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  1. 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Bought it from my college friend's dad for $200. Great ride but what a gas guzzler. Totaled it on a rainy night on the Koscuiuszko Bridge in 1982.
  2. You mean the same Kaiir Elam who was ranked 28 on the Dallas board? I guess no one else saw the first-round grade for Elam that the Bills GM saw.
  3. He was 28 on the Cowboys board, which is a first round grade and two spots from where the Jets took him. Show me where the Bills GM said that. I’m betting you can’t.
  4. This concerns me. Mike always has his finger on the pulse of Jets and Giants happenings.
  5. Saw this guy interviewed after the draft. He loved Johnson and was scout who evaluated him for the Jets.
  6. Amazing how bad the Pats wideouts have been and continue to be since the days of Randy Moss. BB can't draft WRs to save his life.
  7. One bad pick after six stellar ones. Can't complain ...
  8. ACLs are one thing, but Achilles tears are a little too dicey for me to risk with a second round draft pick.
  9. Ok, question 1: why are professional evaluators like yourself so divided on Thibodeux? And I don’t mean the so-called selfish attitude. I’m seeing deep divisions just based on his tapes.
  10. I'm torn on London. His traits are intriguing, but it scares me at how strikingly similar his scouting reports are to another West Coast draft prospect from a few years ago: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/j.j.-arcega-whiteside/32004152-4333-6505-70a1-e94c6ecf2bd3
  11. The contract is an "extension" in name only. Only $24.9 million is guaranteed at signing. Another $40 million becomes guaranteed in February 2023, but the Raiders can opt out of the contract before that trigger date. In other words, they could opt out of the contract and cut Carr after the 2022 season without hardly scratching their cap. This is the Raiders telling Carr, "Show us what you can do in 2022 or else."
  12. I'd take Walker over Hall at RB, but otherwise I like it.
  13. Sorry, but I read his blog, and this is complete bullsh*t. Like you said, he was the first to report the Jets were smitten with Zach Wilson. Right before the 2021 draft started, he was the only one to report the Jets were interested in trading up from #23 and that the 49ers had convinced Shanahan to move off Mac Jones and draft Trey Lance. Those are just examples. Do some of his "predictions" not turn out to happen? Of course. That's the case with any analyst. But he obviously has some good sources.
  14. I can't think of any, but comparisons wouldn't mean much since ACL surgery techniques keep getting more and more advanced. It's certainly possible Williams could make a complete recovery and be the WR he was envisioned to be before his injury. For proof that recoveries like this can happen, look no further than Cooper Kupp.
  15. Having George Karlaftis dropping out of the first around altogether, let alone being passed over by the Jets at #10, is classic Tannenbaum. Always outsmarting himself.
  16. If Seattle is hot for a QB, I'd like to see the Jets trade down with them. Seahawks get #4, Jets get their #9 and #40 picks. I'd be quite happy with George Karlaftis and London/Wilson with the #9 and #10 picks.
  17. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Either option means Indy will continue be an NFL also-ran. They'll make the playoffs and act as cannon fodder in the first round. For all the admiration that Chris Ballard gets showered with, I don't think I've ever seen a GM be so wishy-washy about his team's QB. This guy has been kicking the can down the road on the QB position ever since Luck retired, just signing a fading retread year after year. Too bad he doesn't have the balls to invest a high pick on a QB. Then Indy would really be a contender.
  18. There were too many variables to draw any meaningful conclusions from a flat comparison of Wilson’s pre-knee-injury and post-injury stats, the biggest being the way the receiving corps was ravaged by injuries in the second half. Wilson did play better in the second half, there is no doubt, but the bottom line is that he was still a bad QB even with the improvement. Maybe it’s a gradual learning curve for him and we’ll see dramatic improvement next year. Or, maybe he doesn’t have the mental skills it takes to be an NFL QB and he will never be good. Impossible to know right now. I’ll withhold judgment for about eight to 10 months.
  19. I have FIOS in NJ and the guide lists the NE-Bills game.
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