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  1. Wasn't Todd Monken a candidate we considered for HC? I had no idea he took up the OC position with the Browns. Apparently its not going well. Between Kingsbury Social media break every hour and Monken not transitioning well with the Browns at less important position than HC and the fact that us hiring Gase leading to Macc firing and Douglas (and potentially Champ too!) FO hirings. I think Macc must have shat out the horseshoe that was up his ass when he was fired and all that good luck is just spreading all over Florham Park right now! Now go forth Jets and bless'em with Ws.
  2. sport 1.an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. So based on this one wouldn't consider Chess a sport?
  3. Where is the Media circus following the Texans firing of their GM? I better see pitchforks and torches over the next few days
  4. Champ is not crappy. If we somehow totally luck assbackwards into landing either one its a huge win for the Jets.
  5. Finally saw a Polite sighting in this video. Wesco was about to run a drill with Simian throwing to him but they cut away
  6. I really wish teh beat writers would mention our new shiny draft picks. Only Cashman was mentioned and Williams sitting out. What the the hell was Wesco and Polite doing? I mean if they didn't make any plays that stood out thats fine. But at least provide an update where they were practices, were they with 2nd or 3rd stringers? Really disappointing since we only get one of these a week these days...
  7. Hopefully we'll here some Wesco sightings. Can't wait to no longer see Tomlinsons name associated with starters after this week...
  8. Think this is supposed to say "picked off" LOL
  9. Thanks @Lith for the updates!
  10. I find it interesting that Suh is signing with the Bucs. Wonder when the story about the Jets trying to sign Suh was all because Bowles wanted him not Macc before CJ came in and shut down those talks.
  11. 1 day on the Job and Gase has already gotten Robby to sign his tender and ship Lee out of town. Gase does what Maccouldn't
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