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  1. JETSfaninNE

    Jets Training Camp - 8/1

    McCown = Vet same old same old Bridge = Made some nice move the ball plays in a 2 min drill setup field goal. Darnold = Big play potential. Likes seeing the ability to hold the ball, make some room and drive ball down field into tight coverage. (even if the receivers are dropping them)
  2. I think this might go follow the same timeline as Bosa. So I'd say in a month from now.
  3. Josh Allen has same agent and signed with the Bills already. I'm not up in arms about this process, just want to get it done. Wish someone would just report what the hold up is at this point so at least people would know where to project their frustrations lol
  4. JETSfaninNE

    Episode 5

    Very excited. These have been really well done so far.
  5. Legal Way: Purchase CBS All Access and Purchase a VPN like Private Internet Access (5 bucks/month?). 1. Set VPN to NYC 2. Log into CBS.com with your All Access account (6.99 per month) Go to Live TV and watch the game when its on CBS (majority of games). Illegal Way: Google "NY Jets vs ??? Team" on the day the games is airing, about 30 minutes prior to game time and follow any number of websites. (make sure to have adblock turned on and AV software).
  6. Truer words have never been spoken
  7. This is a youth problem unfortunately. I think back to my own early 20s and how many times I got behind the wheel when I shouldn't have. It was stupid, and he was stupid and lucky no one was hurt. Hopefully he comes out of this with a lesson learned and take advantage of the ability he has to call a damn uber or use the Jets car service in the future.
  8. Chad advice to Baker. Stop being around cameras and keep head in football. Browns: Hey, Lets get HBO and every damn camera and documentary production in here to witness our epic meltdown! Sounds like the formula to success only the Browns could achieve! I always like to remind myself. "At least we aren't the Browns..."
  9. JETSfaninNE

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    Don't think so. I think Bowles is genuinely super high on this kid. He really does seem to love him going by the latest articles and also just look at how happy he is around Darnold. I've never seen Bowles this happy since being here. He is going to give Darnold every opportunity to win this job I think.
  10. JETSfaninNE

    Sam Darnold, NFL draft diary

    This video got me all teary eyed. ******* Jets emotional roller coaster, please Darnold bring this organization to new heights
  11. not super happy about the pick but if it helps take double teams away from Leo it is definitely a need. Still would have preferred a pass rusher myself...
  12. JETSfaninNE


    Yeah I thought that was hysterical too, like out of nowhere the tie unloosened and he was like Duuude...
  13. JETSfaninNE


    Last one, I'm off to bed. Have a great night Jet Nation!