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  1. Lighten up Francis, it's a joke
  2. Maybe your wife would have stayed married to you if you bought bitcoin
  3. This is all pretty simple. The scarcity of Bitcoin, coupled with the continued devaluation of fiat money and Bitcoin’s wide acceptance as the gold standard store of value to combat inflation will make the price continue to rise. Shame on everyone who reads this and doesn’t invest in Bitcoin. It’s almost irresponsible at this point. Any portfolio that doesn’t contain some cryptocurrency isn’t dealing in the reality of the world we live in.
  4. Maybe you would be able to afford a house if you bought bitcoin
  5. Bitcoin now at 39k and Ethereum under 3k. Buy Buy Buy!! You will thank yourself later. *Not investment advice, do your own research.
  6. My 10 year old daughter is fascinated with shiba inus. She has been trying to convince us to get one for years. When I saw the logo for dogecoin last year, I had to get some because of her. I bought ~$650 worth in July 2020 when the shares were .006 each (107K shares total. That $650 is now worth over $70k a year later. Amazing stuff. I’ve been accumulating crypto for the last year or so and the results are amazing. I’m still extremely bullish on BTC and ETH long term. I plan to hold for 10 years and see where everything is.
  7. Seems very poised. Think the narrative that NY will be too big for him because he played at BYU is completely overblown.
  8. This is not accurate. He scored 5 TDs last year, and another 6 TDs this year. 74 catches for 1000 yards, nearly all coming in the last 2 seasons. He didn't play much at all his first 2 seasons in college. I think he can be a great red zone threat.
  9. Home on the couch watching pick #2 with my 5 year old son. I haven’t broken the Sam Darnold news to him yet - Sam is his favorite player. Hoping selecting Zach Wilson will soften the blow for him. He has done a bunch of the PFN mock drafts with me so he knows the names of most of the players being drafted. I will let him know who we picked at 23 in the morning. Making chili and wings.
  10. Here is what I believe the Jets will do: #2 - Wilson #23 - Trade UP - for AVT, Devonta Smith, or a falling Slater/Sewell #34 - Trade DOWN - recoup picks from the trade up and target a CB/EGDE later in round 2
  11. The endless debate over Fields/Wilson and who to pick at 23 & 34 is getting to everyone. Here is something a little different. One year from today, please predict what we will be debating in the upcoming 2022 draft. What will be our biggest needs/positions to target with our 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks? What do you think the sentiment of the board will be towards Zach Wilson?
  12. Just wanted to thank all of the mods who organized the draft and updated the spreadsheet. Great job all of you - this was alot of fun. Hope to do it again next year.
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