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  1. This is the very thing the NFL knows is true and is so afraid that others will discover as well!!!!
  2. If Schefter reported that the Colts complained in November than why does he go on national radio and argue it is all an innocent mistake!! These are clowns and they act like we are all imbeciles as well!!!
  3. If this stands then they should be banned from the league....
  4. All of the ex coaches and talking heads on ESPN totally ignored what Mark Brunell and Jerome Bettis. Everyone acts like this some kind of joke, it isn't. Coaches have lost their careers because they couldn't defeat the Pats and they were cheating and have been cheating for years. It is sickening...
  5. I was actually thinking the same thing. This is truly hurting me it is causing me to turn from a game I love because of this but the truth is there are many other things I can do with my time and money...
  6. I have begun sending it to the media on facebook and the like and I feel good about it!!
  7. Because the NFL and this Commissioner can NOT be trusted!! Period
  8. I think that the truth that is has been going on for over a decade!!!!! Anyone who thinks that the Pats did this for the Colts game alone is INSANE!!! The Pats are a venal organization with regards to the rules.
  9. Here is the link to what you were talking about.. Even the players were shocked about how much the deflation impacted the football Watch: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12205404&categoryid=5595394
  10. Wow... I didn't think of this!! Hmm are you sure that you are not a Pat employee!!
  11. Thank you!! I have been a Jets fan since 1969 and I don't want to see my team cheating to WIN!!!! I am beginning to dislike the game I have loved for over 4 Decades!!! And it is making me sick...
  12. JUST DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can these Patsy clowns please explain why the Colts footballs defied the laws of physics that they mentioned in the post by maintain their legal weight!! Good Grief!!!
  13. INSANE!! One Pat's fan came on the radio last night and said that he and his friend played with a football and it lost 2 pounds.. So that "explains" what happened and that this is witch hunt against the Pats! It is just Pathetic.......
  14. Thank you so much.... This is the hidden meaning behind everything on the table... NO WAY DID THE PATS CHEAT AGAINST THE COLTS BUT PLAYED IT FAIR AND SQUARE AGAINST THE RAVENS!!! NO WAY!!!! Period!!! I remember Pats fans swaying sanctimoniously that Spygate was an isolated incident and the Pats were not guilty of SYSTEMIC cheating.... But guess what the PATS have been cheating since the beginning of their run right up to the last GAME!! They are a disgrace to the men and women who work, play and perform in the organization known as the NFL!! Good Grief!!
  15. This is the key!! And the truth is that the multiple levels of cheating add up and when teams are so evenly matched these illegal actions determine the OUTCOMES of games!! The Pats are undermining the very fabric of the NFL.. It is a Joke!!
  16. Those talking about the finale score are missing the entire point!! Does anyone in their right mind think for a minute that the Pats were only doing this to the Colts? What about the Ravens? Don't you think that the Pats wee cheating with them when they KNEW that the Ravens had historically had their number? Or what about the games during the season the won close games at home! This is a joke and the writers like Lupica and so on who defend this are beyond contemptible in this regard!
  17. Really??? They only have 12 balls for each side of the game. This means that the Pats are guilty... I am just sick of their marginalization of the rules. It is a joke.
  18. You noticed that as well. I never had a problem with anybody talking (i.e. Rex) but if you run off at the mouth (I'm an Ali fan) you had better perform.... Period Guys who run their mouth and then say I didn't get it done because of X,Y and Z sound foolish. And the folks who make excuses for them sound even dumber... As Bowles said it's results, period.
  19. It is a little scary actually.... I am just not used to it!!!!!!!!!!
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