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  1. 1000 yards 6 of last 7 years-his production basically doubles that of moore who folks are salivating over
  2. only in jet land do fans think a consistent 1000 yard wr is not worth adding to the roster -he is light years better than Davis Berrios Cole Mimsy (I know I know he is just learning the system still) and cooks >Moore (who gives us hope ) but he is not in the same league with cooks right now
  3. funny the hate on this guy-he would be our number 1 wr and it is not even close-last time we had a 1000+ yard wr season was 2015 cooks- 1000 yards + last 6 of 7 years including last year and with a trash team in his wildest dreams c davis is not near the level of player cooks is I would take cooks in a heart beat(if he would be willing to come here)
  4. but yet he threw more ints than tds and had less than 2500 yards so he actually fared poorly on the field-hopefully year two he blossoms but jet but so far his rookie year was a disappointment
  5. sam was much better than wilson was year one in his rookie year-he never developed-wilson based on actual stats and game performance last year was not good at all. We as fans HOPE he is good but his rookie year was nothing to get excited about-Sam's was better and he is below avg
  6. He was awful but joe paid him twice - thankfully griffin and Herndon are not jets. Joe upgraded the position. Sadly neither of our new guys will be confused with kelce kittle Andrew’s etc
  7. Winning teams have stars they added to their teams via the draft or through free agency . The Jets have none . The reality is the roster is loaded with jags and role players which is why the team can’t win games. Joe has mostly chosen to play it safe in free agency in his tenure signing one year deals and average at best players. It was at least good to see he went after Hill This draft Joe needs to get explosive impact game changers with his first two picks . I would argue a wr and an edge rusher are the needs that can have the biggest impact and help us win games. I pray joe does not use these picks on defensive backs . We tried that not too long ago and it failed miserably and both players were moved.
  8. Lol Parker would be at worst out wr2 but guys hating on him and the cost of a third but cheer our terrible gm who wasted a second on mims brought in Davis cole and my favorite perriman
  9. it would be unfair to expect joe's teams to win games very very unfair-wins and losses are over rated -the key is Joe has "a plan" -I know I know Mac and Iadick had a plan too but Joe's is different even though all 3 of them literally said our plan is to build through the draft and we are "in it for the long haul"
  10. in this very thread it is being called year 2 by somebody
  11. joe is almost half way through his contract but folks want to act like he just showed up last week this should be a make or break year for Joe but his supporters will say he needs 3 more years for his draft picks to learn the system
  12. boy joe fan boys have it bad for him-his record is terrible, his roster is terrible and while we may have improved some in the off season our rivals made bigger moves to widen the gap from us I dont think anybody would take the jets roster over the bills roster, the dolphins roster or even the pats roster wake me when the jets win a division game I would LOVE for Joe to be the guy and watch some competitive football but until the Jets win games he is what his record says he is-gm of what is approaching a historically bad jets team. If you are going to build through the draft-your first draft cant be terrible like it was If Wilson develops then Joe will get tons of praise and will deserve it-if Wilson is Sam or Sanchez or worse that will be on Joe Joe win some freaking games
  13. gotta go with bowles and it is not close for me-he got us 10 wins one season with a trash roster and I would venture to guess he learned from his first gig our current coach has shown me nothing yet
  14. I cant believe this would be considered - it would be criminal to do this it would be 2017 all over again -passing on big needs to try and build a championship team from the freaking secondary - Joe repeating our mistake would be an abomination
  15. that would show that joe is definitely no different than izadick and co and it would be the jet like thing to do
  16. our roster is better but so is the roster of the bills pats and dolphins bills and fins in particular . I get having hope as that is all we have right now but optimism and patience only goes so far
  17. Joe was handed a 7 win team and the team won 6 combined the following two years-at some point u need to win games and lots of them and be competitive vs your own division. If the Jets cant win5 games this year send joe packing- 6-8 games keep him around and let him run it back another year-progress is what is needed regression from bad is not acceptable
  18. Best case they win 5 games but I believe 2-4 wins again is coming . the afc is stacked and the jets roster simply is worse than most of the other teams This should be the year the jets get to 8 wins based on the timeline and the draft capital the jets have . At some point Joe”s team has to turn patience and hope to actually winning I already know joe apologists will say joe some how is doing great and it is year one again in his re build
  19. If d parker gets released I would go after him
  20. no thanks hill and adams are guys I would have paid a huge randsom for dk no thanks-hard pass
  21. tanny was not a good gm but I think he was better than Joe is
  22. hey joe your record is abysmal and you are what your record shows you are-you are not year one-no more excuses or you are just like Mac and Izadick-you talk about having a plan-well as Tyson said everybody has a plan until you get hit in the F'n mouth. Execution of the plan is what counts as illustrated by wins. the AFC is loaded and although our roster made some improvements so did our division rivals who started out better than us the best thing I can say about your team joe is hey at least we are not the texans
  23. kmnj

    Running Back

    love how everybody thinks because our coach ran the niners d for a short period of time that we can duplicate their offense which is silly * Shanny is not our coach *we dont have 3 guys like the 9ers do with 1000+ receiving yards like they do in kittle BA and Deebo *our defense is poor as well and we are often down big early so running our way back into games is not happening
  24. woody likes the direction of the team-o fcourse he does he sets it lol he even views an attempted trade as a big win lol
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