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  1. Patrick Mahomes is going to be a star

    Now why in the world didn't we pick Mahomes again??? We could have avoided paying crazy money or having to trade draft picks if just got him last year!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHY WE DIDN'T PICK HIM..................... This is just sickening!!!
  2. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Villian Thank you, you finally joined us!!!
  3. Thank you for this.... I now understand what you are saying and take back half of the things I said....Hahahaahahah Carry on..... I for one am in favor of KC that is obvious, but there is point at which it becomes a fools errand, especially when we could have gotten quality QBs in last year's draft. It makes this whole thing IMO even more bizarre and absurd then even I thought was ever possible....
  4. Tuscany I don't get you.... You don't want KC but INSIST on starting new threads daily about him on the same theme and topic.. This makes sense to you???? There is a group of fans who want to set things up so no matter what the Jets do they can bitch and moan about what was done no matter what it is embarrassing..... Come on Man...... Good Grief!!!
  5. Here is a Jet Youtuber discussing KC... Give the young guy some luv; I just subscribed...
  6. I have yet to hear how paying KC monies will stop the Jets from procuring the services of anyone of merit, ANYONE, so to keep harping out here on his salary as if giving him monies is a kind of nuclear catastrophe is silly IMO...
  7. No one is crowning anyone... Come on now!! My point concerning Mahomes was a simple one. Mahomes is simply not that much worse than the guys coming out now and procuring his services would have required NO TRADING AWAY of draft picks!!!! That is the key point!!!................Not that I think that Mohomes is an automatic HOF......I simply have NEVER EVER implied any such thing... And the fact that KC is willing to get rid of Alex Smith for Mohomes tends to make me feel that they agree with me!
  8. Also you have to take into account that the Jets passed on Mahomes last year!! That also has to be calculated IMO and yet another reason why Cousins should be taken because we could avoided trading any picks had we just drafted Mahomes!
  9. Good question....... Especially when we could have had Mahomes last year, while not risking draft picks. See if we give up draft picks to get someone not named Rosen, then it compounds last year’s moves.
  10. No one is against drafting a QB. But fans of over 30 years all know the drill. We have seen that play before. Also.......There is no such thing as a sure thing in this draft. If we were talking a about Peyton Manning than yes but we are not; anyone you move up for is a risk, and hence you had better have a quality plan B in place as well. And based upon the Jets recent past, we don’t have a real plan B, so we or many of us saying go for the sure thing rather than get nothing, cause that is the Jets seeming plan The Jets had a chance last year to draft a QB as good as anyone in this draft and they passed and that says everything IMO.
  11. You see for some 40 Plus Years of basically incompetent QB isn't enough!!
  12. Ummm what are we doing paying a LT $70 Million Dollars......
  13. Thank you!! And to all you naysayers... All I have to say is this!!
  14. Jeremy Bates?

    I have been thinking of Bates for awhile and my theory not fact is that...... Why everyone on the Jets are so high on him is because he was helping to script the the team’s game plan at the beginning of games when the Jets were seemingly most effective then as Morton called the game the Jets would sometimes hit rough patches not evolving on the original approach that the offensive coaching staff laid out. Just a theory.