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  1. If he was unvaccinated, he wouldn’t have been able to take the field in London.
  2. This is the full quote from the NY Post column. I'm sure the OP leaving the last part out was just an oversight: “Coach Saleh is a very meek person, but that doesn’t take away from the passion and the drive and determination that he has,’’ Davis said, not being critical of his coach with the use of that word but trying to illustrate how low-key Saleh is with the players.
  3. Wow, Rex asked about Saleh making it all about himself. I’m shocked!
  4. I think Saleh is being truthful when he says Wilson is not fully healed, but I think it’s also obvious he thinks White give them the best chance to win. White had an uplifting effect on the whole team in the Cincinnati and Colts games. You could see it on the field and on the sidelines. For example, I was watching the sideline during the Bengals game, and after White got out of the medical tent after missing some plays because of his neck, the camera focused on him on the sideline looking at his tablet. All of a sudden, Keenan Cole rushed up to him and you could clearly read his lips saying
  5. Well, I think we can at least say at this point that we have the best backup QB in the league.
  6. Given the current circumstances, OBJ and the Raiders seems like a match made in media heaven.
  7. That's either Beck or his doppleganger. Waiting for the crack NY Jets beat reporters to get on this. *crickets*
  8. Andy Reid sat Patrick Mahomes on the bench for a year to clean up all the rookie sh*t that Zach Wilson is trying to clean up on the job. All I can say is that Saleh and LaFleur better not screw it up.
  9. “Your stats” show Carter ranking 37th in the NFL in yac per attempt. But he “can’t break tackles” — yeah, right, OK.
  10. The stats were correct, taken directly from PFF. I don’t know where you got your numbers from, but mine are assuredly better.
  11. He also has the highest PFF season grade of any Jets offensive player so far.
  12. Elijah Moore is 21, missed most of training camp and preseason to injury, just came back for his first game after recovering from a concussion and is playing with a wildly inconsistent rookie QB. Jets fans: How dare he not dazzle and entertain us us!
  13. The reason Henry leads the league in yac is because he’s a great back. And as for Carter, he was one of the NCAA leaders in that stat. Since this whole topic came up because of your claim that Carter can’t break tackles, I’d say it’s hardly a “dumb stat.” On the contrary, it proves your original statement is completely wrong.
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