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  1. 3 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    I’m gonna air a grievance here. As you know, I’ve been posting on these godforsaken message boards for 30+ years. The tenor and tone of the “debates” that go on these past few years have turned so malicious and so toxic that a lot of good posters can’t even sign on (much less engage) anymore. You know me: I’m rarely disrespectful toward other people’s opinions and I’m all for some light-hearted debate, but it gets discouraging to sign on in the morning and have a bunch of notifications of posts that aren’t debate, but unfunny clowns calling you a troll and seeing that mods have liked that post. I don’t take it personally because 1. I invite those responses with my pessimism and 2. **** those guys, but the sheer volume of posters whose entire posting oeuvre is just them coming after and attacking anyone who has even the most mild critique of this Jets franchise is pathetic. Not to call him out because I generally like him, but when is the last time @Charlie Brown made an actual football post instead of incessant “diseased trolls” commentary? The more derision you’re met with, the more hostile the tone of any thread gets. Do you know how excited I was to see @Mogglez’s post engaging me *on the merits* of my recent Zach Wilson post? Pretty ******* excited. You, me, and Meddle used to engage like that on the old board. But now? Not so much. If the mods want to create a better vibe in these threads, you need to check the tone of the people coming after even those you don’t agree with. You’ve been around long enough. You know the difference between a troll and a long suffering Jets fan. Don’t lump them in together, and don’t start threads calling for the extermination of those posters because you’re just going to make things worse for everybody. 


    Hmmmmmm I'm not quite sure what "diseased troll" comment from me that you are referring to. :( 

    I simply agreed with Shane that people randomly attacking folks because they are trying to get excited about the season should be avoided. 

    I truly hope that I have not inadvertently ever attacked anyone ever on this board but if I have ever offended you by a post that I have made I hereby apologize.

    Nevertheless, your ad hominem attack on me when I specifically mentioned without specificity that I was having a personal problem is simply puzzling.

    Indeed, again as I stated before I have not been out here because my life is going through tremendous challenges and for you to essentially attack me because of this is, in my opinion, a little problematic.

    But carry on........

    I have big shoulders ...

    Let's Go Jets :) 

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  2. All I can say is this post that is attached to the linked article says it all....

    ratpackjeremy says:

    July 28, 2022 at 8:14 pm

    This guy has been nothing but a problem since he entered the league. I’m still wondering how a safety who doesn’t cover 80 percent of the time on the back end gets to a pro bowl? A glorified linebacker maybe, but a safety? Not so much.

    95 Up Votes 3 Down Votes

    And I like Adams as a player but the team chemistry is sooooo different now with the team first guys we have brought in it is actually hard to remember that culture was as toxic as it was just a few years back....

    JD has done a heck of a job!

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  3. 3 hours ago, Maxman said:

    Side note JetNation will be out there, but we are still working things out with the Jets. @KRL was lined up and ready to go but it isn't all approved just yet.  I have been told that we won't be invited out for week one.  Frustrating but we are trying to work through it.

    Boss you are the BEST!!

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  4. On 7/11/2022 at 8:22 PM, Rhg1084 said:

    He looks like a beast. Nobody is getting around him. People forget how good he was 

    Ummmmm he looks like he literally eats people like the dude next to him for lunch!  

    That is a BIG MAN right there!

  5. 11 hours ago, slimjasi said:


    Good report..... Trust me on this NO WAY the NFL rewards Cleveland by letting them win a SB this year or in the next three years for that matter.

    Cleveland got the buzz they were looking for but they will not be permitted to win it ALL because of the message it would send....

    Thank God the Jets are nowhere this nonsense!


  6. 5 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Zach Wilson Is Making Progress

    It's only OTAs, but the Jets’ QB looks set up to improve in his second season.



    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Zach Wilson straddled a line of red pads and faced quarterbacks coach Rob Calabrese, awaiting instruction on which way to shuffle his feet. Diagonally, about seven yards away on either side of the field, someone was waiting to catch a pass.

    The drill is meant to have your brain and body processing on different levels and is a version of a workout utilized by some of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. Your feet are shuffling. Your head and your eyes are taking in the instructions (move left, move right) and the relationship between those two needs to coincide at a split second when you are told which direction to throw. While no drill is perfect, it simulates the idea that, in the NFL, nothing is going to look perfectly, your feet won’t always be set and all synapses must fire regardless at the first glimpse of pretty good. Wilson can, like most quarterbacks now, finish a throw with the now standard no-look flourish, beelining a pass over his left shoulder while keeping his eyes toward the receiver on the right-hand side. 

    A few moments before his first OTA workout, Wilson’s coach, Robert Saleh, had admiringly called him “thick” before laughing at his word choice. He said that Wilson is in the right headspace. That he sounds like an NFL quarterback. That he acts like an NFL quarterback. That he hangs out with people conducive to making him a better NFL quarterback. Much has been made about the second-year quarterback’s offseason training regimen, which has him looking more like an NFL quarterback and less like a brand ambassador for Hollister. Understanding full well that this is a process (Saleh noted a few minutes earlier that Year 2 into Year 3 is when we often see the growth in a player), what the Jets have for now are these little moments. These drills. Padless, seven-on-seven football to gauge the status of a player who will be largely, but not singularly, responsible for buoying the team’s targeted rebuilding process.

    A year ago, looking back on his first OTA practice as a rookie, Wilson had shown the moments that made him the No. 2 pick in the 2021 draft. He can float out of the pocket and let loose a one-legged, sidearm-looking circus pass that lands beautifully in the arms of his wide receiver. You’ll remember the one to Keelan Cole in the Jets’ win over the Titans. But if you were to place an optometrist’s patch over your eye, obscuring all the numbers, and ask who was the high pick in the draft a few weeks before, the answer would have clearly been backup Mike White. In the moments when Wilson wasn’t asked to be spectacular, he was behind his backup in terms of hitting the short- and medium-range routes with consistent, leading accuracy. On a quick slant, the ball might have forced a receiver to turn backward and reach away from his momentum. Neither quarterback had much experience with the current set of wide receivers, but White was more efficient when the final step of the assigned drop back hit the turf, and the ball immediately discharged in the location it was supposed to.

    Now, though, Wilson appears to have closed that gap. His first throw in a seven-on-seven drill fired the moment his back foot touched the ground on the third step of a three-step drop. The ball drilled Corey Davis right in the chest, just enough ahead of him that he could run without adjusting his stride. Still existing are those plays when Wilson will hit the fifth step in his drop, double pump-fake, slide out of the pocket and loft a ball to running back Michael Carter for a 30-ish yard gain. Wilson, to at least one untrained eye, seems to be getting into his drops faster. His footwork looks a little smoother and more economical.

    It is not all perfect. Wilson uncorked a loftless fastball to a running back trying to execute a wheel route, which typically requires more touch. There were a handful of balls that landed behind wide receivers, though not nearly as frequently as this time in 2021 (again, we stress, this may be the first time the quarterback was even meeting the person, so take this comparison with a massive grain of salt). 

    But if the opening drill is at all a metaphor for this process, the goal is to make the most of pretty good, which Wilson seems to have accomplished this offseason. His opportunities to be the kind of mobile, game-breaking quarterback we fawned over during the predraft process will exist, especially with an improved running game and an increased number of clean boot-action reps. His ability to be immediate and process will win New York more games. 

    Toward the end of the drill, it seemed the Jets’ quarterbacks coach was forcing Wilson to react more and more quickly. Where one quarterback may have had several beats between a directional change, Wilson had to shuffle left, then right immediately, back left, then deliver the football. 

    Baked into Saleh’s approach has been the player-friendly idea that this was the kind of undertaking that couldn’t be microwaved. Indeed, Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas had so much stabilization to create. Before their arrival, the Jets under Mike Maccagnan were crafted a bit like a beach house on stilts, susceptible to toppling under a moderate wave. So if this counts as a Wilson hype piece—that he seems incrementally more accurate and efficient—so be it. By design, we are not going to hear any clamoring statements or proclamations. We are going to have to look at the thing under a microscope. Right now, what we see looks better than the year before

    Considering that you hate Wilson = :) ; I sincerely thank you for posting this article!

    Faith Springs Eternal When You Are A Jets Fan!

    Let's Go Jets!

  7. 3 hours ago, batman10023 said:

    I thought the point of being undercover was using a different identity.  Or were you guys part of the cover story?

    There are many types of “undercover” officers and not all are like on TV.  There are buy and bust (drugs) and there are undercover identity folks.

    My father, rest his soul, was a commanding officer who was attempting to stop the flow of narcotics into poor areas in the neighborhood known as the South Bronx.  Drug dealers didnt like him disrupting their income and threatening him and sending threats via others to the precinct and following him.  My father never blinked and was extremely popular by the poor people in the community because he was making their lives better.  

    While there are problem officers no doubt my father would say so… nevertheless that is why I always respect the honest officers who protect others, it is a far far harder job than folks ever could imagine.   

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