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  1. A more interesting question is what happens if they cancel the season, do the draft order as a lottery and the Jets get the first pick. Then what?
  2. If his neck is still an issue then this is the end. Even if he is crazy enough to want to keep playing, no team would carry that risk.
  3. I'm not writing him off. But no one can argue he was a "project" blocking tight end. Who the hell drafts a player like that in the fourth round?
  4. I like Baldy, I really do, but ever since he raved about the Trevon Wesco pick I can't help but view his analysis with a touch of skepticism.
  5. The Mann pick is now my litmus test for draft knowledge. Anyone who criticizes the move is a dunce when it comes to the football draft, as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Marino at Draft Network: Hall is a long and physical corner with exceptional ball skills, but his quickness and agility are only average making him best suited for a zone heavy scheme in the NFL. While he isn’t a universal scheme fit, Hall profiles as a plus starter in the right role and his ability to make game-changing plays on the football certainly increase his appeal. Hall is an extremely competitive football player that also has exceptional football character. He should be a team leader and well-respected for his character and efforts in the community given his resume at Virginia. It would not surprise me to see Hall start early in his career, but definitely by Year 2/3.
  7. Take a look at the Eagles fan forums and see how they feel about their team passing up on Mims to draft a backup QB. Some of them should be on a suicide watch.
  8. JD is the first Jets GM in my 40+ years of following the Jets who understands the importance of accruing more picks when you’re rebuilding. He’s not going to trade away picks for fools gold like all the other guys who have sat in his seat. We finally, finally have a GM who gets it.
  9. If the Pats find their franchise QB with this pick it would be ... sh*t, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, isn’t it you miserable football gods.

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