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  1. I think he would have been a different type of player, but I think as far as contribution to his team, this is a great comparison. I think if we had Alex Smith as our QB this year, we would legitimately be thinking we were among the best in the AFC.
  2. I still would like to hear what you expected from Sanchez in 2009 and 2010, and what you would have defined as a success from him coming off the 2010 season. I am not trying to be a pain, I just honestly would like to know. 2011 was a disaster, I think everyone can agree to that, and we probably disagree on where the blame goes for that, which is fine. But I honestly cannot comprehend how anyone could have hoped for much more from Sanchez in 09 or 10 considering what he was when he was drafted, so I'd love to hear some perspective. As far as I can recall, short of Rothlesberger, Luck a
  3. You mean he missed passes in that game?? Oh crap, I change my stance, you are right, totally his fault, so glad he is gone. I am sorry for you however that your coach is gone, you love you some sexy rexy huh.....
  4. If Mac released him, he would instantly realize the error of his ways and pick him back up before any other team had a chance. We are talking about a guy who is pulling away from an injured Ryan Fitz in minicamp!
  5. Rex was the one who wanted Sanchez. Tanny's job was to get Rex the players he wanted, at least in the first few years. That was what he did for Mangini, and that was what he did for Rex.
  6. I agree but it was even worse what Rex did. He let the offensive line go to crap, took away his security blanket WR and gave him a$$ hole veterans to undermine him. Then, in 2011, he and Schitty put him in absolute horrible situations, time after time after time. If I owned the Jets, after the Baltimore game, I am not even kidding you I would not have allowed Rex or Schitty back in the locker room. They would have both been fired immediately, and that is not revisionist history, I was saying that in the 4th quarter of that game. As time has gone by, we would have been far bett
  7. I have watched the Pittsburg game at least 5 times, and as far as I am concerned Sanchez was one of the better players on either side of the ball for the Jets that day. I assume you are referring to the sack/strip 6, which in my opinion after watching that play a million times, I would put him 4th on the blame list on that play, and I don't even think its totally fair to blame him for that play. The Jets as a team came out flat, Oline was not opening holes, the backs had no room to run, the WR's were getting thrown off their routes and not fighting, and the defense completely sh*t the bed
  8. I am curious to hear what you actually expected from Sanchez in year 1 or 2 if you were so disappointed in him after 2010? The guy had zero business starting in 2009, and 2010 should have been his first year playing. Despite that he performed reasonably well in the playoffs both years and was not the reason they lost in either of the elimination games they played in those two years. In 2010 he put up respectable numbers, and came up big in multiple games in which the defense blew a lead very late in the game. I find it interesting that you blame Sanchez for "blowing any serious/realistic c
  9. The offseason before the 2011 season started the destruction of Sanchez, and this game completed it. He was never going to be an elite QB, but he could have been Eli Manning or better, which would be looking pretty damn good right now. Rex absolutely destroyed him, it was so obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain, which excludes many Jet fans.
  10. I can tell you I am not rooting against Geno at all, if he turns into a decent QB it would be great, best thing for the Jets. That said, I don't think he has it. I don't think he has the leadership skills, or the personality to be one of only say 15 guys on the planet who can be a good to great QB in the NFL. I think Geno has a lot of physical ability, and probably is a hard worker, but he has done enough things since his draft and time here that I seriously doubt he will ever be a good QB. I hope I am wrong, I have been wrong before, at one point I actually thought Rex was a good HC.
  11. Brakes? This train doesn't have any brakes! Our QB just pulled away from the competition in minicamp! Did you read that, MINICAMP!!! Get on board the train, its leaving the station and not waiting for anyone.
  12. This is fn awesome!!! I am so pumped, SB this year, I can feel it!
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