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  1. Fields was actually a starter for only 22 games. In 12 of those games (at Georgia), he was a backup.
  2. I took it as him playing it cool until the actual pick is made, which is what he explicitly said was his attitude in the interview! But hey, I understand why Jets fans are ultra neurotic and sensitive about everyone hating the Jets.
  3. This was Zach's face just before he was asked by the interviewer if he thinks he's going to be drafted by the Jets (6:19 mark of the video). This was Zach's face right after the interviewer asked him if he thinks he's going to be drafted by the Jets (6:22 mark of video). A real sour puss, huh?
  4. Fact: Zach Wilson will be the #2 pick of the NYJETS. But I'm still enjoying the heck out of reading this thread. JetNation always delivers when it comes to elaborate conspiracy theories.
  5. Justin Fields is not going to drop out of the top 5. I'm confident that SF will draft him. If not, someone will immediately below them. All the nonsense you're hearing is being generated by the chuckleheads in the media and on Twitter. NFL Teams are well aware of how good he is.
  6. I thought his teammates hated him. It must be terrible for them being stuck in a cabin with him in the middle of nowhere.
  7. A haul with what? They’ve traded away the cream of their future picks. The best you’re going to get are their first round picks in 2024 and/or 2025. No thanks.
  8. Everything that JD has said about his team building philosophy says you are wrong.
  9. Are you aware that Jaelan Phillips had to retire from college football after suffering multiple concussions?
  10. Anyone who thinks they're not going to focus on the OL during day one and two hasn't been paying attention. Douglas has clearly said he thinks the keys to a team are the QB and the trenches (OL and DL). He attacked the DL extra hard during free agency. He's drafting a QB #2. What the hell do you think he's going to focus on after that? Expect two offensive linemen to be drafted in rounds 1-3, and at least three OL for the draft overall.
  11. Top 5 in yards in what universe? He's good, but not elite. In other words, easily replaceable.
  12. Yet he was still far better than Darnold ever was. Funny how that works.
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