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  1. Best I've ever seen all ever and this Game was crazy
  2. I haven't typed in this thread yet... but..... THIS IS THE GREATEST CHAMPIONSHIP GAME I'VE EVER SEEN!! WOW!!
  3. To me Marino had a better base in his body, but Namath when healthier had quicker feet. I was really talking about this guys attitude, reminds me of Namath. But in truth Marino was otherworldly to me. I was saying talent was wise Marino's arm talent was as good as I've ever seen and Im an Otto Graham fan so I look at QBs in the NFL closely.... That is why when folks were saying that Zach reminded them of Marino I said hold off pilgrim...
  4. For those of us of the right age... That my friend was one of the greatest dismissal ...... put-down lines of ALL TIME!!! Senator.........
  5. Ummmmm I have been thinking it for awhile now and Terry Bradshaw said it yesterday Burrow is the first QB I have ever seen in terms of poise and demeanor that I would compare to Joe Namath Burrow….No where the arm talent but the guy just speaks “Winner”….. And for all those who say Broadway Joe was overrated and site statistics that means you didn’t see him play or the way he impacted games before he became a shell of himself. Never thought Id say it but that guy reminds me of Joe Namath!
  6. Sam Darnold was a fundamentally flawed college QB who needed to be drafted by a team that had a long term plan to develop him and who understood that he SHOULDN’T have started right away and that had quality players around him; unfortunately he was drafted by the Jets had none of these….. Hence Darnold never sat as he ahould have and was never developed organizationally so he isn’t very good at the day now. You are what your record says you are we have been told and this case Darnold’s film overall doesn’t lie, Darnold isn’t a very good NFL QB right now and it is more than likely he never will be.
  7. Thank you, great read!!! Interesting about the WR 1 acquisition! Nice...... I am GLAD Wilson is here, he is a quality player and is headed in the right direction!!!
  8. In truth, I didn't even want to open up this thread.... Just sad news...
  9. Thank you! Jim Caldwell had the Detroit Lions WINNING!!!
  10. UTTER MADNESS!! How in the world do you fire this Guy, after permitting ADAM GASE time to DESTROY the TEAM!! WOW!!! Hheheheheh Lets Go Jets!
  11. Jets Defense was great for most of that game. The Jets were forcing punts from a tram that hadn’t punted in Weeks, against a team playing for a division title! Just a Great effort by the Jets. Jets had guys playing on defense that were at Vinnie’s Car Wash a few weeks ago and we were hanging tough against an excellent Bills team on the road. With all of the gifts Buffalo received it was amazing the Jets were as close as they were! If you can’t be proud of the Jets effort there I don’t know what to tell you.
  12. If the Refs hadn’t cheated the Jets the score would be 6 nothing now.
  13. Ummmmm translation… To yall messing with Mr Becton had best leave him alone… That is all…. Well we shall see… Lets Go a Jets!!
  14. This video says it all!!! Maybe I was wrong but his is why I wanted this guy and for Zach to learn behind him for this year…. Enjoy!!!
  15. Hahahahaha Jets fans are amazing and I love them!! Folks expected what this year precisely????? The Jets had the youngest team in the NFL by far.... Had the worst talent of any team in the NFL by far had a horrific OL, no credible first-tier skill players to think of??? Had structural imbalances in the construction of the team... Have had significant injuries across the board that folks who are currently starting were on other team's practice squad a few weeks ago and we are starting a Rookie QB from a smaller program.. What did folks exactly expect would happen? What????? Yes, we have been blown out sometimes but we have been competitive in key games as well! Something we really weren't last year! We just lost a game on a last-second TD from the World Champions thrown by the Greatest QB of his generation! Come on! Have we been good or great.. NO!!! But based on the players we have run out there and the first year of a new program this has been a success, cause Zach Wilson is getting better every game, and only those with blinders on can't see that this team is headed in the right direction. For the first time in about six years, I for one am sorry to see the Jets stop playing, I am and it amazes me! And that for me is a HUGE WIN! Let's Go Jets!
  16. Ummmmm Boyer is a GREAT coach and one I wanted to keep despite those out here saying that he was a bum and should be fired! The dude should eventually be a HC, he is that good to me, and when folks were saying Gase should rightly be getting fired midseason last year I wanted him to be promoted as interim HC.... And those unwilling to let facts get in their way there is this: Change has been a constant for Boyer, as the Jets have had seven different kickers and have seen five different players lead the team in kickoff returns, four different players in punt returns and has had a different special teams tackles leader in each of his five previous seasons. Despite the change, his unit has committed just 75 penalties, the 10th fewest of any team in the league, while also posting top 10 rankings in total touchdowns (five), blocked punts (four) and forced fumbles (four). His group has scored a touchdown on punt return, kickoff return and via fumble recovery and is also one of just three in the league with an interception. Last season (2020), Boyer helped rookie punter Braden Mann establish a franchise record in punting average (43.9), while setting a team rookie record with a 60-yard punt. Kicker Sam Ficken, the only returning kicker Boyer has had in his five seasons, was connected on all 12 of his attempts under 50 yards one of three kickers with no misses on at least 10 attempts last season. In 2019, Boyer's group finished fourth in the league in special teams DVOA according to FootballOutsiders.com, their second consecutive season in the top five, despite new primary players at kicker (Ficken), punt returner (Braxton Berrios) and kick returner (Ty Montgomery & Vyncint Smith). Overall, the group ranked in the top five in coverage touchdowns (two), punt return average (11.4), kickoff return average against (19.3) and fumble recoveries (two). All this with bottom feeder talent......
  17. I love what the Jets did here; it is exactly the direct opposite of what the Jets did with Sam Darnold, and it is right thing and no matter what happens at the end of the day, I for one love it!! Lets Go Jets!
  18. It reminds one of Adam Gase and Miami except even worse!! It just shows that some owners are incompetent and removes the illusion that just because a person has great wealth they automatically have great great intelligence…..
  19. QB School knows his stuff and I have been watching him for a while and anyone who has followed him knows that this video amounts to him saying Zach Wilson is AMAZING! AMAZING!!!
  20. Ummmmm CJ Mosley is doing what the coaches want him to do and no he is NOT Lawrence Taylor and never will be... Good Choice...
  21. Thank you! And no sane person GETS IT either! If they can't justify what they are saying on the air with clear facts then they should just SHUT THEIR MOUTHS, it is as simple as that!!!
  22. Zach Wilson was my 4th Favorite QB coming out of last year's draft... And... SO WHAT!! I like Zach Wilson, the guy can play has put NO ONE DOWN in Public, and has acted like a Professional, something these Clowns, can't SAY!!! Look "I Know Something" GOOD GRIEF!!!!
  23. Baker still can improve!
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