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  1. We will regret not drafting Kayvon, remember I said this...
  2. The truth is the Bengals proved last year you don’t have to be the perfect team to mkebit to the SB, so we are not as fat off as amny out here proclaim. I think that we need 5 or 6 more key players, which includes outstanding QB play for us to be dangerous.
  3. Ryan Leaf has an interesting take… Simple, Do not pay Wide Receivers!
  4. I really really wanted to go this year so seeing these pics is sweet for me. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!
  5. Thank you for the link. It is amazing that some of those fans literally predicted the current contract problems and that the 49ers brass couldn’t foresee this situation coming is stunning to me. It just reinforces the reality of just because you are a FO guy doesn’t mean you know what you are doing.
  6. Here is the latest…The Jets have a chance..
  7. Brady that DEVIL only signed a ONE YEAR DEAL with TB!!! Think Brady was already planning on going to Miami this year and then the whole Flores nonsense stopped that. So what if they essentially are stockpiling talent so that Brady can come back to the Division just so he can stick it to Bellichick! I for one can see that happening, hence the secret reason why I really want Deebo now...
  8. Shameless self-promotion but I will allow it funny stuff!! Just stay out of Topps for a while and get to the Amherst Marriott Happy Hour....Duffs or Bust and you will be fine my friend!
  9. Thank you!! I was going to post something like this, fact…. LT was a walking character concern and he was perhaps the best NFL player ever to walk the planet, so folks need to just stop it!!
  10. Thank you! Mahomes is GREAT and someone I BEGGED the Jets to Draft! But....... I will not compare him yet to Roger Staubach or many on that list yet. Simple...people who do unhelpful things like comparing players from different eras clearly NEVER truly saw some of those players ever play!! Lets face it Mahomes would have been killed in some prior eras.......
  11. The only red flag that I see is he had the most drops of any WR, due in part as a result of his being a team player and playing RB as well. However, we must remember Deebo also had a 10+ YAC WR after he catches the ball. Get the dude!!
  12. It tells me that if I took that and they said it would be private, I would go after them...
  13. Ahhhhh and now the world seems right. Take a Look. the 49ers are dumb...
  14. Thank you! Why would you give up on a first-round draft pick after he showed promise in his first year and got injured in his second?
  15. I for one was as BIG a Mims fan as thier could be. Indeed I truly felt that Mims was the steal of the draft, and said so...and hence I could not IMAGINE him playing as he has. And so while I would love for Mims to turn it around and I am forever rooting for him, I cannot pretend that Mims has not been a disappointment for me so far. Here is to HOPING & I am PRAYING for the turnaround of his career because I truly believed that Mims could be special.... Let's Go Jets!
  16. Hmmmm...... All I can say is..... Who said it was Good Old San Fran Fans who sent him those big Old Mean Tweets..... HMMMMMM INDEED!!!
  17. To those who said that Will Smith’s career wouldn’t be harmed by this I show you this Kindly note that it now comes out that Will Smith was asked to leave and he “refused” to go. We can and must treat each other better, Period!
  18. Ummmmm doesn’t sound made up rather it sounds just like something stupid the Jets would’ve done years ago……
  19. Those of you who believe that you can slap another man and not suffer any ramifications are mistaken. There is no area where you can abuse innocents and not suffer from colleagues. His smart move should be to claim he is entering therapy.
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