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    New York Jets Fan since I was 6 years old
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    I am a Teacher and a recovering attorney

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    Getting a Joe Namath Football from my dad after they won the SB......
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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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    Yep :)

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  1. Ummmmmmm I’m offended by this iconography and that is all I will say….
  2. Got a ten-ticket package... Good Seats......... Just saw the schedule and I hope to just have competitive games! Let's Go Jets!!!
  3. Just Look & Listen to this GUY! He is GENUINELY HAPPY TO BE HERE!!
  4. The Truth is that many many many fans were irate and that the Bills didn't pick him. Indeed fans were clamoring for him. There is one thread that is over 115 pages long and over 12 months in length in duration discussing this.... Wow!!
  5. Now can we say that Committed Parents Can Make a Difference. You grow up listening to that and you have a real chance to be a truly Great Human being......
  6. One line says it all.. The Jets Draft, "The best He Has EVER SEEN!" Now I know we are coming in last in the division...
  7. Here is little opposing fan Sunshine! Here is the link to a 105 Page Tirade on Why the Bills should have draft/drafted Breece Hall! And the reactions are epic once the Jets draft him, worth going through the last few pages just for laughs and giggles! https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/238955-breece-hall-please/page/105/
  8. Yes and based on what was proposed you do that in a heartbeat! Deebo Samuel is not just a WR he is a cultural changer and the Niners will regret treating him poorly cause he will not want to be there. Finally the issue with Deebo isn’t overall dollars but Guaranteed Monies, this is the sticking point and the Niners will not change their position, hence they will have trade him.
  9. I wanted him and think he has HOF ability. But the Jets overall Draft was better than the Giants and I love JJ. We will all see how Kayvon works out, it will be interesting.
  10. Exactly... the 49ers Miscalculated and now they are trying to make it as if the Jets somehow did something. It is a joke! No one has correctly indicated what the real problem is and I will state it here clearly.......... The issue is the 49er's are NOT WILLING to give Deebo Samuel the GUARANTEED MONIES he is looking for...again the 49er's are NOT WILLING to pay him! The total package is or can be misleading because the 49ers ARE NOT WILLING to give him the GUARANTEED MONIES while at the same time asking Deboo to take extra abuse and sooooooooo...................... he is saying TRADE ME! Which despite the foolishness of some is an eminently reasonable position to take! The only reason folks speak like this is to some degree because they can deflect it off on the Jets.... But a NEW DAY IS COMMING!! Let's Go Jets!!!
  11. Just a Great Point! I always think that is the essential vibe that each of us should have with each other.....
  12. Well well well... Hmmmmm different.... Worth the Listen...... Here is the Grade for our First Pick: Here is the Grade for the Second Pick: Here is the Grade for the Third Pick: Oh Boy The Times Are A Changing!!!
  13. Ok so I have a problem if he is currently a Gang Member if he is not I can't understand why this guy waited this LONG!!! WoW!!
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