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  1. cant believe some in this thread called the mims pick a "punt" wtf lol he was a second round pick and guys talking about him like he was the last pick of the draft Right now he is a MONSTER bust for Joe-you cant have a second round pick in year two that cant get on the field especially at a position of need with guys hurt If he cant learn the playbook that is a failure on Joe for drafting him, the coaches for not being able to teach him and Mims for not spending every waking hour learning the plays. My personal opinion is the Jets trade Mims sooner rather than later
  2. u are what your numbers say u are-his first two years are putting him into bust territory -It is sad as I would love him healthy to see what he can do but he just can't stay on the field
  3. I love the complicated system nonsense- dude didn’t just take up football
  4. La fleur is not the head coach and does not decide who plays but I will assume u think it is the coaching
  5. I said either he sucks or it is bad coaching - you said my post is foolish then u blame the coaches lol good stuff
  6. neither was Sam he just needed to get out of Joe's swamp
  7. or it could actually be terrible like the last draft u are what your record says you are-lets see how this years class fares by the end of the season for starters
  8. hard to believe nobody wanted my psls that I let go . I mean who would not want to watch such a great team, drink warm beers and get stuck in hours of traffic.
  9. the only one that cant figure out his offense is denzel mims
  10. the new regime is the joe douglas regime he is the gm and the guy that drafted mims.! The culture starts with ownership then goes to the gm then to the coach who was hired by the gm. I keep hearing about the culture saleh is trying to install ? what exactly is the culture playing terrible football and playing jaqs ? As I originally stated, Mims is either a bad player(good players play ) and Joe struck out on his "genius" pick or the coaching staff is clueless starting total jaqs over him
  11. a great excuse joe created to buy himself more time and to get folks to believe this is year one -it is not-he has been getting paid three years -during that time he should have been building the teams talent but he didnt-he missed on his first draft and brought in terrible free agents like perriman and his awful FA on the Oline.
  12. Joe is terrible said it for over a year but he will be here 100% next year even if the jets dont win a game Joe's greatest accomplishment is getting fans to buy into every year is the start of his rebuild. Joe has been on the Jets payroll for 3 years now. Parcells had us in the AFC championship by now and he was handed a 1-15 team The only solution for the jets is to pay a proven winner and you will have to vastly over pay for him as well-but Woody and Co will never do that-they will have to wait another ten years to figure out what Leon Hess figured out at the end-pay somebody that
  13. trade him to the browns they need a wr right now Joe screwed his draft something awful -send him packing now while there is still some value
  14. yep that is why I posted the question -folks want u to wait though the standard 3-4 years when some of his guys are not on the team and others are not eve playing-imagine drafting a high pick wr and year 2 he can't get ahead of berrios on the depth chart
  15. you build a roster through the draft and through FA-Joe drafts badly and gives away our free agents and trades our talent away and does not replace them or improve upon them I get it nobody wants to admit we are repeating history yet again but we are-we also are once again setting up our first round QB to fail -I would sit Wilson before he is ruined -this year is a loss anyways -we are going to be lucky to win 3-4 games- the sad thing is the jets can't even sit Wilson because they don't have a viable back up that can play
  16. Joe d supporters how many players from his first draft were on the field and playing yesterday? one player yep one player that is not how the rebuild works especially after getting rid of talent that we had
  17. So he sucks then because he is lazy and unmotivated
  18. One of the following is true either he really sucks and Joe is a terrible judge of talent or the coaching staff is clueless because they are not playing a “skilled “high draft pick year two at a position of need
  19. Mims Joe’s “great pick” can’t even surpass berrios his entire first draft sucks and most are not even playing joe is izadick or worse I hope Sam makes the pro bowl
  20. Joe is awful u are what your record says u are last year second worst team in football this year will be one of the worst again probably win 2 -3 games
  21. Please stop cmc did not carry Sam today Sam played great vs a defense that just shut down arod and adams
  22. Joe sucks simple as that the sam haters are going to be in for a VERY long year as he looks fantastic like I knew he would with weapons joe is just like mac and izadick before him
  23. I never liked mims and never thought he was the real deal, however I did buy into the hype on moore and figured Joe got that one right-it is only one game but last week did not give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside-god forbid moore sucks too-then Joe should find another occupation
  24. also just a heads up-i expect this game to have a good amount of pats fans and sadly that can cause issues so just keep an eye out on your surroundings-most fans are good people sadly about 5-10% cant handle their boos and are looking for trouble- I am not trying to be negative just giving u a heads up have a great time-I will always cherish the memories I have of football with dad on sundays-we had a great run over over 40 years going back to shea -I gave up my tickets as he is sadly no longer around and it just wont be the same for me
  25. there are rides, water park , indoor skiing all sorts of stuff-it was 20 years in the making and I dont see it surviving but some cool things there for sure
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