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  1. I agree..................... but did you read the SI article on the Texans, that changed my mind completely and let me know why he wants to get the heck outta there!! Let's Go Jets!!!!!
  2. No way do we give up any quality players like QW or Becton, that would just be silly dumb. Watson is good OUTSTANDING but the Jets should not do anything that puts them in the no man's land for say another 3 to 4 years of 8 to 9 wins because we gave away to much to get Watson. This isn't golf and guys can get hurt on the Jets too.
  3. Thank you! It is the myth of the QB solving everything, when they don't and they can't! Watson won 4 Games; 2 more than the Jets, and that is with far superior talent on the offensive side of the ball! So great QB play definitely helps your team win but that ISN'T enough! The Jets haven't been a poor team for almost a decade because of poor QB play alone! There simply group of fans who fanaticize about just how good the Jets talent is and that somehow one player or two is holding the jets from being the Bills. No; we have a horrible roster and there is plenty of work to do besides just having a new QB.
  4. Great article. The key for me is you can draft a QB later in if you are not sold with Fields or Wilson at 2 but you may even feel better with a QB later in the draft. You could also bring in a vet like Winston and see what happens or even do all of the above The key for me is that there appears to be a directional plan for the Jets. They are no longer just relying on the cult of the coach or the player but now seem to recognize the necessity of having a plan for the development of both. For me it is in JD I trust. This is the first time since Parcells was here that I felt that the Jets know what they are truly doing.
  5. I loved the fact that Selah made several references to this board and the Jets Nation! Let’s Go Jets!!!
  6. As the Pittsburg Pirates said to the HOfer Ralph Kiner “we can come in last without you!” Interesting Point!
  7. @David Harris and @Bleedin Green you are 100% correct! It is amazing that this is going on with any NFL team And I also agree we are really the only team that can get Watson if we want him. 1. The Jets have to picks to get Watson say----- Three (3) No.1's and a Second next year. 2. Watson wants to work with HC Robert Saleh! How do we know? Simple, Watson asked the Texans to interview Saleh! 3. Why is No.2 above is important because people say Miami is the best landing spot for Watson and they are wrong! Why? Look at the yoyo way that that Miami treated Tua, and that is the "Patriot Way" and more importantly who is Miami's OC? The answer is Miami doesn't know, they just don't know... They fired Gailey so what type of Offense are they going to run? Compare that with the Jets who are going to be running the most QB favorable offense in the NFL.
  8. That article was crazy crazy long but totally damming. No sane person after reading that article would want to work for the Houston Texans.
  9. Hmmmmmm yea it was Sam Darnold who sabotaged Adam Gase and got him fired in Miami....Umm I mean NY!

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