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  1. we needed line help and secondary help-you think we said yeah lets let all of the good line and secondary guys go elsewhere and we can target and sign a scrub line man a jag rb that has had years to do something here and never has and no secondary help? please somebody say FA didnt start yet again-I love hearing that like once 4pm roles around we can sign all of the FAs that already have deals in place give me Revis and at least we improved an area of need with a skill player and took him away from the pats
  2. yeah jet fans that saw our new gm the past two years-relax he has a plan-how did that work out
  3. wait for the guy to say relax FA has not even started yet
  4. better than any te we have had in our history
  5. great an avg back at best -how about we get spiller ?
  6. Jaguars agreed to terms with CB Davon House on a multi-year contract-plus J thomas and maybe d murray jaqs doing some great moves He'll get $6.25 million per year. House is not yet 26 years old and flashed impressive press-man coverage ability as a reserve in Green Bay the past two seasons. At 6-foot 1/2 and 200 pounds, House is the type of lengthy corner who's flourished in Seattle and will fit ex-Seahawks DC Gus Bradley's Jaguars scheme. We're a bit surprised the Packers let House get away, but they weren't going to pay him as much as the Jags did.
  7. not sure why guys keep posting about the official start of FA when everybody knows most deals are already done-just like last year we watch others around us get better players-so far we signed a srub online guy that graded out almost the worst at his position-we have not signed one of the guys we targeted yet-if we get revis I will offer my retraction but he will go to the pats
  8. so we can target cobb suh and how many more u want me to name that are not available now?
  9. tell that to the stars with deals already locked up you fool
  10. he said in any major sport-I posted the yankees and red sox and heat to discredit his post-most in the NFL win through the draft and FA a combination
  11. sign spiller and revis and I am happy just cant stand the thought of another year like last year-almost broke me FA and the draft are both critical -we sucked at both under izdick and right now I have not seen much yet-pattern is just like last year-hope I am wrong-damn even jags making moves-J thomas and now it appears d murray on the way
  12. I sadly think Revis is the only splash left -no way they sign d murray-only two game changers out there
  13. all I have heard is people bash revis saying he is a mercenary , all about the money and a hired gun-we have more money than the pats-should be a no brainer no?
  14. yep every year I hear no way the pats can sign their guys and yet they do "with no money" every year I hear we are in rebuild mode-should not spend money as we wont win I would argue sign 3-4 studs and and draft well and this team is a playoff team this year-you can do so much so fast in the NFL
  15. I thought the past two years we were in re build? now we are back to year one? yes I know new coach and new gm blah blah blah I have 12 tickets and have been a fan for 30+ years yes we are a low tier team and to attract FA you have to pay a bit more-we have TONS of money-if we lose out on Revis it is because we did not want to pay him
  16. getting VERY frustrated here-got my season ticket bill just like last year around FA time-the bogus letter from Woody telling us fans how the Jets and him will do all they can to put the best team on the field only to watch all of the other teams around us sign upper evel talent and while we have tons of money and do nothing. I am sure guys reading this will say hey bud FA just started be patient-sounds all too familiar like last year? I sat around and waited watching every player we targeted go elsewhere. This year at this point it is Revis or BUST -Pats will probably sign all of their
  17. once again he sucks just like last year watching all around us get better-enjoy watching the bills and fins destroy him two times a year each
  18. and we all know how many times we win vs the pats.... just F'n pay the man so he cant say no
  19. nothing worse then getting your season ticket bill and the Jets asking you to pony up some money but are sitting on theirs just like last year Woody you are testing my patience of a fan of 30+ years another year like last year and I am done
  20. he sucks and is known for not being in shape- we best have more in line than him as our FA signing
  21. jets get revis and all is well-lose out on him -what is our move? once again tons of money and no new talent but a WR-I would make revis an offer he cant refuse
  22. paranoia with good reason-same story as last year and we know how that book ended- just like last year guys wait it will happen-yes FA does not start but about 70% of top guys already agreed to contacts
  23. guys jets suck have no qb and a new coach-only way we are going to get solid talent is to pay a premium and we have the money to do it-with all things being = or near = nobody wants to come here over teams that are contenders
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