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  1. PLEASE... PLEASE. please...highlight what Otto Graham did and note the time he did it in....... and it is why he is my Number 1A QB behind Montana..... Otto Graham was that GOOD!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you.......... I guess random stats only tell part of the story then
  3. Wait no longer... Here are jury instructions that could show the theory on which the NFL could potentially be held liable "3610.Aiding and Abetting Tort—Essential Factual Elements: [Name of plaintiff] claims that [he/she] was harmed by [name of actor]’s [insert tort theory, e.g., assault and battery] and that [name of defendant] is responsible for the harm if [name of plaintiff] proves all of the following: 1. That [name of defendant] knew that [a/an] [e.g., assault and battery] was [being/going to be] committed by [name of actor] against [name of plaintiff]; 2. That [name of defendant] gave substantial assistance or encouragement to [name of actor]; and 3. That [name of defendant]’s conduct was a substantial factor in causing harm to [name of plaintiff]. Mere knowledge that [a/an] [e.g., assault and battery] was [being/going to be] committed and the failure to prevent it do not constitute aiding and abetting. And so you have it Mon Captain!!!
  4. If you are caught saying something like this on audio recording you should be suspended..... PERIOD!!! The NFL is nuts, more concerned with perception than reality and it shows!!
  5. As this thread clearly shows some of us would certainly act like insufferable lunatics. And despite the myth that “ all fans” are like this how you behave and treat others is strictly a concern and an attitude that is up to you. It is like the Seattle game in which the Jets scored a magic helmet TD to win the game ushering in instant replay. Some of us realized that the Jets were gifted that game and said so while others acted like it was supposed to happen because Parcells was our HC.
  6. Great great article and highlights how important Darnold was to making a horrific OL look better than it actually was. I wonder how Darnold would have done with the Eagles, Chiefs or even Browns OL. The young man can play and given a above average OL and decent skill position players he is going to prove it!!
  7. I will let this guys last words answer that question when should we root for the PATS!!!
  8. Does this post make you HAPPY MISTER???? Well Does it? Cause this is what you are doing ....
  9. Good OP! Simple folks criticism of Williams' defenses out here have a very simple equation that they must work out, which is... Is Williams a better DC than Rogers? And no one and I do mean NO ONE in the entire NFL would claim that Rogers is a superior DC to Williams and this includes ROGERS himself!! So no matter what happens going forward, the Jets are in a much better position as it concerns the DC position than they have been in years!
  10. Have some cake with that Fishing and the kids!!!
  11. He is GREAT man who I live with and take care of now that he suffers from memory loss. He was a Cop here in NYC, risked his life consistently on behalf of others and he will always be my Hero!
  12. I really like him! So sorry to hear this right after a young player losing his arm and so on At the end of the day we have all these plans but in Truth as my father always has said "we are all just passing through, so we need to make ourselves as helpful and loving as we possibly can along the way"....
  13. TI think Brady is Great but he doesn’t play in an era of defensive football. I have seen refs protect Brady on plays blowing whistles anticipating that he was running out of bounds!! I have Brady up in my top four because he won so much but Otto Graham won just as big and his team wasn’t cheating. So for my money Montana Number 1 Brady Number 3 Graham number 2 and Jim Kelly needs to be moved up on this list no way A whole lot of these guys were better than him

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