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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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  1. Ummmmmmm Thank you!!! The ODD COUPLE my FAVORITE COMEDY SHOW OF ALL TIME!!! The last episode of the show alone was fantastic! And here a scene that shows the grestness..
  2. Wilson just isn't a Good QB right now! He makes DUMB DUMB decisions and we can't cover up his incompetence and I believe in Zach but he can't play like this...
  3. Zach Wilson caused the missed FG!!! MIKE LEFLEUR IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!
  4. LaFleur is definitely not the problem for the Jets!!!
  5. There is NOTHING wrong with Lefleur's play calling!!!
  6. Repeat after me Lefleur has been GOOD!!! The only games that the offense has been awful have been when Zach Wilson has been starting and that isn't a COINCIDENCE!!
  7. Anybody blaming Mike LaFleur for this offense or even the OL are nuts........ this is ALL ON ZACH WILSON!!! Now this is why I said don't start Wilson at all let him learn and get a QB like Gardner Minshew to hold the fort, if you are getting rid of Darnold until Wilson is READY for the NFL!!!
  8. Zach is not playing well.. Just kidding you have to give him time!! But is was an AWFUL DECISION!!!!
  9. As a practical matter I much prefer this @freestater @Fantasy Island...... Happy Post Thanksgiving Everyone!!
  10. Thank you. Too often fans act like the HC should act like he is one of them when he simply is not…. To paraphrase Parcells …. “You Coach like you are a fan and you will soon be one of them”
  11. I truly miss Savage for threads just such as this ........ and him sticking it to me for supporting Flim Flam Barbeque Man......
  12. Ummmmmm key words that you say in this sentence are................. PLAYOFF GAME!!!!! We haven't seen that in this here neck of the woods for quite awhile......
  13. Ummmmm folks back then said Nooooo any good HC could win regardless of the QB.... I thought then and now that. that wasn't the case.
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