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  1. Don't Know If This Is Possible

    disregard, forgot out for the year Suh is licking his chops right now
  2. How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    Poor coaching or poor study habits but playing against backups are supposed to be an advantage, not the other way around. Its pretty obvious historically the Jets just aren't ready for situational football.
  3. So serious that we just signed a dude that was cut from 2 0-8 teams. Guess its pretty serious.
  4. His Oline has been ravaged. This past Sunday he was playing with 3 OLineman that literally had a couple days worth of practice with him before the game and he lost his other starting guard during the game. In previous seasons, the Skins have had no running game nor a defense so any wins or points has mostly been because of Cousins carrying the team to those wins.
  5. 3-6? He's a QB, he has 8-10 years of production left. I agree as well. I've been on the Cousins train for since last season. Big fan
  6. How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    Hasn't Matt Moore historically torn us up? I feel like I've seen that story before in previous seasons. Had a bad feeling when he came in after Cutler got hurt. Not sure why, but Jets just can't play against backup QBs we make them all look like pro bowl QBs.
  7. Kirk Cousins is GOOD!

    I've been saying if for the last 2 seasons. If we don't 100% feel good about one of these QBs to draft and get them, go get Cousins. Give him his 5 yr 125m contract. He is a Franchise QB.
  8. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    I think its starting to be pretty safe bet that the Jets finally broke their 2nd round curse
  9. Adams call vs. Gronk

    He was going for the ball but if you look closely he trips over Gronks foot as he goes to make the play since Gronk has that huge ass stride. If he doesn't trip there I think he probably makes the pick or at least has the pbu. He's going to get better and learn from these little things, Adams is of little concern imo. Not even half a season played yet as a pro.
  10. Really bad call, if anything it was offensive PI but whatevs, Jets need to respond. We weren't going to keep the Pats off the board all game.
  11. Yeah boooooys! We never recover those!!
  12. They need to start hitting Brady more or he will start to figure out where to go with the ball.
  13. More McGuire is needed, feed the beast
  14. WTF was that? Was that stewart not paying attention to down the punt? easily could have downed that ball, good punt by edwards
  15. Macc obviously tapped into the helmet from upstairs and delivered a new directive to McCown lol