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  1. Charlie Brown

    **** the Saints

    I disagree with the general post but I am curious can you please site a HOF QB in a championship game who took that type of abuse in the last 40 years? Indeed for example the Giants, Redskins, Bears and Eagles all had dominating defenses but I have never seen that level of cheap shot, late shot tactics by any of those teams When LT broke Thiesmans leg for example he wasn’t trying to cripple him. Of course the brutality of the 1940’s NFL game was more but for modern times I don’t think you can get or find any worse.
  2. Charlie Brown

    **** the Saints

    I still feel that the Saints SB was tainted by that game. The fact that the NFL let Farve be treated that way shows how much in many ways he was disliked because I’ve never ever seen the QB take such abuse. In truth games like that hurt the NFL But we are Jets fans so I don’t quite understand the venom here
  3. Who said anything about Robbie being a NUMBER 1 WR? Certainly not me....... What I am saying is the Jets shouldn't delude themselves into thinking that they have some great WR group,and if they get rid of Robbie they had better have an upgrade because the skill position players on the Jets essentially STINK!
  4. Absolutely!!!!! Think last time the Jets fancied that they had a potential Franchise QB in Sanchez, they literally weakened the skill players around him so I hope that Jets have learned something.......
  5. I think being associated with the Jets unfortunately hurts. He should have been a first ballot HOF and without question. IMO if Mawae was associated with the Raiders for example he would be in the HOF.......... It is clear to me, unfair yes, but clear...... P.S. I just saw you said the same exact thing above!!!!!
  6. Thank you! The Jets don’t have first tier WR talent now so we should work to get rid of the best WR we have? Ummmmm makes no sense.....
  7. The article reinforces my feelings about Kevin Mawae. No knock on anyone else at all but he was the best Center the Jets ever had.
  8. It is a silly suit but it shows just how assine that non call truly was....
  9. Charlie Brown

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    @Scott DierkingLong long article, but thanks! However it makes me luv me some Sam Darnold even more! Indeed unless he is a master chameleon, Darnold is the Anti-Wentz as portrayed in this article...................................
  10. Charlie Brown

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    Nice OP @johnnysd While we don't know all the changes; IMO the key change is the coaching staff and something you mentioned in your post. Bowles' staff was perhaps, overall, the worst in the entire NFL, despite the staff being one of the largest. Bowles reliance on Kacey Rogers was the height of madness and I truly believe that his unwillingness to let Rogers go or demote him was directly related to his being fired! Bowles was a bad HC precisely because he put loyalty to his friends above winning games for the Jets which he was hired and paid to do. This alone, a coach focused on winning, as his job title demands, will be worth at least being a Jet fan for a little while longer!
  11. Charlie Brown

    Poll: Kevin Mawae vs Nick Mangold

    Kevin Mawae was the better player. He was legitimately the best Center in football for awhile, that's why we got him! Nick as you can see from the above comments was a more beloved Jets
  12. Charlie Brown

    Happy birthday Prime21

    Happy Birthday!!!! Your Birthday made me smile taking the pain of the Pats from my heart!!!!
  13. Charlie Brown

    Football is Stupid

    The PIG is Ripe for SLAUGHTER!!!!!!! Good Grief!!!!
  14. Charlie Brown

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I was right about Mahomes but the Pats played very very well at the end..................................
  15. Charlie Brown

    Crazy stat Nance just stated

    Ummmmm not odd at all. It fits in with all the games where the Pats are not called with ONE Penalty!

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