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  1. If anyone is mildly interested in the AAF league starting up this weekend. Here are the former Jets players that are on teams in the league. Source if you want to see all the former NFL players and who they are playing for. Arizona Hotshots Atlanta Legends Birmingham Iron Memphis Express Orlando Apollos Salt Lake Stallions San Antonio Commanders San Diego Fleet LB Obum Gwacham, LB Edmond Robinson, CB Dexter McDougle, K Nick Folk QB Matt Simms, LB Dylan Donahue TE Braedon Bowman QB Christian Hackenberg, RB Zac Stacy, DT Anthony Johnson WR Jalin Marshall LB Trevor Reilly LB Deion Barnes CB Kendall James
  2. JETSfaninNE

    Press Conference

    Can wait to see Gase give them crazy eyes to the Refs when we need a call to go our way!
  3. JETSfaninNE

    Press Conference

    Man Gase has some crazy eyes! O.o
  4. JETSfaninNE

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    You can discredit it if you want but they did draw up the play and practice it. Was it a long shot to go the distance and score a TD, absolutely. But its situational football and it was the right call against the right defensive personnel at that time. I won't discredit Gase or Drake for taking advantage of Gronk playing defense, it was a good play call and excellent execution.
  5. JETSfaninNE

    Who will be Sam's backup next season ?

    BrockLobster will be the backup most likely
  6. JETSfaninNE

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    they did draw it up and practice it as well.
  7. JETSfaninNE

    Big endorsment from Alshon Jeffrey

    more from that tweet:
  8. JETSfaninNE

    Jets Pressers

    None of this makes any sense. Macc has 2 years left and no power. He is a lame duck unless they extend him. CJ just said that they aren't interested in any HC that wan't full control of personnel. What coach in their right mind is going to sign a 4 year contract with the Jets when the GM only has 2 years left with no power... This team is still playing loser football, we need a Dawg owner not some puppie bullsh*t
  9. JETSfaninNE

    Jets Pressers

    Clown fiesta in full force. Just fire the GM already. Who is going to want to work with a lame duck GM with no power.
  10. JETSfaninNE

    Leonard Fournette

    I'm fine going after Bell. We got the money, I'd be locking up Bell and getting what I can on the Oline. Grab someone like Sanu as well since Ridley will probably force him out.
  11. JETSfaninNE

    Leonard Fournette

    As owner of Fournette in my fantasy league this year, no thank you. I want no part of this injury riddled malcontent.
  12. 4 years of Bowles DBs playing 10 yards off the Patriots best YAC receivers can finally come to an end. So sick of seeing this defense
  13. copy and paste or take a screenshot, for us non-instagram folks?
  14. JETSfaninNE

    Jets - Packers --- The Game Thread

    12 man penalties in week ******* 16. Goodbye Toilet Bowles, wish I could pack your bags and buy your bus ticket out of town

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