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  1. Yes. But also get a QB, preferably a 25 year old franchise one
  2. The Jets have to make this deal if the Texans are willing to trade him. The value of a 25 year old franchise QB under contract for 5 years doesn’t become available for a reason. Give the Texans 3 #1 picks and smile all the way to the bank. With the most difficult and impactful position solved for hopefully 10+ years, you then use your draft capital to build a Super Bowl team in the next 2 years
  3. What you aren't realizing is that the rest of the league (with the exception of a very small handful of teams) sucks too. Look at the games against the Raiders, Browns, Dolphins and Rams as your evidence. These are playoff teams and fringe playoff teams this year. We don't have to upgrade all of the positions you listed there to be competitive or a playoff team. Deshaun Watson makes this team a playoff contender NEXT YEAR (we played with and beat some of those playoff contenders in a 2-14 season with massive injuries. You don't think we can contend for a playoff spot next year by adding a top 5 NFL QB?. Then if Joe D hits on free agency and the draft, we become contenders for the division against the Bills NEXT YEAR.
  4. Agreed, Curtis Samuel plays the same way and can fill the same role as Deebo for the 49ers
  5. I don't see how the Texans agree to the trade without the #2 overall. If they are moving on from Watson, they have to sell the fanbase on something which would be Fields/Wilson at #2. I don't think Sam Darnold will placate the fans there who will already be pissed after losing Hopkins and Watson in consecutive offseasons
  6. That would be true 20 years ago. It’s a different time. Star players (in every sport) dictate where they want to go
  7. Najee Harris or Greg Rosseau at 23.
  8. Can candidates whose teams are still in the playoffs interview in person after this weekend's games or do they need to wait until their team is eliminated? I'm still hoping for Brian Daboll.
  9. Should have been us. Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence in NY. But, we got 2 meaningless wins against the Rams and Browns which is sure to build us a great winning culture.
  10. Great information - thank you. Any insight into why Brian Daboll isn't getting more run here, especially with the familiarity in the division, intel on the Bills, building up a flawed QB, etc. I would hope they bring him back for round 2
  11. He had 3 different players go for 1000 yards this season with Teddy Bridgewater at QB. Pretty impressive for a year 1 OC if you ask me. When was the last time the Jets had multiple players go for 1000 yards?
  12. I’m glad we didn’t sign Saleh. This is an offensive league. Go get the guy that has intimate knowledge of how to run an offense in the NFL. This is Daboll or Brady
  13. Great info and nice angle regarding WR coach experience
  14. I really like the idea of moving up from 23 to the mid teens to take one of the elite playmakers who may still be available (Kyle Pitts, Devonta Smith). If we could use Darnold to accomplish the trade-up, even better. Fields at 2, Pitts in a trade up, and Najee Harris at 34 completely transforms this offense in one offseason and that is without any free agent signings at WR and the offensive line.

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