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  1. Baker Mayfield

    No way he's going in the top 8 draft board.
  2. Why Maccagnan must cut McCown.

    Well let's then finish 4-12 and get the best possible draft pick.
  3. Under the Jets organizational structure, Mike Mccagnan decides who is on the final roster but Todd Bowles decides who plays. if Mccagnan cuts McCown, Bowles will have no choice but to play either Petty or Hackenberg. No need to have Bowles eek out another one or two wins with McCown so he can pad his resume. Let's find out over the next few weeks if either Petty or Hackenberg shows enough to be retained or even start next season before we start another journey to find a starting QB.
  4. 49ers need lots of help. The Jets can offer two number 1s and two number 2s, or some other combination of draft picks, and move up to the number 2 pick in this years draft.
  5. Evidence? What collusion? You cannot force a employer to hire someone if they consider him disruptive or a jerk. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Jets enter top 10

    Just look at the remaining schedule. Excellent chance the Jets finish 3-13 and get a top five pick.

    I think my balls are under inflated .
  8. In defense of Bellichick

    3 things can happen when you decide to kick off after winning the coin toss.... 1. force the other team to punt and your offense comes back and wins with a field goal. 2. the other team scores a field goal and your offense must come back and score a touchdown. 3. the other team scores a touchdown and you go home. Belichick was betting against option number 3. If option number 1 is forced, you have a great chance of winning with Brady and Gostkowski. i don't think it was as terrible decision given the personnel available to both teams. Disclaimer...I am a 68 years old Jets fan and was 22 years old when the Jets won their only SB. All my friends were Giant fans and that was my single greatest day as a sports fan. I am not a Belichick apologist.
  9. If they beat the Patriots tomorrow, nothing else matters.
  10. You forgot James Brewer who was signed as UFA in March from Giants. He's 6ft6 330lb. former 4th round pick who should be listed as Dbricks backup.
  11. Mac is a cool guy. He even admitted to reading mock drafts. Said nobody had Leonard Williams going lower than third pick. Lol.
  12. Good Bye Gino, we're glad to see you go !!!

    Can we please wait till week 2?
  13. I believe the answer is no offensive player they take at 6 is going to elevate the offense to upper echelon. However, if you add another defensive stud to an already top 5 defense, the dominant defense can carry a pedestrian offense.