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  1. With a 10 day break, I think Pickett starting next week for Pitt is likely. Not sure if that helps us or hurts us though.
  2. I like the 2 MNF games starting an hour apart. Gives you something to flip to during halftime and in case of a blowout in either game
  3. Agree on both counts. Seems like Breece Hall should be the 1st and 2nd down back. Michael Carter the 3rd down back and shoot Ty Johnson into the sun. I have no idea why Ty Johnson is on this team over Bam Knight.
  4. Everyone loves to downplay the importance of kickers, but they have far more impact on wins & losses than most players taken in rounds 4-7. Cade York is not just another kicker. If you followed college football, you'd know he made 80+% of his kicks every year, is absolutely clutch, and has an absolute cannon for a leg. You'll both have a front row seat to see him this weekend. Wanna place a bet on who will have a bigger impact on the game (York, Clemons, or Mitchell)?
  5. With all of the picks we had, it was a miss not drafting Cade York in the 4th round and settling this kicking situation for the next 10-15 years
  6. As poor as the overall result was, this is really something to build on. 2 young, ascending players at a premium position who should be part of our defense for years to come
  7. If the Jets wind up with a top 5 pick and Zach struggles along the way, I think we need to go the veteran QB route next offseason. Use that top 5 pick to draft Will Anderson, the next beast edge rusher in the NFL or trade down for a ransom to a team looking to draft a QB. This will be a roster ready to win next year with good QB play. Trade for Jimmy G and let there be an actual QB competition where Zach is not handed anything in training camp next year
  8. This same thing was posed in the preseason. And I think its a fair point. If you don't want him standing on the sidelines because of the injury....fine. But why isn't he in the box with Lafleur getting a feel for how/why he calls a game. It seems there is something to be gained there as opposed to watching it alone in a suite
  9. While we were on the clock, I wanted Thibodeaux. But glad to take an L on this one. Sauce looks like the real deal
  10. Disagree. This is a playoff team with competent coaching, QB play and a healthy offensive line
  11. Alot to complain about today, obviously. But these announcers blow big time. If that guy mentions the rain again I'm going to lose it
  12. Garrett Wilson earned more playing time in the 2nd half. He looked absolutely dynamic on his catch
  13. Glad Marshall is back. Hope he makes his way onto the active roster this season
  14. I don’t like the Marshall cut. I expect they will bring him back on the PS, but I would prefer him on the active roster over the older guys they are likely keeping ahead of him (Rankins, Thomas, Curry)
  15. Really wanted Anae to stick on the 53
  16. Micah Parsons or pound sand Jerry
  17. Appreciate the effort this took. I would keep BAM Knight, Cager, and Anae over Jeff Smith, Wesco, and Marcell Harris
  18. You are right of course. It’s just refreshing to see the guys having fun and seemingly really rooting for each other. The anti Santonio Holmes/Plaxico Burress days
  19. This is a really fun team. Easy to root for these guys and they genuinely seem to like each other
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