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  1. Who Else Here WON'T Be Watching?

    I got squares all over the place. Of course I'm watching it. Even if there is a fix in, there are times in life that you can't move an immovable object. I'm hoping the Eagles are that object today. Total domination for 60 minutes. Doooooo EEETTTTTT
  2. Todays bowl games....

    Hell of a game. Glad I tuned in, thanks JetNation for giving me something entertaining to watch with some possible speculation of the coming months.
  3. Todays bowl games....

    This is one of the best football games I've pretty much watched all year
  4. Todays bowl games....

    Is there OT in college bowls?
  5. Todays bowl games....

    Holy Toledo! Who would of thunk it that OU Defense would turn the tide!
  6. Todays bowl games....

    Oh I get it but if he keeps breaking off huge runs for TDs there will be less snaps! lol and that last play was a thing of beauty for college level. I really hope the football Gods favor us this draft
  7. Todays bowl games....

    This Anderson dude needs to slow his role. I need more Baker
  8. Todays bowl games....

    Can I get a side of that RB to go with my Mayfield entree please.
  9. Todays bowl games....

    I'm freaking sold already. That looked way too easy...
  10. Todays bowl games....

    I'm in the right place to see and discuss the future Jets QB starting at 5pm right?
  11. Well I honestly believe them not letting Hack play in the final game of his 2nd season pretty much tells us all we need to know. He is worse than Petty, I at least wanted to see it with my own eyes. Oh well, **** the Jets and **** the NFL this year. I've never been less interested in this sport than this year... Anyways, Happy New Years everyone, be safe.
  12. This article doesn't tell me what he did this season? Did I miss something, I haven't been keeping up as much this year but what is the root cause of the salacious article by Mehta? Is it Mehta just being Mehta or did Wilk miss some meetings again recently or something?
  13. Jets just signed Josh McCown (MERGED)

    Maybe me? I predicted we would win 4-7 games this year and I was balked at like a crazy person lmao
  14. Don't Know If This Is Possible

    disregard, forgot out for the year Suh is licking his chops right now
  15. How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    Poor coaching or poor study habits but playing against backups are supposed to be an advantage, not the other way around. Its pretty obvious historically the Jets just aren't ready for situational football.