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  1. This whole Deshaun Watson furor is very interesting to watch considering he hasn't even requested a trade. Another illustration of the power of social media.
  2. Yeah, silly me for thinking coaches and GMs would ever dare “float false narratives.” How ignorant of me! Kliff Kingsbury: "Josh (Rosen) Is Our Guy" FEBRUARY 12, 2019 Photo by Arizona Cardinals Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury talks to the media Tuesday while introducing his defensive coaching staff. The speculation about the Cardinals and their plans of what they will do with their No. 1 overall draft pick – as noted by team president Michael Bidwill – doesn't figure to slow over the next few months. But in terms of the team potentially going after Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray instead of sticking with 2018 first-round pick Josh Rosen, coach Kliff Kingsbury tried to quash such talk Tuesday. "Our feelings toward Josh haven't waned or changed," Kingsbury said. "I get that we have the first pick and there are going to be a million scenarios, and over the next three months they are going to come up. But Josh is our guy." The Murray-Cardinals speculation has been partially fueled by an interview Kingsbury did during the college football season in which – as Texas Tech's head coach – he said if he had the top pick in the NFL draft, he'd take Murray. The comments came in late October, the week leading into Texas Tech's game against Murray and the Oklahoma Sooners. Coincidentally, Kingsbury not only found himself with an NFL head coaching job a few months later, it happened to be with the Cardinals – who own the No. 1 pick. "Kyler is a tremendous player, and I said that, being very complimentary before we played an opponent," Kingsbury said. "I understand the sound bite. But like I said there will be a ton of scenarios before we come to the draft." Murray, who was a first-round pick of baseball's Oakland A's, announced Monday he was turning down a chance to play baseball for now (and eschewing more than $4 million of bonus money) to focus on the NFL and be drafted. Rosen, the 10th pick overall in 2018, was the centerpiece of the Cardinals' pitch during their coaching search. The team sought out a coach that would transform Rosen to be the team's quarterback of the future. "I do think that there's a lot of things that we do, that we did at Texas Tech, that can be successful," Kingsbury said at his introductory press conference last month. "Josh Rosen is incredibly talented, one of the most talented throwers you'll see. A young player, obviously, that I'm excited to work with and develop. But as a pure thrower, it's hard to find a guy that throws it better."
  3. I had the same problem with Verizon in NJ. CBS was a black screen until it snapped on about seven minutes into the game.
  4. This is like when you date that girl who professes her love for you over and over, but then tells you she needs "a little space." How does that usually end up?
  5. If you were my scout and you used that video as a reason for drafting a player, I'd immediately kick your ass out of my office and have security dump you off at the nearest PeeWee league.
  6. With all the cynics, skeptics and consipiracy theorists that populate this board--and this thread particular--it's odd that so few people find it suspicious that the Jets seem to be making an extra effort to tell every Tom, Dick and Harry in the media (including Jetnation "insiders," no less) that they are absolutely in love with Darnold. They just adore him! Yet at the same time nobody is saying he will return. Why is this? Is Joe Douglas so full of admiration for the NFL's lowest ranked QB that he just can't keep it in? Or ... Does he want everyone to think: 1) The Jets are not drafting a QB. 2) The Jets are either sitting tight at #2 or trading down to draft a non-QB. 3) Darnold is a valuable commodity. Why would he want to do that? Well, aside from the obvious reasons, maybe he wants to trade down a few spots and draft someone like Trey Lance who he can turn to when Darnold falls on his face again. Or maybe he feels he can drop down and still come away with Fields or Wilson. I don't know what he's going to do, but the narrative coming out of Florham Park points to any number of things that may or may not lead to Darnold staying.
  7. Ballard was talking about taking a QB in the first round for the sake of taking of a QB. He said nothing about his thinking when it comes to taking a QB "high" in the first round, as the OP headline implies. Ballard has never been in a position to take a QB high in the first round since Luck retired.
  8. None of those three people said any such thing, but go ahead, gin up the fake news.
  9. I never said there was such a report. The fact is, nobody knows what Joe Douglas is going to do except for Joe Douglas. Everything so far has been speculation.
  10. When a journalist says, "the Jets organization will have deliberations about this, but ... I would think ... " that is indeed a guess. Yes, journalists are allowed to make educated guesses if they make it clear that's what they are doing, as he did. You certainly do enjoy twisting things to create the illusion that your argument is solid as a rock. But, unfortunately, you're full of mush.
  11. How did I attack Schefter? If you asked him, he would tell you he was guessing. He wasn't citing sources. You seem to be the one trying to bull your way to an answer regardless of the facts.
  12. Schefter is just guessing. He doesn't know more than anyone else what they're going to do. My "educated guess" is that they draft Zach Wilson. He's the guy that the 49ers have been rumored to be chomping at the bit to draft this year.
  13. It’s been rumored for weeks the 49ers are hot for Zack Wilson. Saleh knows why Shanahan likes him. He is bringing in his OC from there. 2+2?

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