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  1. BroadwayRay

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    Lol, how was that not defensive pass interference
  2. BroadwayRay

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    The Fitzpatrick circle of life goes round and round ...
  3. BroadwayRay

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    Fitzmagic is definitely on a roll.
  4. The two of them had a prior history. Bradway was a Giants scout when Parcells was Giants HC. EDIT: That story you linked to about the Jets rehiring Bradway was an April Fool's story--thank God. Bradway was hired by Tannenbaum as a scout with the Miami Dolphins.. Again, Thank, God.
  5. Don't think SF would have given up a second rounder for Bridgewater. They've invested five years and $137.5 million ($74 million guaranteed) in the guy (ouch!). Can't see them expending anymore resources into someone else. They're just going to play the season out and press the Reset button once he comes back. Also, Teddy's suspect knee probably wouldn't be something they'd be comfortable with, given the circumstances.
  6. Yeah, he did. He stuck around as basically the Jets' chief scout for 14 years (including the first five as GM), meaning his fingerprints were on all the Jets drafts from 2001 to 20014. And even though Macc fired him in 2015, he probably relied on some of his scouting reports for picking players that year. Bradway was a Parcells guy. Just like Al Groh, just like Mike Tannenbaum, just like Todd Bowles.
  7. BroadwayRay

    2019 IS THE YEAR

    Keep dreaming. We have too many holes to fill in one year. And don't tell me we can fix everything with the $90 million in cap space next year. You rarely get topline players in free agency--they have to come through the draft. Free agency is for plugging holes on the margins. Macc has to improve his drafting (ie find quality players in rounds 2-7) or we will be waiting for "THE YEAR" for a long time.
  8. BroadwayRay

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    The point is not that Darnold is going to be another Peyton or Eli Manning or another Jeff George. It’s that it’s completely normal for rookie QBs to throw up a stinker.
  9. BroadwayRay

    4 years of undisciplined football.

    Thread titles isn’t correct. The first two years of Bowles’ reign, the Jets were in the top five of least penalized teams.
  10. BroadwayRay


    It would be nice to know what specifically Scott said to get that reaction from Mehta, but It’s Twitter, so I guess that’s asking too much.
  11. BroadwayRay

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    Who were the Jets supposed to pick besides Williams? The draft class that year was kind of weak. Everyone loves to mention Vic Beasley, but Atlanta fans complain about him the way Jets fans complain about Williams. Besides the 15 sacks in 2016, he’s been nothing special. And he did nothing in the Super Bowl. (PFF did a long analysis last year about how his 15 sacks were kind of a fluke, and how he doesn’t generate a lot of pressures). Williams, despite his lacks of sacks, was among the better players drafted that year.
  12. BroadwayRay

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    He was an elite 3-4 DE before he broke his leg in 2015. He didn’t “play” anyone—the contract he got made sense at the time.
  13. BroadwayRay

    Francesa talking Jets fans off the ledge

  14. BroadwayRay


    Welcome. I think most fans--based on the polls that were conducted here, anyway--were pretty much in favor of Sam being the starter based on what he did in preseason. Maybe it was a mistake, but too early to say. Bridgewater is going to be a free agent at the end of the season so it made sense to get some value for him while they could.
  15. BroadwayRay

    Francesa talking Jets fans off the ledge

    I've assumed Jets fans take those things for granted by now.

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