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  1. Anyone else like all 4?

    I too have strong reasons to like all four of the QBs... But that is because in truth I don’t know a dam thing about which one of these QBs would truly thrive in the pressure cooker known as the NY/NJ market and neither does anyone else and so we should all wait until the pick has been made before we start to bellyache.
  2. I will say it again why in the world would any Jets fan look the Giants as being neutral in the Jets potential success????? IMO the Jets should have gone their own way, and gotten their own stadium, and SEPARATED from the Giants as far as possible. Think, for example, if the Giants were cordial with the Jets they would swap draft positions with the Jets for say next's year's second or third, or some such thing, which would still enable them to drop back; since the Giants are not picking a QB. Jets fans are semi delusional if they think that the Giants wish the Jets anything but ill....
  3. Allen will be fine as well. It is really up to the teams to develop these guys.
  4. Hey I thought you wanted Mayfield!!!! Just kidding.....
  5. Happy birthday, slats

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  6. Thank you and @Mogglez has been pretty silent as of late; I wonder if the Jets have shifted their thinking some due to chalk board work, injury or something else we just don’t know about?
  7. Baker Mayfield/Steve Mariucci white board session.

    This guy is a winner....
  8. ***Speculation from Brownsboard.com***

    This is a Great OP and I for one am not in love with Darnold and really want Baker or Rosen on the Jets.
  9. Why is Revis doing this?

    You are right. In the end Revis was not willing to put in the effort to be great and that is more than a fair criticism of him.
  10. Why is Revis doing this?

    Thank you the man is a Jet and one has to thank him for saying this when you look at how the “Two Bills “ reacted when the Jets name were brought up. Older HOF players in the NFL are practically homeless and folks are begrudging these guys making money in a multi billion dollar business.
  11. Draft Rumor Round Up; Mayfield Visit

    I essentially agree with your post, but what about the stat that says Baker is the best under pressure? Indeed I’m not really a stat guy but the numbers aren’t close and when you watch the film Baker is the most complete QB on the draft this year. He throws well, is acccurate and according to reports is excellent on the white board Let’s say Baker was 6ft 4in tall; would he be the consensus No.1? I think that he very well might be. And if that is the case, we have to be willing to ask are we punishing him to much for those say 2 to 3 inches? Just asking.
  12. Draft Rumor Round Up; Mayfield Visit

    If you go to the article and the video, those are some of things that they point to. Simple math... Baker's career numbers are better by a mile than all of the other QB candidates combined. COMBINED!!! That is take any other QB's best numbers in their college career and they aren't close to Mayfield's... Mayfield was better at improvisation, better in the pocket, better under pressure, a better long ball thrower, better at "NFL" throws.......just better period..... Something really to think about here...
  13. Draft Rumor Round Up; Mayfield Visit

    This Clips from SI show just why the Jets might be RIGHT in drafting Baker... Take a look and you have to go Mayfield... https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/04/05/baker-mayfield-lincoln-riley-oklahoma-offense-draft-audibles-protections
  14. IMO I will say it one more time there is no Rational reason to have Allen over Jackson on your draft board. This guy has a real chance to be GREAT in the right system.