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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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  1. Those claiming Gase is a good HC I ask which 3 players has he ever coached who exceeded expectations? Oh and don’t give me Peyton Manning alright.....
  2. Those claiming Gase is a good HC I ask which 3 players has he ever coached who exceeded expectations? Oh and don’t give me Peyton Manning alright.....
  3. The Jets made this into a story when it is a NON-STORY!!!!
  4. I really am not a fan of Gase that is all....... Bell has not been a problem at all with the Jets but Gase has had a problem with the best players on teams before and as a result the team sucked...
  5. Yea let the Jets get rid of two of the best players the Jets have had in over a generation for essentially a HC who was fired for mediocre results elsewhere...hmmmm sounds about right to me...
  6. All I have to say to some of you folks out here is: If the Jets hitch their wagon to Gase and end up getting rid of Bell and Darnold in favor of Gase because those two players “aren’t good enough or smart enough” to play in Gase’s “system”, then the Jets as an organization are even dumber than could ever be imagined. That is all....
  7. I have said the same thing and the Jets and some of the fans out here act like Gase is even in the same discussion as Shannahan when he isn’t even close! Our lines would be better and our run game would be better and our QB would be better,it is simple as that
  8. The fact that this is even a suggestion shows you how bad the Jets roster truly is........
  9. Ummmmmm maybe just maybe this is why he was banned!!!!! Good Grief!!!
  10. Pats get away with holding every play!!
  11. I just said the same thing!!! i will not watch NFL football if the refs are like this next year.
  12. They just told us earlier in the game that the defender had to turn around in order to avoid pass interference, now same thing happens to the Jets and we hear nothing and get no flag.
  13. As the announcers have stated for 1000000000000000 times why aren’t we running to the outside and rolling Darnold out?
  14. Gase is a goof. Why keep running up the middle and NOT ROLL DARNOLD OUT!!!
  15. Gase doesn’t know what he is doing. Why call a timeout then!

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