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  1. I really really hope cause we are usually the ones to lose games like this... Just Stunning!!!
  2. The Jets have NEVER WON A GAME LIKE THIS!!!! NEVER!!! I can't recall a GAME LIKE THIS EVER and I have been following this team since FOREVER!! This is the beginning of the end of the SOJF...PERIOD!!!
  3. The Jets have NEVER and I mean NEVER have won a Game like that.. Just unbelievable!
  4. The Jets are NOT good enough to beat teams and the REFS!!
  6. Adams is seriously injured nothing good about that……
  7. Ummmmmm I just want to point out how wise and sagacious some posters truly are....
  8. Thank you so much!! I think that Lafleur can be a good OC but on this he is NUTS!! You don’t put your best players on the field cause they dont know every root tree. Crazy!! And it shows that Mims whatever folks might think was right in part!! Think two years ago we had no talent to put on the field. Now we have the talent and it the JETS COACHING STAFF that is not putting the Best Talent on the Field!!! Just sickening!!! GOOD GRIEF!!
  9. Ok get off this board with this sane and rational post!!! Thank you…… Obviously you are 100% correct here, it is a medical decision and that really is the end of it
  10. I agree 100% with this post and the ideas behind it. How anyone could think that Sam Darnold should have started year one when he was the youngest QB in NFL history, was clearly a project, questionable coaching at best and had a poor OL is beyond me. Putting in a player before they are ready at the most difficult position in team sports is just asinine IMO…
  11. Thank you for the post! Davis is right. An offense should be judged by putting up points. Moving the ball up and down the field means nothing if you don’t score points, period.
  12. Hmmmmmm all those who said I was crazy that Saleh was trying to get Zach to play it doesn't seem so crazy now, does it! And here are the receipts below.... . Ummmmmmmm
  13. Thank you sir. I mentioned this in another thread that Saleh last week was hoping that Zach was going to do just that but he didn't hence we are in the position we are in now...
  14. It was One Game! Mr. Johnson is doing everything he can over the last three years to turn things around the right way and has nothing right now during that span to apologize for IMO!
  15. The Jets defense was good why is that so hard for some to say. Were they perfect??? No!! But compared to what transpired last year they were Great!! Relax…. It was ONE GAME!!! Wow…..
  16. I wanted Mims drafted so I am biased but he made a good point about this staff and how they put folks on the field! How is Cager getting more looks than the two TEs you paid boat loads of money to come in here! How is Berrios who you didn’t use a better option than Garret Wilson who you drafted at No 10 in the draft and who looks great when you put him in. You have him behind Berrios????? You dont put the best out on the field, why? What are you saying, Wilson doesn’t know the whole route tree too argument… Ummmm that can’t be cause Wilson is smart and looks llike a Number 1 WR every time he touches the ball! So why not use him!! On another front, how is not picking up Gardner Minshew for a fifth not better than trotting out Joe I’m too Old Flacco…. So Mims was right to some degree, but his point reveals something far more than what is happening to just him and it is disturbing IMO
  17. I know a lot of folks didn't see the value of this article. But in some simple ways the article shows how the Jets could win the yardage battle, and time of possession but nevertheless lose the game....
  18. All I can say is I live in NYC and lived in Brooklyn next to the Brooklyn Bridge on 9/11 and I will never forget the smell that came for months after the World Trade Center Buildings came down! Never.... In truth, if it weren't for my fellow Jets fans and the distractions, I don't know how I could have made it
  19. I like Saleh BUT!!!!!! Why more Cager targeted over the other TEs!!!! And more Berrios than GARRET WILSON the NUMBER 10 PICK in the draft! THIS IS MADNESS 6 SNAPS!! What kind of plan puts lesser talent on the field? What a Joke! Why isn't Gardner Minshew on this team instead of Joe I'm too Old Flacco!! COACHES GET FIRED FROM THIS TYPE OF STUPIDITY!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!!
  20. I said it in the game thread!! Flacco was literally letting the clock wind down before snapping the ball!! Utter Madness!
  21. Everything you say in this post is IMO 100% right, except for Wilson being no good, IMO it is just too early to know yet..... But I agree with you that it is CRIMINAL that Gardner Minshew isn't on this team! Who doesn't think Gardner is better than White and Flacco! It is a DISGRACE, and I for one firmly believe we win yesterday if Gardner is on the team!!! No, I am not a reflexive Anti-JD or Saleh.... In fact I am pro both guys and I know that we need to give them more time, but what you state here are facts and for that, if Zach isn't what they claim he is they should be held accountable!
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