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  1. Addition by subtraction no matter what the return. Another dose of chemotherapy. Richardson is next.
  2. There is no defending this clown show anymore. Bowles was already a lost cause, but Mac has joined him. 2 dead men walking.
  3. You have a point there, but at least the new guys bring leadership on the field desperately needed since our team was devoid of leadership including at the management level.
  4. All crap sources. I didn't like going for another safety, but even dopey McShay said he would have had no issue with him going in the first round.
  5. Maybe if he starts making an effort. He was awful last year. For a guy known for his hits, he didn't make many of them. Took some horrible angles.
  6. These prices are insane. I'm glad we're staying away. Rebuild properly through the draft. I'm fine with tanking this season. Spend the money next season.
  7. The Individual Defensive Player fantasy football analyst from Footballguys.com.
  8. Sounds like a not so thinly-veiled reach by the OP.
  9. I heard on the radio yesterday that the Saints couldn't trade Brees right now because the dead cap money would put them over the cap. Not sure if that is accurate.
  10. I meant that we can't complain about WRs signing to other teams because they would only be competing for the 4th WR role here while other teams still don't have two starters locked up yet. Anyone wanting to start won't sign with us.
  11. Texans had a WR opening. What do we have a 4th WR spot?
  12. Wow, the infamous Henry Hertz is still alive and kicking.
  13. Slow, fat, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
  14. This smells like Murray is desperately begging Dallas to up their offer. Dallas hasn't blinked yet.
  15. You can't bank on potential and on someone that is always hurt. When you do, you end up in last season's situation and boy did we get burned.
  16. I'm hoping MIami doesn't sign Jordan Cameron. He's visiting them today. I can't believe we haven't heard more about him. The guy is a beast albeit he was banged up this year.
  17. We can't rely on on Milliner for anything at this point. Not much of a form to return to either. He was hurt, played terribly, had a few good games, and suffered a major injury. Anything we get from him going forward is gravy.
  18. Ugh, if we have to trade for this guy, then I hope it's a 2018 7th rounder
  19. Damien WoodyVerified account‏@damienwoody Last I checked, they don’t take legacy at the cash register
  20. A year ago, I would have said no. Now I'm feeling spiteful and just want to steal him away from NE.
  21. Or you can stay in and refresh your screen 1,000 times to see if we signed anyone.
  22. Yeah only if we don't plan to spend any of that $50 miln on free agents.
  23. Nick Foles - QB - Eagles A source tells NJ.com the Rams, Titans and Texans showed interest in trading for Nick Foles during the Senior Bowl in January. The Eagles reportedly "made an effort to gauge the value of Foles with other teams in the league" in January. The notion that they're looking to trade him has only gained steam since then, especially after Mark Sanchez was given "bridge" quarterback kind of money Monday. If Chip Kelly can't get his man in Marcus Mariota, it's possible he settles for UCLA's Brett Hundley or Baylor's Bryce Petty in the draft. Foles' status remains completely up in the air.
  24. Suh is getting insane money from Miami. $114 m, $60 mln gtd.
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