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  1. Jets' Sam Darnold report card | How did QB perform at minicamp? | NJ.com http://s.nj.com/4ceekYG
  2. DoubleU

    Josh Rosen was Eli Manning , Darnold is Tony Romo

    Go someplace where somebody actually gives a **** what you think.
  3. Darnold may get a pass for sucking this year. He won't get 2 passes.
  4. I never said Marrone has 0.0 input. But the Jacquar owner has said Coughlin makes final decisions. From a Jacksonville report: Caldwell is the key to making the structure work. If he’s able to accept Coughlin now having FINAL SAY without becoming bitter or dissatisfied, there will be minimal problems. That doesn’t mean there won’t be disagreements -- there always are in any front office -- but they must not fester and become bigger issues.
  5. DoubleU

    Another reason to FIRE Todd Bowles.

    I may be wrong but I believe it was clarified when Macc and Bowles signed their initial contracts. Macc has final say over roster composition and Bowles decides who plays on Game day. Remember earlier this year when Macc signed a db and Bowles was not aware until advised by the media? LOL. Bowles never dressed him on game day.
  6. DoubleU

    Suck for Sam they said

    And Gronk and Gates are ALL TIME greats.
  7. Tom Coughlin and David Caldwell are the football decision makers, not Idzig and Marrone.
  8. DoubleU

    Number ONE pick today, 1/30/17

    Make a real pick Integrity, lol, so we can hold you accountable.
  9. DoubleU

    Number ONE pick today, 1/30/17

    If you were in a position where you had to select the number ONE OVERALL pick today, for the Jets, who would your selection be?
  10. DoubleU

    Top 3 best/worst Macc moves as GM

    Best move - having 100 million available in cap space.
  11. DoubleU

    Baker Mayfield

    No way he's going in the top 8 draft board.
  12. DoubleU

    Why Maccagnan must cut McCown.

    Well let's then finish 4-12 and get the best possible draft pick.
  13. Under the Jets organizational structure, Mike Mccagnan decides who is on the final roster but Todd Bowles decides who plays. if Mccagnan cuts McCown, Bowles will have no choice but to play either Petty or Hackenberg. No need to have Bowles eek out another one or two wins with McCown so he can pad his resume. Let's find out over the next few weeks if either Petty or Hackenberg shows enough to be retained or even start next season before we start another journey to find a starting QB.
  14. 49ers need lots of help. The Jets can offer two number 1s and two number 2s, or some other combination of draft picks, and move up to the number 2 pick in this years draft.