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  1. Fields is my pick. However I am willing to adopt Wilson if he gets us to the SB!!!!
  2. This thread was designed to create unease and not facilitate discussion and it was deliberately done so I’m locking this thread and those that have bigoted views of whatever persuasion keep them off of here. Thank You!! Good Grief!!
  3. This post aligns with my thinking 100%!! Great Post!! How sane people could argue what you put forth here is beyond me!
  4. I think that in some ways you are 100% right To me, the issue isn't whether or not the GM and HC are on the same page per se but rather does the organization have a mission and a values plan for which all in the the organization from top to bottom must adhere. That is the power of what you posted originally shows; the Jets have a real plan for everyone. Contrast this with the Jets & Gase ---- who was not concerned with the defense, because the DC was essentially hired before him or the development of their 1st round pick QB enough to even hire him a QB coach! Most peo
  5. It is nice for Darnold to be classy. He is a Good Man!!
  6. This is it up until now ... Loving the Jets ("player or Fan") just leaves you with a broken heart Hopefully we are entering a new era where this will never ever happen in this way to this team again!!!
  7. This is hilarious!! He didn’t just post this out of the blue! Yep....Some smart alak Jets fans blow up his spot cause he doesn’t agree with their narrative and this is the result See there are certain things ya can’t argue with!! Ummmmm Jets win and stuff like this don’t happen! Fan bases who are lulled to sleep with 9-7 regular season records that morph into playoff runs don’t get it. Lets Go Jets!!
  8. I myself just remember the two innocent people who were butchered and their families’ lives destroyed ....
  9. Ummmmmm NOW that was from HIS attorney!!!! Can we all just admit that it would be a MISTAKE to bring that guy here!!!!!
  10. This post exemplifies why he didn't write a farewell tweet (he's not on it) or post or statement... Fans want to insult you and then have you turn around and say you want some more.......
  11. The key is Idzik had picks but no process; JD has a clear organizationally sound process— big big difference!
  12. Thank you! Excellent recap and why I am willing to give JD time regardless of what happens because the process is right for once! The organization is proper for once! Contrast this with MacCagnan who literally never consulted Bowles other than inviting Bowles to some pro-days! Bowles literally had no input into any players he was going to coach, shocking but true. IMO.....An organization cannot obtain or maintain long term success unless they take the path to success that JD is outlining.
  13. This was the most important thing he said to me by far!
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