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  1. Champ is not crappy. If we somehow totally luck assbackwards into landing either one its a huge win for the Jets.
  2. Finally saw a Polite sighting in this video. Wesco was about to run a drill with Simian throwing to him but they cut away
  3. I really wish teh beat writers would mention our new shiny draft picks. Only Cashman was mentioned and Williams sitting out. What the the hell was Wesco and Polite doing? I mean if they didn't make any plays that stood out thats fine. But at least provide an update where they were practices, were they with 2nd or 3rd stringers? Really disappointing since we only get one of these a week these days...
  4. Hopefully we'll here some Wesco sightings. Can't wait to no longer see Tomlinsons name associated with starters after this week...
  5. Think this is supposed to say "picked off" LOL
  6. Thanks @Lith for the updates!
  7. I find it interesting that Suh is signing with the Bucs. Wonder when the story about the Jets trying to sign Suh was all because Bowles wanted him not Macc before CJ came in and shut down those talks.
  8. 1 day on the Job and Gase has already gotten Robby to sign his tender and ship Lee out of town. Gase does what Maccouldn't
  9. If we do well this year then we can thank Macc for his effort in getting some players that performed. Did we want to keep Idzik around in hindsight because Enunwa balled out, nah. We say he got lucky landing 1 of 12 players in a draft.
  10. Except the singular difference being having a FQB means we can weather the transition. Don't think anyone will lose any sleep for losing a GM in May. Time will tell but I frankly don't care if its late, its done and needed to be done. I don't think Woody would have ever done it, he would have realized his mistake and waited to end of season, I like that Chris acknowledged his mistake, owned it, addressed it and ready to move on now and not even later.
  11. I think the last team that fired their GM between the draft and preseason was Kansas City. GM that was fired John Dorsey. KC seems fine. This is just May overreactions honestly.
  12. Probably b/c he was a complete sh*tbag coke head. We probably would only be looking at a 6th rd compensatory pick after next year anyway if we kept him so might as well get a 2020 compensatory 6th instead of a 2021 comp 6th. We need picks, the last few drafts have really shown you can't be hanging around with 5 draft picks each year. We need capital. https://imgur.com/a/nL15YZ4
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the only source of this Mehta, who just lost his source and best friend Mikey Macc? I wouldn't put any stock in this sh*t, this is Mehta trying to go scorched earth on the Jets.
  14. Guessing the Joe Douglas rumors are probaby true too. Crazy. Usually is true when there smoke there is usually fire. Manish keeps failing
  15. we didn't even get an additional pick back? Just moved up 11 spots in the 5th? Damn macc get a 7th thrown in for crying out loud
  16. The madmen did it, they actually did it AFCE will at least be interesting for quite some time to come.
  17. starting to feel that hallow pain in the pit of my stomach.... is there any C left??
  18. anyone know anything about this kid? Edge Rusher Chase Winovich
  19. I didn't pay any attention to this 2 weeks ago, but this little tidbit of information dropped back on April 14th: I bet it was Gregg Williams that leaked to media. He's know to whistleblow sh*t behind the scenes when he was with both the Rams and Saints.
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