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  1. Jets fans are experts when it comes to identifying bad players, teams, GMs, draft picks. We’re bloodhounds when it comes to tracking down the stench of football incompetence. Of course, we’ve had 50years of training. Being a Jets fan is being a connoisseur of suck.
  2. Darnold is 22, not 23. But that doesn't make me feel better about him, unfortunately.
  3. He’s more Jameis Winston than Brett Favre so far in his career.
  4. The “sloppy magic” that Orlovsky raves about is dazzling, until it turns into recklessness. And it too often does. As someone already mentioned, it’s gotten to the point where I hold my breath when he throws the ball because I know the boneheaded play is eventually coming. Tonight was the classic example. He looked great, was moving the team, making smart throws. Then, just when he lulls you into thinking he’s turned a corner, poof!, a mind-boggling interception that leaves you wondering what the hell he was thinking. This is how it plays out over and over and over again and it’s seriously deflating. It knocks the wind out of fans, but more importantly his teammates. Whether he’s able to clean up this weakness in his game is anybody’s guess. But he will definitely fail if he doesn’t.
  5. Can’t complain too much with a skeleton crew defense that’s missing a few bones.
  6. All he had to do was turn his head. Same as last week. Easier said then done, but still.
  7. Didn’t Hewitt make the same mistake on Sunday? I’m feeling de ja vu.
  8. The game is going to be butt-fumble bad. I think we all know this deep down. My hope is that, by some miracle, it's bad enough for Johnson to reconsider his Gase 2020 guarantee.
  9. Well-written revisionist history. Good work — you may have a future in fiction writing.
  10. The refs robbed them of two touchdowns and it was delightful. Haven’t enjoyed a game that much all year.
  11. I've been tearing QW a new one in recent posts, but just to keep it real, Frederick is having a bad year and Oliver is playing on a defense that has several really good pass rushers and an excellent secondary. That certainly helps with the sacks. But yeah, he is making QW look bad.
  12. The replay clearly showed the DB wasn’t even close to touching it. It was just a drop. The biggest drop was the one by Berrios. It would have been first down inside the 10 yard line.
  13. That’s not the team I was referring to. Guess again.

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