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  1. HI Everybody... Times have been tough but the Sun appears to be shining through!! First Sam Darnold and now rationale moves buy the Front Office.... Well our time is coming and God is now putting on his Jets Jersey and here is the proof!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets have some fun.... Lets Go Jets!!!!!
  2. Precisely this!! Thank you..... Bell is such a wonderful WR that you can not just stack the box against him, hence the numbers that were provided in the earlier post are very very very misleading. To just put up non-contextualized stats up as if they are the definitive word really misses the boat IMO.
  3. Thank you..... All I can say is this interview makes me so proud of the Jets organization and team. I don't want to say what I am thinking about the Steelers cause I would be wrong....... but his interview IMO speaks for itself!!! It speaks for itself..
  4. First @BroadwayRay thank you so much for posting this very very informative article! Think the Steelers are letting the guy who had a "Rape Posse" lead the way. Ben is a problem there and the Steelers are NEVER going to win with him in charge....
  5. Yes he is and it NOT close. We will see how it all plays out during Bell's time as a Jet but NO ONE in Jets history has been as impactfull in the NFL
  6. Charlie Brown

    Bell Reality Check

    Thank you!! Bell is a HOF talent, a generational talent and we have never had a player of his caliber on the Jets EVER .... I mean EVER! Bell is not Lamont Jordan or even CM. (even Martin has noted this!!).... If Bell plays up to his abilities we have a player who is averaging more yards from scrimmage per game than any player in NFL History but no we are listening to what amounts the Captain Kangaroo daily to find things wrong with our own players!
  7. Charlie Brown

    Jets newfound identity

    Hmmmmmm ok........
  8. Charlie Brown

    Jets newfound identity

    Just so you know this is a preposterous statement and borderline offensive.... Good Grief!
  9. Charlie Brown

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    Let me get this right cause a guy smokes weed he is a Thug?????? Really...........Really????? Good Grief.........
  10. Charlie Brown

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    I hear you... And I for one am still waiting to see the burnt tapes that had nothing on them So being a lawyer does not give you big insight into what the NFL does behind the scenes IMO...... But as @Creepy Lurker stated above there has to be some kind of penalty for teams and/or players who unilaterally back out their verbal commitments and then leave the other party harmed.
  11. Charlie Brown

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Actually this is a FANTASTIC solution IMO!!!
  12. Charlie Brown

    Did the Browns become a playoff team today

    Yes they did.... And I was screaming about it last night!! Then I hugged Snoopy (don't ask) and it all seemed to feel better much over time.... Let's Go Jets!!!!
  13. Charlie Brown

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    AS I stated above I do believe that the doctrine of detrimental reliance would give the Jets a legal leg to stand on.. What is Detrimental reliance? "Detrimental reliance is a term commonly used to force another to perform their obligations under a contract (Oral Contracts Count and = an Oral Promise for an Oral Promise), using the theory of promissory estoppel. Promissory estoppel may apply when the following elements are proven: A promise was made (Here the Jets & Barr). The Jets relying on the promise by Barr was reasonable or foreseeable."
  14. Charlie Brown

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Thank you! Bell as you indicated is as versatile as he is dangerous. If Bell plays up to his potential he will be one the best offensive weapons in NYJ history.
  15. Charlie Brown

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Indeed under the law it is actionable. Meaning you give your word and people rely on your word to their detriment (meaning lost opportunity or $$$$$) you can be sued. The NFL should do something now before a team eventually sues the player, as well as the Agent and the league itself.

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