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  1. Ummmmm Wilson just verified what Saleh said and by the way, Saleh said the coaching staff takes full responsibility for the play call and that the Coaches have to do better! What Lying ??????? Come On Man!
  2. Lefleur called a great game but that call was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD GREIF!!!!
  3. Ummmmm i heard how when McCarthy begged the Jets to come here so that he could work with Darnold, he wouldn’t do anything with Dak and flop with Dallas and now he is just along for the ride cause Dallas who hasn’t done a thing in over twenty years was a shoe in for great play now. Luv it…
  4. Now can we say it in Unison that Mike McCarthy is Waaaaaaay better than Adam Gase!! Wow!! Happy Holidays All!!!!
  5. Zach seemed pretty good in the first half, just saying!
  6. If you watch the whole thing you come away with just bad football play and poor players. What is stunning is the fact is that we have much MUCH better players now than last year, which is really scary!!!
  7. Thank you Sir! I have told you before this site is far more than just a place to put some posts up to me. For me you have created a place to relive when my Dad and I were young and for that I will be forever grateful and indebted...
  8. Biggs... I'm sorry for your loss too... Please be well... And thank you....
  9. Thank you so much Captain! Tellingly my father whom I had been taken care of during his ongoing battle with memory loss passed last week and he was the one who made me into a Jets fan. His motto was simple, “life will not go your way most of the time and it is up to you to decide to make whatever path you take a path of courage and caring, so stay strong!” Hence I will never give up on the Jets because my father never gave up on me! Stay Strong fellow Jets fans… Stay Strong!!
  10. Exactly hit someone… Anyone!! To just let folks through is a disgrace!!
  11. This is why having a good OL is critical for a young QB because any bad habits they have when they come to the NFL become magnified and even the good stuff they previously did while in college can begin to quickly disappear.
  12. Now will all of those who were defending Myers out here admit that perhaps they were wrong…..
  13. Ummmmm now can we say that the Jets were right to stay far away from this guy!!!
  14. Anybody who defends Adam Gase is INSANE!!!!
  15. I wanted Fields or Lance but SO WHAT!! We have to stop dumping on folks too quickly... Zach Wilson hasn't even played a full season yet! This is why when people were comparing Wilson to Dan Marino I said slow down. I just knew what folks would do if he didn't play well! Just give Wilson some time, we just need to see Wilson have progress.
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