buy yourself a nice new flat screen tv

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  11. 17 hours ago, Rich Thornburgh said:

    Mooney and Claypool are good WRs.  Montgomery is a good back so is Herbert. This idea that Justin Fields has no weapons is ignorant 

    mooney sucks as does claypool which is why pitt got rid of him-come on you cant be serious thinking fields has weapons  lol


  12. 9 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    They are. And I would assume at some point he will get real receivers and get a chance to prove he can do it. Until I see it though, I remain a skeptic. 

    that is fair but his upside and his current floor is miles ahead of zach-i would to disgusting unforgivable things to get fields instead of zach at this point

  13. Just now, Beerfish said:

    Fields is awful at the things required to be a good QB in this league.  Weird sooooooo many people (including national media experts) acutally think he has progressed or is any good.   He ran for a bunch of yards this year but he is not remotely as good of a passer as lamar jackson and lamar ain't all that strictly passing.

    fields is good at scoring touch downs and will improve with weapons

    your post above is exactly what people said about Josh Allen   early on

  14. 1 hour ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    I liked Fields coming out but I haven't seen him develop at all as a passer in the NFL. I'm glad the Jets didn't draft him. He's already being given rest days his 2nd year into the league. He's not a long term option at QB unless he drastically improves from the pocket.

    same thing was said about allen then he got diggs and  davis and  things changed fast -seriously the bears wrs are beyond trash

  15. 44 minutes ago, JiFields said:

    Honestly, I'm not sure if I ever seen a QB drafted into a worse situation than Fields (maybe David Carr),  I do know I've never seen a QB drafted into that bad of a situation and still perform the way he did, I dont really care about the aesthetics.  There is no difference to me how the balls get down field or into the endzone.   And there is research out there QB's are more likely to get injured in the pocket, than outside.  Every one of Lamar's injuries, have come inside the pocket.  All I know is, if he were our QB, I'd be wetting my pants w/ excitement about his future. 

    Here is one of those not so fun facts if you're a Jets fan:

    Justin Fields accounted for 25 TD's this year.

    The New York Jets entire offense, scored 28 TD's this year. 

    yep and he has trash wrs-I saw his wrs cost him two games with dropped touchdowns

    Fields is a stud if people dont see that they are crazy-saw the same comments from people about allen-wait  until fields has legit wrs around him he will be just that more dangerous-he will probably get hopkins and a rookie for next year 

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  16. 27 minutes ago, bonkertons said:

    I could live with these threads if Fields was like Herbert or Mahomes or Lamar.  I just can't feel bad about not drafting this kid....even if we had Fields I'd still be looking at upcoming drafts and future QB prospects.   

    Fields will be better than Lamar 


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  17. 1 hour ago, Jet Nut said:

    149 yards per game.  Worse than Wilson.

    His GM wouldn’t commit to not drafting another QB in his presser.

    Wilson wont cost 3-5 years, we’ll have an established QB next year.  

    you are only judging one part of his game and he has by far the worst wrs in football and he gm has the first pick he wants to maximize trade value they are not getting rid of him

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