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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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    Yep :)

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  1. Charlie Brown

    I do understand some fans indignation

    Very nice and well thought out post!!
  2. Was going to put a baby's laugh there but I thought the throwback pic was a good look cause that was the last time the Jets won a SB!!
  3. I actually think that it is!!!!! Good Catch!!
  4. To the original OP THANK YOU. THE WORM IS TURNING.........AND I FOR ONE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! SAY IT WITH ME... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Charlie Brown

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    No matter what I still look good in my imagination smoking a cigarette!!!
  6. Charlie Brown

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    But on another note I for one am a little concerned about this exposure..
  7. Charlie Brown

    Moderator Page - need bio help

  8. Going to your first point Anderson may need to grow up some concerning his public persona; (but at least he NOT Buffalo's LaSean McCoy), but no one can legitimately say that he is not a talented WR whose only limit is his focus... Lets start the games tomorrow!!
  9. What scares me is my girlfriend just said this looks like me discussing the Jets!!
  10. Thank you!!! Why do people keep ignoring that the best QB Schottenheimer ever had said that he was clueless. I wish the man nothing but the best but folks out here need to stop deluding themselves that we some how had Bill Walsh calling plays for the Jets during that stretch and somehow let him get away. In truth IMO I think that the Jets would have been better served with Schottenheimer being HC and Rex being the DC.
  11. Charlie Brown

    McCown says Darnold is the right QB for the job

    Sanchez own coach said that he was NOT ready for the NFL. I repeat; no one has suggested any such thing with Darnold!!!
  12. I for one LOVE this ranking!!! It will make it that much sweeter when the league must face the Rise of the DARNOLD!!!
  13. Charlie Brown

    KRL Camp Notes Are Coming

    KRL Magic .... Thank you so much!! Ok maybe its not the JETS but you get my meaning!!
  14. Charlie Brown

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    From a football standard this is the kind of thing that destroys team
  15. Charlie Brown

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    We need to radicalize our thinking and while we all love the physical and tough game of NFL football.......... The truth is we are losing our way and need a New Cultural of Peace before we all go up in the flames of anger and hypocrisy.