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  1. BroadwayRay

    Man Cites Jets Sucking As Reason for DUI

    I'd say he has a strong case. Todd Bowles' one accomplishment as Jets HC may be the creation of new DUI case law.
  2. BroadwayRay

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    Um, the headline for this thread is completely inaccurate. The tweet didn't say they're not firing him. It says he won't be fired during the season, which is what a lot of people expected since there isn't anyone on this God-forsaken, dysfunctional Jets coaching staff with enough skill to even be an interim HC.
  3. BroadwayRay


    Maccagnan is an idiot and should be fired. The story came out this week that he was prepared to give up a third-round and a fifth-round draft pick for Dante Fowler and a fourth-round pick. I'm sure some fans would have loved this, but he would have been giving up draft picks for an underachieving player who is going to be a free agent at the end of the season. A rental. With all the holes the Jets have, he was going to give up draft picks for an eight-game rental--of someone not even that good. For what? To scrape together an extra win this year to save Bowles' job? That's the only thing I can think of. I could forgive the trade if Fowler were under contract for a few years because he at least still is young and maybe could fulfill his potential. But wtf? I repeat, he's an idiot. The only thing he should be working on at this point is gathering more picks to fill the Swiss Cheese roster he's put together. Instead, he thinks we're one season away from the playoffs, like he said in the papers last week.
  4. BroadwayRay


    George R.R. Martin shares your pain ... http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/ On other fronts… the Giants did not lose this week, because they did not play. A mercy. The Jets played, and lost. Badly. The score was close, but the game was painful to watch. The defense played hard and looked good, as they have in several other games, but the offense could not move the ball, and our kid quarterback Sam Darnold threw four interceptions. Darnold threw too many INTs in college, the biggest strike against him leading up to the draft, and he appears to be repeating that pattern in the NFL, which does not bode well for Gang Green’s future. I don’t care how good a quarterback’s arm may be, if he throws INTs he will kill you. Nothing hurts worse than a turnover. Darnold was hailed as the new Joe Namath, but I would have settled for a new Chad Pennington… Chad was deadly accurate, and did not throw INTs. Sam needs to stop doing that, or the future will be as painful as the past. Oh, and what the hell is going on with the center? All those bad snaps… c’mon, coach, isn’t there another center on the bench? One who can deliver the snaps into Sam’s hands rather than three feet over his head?
  5. BroadwayRay


    We're all painfully aware of that. I was referring to your false characterization of his college record.
  6. BroadwayRay


    You're making it sound like he was an interception machine in college, which he wasn't. His interception rate wasn't that unusual--Tom Brady, Carson Wentz and Matthew Stafford had similar rates in college. Fumbles were a bigger problem and he's fixed that by keeping both hands on the ball.
  7. BroadwayRay

    Look on the bright side fellas--

    Colts fans are loving us right now.
  8. Dream about Bowles getting fired all you want, but that's not going to happen. Even if it did, we'd still be stuck with Bates and the rest of the coaching staff. The next best thing is to fire Bates and bring in a good, experienced offensive mind who can fix things right away. Waiting for next year is unacceptable.
  9. Dear Bowles, Face it, you once again screwed up your OC hire. Just like the year you were hired, and just like in 2017. But it's different this time. You can't let the mistake linger all season. We can't afford it. Sam can't afford it. You have to clean up this mess NOW! So here's what you have to do: First, fire Bates. Immediately. Then get on the phone, dial up your buddy Bruce Arians and then get on your hands and knees and beg him to come in for the remaining seven games to save the Jets offense--to save Sam! That's the only chance you have to get Sam back on the straight and narrow. If by some miracle, you are rehired in 2019, Arians must be retained and allowed to bring his own coaching staff. But in the more likely (i.e. favorable) event that you are indeed fired, you can at least walk out with the dignity of knowing you did you best to save Sam Darnold's career. Sincerely, One fed up Jets fan.
  10. I'll tell you one thing I'm sick of after 40+ years: Jets QBs throwing interceptions. I mean seriously. Namath, for all his greatness, was an interception machine. Recent QBs have all been NFL INT leaders--Sanchez, Geno Smith, Fitzpatrick ... now Darnold getting into the act. It's like blunt trauma to the head spanning decades. It's gotten to the point where I have interceptiphobia - a fear of your team's QB dropping back to pass and releasing the ball.
  11. The correct answer is NEVER. By elite, I assume you mean someone in the caliber of Julio Jones, LeVeon Bell, Todd Gurley, Antonio Brown--an offensive player who can dominate an entire game by himself. By that measure, the Jets have never had an elite playmaker on offense. A lot of the players mentioned so far were certainly good, and had their moments of dominance, but they were not in the "elite" class like the guys I just mentioned. Joe Namath could have been in that class, but his skills were diminished by knee injuries early on. Pretty amazing, but that's the Jets for you.
  12. The impression I get as the season progresses is that Darnold is a super talented QB who is still new at QBing. Not just NFL QBing, but QBing in general. His lack of QB experience in HS and college compared to other rookies is showing, especially now that teams have a half season’s worth of film on him. Maybe it was a mistake to throw him to the wolves so early. We probably got so enamored with his raw skills that we forgot how difficult it is to put those skills to use effectively in the NFL. So what now? I don’t know I’m not a coach or a QB expert. But I do know I no longer trust Bowles and Bates to properly develop Darnold. That should be obvious to everyone by now .
  13. BroadwayRay

    Did this game change your opinion on Darnold?

    He was making progress until the injuries hit starting with the Vikings game. The Vikings game was also when Long’s snapping woes started to get worse. When adversity hits, it’s up to the coaching staff to protect the 21 year old QB. They failed.
  14. We’re going to need more than just competency. Thirty five in executive years is like 21 in QB years. We need someone with experience to fix this disaster.
  15. BroadwayRay

    Did this game change your opinion on Darnold?

    Not at all. I am more worried about his development though. I had been willing to give Bowles a chance, but not after today.

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