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  1. Did you do that on purpose or can I laugh at the irony here?
  2. Reminds me of a day I was at Giants training camp for work reasons, back around 1988 when they were at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I’m standing outside the team cafeteria watching the players and coaches come out after eating dinner, when all of a sudden Bill Belichick strolls out with a bunch of oranges cradled against his chest. Thought it was kind of funny, and knowing he was a football nerd, I figured he was stocking up for an all-night game planning session. Anyway, it was a memory that stuck. But the point is, wtf? Did Benjamin steel a tractor trailer full of salmon steaks or s
  3. Screw Mike Nugent and that knucklehead trade.
  4. This is very sad news. Here is a good story about Greg Knapp ... Broncos mourn sudden, tragic passing of former quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp JULY 22, 2021 ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Former Broncos quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp, who was a member of the team's Super Bowl 50 championship team, has died after sustaining injuries in a bicycling accident on Saturday. Knapp, who was working as a pass-game specialist with the Jets since January of 2021, was 58. "The Denver Broncos are heartbroken by the sudden, tragic passing of Greg Knapp, who was an outstanding coach and
  5. I haven't see any stories saying he is in a coma, but his wife praying for a miracle does have me deeply concerned.
  6. Jets Assistant Coach Greg Knapp Critically Injured in Bike Accident: He 'Deserves a Miracle' JULY 20, 2021 Greg Knapp, a Super Bowl-winning assistant coach who recently joined the New York Jets, was critically injured in a bicycle accident in California. Knapp, 58, was riding his bike on Saturday in San Ramon when a motorist swerved into the bike lane and struck him from behind, his wife Charlotte Knapp tells PEOPLE. He was rushed to San Ramon Regional Medical Center, and later transferred to John Muir Medical Center in critical condition, according to NBC News and NBC affilia
  7. He seems like a nice guy based on the interviews I've seen of him. This is horrible. I assume the Jets are doing everything they can to support his family.
  8. You're nuts if you think he won't be a starter ...
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