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  1. Wow this is GREAT NEWS!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  2. I tend to stay low but to say Becton was some weak sister last year in pass protection is PREPOSTEROUS!!! Read some of the facts for yourself..... https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/05/13/mekhi-bectons-pass-protection-deserves-more-praise-film/ While Becton’s triumphs in the run game are certainly worth marveling at, his unique highlight-worthiness in that phase has led to his abilities in the passing game being overlooked. Becton offers just as much elite potential in pass protection as he does in the run game. His pass-blocking performance as a 21-year-old rookie left tackle was not
  3. I really hope that he is alright and this is why I don’t begrudge players money they make. Average NFL player has a 3 and 1/2 year career.
  4. Well then that is on him but 20% less than that is a big deal, and that is what I meant by pay the guy, not 14 Million Dollars, but 11 Million.....but let's see how it plays out......
  5. I lived in Buffalo and this is simply an outrageous suggestion!!! They want to leave then everything stays and like the Browns they can get a NEW DAM TEAM!!! Good Grief!
  6. I keep hear folks say "overpay". Who has said anything about overpaying??? @AFJF @GREENBEAN @Jetsfan80 Mayes stats say he is a top ten quality safety in the league. Thet's what the numbers say.... The Jets offered him 20% less than the 10 Million he is slated to make this year about 8 to 9 Million dollars, saying those are guaranteed dollars. I say that he is worth what they are paying him this year at least 10 Million dollars. I say give a guy a three year deal at 11 Million with the last year being at the clubs option. Reward guys on your team rather than paying a stranger....
  7. @KRL as always just excellent reporting !! Besides everything you pointing being just terrific---- I noted the offensive movement you pointed out and overall how this coaching staff's attention to detail is truly impressive---- as two things that jumped out at me so far. Thank you again!
  8. Ummmmmm Nooooooooo And he was my third pick at QB! Zack Wilson has the goods to be great!
  9. This picture is actually frightening!!
  10. This really REALLY PISSES ME OFF!! Now I have nothing to COMPLAIN ABOUT!! Good Grief!! Hmmm Let’s Go Man!!!
  12. Thank you! This was the wrong Hill to die on IMO! And all to save monies that Wilson will more than make-up in National enthusiasm brought to the New York Jets, via One Zach Wilson! You mean the Jets can't see this....
  13. The Jets position is preposterous IMO..... They could get a line of credit to pay him the upfront fees and if the offset language is the key it is a non-risk for the team! Every analysis I have seen indicates that the offset language has only minorly impacted one player over the last decade! So what we are talking about here. In my previous life when I worked on leverage aircraft transactions with major US Banks , Japanese Co Lenders would demand Nuclear War insurance against US companies and they lost Billions in deals because of silliness like this. So no, this isn't s
  14. Just a thought.. People don't steal food unless they are hungry. He hasn't played football for a minute and he doesn't have money for food
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