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  1. Thanks for the well thought out criticism of the idea. I love VR technology so I'm an advocate of it and a little biased towards pushing adoption. To provide a few more details 1. US population is probably around 15-25% capable. (maybe around 50 million) Most of this content would be a seated experience which helps big time with the motion sickness. Technology has gotten so smooth with VR that motion sickness is now present in a very small minority of people. The latest tech for VR is 299.99, the Oculus Quest (requires no PC, phone or added hardware accessories, just put the headset on and off you go) 2. If they were to do this now, I would expect no price for admission and limited views around the stadium, like 1 end zone seat on each side and maybe 50 yd line or field level 50 yd line on each side. As a VR advocate I'd like to see NFL do this just to help drive adoption rate of VR through the roof. This pandemic has already caused Oculus Quests to be severely limited as many people stuck at home look for some type of escape. 3. Check out what the NBA has done with VR/AR technology: https://www.nba.com/xr and here is bit more background on the inner workings and the added benefit of producing VR content that goes behind the scenes . The producers of the NBA content do admit themselves that just trying to mimic a courtside seat is still difficult with todays tech. I'm hoping they at least put out a pilot test for a few games and if nothing else hope I've piqued some JetNation posters about the potential of VR!
  2. If someone doesn't introduce "virtual tickets" as a means to add revenue with Virtual Reality its a major missed opportunity in my opinion. VR has been experimenting with live sports and entertainment for a couple years now (especially with basketball/baseball and with the accessibility of higher quality headsets like the Oculus Quest and Valve Index for PC and better cameras/resolutions for 360 degree capture. It just makes sense to pilot virtual tickets where you pick a seat in the stadium and watch the game as if you were actually there. They could charge different prices on the quality of the seat as well as sell the same seats to different people as no one is physically occupying the space. Add in actual social communications between avatars in different "instances" of the game and you have actual proximity stadium noise in VR. just a little VR rant I've been thinking about recently lol
  3. This narrative is getting tired. The one year he had Tanny healthy he made the Playoffs. Gase didn't have the Titans Defense or Derrick Henry. I hate these apples to oranges comparisons. I don't know whats going to happen with Gase, if he improves with better oline next season is tbd, but these comparisons are just bullsh*t.
  4. Came to post this, glad to see it was the first post. /endthread
  5. They would have to redo his contract again too further causing cap issues as well possibly. I think his current contract voids on the 2nd day of the next league year if he is still on the Pats.
  6. This upcoming week is going to be glorious, I may actually go into work everyday instead of work from home haha
  7. man what a melt down by Allen and the Bills. Basically gave them the ball back and they are in field goal range haha
  8. are you comparing Kotites 1st half season to Gases or Kotites whole season to Gases half? I get where you are going here but the thread was probably 2 months premature. I would like to make this comparison at the end of the year to really reflect though.
  9. They weren't willing ot give up a 1 and 3. I'm guessing they tried a straight up 1 maybe
  10. There should be trackers in the balls that can tell you exactly pin point accuracy where the ball is and sensors in the goal line to determine exactly when ball breaches the goal line. We should be leaning more on technology and less on human error.
  11. Man Dolphins fans said when we hired Gase, Hope you like short yardage plays on 3rd and long. I didn't want to believe it but through 3 weeks its unavoidable how predictable his play calling looks.

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