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  1. Well said, GB. I've been a fan since '68 so I've seen it all, and I still bleed green and always will. Me gusta sufrir. I like to suffer. I've actually had no choice. Makes me stronger and it will make our team stronger. I choose to be patient with what is developing. It will be glorious when we turn the corner.
  2. Thanks for asking about the old-timers. I appreciate it. Been a fan since 68/69. That win was the best. I still watch it. Namath was a genius calling his own plays, with a cannon. I was hooked. Still Jets and Mets all the way. Saw my first Mets game in 1963 at the Polo Grounds. It doesn't even bother me that the Jets play in New Jersey now. It's a NY thing. Given how I had to grow up, I had to conquer the city or it was gonna conquer me, and Mets, Jets and Knicks championships were my saving grace. They gave me hope, which goes a long way when as a child you know you're at the bottom of NY soc
  3. We have to cut him to save the 4th round pick, which we must have.
  4. Blaming Geno for the failures of last year, especially his own QB coach, is something only a chump would do. It's a real personal betrayal. Glad Lee, Rex and the majority of Rex's staff are gone.
  5. Here comes the spread offense. We are about to become a real NFL offense.
  6. Thanks for your excellent post. Been a fan since the Superbowl year and I agree with you and others that we finally seem to have hope and competence as fans and as an organization. I can't help but be a Jet fan, and I just want to see improvement, intelligence and the development of some pride for the fans, the players and an organization that won that one Superbowl with one of the greatest players to ever play, in one of the greatest tactial games of all time. Joe has had his problems, but he shouldn't be estranged from the New York Jets. Woody, make your next smart move, work behind the s
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