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  1. there are very little perks. It was MUCH better before PSLS-we had the same seats every year and the same fans next to us. These days the perks for the psls are mostly gone and the folks next to you are different most weeks as the psl owner sells to try and recoup some money. It should be noted I had several psls including the best sections.
  2. just walk away-you probably are essentially paying that 4-5 k a year so really every three years you are paying another 15 k
  3. we dont know what we have with Saleh yet but Joe is bad and even worse I see it coming a mile away .. The jets will try to replace the gm and keep the coach yet again. Joe is not going anywhere this year or next year for sure though so just buckle up as it is going to be bumpy miserable ride.
  4. I still watch the games but it is easy to turn off , easy to get cold beers at my house and there are no traffic jams outside either. The secondary market is where you will find me if the Jets ever become a legit team again
  5. for me being a jet fan and going to games was a way of life-I went for over 40 years going back to shea as a kid with my father. I have attended over 300 games at home and on the road-I have sat through some terrible football over those years-the only joy that was football related was the parcells and rex eras. The actual joy I always had was spending time with my father who was the best guy I knew and the greatest jets fan ever(he had tickets since inception) I lost him 1.5 years ago and have not been since. I walked away from all my paid psls as well. As a strictly football decision it was
  6. If Sam was here joe could have traded the pick and added two weapons and the team would be more competitive for sure ( if Joe actually could hit on draft picks)
  7. Brady showed u need weapons - when he had none he looked washed now he is elite again
  8. If Joe put a good team around Sam , Sam has shown he can be productive and win. Joe was not capable of doing this . He failed Sam , the Jets and us fans. He is now failing Wilson the same way already by providing no line , no tight ends , trash rbs and allowing berrios to be out there as our number one. He is following same failed model from last year too in bringing in jags for one year deals as well
  9. Sam is good Joe is not. The hate should be directed atJoe not Sam .Joe’s 2 nd round draft in Mims can’t even get on the field . I stated Keeping Sam over and over was the smart move and giving him weapons . The irony is Joe is failing Wilson just like he failed Sam. Trash rbs no tight ends and a bad line and instead of perriman this year we have berrios and instead of Gore we have Coleman
  10. so we are to believe he is not playing due to bad practices and not knowing his job the oc says he is doing great in practices lol
  11. even worse is signing guys praises to the press then sitting him
  12. then they should stop blowing sunshine saying how great he is practicing -
  13. I heard that after last years debacle about this year
  14. every dick NY press guy should just ask Joe and the coach Mims questions over and over and yes over it is one thing if he was on tampa and beind godwin evans and brown but he is behind berrios I am almost ready to contribute to thef free Mims plane fly over
  15. as iverson said we talking practice we talking practice.... team sucks mims may or may not suck too but let him play what is the harm-I mean we have a jaq like berrios leading the team in targets
  16. Sar I feel your frustration and sadly the jets will break you like everybody else. In the past two years you were excited about them and exciting about your seats-both I understand but you now are living the same thing fans with 20+30+40 years of history with the Jets-two years back you could not understand that negative folks but now you are slowly seeing and feeling the pain
  17. our rebuild we get worse not better, our roster gets worse not better-then we are told it is part of the plan and we need to be patient. Joe has been on the jets payroll for three years now-each year has seen regression and players let go to be replaced by worse players. I think any fan would be okay with incremental progress and showing signs of life. We dont have that as you have noted. We have nothing but excuses over and over again and people defending management and coaches both who are unproven at best. I attended 300+ games in person and now I have no desire to go to a game
  18. u and I have VERY different definitions of great-a great tight end is kelce when at his best for the jets he was nothing more than avg under 350 yards under 35 catches -his 5 tds was nothing "great" either
  19. lets do a ryan griffin update a guy that joe paid more than once-his numbers are off the charts awesome..... hey but I know that is not fair joe brought in that top dog FA te from the bills his one catch for 8 yards last week was breathtaking
  20. lets see they are better at almost every offensive postion Teddy B vs Wislon- in the now moment Teddy B is a much better QB with lots of experience( Wilson has better upside long term though or I hope he does) RBs-Gordon +Williams way better than what we got WRS even with their top dog down they still are better Tight end-not even remotely close Fant is a very good tight end-we have trash and smelly trash at that their defense is better as is their special teams Denver is not even a good team but pretty much across the board they are better than us
  21. u are nuts they are going to lose again and the game will never b in doubt Teddy B is a very good QB and does not usually make mental mistakes It will be a boring game for the most part but I think the broncos win by 14+
  22. And joe kept him around and extended griffin giving Sam worst tight ends possible
  23. One thing is for certain Mims not being on the field reflects poorly on Joe The same Joe that paid Perriman who is so bad he was cut by the lions
  24. Love the culture talk out gm who is running the second worst team in the nfl and our head coach who has not won a game and our OC who was not won a game and has players playing out of position like Moore are going to show Mims the “right” way lol This is not Parcells or BB
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