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  1. With 28 unavailable, I hope Breece Hall takes number 22
  2. I mean, come on - that means absolutely nothing. That is solely a function of the rookie contract scale and Corey Davis being paid like a mid-tier receiver (rightfully so). We should hope Elijah Moore and Garett Wilson are commanding top of the market salaries after their rookie deals because they have ACTUALLY produced like Deebo has
  3. Really apples and oranges. This player would cost us 1 first round pick, not 2. This player plays a position that actually matters in the NFL and would be an insanely valuable veteran presence to learn from for our 2 young receivers in Moore & Wilson. All of this is obviously predicated on Deebo's willingness to sign a long term deal year, showing he actually wants to be part of the team
  4. I don’t agree with a lot of what you said, but probably most importantly, 3 years is an eternity in the NFL. If the Jets traded for Deebo and won a Super Bowl in one of his first 3 years while Zach is on his rookie deal, you care that he would want to walk after that?
  5. I hear you, but if he is going to be traded in the summer because of a holdout, why not us? Deebo, Wilson, and Moore would be an electrifying trio of receivers. They all possess the speed and YAC ability that modern NFL offenses are built on. Assuming he IS getting traded at some point this off-season because he refuses to play for SF, you are not interested?
  6. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-west/san-francisco-49ers/deebo-samuel-is-still-dug-in-nfl-world-reacts Would you trade a 2023 #1 & Corey Davis for Deebo assuming he was willing to sign a long term deal here?
  7. I’m on record for wanting Jameson Williams heading into the draft, thinking he should be the pick at 10, and believing he will be a better pro than Garrett Wilson. That said, I am really hoping Garrett Wilson can be that home run hitter receiver this offense needs. He’s talented and fast, let’s hope he can come in and make an impact right away. I am glad we continue to add speed, speed, and more spreed to both offense and defense.
  8. I selected Ojabo for the Ravens in the JN Mock draft
  9. Could have walked out of this first round with Kayvon Thibodeaux and Jameson Williams. SMH, we will look back at this draft and what could have been with those 2 guys becoming absolute stars in this league
  10. Not happy with this first round at all. We will regret passing on Thibodeaux and Jameson Williams. Boo
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