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  1. google american dream mall NJ-you are basically right there-there are tons of things a kid that age would enjoy-
  2. as I stated before the jets should not play wilson until the team has a better line and better rbs-he is going to get killed out there-yes we want to see our shiny new toy out there but we dont need what happened to burrow or carr happening to him every fan, if being honest , knows this year is a trainwreck anyways. let Wilson sit and hope Joe can build a better line this time around with free agents and the large draft capital we have.
  3. I honestly would not even play zach right now-last week showed the team is not ready to protect him-bad line and bad rbs vs BB is going to be a rough day-Zach took some shots one brutal one in particular for an avg at best panther defense. BB is going to bring the house vs Zach and it wont be pretty.
  4. nobody wanted any of my paid of psls for pennies on the dollar or free-I walked away after last year
  5. well the jets front office and coach think Coleman(who is is washed) is better which is why they started him.....
  6. my original post was before the season and I was called a troll and clueless and I should be banned..... I was spot on-our RBS are trash and our line is bad. At this point we know what we have with Coleman-he should never start again-Joe drafted guys he believes are good(I actually think they are not but that is another story lol) . Joe and Coach need to play TY and Carter going forward-see if they are what Joe thought they were-Coleman is trash which is why his two previous teams including the coach's old team let him walk
  7. that is a good point as it can get toasty in the sun-one of my sets of seats that I walked away from was in the sun and early season I had a bunch of those $12-$14 "cold" beers lol
  8. your best bet if u can stomach it is wait until the last minute on stub hub-I would do that-worst case if you cant find anything go to the fanduel sports book and have a beer and watch the game there-full disclosure there are some degenerates there so not the best clientele
  9. if anybody thinks coleman is worth starting they are insane-there is a reason the falcons and Niners both let him walk-he is washed-the rb lifespan is a short one-once a guy is washed he is washed-we saw it with Bell you saw it with Gurley-Coleman is trash(and was never elite to start with) and should not be starting but they will roll him out again just like they did with Gore. The young guys should be starting and Coleman should be released-we are starting a rookie QB no reason not to let our young RBS start and play too-are we going to sit though a full Coleman season like a full
  10. no I am NOT trolling I am DEAD serious and 100% CORRECT-we rushed for like 50 yards and averaged 2.66 ypc and how many tds ? this was against a panther D that was the d you would start all fantasy RBS against last year-their D is bad. the lack of the running game directly impacts how teams play on defense -the panthers brought the house vs wilson because they knew our rbs are trash and had zero respect for our rushing attack and the lack of effective check downs to the RBS Wilson will get killed back their for 2 reasons-our line is bad which I also stated and if teams know you cant
  11. to the folks that blasted my assessment of our rb situation how do you feel now? is Tevin Coleman all you imagined him to be ? did you enjoy our running "attack" using the 9ers system?
  12. lol the panthers were in essentially prevent defense and went very conservative on offense-the game was never in jeopardy for them.
  13. my other disappointment was Moore was less.... I thought he was legit and still hope he is but damn he was not good
  14. some revised history here-there were PLENTY of folks that said the Jets would win and Sam would be terrible but now most saying they knew they would lose. I am upset because the jets are who I though they were and for some reason Joe could not see what a fan (me knew) he failed to build a good line and our rbs are trash. I posted a week before the game that are our rbs are trash and almost every single person said I was wrong and I don't know how the "49ers" running scheme works-some even went as far as to say I should be banned for posting what was not just accurate but a fair assessmen
  15. +1 until Joe proves otherwise even the cory davis pick up was a lateral move to cover his mess up from letting Robby go
  16. stop it mims did not have a decent year-no tds no hundred yard games and could not stay on the field-berrios had 3 more tds than him
  17. u are what your record says you are -bill parcells right now Joe is a guy that took over a team and made it worse-his resume includes GM of the second worst team in football at the end of last year This year -his team is 0-1 The results under Joe so far have been terrible and will remain terrible until the team actually competes and wins games some how fans think this is year one of the rebuild because there is new coach and a new qb-that is false-Joe's rebuild started the day he got a pay check from the Jets
  18. Berrios has heart and even though I used to view him as a jag my opinion is changing on him . He could be our Cole Beasley . He actually found the end zone last year three more times then Mims did . If the coaches don’t view Mims as a good option with crowder and Cole out my guess is Mims will be gone by next year
  19. after that one hit I dont know how they did not pull him and honestly was surprised the league did not have him get pulled and checked by the drs
  20. Officially, Wilson took 10 hits and was sacked six times by the Panthers in his NFL debut. Unofficially, it felt like the rookie quarterback was running for his life for three hours at Bank of America Stadium. “Neck’s a little sore,” Wilson said. “A little whiplash, but I’ll be all right.” The Jets line is not good and their rbs are not good either-teams will be going heavy blitz vs the jets as there is zero reason to respect our "running game" The panthers looked like the sack exchange out there yesterday when the reality is they are not an upper tier defense. I think Joe
  21. trash o line and even worse rbs is not a recipe for success Joe has failed this team in many areas that he could have addressed last year or this year -folks will say he needs time and he will get it right but I need to see it to believe it especially since this year he is making the same mistakes as he did last year-coleman is this years gore-there is ZERO reason to have Coleman as our starting running back -NONE The jets will be lucky to win 3-4 games this year which really is not acceptable
  22. cmac is a joy to watch-dude is elite with tons of heart we will continue to watch coleman run out there with the piano on his back just like we did all last year with gore
  23. Berrios is a better player and has heart-it is really that simple-he is a jaq but one with heart that gets most out of his ability -he could be our cole beasley type
  24. berrios is a better player and showed it again yesterday- berrios is a jaq but plays with heart and more and more I think the jets should roll with berrios more when he is in he makes things happen-he is a poor mans wayne chrebet
  25. yep I am a fan-Joe does this for a living- how is it I knew our rbs were total trash and our line was bad but Joe did not ? It was bad enough Joe thought Gore was the answer last year but yet did the exact same thing again bringing in another washed rb to start in coleman. I was bashed by just about everybody in this thread for stating what was so obvious . I get it fans want to have hope before the season starts and my negative posts was not well appreciated but hope is a terrible four letter word Wislon will get killed back there if teams know we can run the ball. No more runni
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