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  1. JETSfaninNE


    Enunwa and Long having bad games today.
  2. JETSfaninNE


    Is this Leo's breakout game finally? Wow he is destroying the Broncos
  3. I don't see the new contradiction? Adams says they are going to start holding player only meetings on fridays. Bowles says in his experience that isn't anything new, that many teams he's been with has done players only meetings. where is the contradiction? If anything it is a teaching failure because Bowles should have been the one to suggest and encourage it to Adams instead of Bart Scott? was it?
  4. I've read this script before. Jets D is gassed running on fumes by the 4th and the Browns just dissect us like its Brady and the Pats out there.
  5. 2 key plays for me same player differnt plays. The catch along the sideline end of the 2nd. If he turns out instead of in we save a to. Then with the catch at the 1 we can use the to and kick the fg with 1 second left in the half and get the ball back start of the 3rd. Rookie mistake though and hopefully he learns from it, a lot of potential today for herndon, just need him to smarten up and make sure he catches and secures the ball before worrying about turning up field.
  6. This has been a common issue since the Rex Ryan days too. I'm sick to my stomach right now that the defense folded to ******* tannehil running the ******* ball and leaving our rookie qb with no chance to tie the game. Disgusting all around team and coaching failure today.
  7. Divisional game, as long as we keep it close, limit the mistakes its going to take a bit for Darnold to figure the Dolphins out. Just keep it close into the 4th and I have faith.
  8. yes but Landry was the main target last year. Stills is now going to gain all the pass attempts since both Landry and Parker aren't in the game. they will put Stills in the slot though, so not sure if Johnson will see a lot of him. Does johnson move over the slot often?
  9. I laughed so hard and turned to my girlfriend and said that is the most Jetsiest start to any Jets QB career.
  10. JETSfaninNE

    Todd Bowles

    Its called getting a FQB. Makes everyones job easier. Bowles personality completely flipped a switch after they drafted him LOL
  11. Holy crap, damn the damage flipping 2 words by accident can cause LMAO In my defense, I was correct though! He touched a ball!
  12. JETSfaninNE

    Historic quarter of NY Jets 🏈

    Sam Darnold is the first QB to win his first start by 31 or more points since Tom Brady in 2001.

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