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    Beating the pats in the divisional round in 2010. Best day as a jet fan in my life. Wish I was there
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    My first NFL game live in Miami at the Orange Bowl. It rained and rained all night and day. We had the better team. As I had just moved here, I went with a friend and his bar's bus to the game. The whole ride home I had to hear "Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number one........
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    4 yrs old so that game caused me to become a jets fan even though I didn't see it

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  1. Does anyone know how deep the draft is with respect to Offensive lineman? The current group is getting old and expensive. I see the possibility that Brick either restructures or is traded/released. I might see if Mangold is open to restructuring but I wouldn't let him go just yet. If there is a OT with a first round grade available at 20, I might be willing to part with Ferguson and draft his replacement at 20 and pick up someone to replace either Giacomini or Winters. Also I think 16 million for Muhammad Wilkerson is too much. I would look to trade him if we can get a first or a first and thi
  2. I don't think the jets should give up on him at this time. Cromartie is gone, Revis has either peaked or Bowles D isn't an optimal fit for him so I think we should let Milliner have one more chance with the team. Good teams don't give up on first rounders that easy. It's not as if he sucked ( Wilson ), he was hurt. Our run D is so good that teams will be passing on us a lot so we need at least 5 competent CB's on the roster and FA would cost more than Dee and the first and second round picks should be used elsewhere. Just my 2 cents
  3. In case you weren't aware, we are the patriots and all penalties we commit are to be ignored and if anyone touches number 12 after the ball leaves his hand is a personal foul/roughing the passer penalty.
  4. The jets have new bodies at the QB, WR, TE, and the secondary is all new with the exception of Pryor who is playing a different position than last year. Easy schedule or not, the jets have done a good job winning 9 games so far. If Mike Maccnagnan has another successful off season ( not as much money to spend ), the team will be well on the way to becoming the kind of team that consistently is either in the playoffs or in contention by Christmas each season.
  5. Money is the root of all evil and has been ruining most professional sports for quite a while now. Unrestricted Free Agency has been the biggest culprit in this ongoing mess.
  6. Don't tell me you are already giving up on the healthier and hungrier team. Aside from QB, we have a better team than the Patriots ( IMO )
  7. When Decker was carted off the field I thought he was done for the year. We dodged a bullet on that one. Maybe the football Gods are on our side this season!
  8. The coaches need to be more creative especially in 4th or 3rd and short yardage situations. Does Fitzpatrick have the ability to change the play when he sees the defense stacking against the run up the middle? I would rather spread the defense out and get the ball to Powell or throw against that defense.
  9. If I were fortunate enough to have season tickets it would take something crazy to keep me from going. It's your business to do what you want with them but I would rather give them to jet fans who could otherwise not afford to go than sell them to a patriot fan.
  10. Cotchery was drafted in 2004 and was the last jet WR drafted by the team to be a competent NFL receiver. I hope Maccagnan and his scouting department can turn that around.
  11. I agree, 13-1 as a starter going into the AFC championship game where he played better than Elway. The only problem was we kept fumbling the ball
  12. I was kidding around. Is that not ok? Yeah, I hate the Pats and I agree about the footballs. My singular point was that I don't remember anyone in any sport simply ignoring a suspension. If it was a jet, he would have missed the first 4 games.
  13. If that happens, I hope one of the games he misses is against us. I really don't like the guy but that would all change if he became a jet. I'd be first in line to get my Brady jets jersey
  14. Thank you for the info. I hadn't heard anything about it since the preseason. The other guy that answered wasn't a very nice guy!
  15. The team that finishes 11-5 or 10-6 and misses the playoffs while the AFC south sends a lousy team in as the 4th seed should take the Tom Brady approach. Ignore anyone telling them their season is over and show up in Denver or Cincinnati and defiantly claim the seeding of their choice. If its the jets, we could chip in to bribe the Steelers pilot and have the flight diverted to Newark where buses wait to bring them to Jetlife stadium to get beat by the jets. That's doing things the Patriot way!!!
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