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    New York Jets Fan since I was 6 years old
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    I am a Teacher and a recovering attorney

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    Getting a Joe Namath Football from my dad after they won the SB......
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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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    Yep :)

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  1. Mayfield playing the hell out of the game today. Why no posts????
  2. Trading Bell would be INSANITY! He is exactly the opposite of what folks said he was before he got here, team first guy who comes to work despite the dysfunction swirling around him! Bell alos acts a high quality WR on a team bereft of WRs. You need to have multiple 1s to even think of it!
  3. Of course you are right but after 40 Plus years of absolute ineptitude Jet fans are unwilling to accept that coaches automatically "know" more than the fans. But then again you never said "coaches automatically" know more than the fans. What you did imply is that GW in particular doesn't seem like a Coach who will shill for the front office and I agree. For example, look at what GW did to our 3rd pick Polite, he sat him, helped fine him and eventually helped get him released. GW has been around and he is not going to let Gase, Douglas or anyone else on the Jets tarnish his reputation..... With that said, I too wish Leonard Williams would morph into a long haired Lawrence Taylor, who slaps QBs around for lunch and takes no prisoners........ but that is NOT going to happen, so what difference does LW "Grade" really mean to the average fan? Answer = NOTHING!!! And that is why you get the responses you get, everyone knows in the main you are right, but the Jets play in general SUCKS year after year after year and it pisses folks off....... But alas such is the life of a Jets fan....... After this post I have to lay down, I can't take it either
  4. Thank you! We are are a little nutty as a group for sure! But so what! Screw the coaches!!!
  5. Ok Daniel Jones is Good... REAL GOOD!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I agree. No one should expect the offense to be great with Luke in there for the Jets, no one. But all any Jets fan is looking for here is competent play at a minimum. When Sam went down last year McCown didn’t light it up! Ok that is what it is. And when Sam came back he made the Jets better. What we have seen on the last three games on offense I have never seem from a Jets team regardless of talent or record. So no sane poster should be expecting the Jets to play lights out on offense but we can expect minimum quality play that at least matches what Jeremy Bates was putting up last season.
  7. Our whole society has gone mad!! Who makes up a lie like that? Why do something easily verifiable and cheap!! Baker is a second year player! What you jealous and mad Sherman!! Disgusting!! And Good Grief!! i

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