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  1. This narrative is getting tired. The one year he had Tanny healthy he made the Playoffs. Gase didn't have the Titans Defense or Derrick Henry. I hate these apples to oranges comparisons. I don't know whats going to happen with Gase, if he improves with better oline next season is tbd, but these comparisons are just bullsh*t.
  2. Came to post this, glad to see it was the first post. /endthread
  3. They would have to redo his contract again too further causing cap issues as well possibly. I think his current contract voids on the 2nd day of the next league year if he is still on the Pats.
  4. This upcoming week is going to be glorious, I may actually go into work everyday instead of work from home haha
  5. man what a melt down by Allen and the Bills. Basically gave them the ball back and they are in field goal range haha
  6. are you comparing Kotites 1st half season to Gases or Kotites whole season to Gases half? I get where you are going here but the thread was probably 2 months premature. I would like to make this comparison at the end of the year to really reflect though.
  7. They weren't willing ot give up a 1 and 3. I'm guessing they tried a straight up 1 maybe
  8. There should be trackers in the balls that can tell you exactly pin point accuracy where the ball is and sensors in the goal line to determine exactly when ball breaches the goal line. We should be leaning more on technology and less on human error.
  9. Man Dolphins fans said when we hired Gase, Hope you like short yardage plays on 3rd and long. I didn't want to believe it but through 3 weeks its unavoidable how predictable his play calling looks.
  10. I really thought our Defense would do better today. We are just horrible all around.
  11. here comes the interior pressure and blitzes, Jets can't freaking stop any pressure up the middle
  12. This dude never turns his head around, literally runs after WRs like he is on th punt team. But hell, turn over the rock, can't be worse than what we have!
  13. I love all the old washed up comments. did anyone see Vernon freaking Davis last weekend?? sh*t if DT gives us 1 game like that and we win its worth a 6th
  14. who do we cut? DT ain't playing specials right?
  15. I wish sam just pulled it down and ran for the 1st, we needed 1 yard.
  16. Winters will be gone after this year hopefully. Lets also credit the Bills though, they were #2 defense last year, it won't be easy to get TDs, really need Vedvik to be perfect from here on out.
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