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  1. I don't have the game scores, but here are the season scores so far:
  2. Every time a semi-recognizable name becomes available, this place becomes like shoppers rioting at WalMart on Black Friday. When are you knuckleheads going to realize you don't know sh*t about these players and that most of them are available for a reason.
  3. My heart's going to stop every time he gets hit on Sunday.
  4. I'm not as concerned about him losing with a grocery bagger at QB as I am about the fact that he put a grocery bagger in that position to begin with. That's a sign of poor judgment, poor talent evaluation skills and poor planning. They could have brought in someone better the day they found out Darnold had mono.
  5. I don't know, but that type of thing is common with their scoring system. They don't divulge the formula they use for the final score.
  6. I'll tell you from the outset, there's not a lot of good news for Jets fans in the current PFF grades. One exception is Brian Poole who shined on Sunday, and has been a bright spot during the season in genral. His season score is 85.1, including a grade of 88 for coverage, which makes him the NFL's fourth-best corner, according to PFF. As for most everyone else on the Jets, with a few exceptions, it's pretty ugly. Generally speaking, scores went down, down, down. Just a few observations to add to Jets fans' misery: - Leonard Williams' performance continues to sink, with no end in sight. He's now at 52.2, which places him 97th in a field of 109 interior defensive linemen. - Q. Williams has a score of 63.5 after playing 74 snaps, with a better score for his pass rush (63.3) than for his run defense (59.2). Here's how he compares to a couple of other tackles taken in the first round this year: Ed Oliver, 201 snaps, 65.4 grade (63.8 run, 68.3 pass rush; Dexter Lawrence, 177 snaps, 83 grade (83.1 run, 66.1 pass rush). - Steve McLendon is the most under-rated performer on the team so far, with an 80.6 grade, 12th highest for interior defensive linemen in the league.. - Chuma Edoga got a below average grade of 54.9 through 59 snaps. Alex Lewis, however, rung up a score of 82 for his work on Sunday (88.2 pass blocking, 75 run blocking). No one else on the OL has a score higher than 57.8 (Beachum). - Another Capt. Obvious stat: Falk is last in the NFL with a QB score of 42. - The Jets safeties continue to shine. Adams is tied for 3rd with a score of 86.4 and Maye is 17th with a grade of 72.8. - You really have to wonder about the decision making by Gase and the rest of the coaches. They sat Hairston (46th in the league with an OK PFF grade of 63.7) and put in Johnson, whose grade is now at 40.5, third last from the bottom of the CB list. Pretty sad, huh? How about more depressing numbers ... I was looking at the grades for the top three guys the Eagles drafted this year--you know, the guys taken off the draft board of our current GM--and it's not pretty: 1. T Andre Dillard, 44.7 (only 17 snaps though). 2. WR J.J. Arcega Whiteside, 44.8, tied for last in the league on 140 snaps. 3. RB Miles Sanders, 53.5, third from last on 145 snaps. 4. DE Shareef Miller has yet to play a snap. I'm still a Joe Douglas fan, but curse the Gods for not giving us any shred of hope to grab onto.
  7. Josh Allen is Mark Sanchez with a better arm. Budding star my ass. But I’ll agree with you about the defense.
  8. Gonna go out on a limb here and predict Frank Pollack is fired Monday morning.
  9. As someone said earlier, Gase was the one who believed Falk was an NFL quarterback. Brought him here from Miami. What an indictment against the notion that Gase is some kind of Offensive genius.

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