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  1. Thanks for asking about the old-timers. I appreciate it. Been a fan since 68/69. That win was the best. I still watch it. Namath was a genius calling his own plays, with a cannon. I was hooked. Still Jets and Mets all the way. Saw my first Mets game in 1963 at the Polo Grounds. It doesn't even bother me that the Jets play in New Jersey now. It's a NY thing. Given how I had to grow up, I had to conquer the city or it was gonna conquer me, and Mets, Jets and Knicks championships were my saving grace. They gave me hope, which goes a long way when as a child you know you're at the bottom of NY society. I still live and die with each Jets and Mets play. The Knicks and the NBA are unwatchable for me. No defense. No passion. Three point chuck-fest. I'll never be apathetic about the Jets. I actually think we've turned a corner. Sam is gonna take us to the promised land. Douglas will put a good team around him. Gotta keep Jamal. He's a rare breed. I love Robby Anderson. He's growing and when we re-sign him he will surprise. Gase will also surprise. It takes a steep learning curve to pull out of the nose dive we've been in. It will all come together within three years. When we win it all, it will be one of the most glorious things in NY sports history. Mets and Jets championships within three years, and I'm not delusional. That's my analysis based on what I see and what I've seen. Again, thanks for asking and thanks for all the old-timer responses. Go Jets.

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