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  1. Looks like MJJ was open on that 3 and 8 at the first down marker and TL just took the big shot instead. First week I'm watching TL.
  2. I've heard talk of Stafford to Pats for a couple months already up here. Belichick really likes him, Pats would be a scary good landing spot for him if they can get him a couple speedy yac receivers.
  3. Is it possible to get Fields and Olave in the 1st? LOL damn Olave didn't even have to slow up at all on that pass, Fields hit him perfectly in stride
  4. After seeing this 2nd quarter, I wouldn't mind drafting Fields #2. Kid is tough and looks great
  5. is it just me or did he look like he was holding his hip after that TD? Hope whatever it is it isn't serious. Sounds like he has really impressed so far tonight
  6. Now when they announce Fitz as the starting QB next week, he will go on to throw 5 picks haha Man Gruden with the ******* pussy ball. What analytics tells you to kick the FG in that situation when you have the TD with less than 90 seconds left for Miami with no timeouts to have to score a TD instead of a FG with 24 seconds left. Just common sense imo to take the TD not settle for the FG in this specific situation.
  7. Crazy to think the team was in better shape under his watch. I guess welcome back Woody!
  8. Just found out Loggains is calling the plays on offense today???? I was wondering why we were moving the ball like an actual NFL team today. Can't believe the mad man actually gave up playcalling
  9. I laughed so hard at this last night when I saw it. And every time I've seen it replayed. Its gold jerry
  10. Williams has also moved Jenkins to the left side instead of right side as it seems he gains more pressures from the left. I think this is why you hear about Jenkins and Becton facing each other so much.
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