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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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  1. Every time you say this I think of this... Enjoy.... Hmmmmmmmmm remind you of anyone saying branding doesn't matter..
  2. In truth that is why Sheldon Silver just went to jail last month because he in part was using his influence to steer business in certain directions.... Look at what the WSS was going to do... “The speaker wanted us to (not build) about 24 million square feet (of new retail space) that are scheduled to be built over the next 20 or 30 years on the West Side, and I could not in good conscience take away people’s rights to build there,” Bloomberg said. Pataki said last night, “This would have been tremendous for New York City.” This man was bought and paid for and I am quite sure former Mayor Bloomberg made sure that his nonsense came out, hence his recent incarceration.
  3. Thank you the whole team is put together better than the Jets.
  4. If Cinny comes back to win then Baker will begin to hear it for real!
  5. This is obviously two teams playing their second game but they look so much better prepared then the Jets. Way way better and the offenses look so much more innovative and progressive.....
  6. Like Burrows alot! Cinnys OL is better by far than the Jets OL!!
  7. I like Chris Johnson I really do but... For Adams Gase to be a "BRILLIANT" offensive mind he should be comfortably be in the TOP 10 of offensive play callers or designers in the entire NFL. OK....................................... Well does anybody believe that Adams Gase has shown that he truly is a TOP TEN play caller or designer when he doesn't have Payton Manning under Center? ANYBODY???????????????????????????????? So what are we talking about it here....lets just say it was just a dumb statement and leave it at that .....
  8. All I say is I was offering my services gratis to the Committee to help bring the WSS to the Jets, complete with retractable dome and tied to NEEDED Exhibition Space for NY, moderate housing and luxury shopping and eating, as well ongoing revenue for license purchasers and LUNATICS were saying that NJ would be better...... Now we can honestly say that what we have now is better than this...
  9. What I am saying is little obvious... You can't fully blame the player, in this Darnold, for an organization that is dysfunctional. The ship has be sound before the passengers board or you can't blame them for the ship sinking.....
  10. Ummmmmm. Gase has a losing record while employing his philosophy and some of the worst rated offenses both here and in Miami in the entire NFL. Would you say Adam Gase is a "BRILLIANT" NFL mind and in the top 10 innovators in professional football? If not, why the hell is Gase coaching your team????
  11. I actually agree with you 100%!!!!! I was simply pointing out in my initial post that the attacks on Sam on this thread and often in general lack proper contextualization and are at this point and time unwarranted.
  12. Note that people who are attacking Sam make no mention of this in their patented Sam sucks responses. The key is, does Gase do this or not? Did he attack weakness of opponents in Miami? The short answer both questions is no, he does not and did not and while there maybe a cogent explanation we don't know why..

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