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  1. Jet Nut stay strong.... You have no idea how much happiness you have brought me out here on this site. You are going to be fine, because God wants and needs Great People on this planet here at this time.
  2. Is anyone surprised by a bogus report being promulgated by one of our beat writers!
  3. I too thought Jackson COULD be successful in the right circumstances. However, I did not think and do not think that Jackson would have been successful in New York as a Jet. IMO the Jets would NOT have played to Jackson's strengths as the Ravens have done and our horrific OL and poor skill players on offense would have demanded Jackson to run more and probably get him hurt. Revisionist history now says Jackson was going to be great no matter what.. But I remember Bill Polian saying that Jackson wasn't a QB and that he should switch to WR..... If Jackson falls into those with those kinds of football evaluations and sentiments he isn't as successful.. And Jackson having to say this.... So while Jackson has since thrived, I am not sure he is automatic Good Player on the Jets....
  4. Hey I really thought Darnold wasn't a consideration at all because I really didn't think that he would be available and of the QBs left I thought Allen was 3rd, not to knock him but I thought Rosen was more pro ready. Allen has been good and Rosen had been in a bad situation after bad situation so we still have to wait as to final judgment on Rosen...
  5. I stand by my statements at the time! I wanted Mahomes and doubted Watson! I was WRONG about Watson, he is way better than I thought! Indeed only a CRAZY loon thought that we should have continued to put all of our chips on Hackenburg! Again I wanted Hack drafted, but once we saw he was NO GOOD we (the Jets) held on to him passing over Mahomes and Watson...... WE NEEDED A QB!!!!! It was an OBVIOUS draft BLUNDER that has resulted in the ongoing animus for JAMAL ADAMS. You didn't have to be a draft guru to see these FACTS to realize that Mac was moronic in his decision making! And so NOW I'm not accepting that None of US out here wanted Mahomes or Watson that is not true.. Many besides me wanted a QB drafted.... We did and to act like that was a difficult thought or hope is silly..... Finally, I had as my picks for QBs Baker, Rosen and then Allen because I did not think Darnold would even be available! I was afraid of drafting Darnold because he was young and still needed significant QB development and based upon the Jets track record I had good reason to be nervous.... Let's Go Jets!
  6. You make an excellent point! However, I believe that the Johnsons have made an institutional shift with the hiring of JD. Even the Johnsons have to be able to see how competent JD is and well respected he is league wide something none of the last four or five Jets GMs could state in their wildest dreams! And yet the proof will be in the pudding as they say.. by their action we shall know them..
  7. I agree with you! I too think Gase probably gets two more years absent him imploding. The difference here is I don't think that JD will keep Gase here no matter what if he isn't getting the job done.
  8. Hey I am so HAPPY YOU MADE THE POLL! At least it was something NEW!! I commented on the thread because it is a GOOD ONE!!!
  9. For me it is just another thread to attack Gase and I feel that it is unnecessary and NO ONE on this board was more anti Gase hire than me. I went NUCLEAR! But right now if Gase doesn't perform he will be gone. Me saying for the One thousandth time that I don't think that he is Great wont make a bit of difference but I didn't attack anyone for voting or say the thread was silly. What else do we have to speak on? I just said for me I am not there anymore and essentially.. Let's Go Jets!!!
  10. I REFUSE TO VOTE!!! I have little faith in Gase but I'm a JETS FAN and Hope he wins Coach of the Year next year!
  11. I really felt that we had a winner when Darnold refused to wish Tom Brady Happy Birthday! Sam is going to kill it this year... The key will be Mims and improved OL play!
  12. Here is the Counter Narrative to the one out here that many say that.......... Bell is slow, old and washed up... Now see the truth!!

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