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  1. Giants release Marshall

    This was my first thought too LMAO Sorry baby bro there is now room for you on the NY Giants hahaha
  2. 7 Days And Counting...

    Time is slowing down so much the closer we get. Starting to kill me! I'm getting so antzy and I feel like the crazy is going to get turned up to 11 in the coming days.
  3. FFS

    I'm perfectly fine getting him but I don't feel as high as many others do about him. So yeah my top 2 QBs being taken is a bit of a nightmare, but that is hyperbole. Could be worse and we could end up with Allen. Darnolds high turnover rate especially with fumbles does indeed scare the crap out of me.
  4. FFS

    I assume this is because you want Darnold above all others?
  5. FFS

    This dude is going #1 to the Browns and Rosen is going #2 to somebody. My nightmare scenario
  6. Delete

    This is the most grounded level headed thread I've seen today. 9 Days of crazy to go!
  7. So much Ryan Leaf leading up to this years draft. Who keeps contacting this guy and caring about what he says? Johnny Manz was a better comparison since both of them couldn't seem to have any willpower against drugs. Doesn't seem to be Bakers issue at all.
  8. Does a Certain Height actually Matter at QB?

    Speaking of this, I think I was reading how Brees doesn't actually do a 3 step drop but instead a 5 step drop that helps with his passing lanes. He is able to get back to a 5 step drop as fast if not faster than most get to a 3 step drop.
  9. Has anyone else had enough already?

    Definitely not speaking for me I'm eating up all the rumors especially the delicious Browns rumors circulating the last few days. I find it fun and usually do at least one mock a day myself. Just don't take things so seriously and remember this is all entertainment. If you are not entertained tune out until 4/26, will help keep your sanity. And I'm 100% with you, whoever the pick is, I can't wait to start rooting and supporting them and the future of the Jets. Haven't been this excited in a very long time.
  10. Does a Certain Height actually Matter at QB?

    I don't but I did have the assumption that height did matter for something like batted balls at the line. My thought process on that was with more height your passing lane has a higher apex to throw over but it seems that can also be mitigated by throwing motion and just smart and savvy play that includes how a QB probably uses their eyes.
  11. Does a Certain Height actually Matter at QB?

    Staying on topic and realistic the article is making a point for the 6' - 6'2 range and comparing it to QBs above 6'2. I guess you do make a point that I should edit the topic so to avoid the crappy drive by posts like yours
  12. Lots of height talk with the rumors flying about Baker at 3. Found this article interesting when I read it yesterday. This is some seriously heavy math, but the conclusion is very interesting. This is mainly about batted passes, not necessarily about the vision and passing lanes. Any Math majors want to take a stab at it, does this make sense? Obviously, the posts i'm referring to are all based on Baker Mayfield. I'm of the belief that the height filter for quarterbacks occurs when they enter college, not when they move to the NFL (at that point, it's a skill filter that removes them) so I decided to do some quick tests on batted passes data. This data isn't conclusive, but it'll reveal some information about this batted passes issue everyone seems to bring up. Where's the data from? Got access to PFF's premium stats again, so i'm using their batted passes stats. I'm testing a players batted passes in year N vs batted passes in year N+1 (which will tell you how much of the trait of getting your passes batted down is intrinsic to the player) as well as attempts per batted basses year N vs attempts per batted passes year N+1, to check if the rate is stable. You'll see two sets of testing, one against all QBs with at least 25% of their teams snaps from 2013-2017, and one for all QBs 6'2 or shorter. All QB regressions: Batted passes year N ~ Batted passes year N+1 Essentially, the amount of batted passes a player has from the next year is only 10% explained (R2 of .10) by the batted passes from the previous year. So it's not very meaningful for QBs across all heights, and batted passes would seemingly be a weak intrinsic trait for a player. *To make this even clearer, it means that 90% of the batted passes volume in year N+1 is explained by forces outside of the QBs own batted passes in year N. Batted Passes Per Attempt Year N ~ Batted passes per attempt year N+1 This one is even worse for year to year stability, the rate of batted passes is pretty much completely unstable. QBs 6'2 and under Here's the raw dataset, so you can see which QBs were in this. Batted passes year N ~ Batted passes year N+1 Take a look at that straight line. When you do QBs under 6'2, the volume of batted passes is actually even worse for stability year to year. This could almost be considered random. It's counter-intuitive considering most people would believe that the shorter QBs would be more prone to getting their passes batted, but that's what the numbers would tell you. Could it be a case of elite QBs like Rodgers and Brees carrying most of the workload? Maybe. Batted Passes Per Attempt Year N ~ Batted passes per attempt year N+1 And the rate year to year stability is even worse. QBs 6'2 and under without Brees/Rodgers Our sample set becomes very small here, but here's the raw look. Batted passes year N ~ Batted passes year N+1 Even without the two elite quarterbacks, the year to year stability is weak. Last year's batted passes only explains 2% of the variance of next years batted passes. Which means about 98% of the explanation for a QB under 6'2's batted passes that are not Rodgers/Brees, comes from outside that QBs own skills. Batted Passes Per Attempt Year N ~ Batted passes per attempt year N+1 This is the strongest number we can get for the rate, but it's still peaking at 1% explaination of the variance year to year. Completely unstable. Height vs BP So we can take all the QBs and the sum of all their batted passes, as well as the total rate they've had of batted passes- and see if their height is in any way correlated/predictive for either one. The answer is no. Charts: Battled Passes Volume vs Height Batted Passes Rate vs Height Graphs: Batted Passes Volume vs Height Batted Passes Rate vs Height Essentially, the two have extremely weak correlation and height is not predictive of either batted passes by volume or rate. Conclusion Height doesn't matter, probably. This isn't a conclusive study since you can only test players who have actually played and have played at least 2 consecutive seasons, but Height probably doesn't matter. Neither does having your passes batted. By the numbers here, the amount of batted passes year to year seems more stable when you're taller than when you're shorter. It suggests there's nothing intrinsic about having your passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. Anyway, let me know if there's anything you want to know related to this. Source
  13. No doubt, can't argue with that. But I think if Rivers was on the Giants he would have won more. But of course that is hypothetical.
  14. I didn't take this as best QB in the class but that we will pick a Franchise QB and not a bust. i.e. 2004 class. You can argue who was the best of that class (IMO its Rivers) but it doesn't matter really if you landed one of the 3 QBs taken first in that draft.
  15. Joel Klatt on Josh Rosen

    Rosen wouldn't be as good as he is if he wasn't committed to his craft. I don't get the commitment issues when every scout says his footwork, throwing motion, etc is pro ready and the best package from a rookie standpoint in years. You don't get that good at something without committing and loving your craft.