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  1. I've heard talk of Stafford to Pats for a couple months already up here. Belichick really likes him, Pats would be a scary good landing spot for him if they can get him a couple speedy yac receivers.
  2. Is it possible to get Fields and Olave in the 1st? LOL damn Olave didn't even have to slow up at all on that pass, Fields hit him perfectly in stride
  3. After seeing this 2nd quarter, I wouldn't mind drafting Fields #2. Kid is tough and looks great
  4. is it just me or did he look like he was holding his hip after that TD? Hope whatever it is it isn't serious. Sounds like he has really impressed so far tonight
  5. Now when they announce Fitz as the starting QB next week, he will go on to throw 5 picks haha Man Gruden with the ******* pussy ball. What analytics tells you to kick the FG in that situation when you have the TD with less than 90 seconds left for Miami with no timeouts to have to score a TD instead of a FG with 24 seconds left. Just common sense imo to take the TD not settle for the FG in this specific situation.
  6. Crazy to think the team was in better shape under his watch. I guess welcome back Woody!
  7. Just found out Loggains is calling the plays on offense today???? I was wondering why we were moving the ball like an actual NFL team today. Can't believe the mad man actually gave up playcalling
  8. I laughed so hard at this last night when I saw it. And every time I've seen it replayed. Its gold jerry
  9. Williams has also moved Jenkins to the left side instead of right side as it seems he gains more pressures from the left. I think this is why you hear about Jenkins and Becton facing each other so much.
  10. Awesome thanks for finding that! Yeah he really did shine last year, glad he'll hopefully be playing this year.
  11. Just noticed this on the CBS transactions list for yesterday: (sorry if this has been posted and discussed already) Aug 5, 2020 James Burgess OLB Reserve/DNR COVID-19 Opt-Out Looks like along with Mosley Burgess is also out for the year unless I'm reading this wrong. Source: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/teams/NYJ/new-york-jets/transactions/ More playing time for Zuniga I would assume! Hopefully he surprises.
  12. I just meant it as its hard to find defensive footage where Jamal isn't chasing the cameras to say look at me
  13. Did anyone notice no cut up highlights of Jamal. I need to watch the montage segments again but I think they made sure to exclude him from the montage
  14. Thanks for the well thought out criticism of the idea. I love VR technology so I'm an advocate of it and a little biased towards pushing adoption. To provide a few more details 1. US population is probably around 15-25% capable. (maybe around 50 million) Most of this content would be a seated experience which helps big time with the motion sickness. Technology has gotten so smooth with VR that motion sickness is now present in a very small minority of people. The latest tech for VR is 299.99, the Oculus Quest (requires no PC, phone or added hardware accessories, just put the headset
  15. If someone doesn't introduce "virtual tickets" as a means to add revenue with Virtual Reality its a major missed opportunity in my opinion. VR has been experimenting with live sports and entertainment for a couple years now (especially with basketball/baseball and with the accessibility of higher quality headsets like the Oculus Quest and Valve Index for PC and better cameras/resolutions for 360 degree capture. It just makes sense to pilot virtual tickets where you pick a seat in the stadium and watch the game as if you were actually there. They could charge different prices on the quality
  16. This narrative is getting tired. The one year he had Tanny healthy he made the Playoffs. Gase didn't have the Titans Defense or Derrick Henry. I hate these apples to oranges comparisons. I don't know whats going to happen with Gase, if he improves with better oline next season is tbd, but these comparisons are just bullsh*t.
  17. Came to post this, glad to see it was the first post. /endthread
  18. They would have to redo his contract again too further causing cap issues as well possibly. I think his current contract voids on the 2nd day of the next league year if he is still on the Pats.
  19. This upcoming week is going to be glorious, I may actually go into work everyday instead of work from home haha
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