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    New York Jets Fan since I was 6 years old
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    Football, Acting, Basketball
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    I am a Teacher and a recovering attorney

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    Getting a Joe Namath Football from my dad after they won the SB......
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    Are you serious with this question!!!
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    Yep :)

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  1. I know I know this is me now... But I still believe that Gayle Sayers, Jim Brown, Willie Mays, and Joe D for baseball would still be pretty good today...
  2. Only Jets fans love to tear down their Heroic Icons from the past, based on stats when they never saw those icons play! It is Amazing! Think you ........Never see Browns fans tear down Jim Brown or Colts fans tear down Johnny Unitas etc., But Jets fans every year do the same thing over and over.... It's a little sad ............ but carry on.......
  3. Clear Revis is a Jet nice to see!!
  4. Good report..... Trust me on this NO WAY the NFL rewards Cleveland by letting them win a SB this year or in the next three years for that matter. Cleveland got the buzz they were looking for but they will not be permitted to win it ALL because of the message it would send.... Thank God the Jets are nowhere this nonsense!
  5. He's a happy young man and with so much Craziness going on, from Buffalo to Texas, I'm willing to support his youthfulness. I am not dulling his shine I just hope that he can help the Jets rise to the very top again!
  6. Considering that you hate Wilson = ; I sincerely thank you for posting this article! Faith Springs Eternal When You Are A Jets Fan! Let's Go Jets!
  7. Hmmm I didn't see this posted and I kind of Love this Video of Zach Wilson... Enjoy..
  8. There are many types of “undercover” officers and not all are like on TV. There are buy and bust (drugs) and there are undercover identity folks. My father, rest his soul, was a commanding officer who was attempting to stop the flow of narcotics into poor areas in the neighborhood known as the South Bronx. Drug dealers didnt like him disrupting their income and threatening him and sending threats via others to the precinct and following him. My father never blinked and was extremely popular by the poor people in the community because he was making their lives better. While there are problem officers no doubt my father would say so… nevertheless that is why I always respect the honest officers who protect others, it is a far far harder job than folks ever could imagine.
  9. You Sir are far cleverer than I!!! Brilliant!
  10. I have posted on Cohen's videos since the Deebo Samuel hunt and I have posted on this attack... Cause that was what it was, it was an assault, plain and simple Totally NOT ACCEPTABLE!! People can say what they want you don't get to touch them. Cohen is a REPORTER he doesn't have to say NICE things about you, period. If he is lying or misrepresenting you then you can sue or call him out but touching him and using threatening language is not acceptable. Stupid articles by a dumb journalist --- DOES NOT = VIOLENCE! My father who was an undercover NYPD police officer and used to get death threats from drug dealers at our house would not have let that man intimidate him or even attempt it no matter how big he thinks he is...
  11. Thanks Wow... I didn't know that! I have actually traveled to Japan many times. What is the defense then?
  12. Ummmmmmm I’m offended by this iconography and that is all I will say….
  13. Got a ten-ticket package... Good Seats......... Just saw the schedule and I hope to just have competitive games! Let's Go Jets!!!
  14. Just Look & Listen to this GUY! He is GENUINELY HAPPY TO BE HERE!!
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