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  1. Dude, you throw out some one-of-a-kind article from a message board that no one has ever heard of as "evidence" and you call me delusional? Then you claim "cheating" only counts if you win while doing it. You're a ****in moron.
  2. 11 balls? Proof? Read the rules against tampering. What Woody said IN PUBLIC is textbook tampering. No one with half a brain disputes this. I read your old unsubstantiated link, read mine and comment. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/02/12/throwback-thursday-nfl-handled-spygate-accusations-very-differently-in-2006/ Besides, this thread is seemingly about some percieved shift in power in the AFCE. Not this year it ain't.
  3. You believe everything you read on the interwebz? We'll see which is more egregious, blatant and obvious texbook-style tampering, or some phantom, maybe, lower psi in one, errrr possibly 11,,,err ...not sure how many or really even if any, balls.
  4. You got there once at 9-7 only because two teams laid down for you. Therefore, you only got there once on your own play with an 11-5 season. )not to mention you lost BOTH AFCC games with him) The other Revis years you went 4-12, 9-7, 8-8 and 6-10. Impressive.
  5. Why? Most years when Revis was on the Jests they weren't very good. Until you upgrade from Geno, it's just more of the same. I doubt you even get to .500 this season, even if you pull off a trade for Fitz.
  6. It hasn't "disappeared" yet at all since the Pats still don't have their apology from the league office. Give it more time. It's coming.
  7. No news there. Nobody expected NE to pick up the option. Even though it's for $20mil, I think it would have actually pissed off Revis if they had!
  8. So what's a worse deal...McCourty and almost $10 or Harris at over $7 ???
  9. You must be talking about almost EVERY Jest fan who called McCourty a JAG after his mediocre sophomore season when he was moved to safety, and every season since for that matter. Not to mention almost every Jest fan alive said BB whiffed when he was drafted and that the Jesters got the far better player in Wilson. Gotta hand it to ya. You guys sure know your football.
  10. Right. Great job by the Hawks coaching to not only practice it, but to actually jump the route for the pick to end the game.
  11. Tom Brady makes $15 million salary and bonus. You think the Pats should pay Revis 25% MORE than Brady? (hint: TB had a little something to do with bringing the SB in NE too)
  12. LMAO...proof positive that you can't fix stupid.
  13. Congrats on finding the one romance shot on the net where Lowell doesn't look like the derelict mill town it really is. Lmao.
  14. The Mills is a cool area full of locals and few, if any, aholes from NY, NJ, and Lowell in the summer. There's also a great ultimate Frisbee course at the Burgess House Park.
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