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  1. That and maybe going against Moore(better route runner at this point)/Wilson in practice will help too.
  2. Ok .. I can buy the "in a normal draft thing" ... who woulda thought that the year we have two top 10 picks there would be no 'generational' OLB or ILB. I wanted Hutch/Thibs (@4 Hutch was long gone) and London (@10 which ended up not being possible.) ... there were question marks about his speed and separation. I am totally aware that I could be completely wrong about him. It took me about 25 minutes to get on board with the Gardner pick. Back to the list ... Exactly 5 out of 45(2 of which were this year) ... Mostly successful picks. The ones that were mediocre or worse were abject failures of the pick. The only one i can think of that didn't have a very good rookie years was Jammer. If Sauce is Ward or better everything will be fine. (3int Rookie) This conversation was about whether or not we should expect anything out of Sauce as a rookie ... not whether we should have drafted him. I expect Sauce to dominate. If he flounders and Thibs, Hamilton, London or IK dominate ... that will be a different story.
  3. Did he ? Or was he in the Super Bowl on the winning team?
  4. Not sure what you are not understanding ... my point is you do not draft CBs that high unless they are immediate difference makers ... you know who agrees with me ... History. The guys I mentioned were deserving of their draft position ... For the record I hope Sauce is the next Jaylen Ramsey or D Revis ... History tells you ... you don't draft a CB in the top 5 unless he is a sure thing. And this is just back to 2001 and mostly top 15s. If he was the 4th best player in the draft ... great he should start and play well right away. 2022 3 Derek Stingley Jr. 2020 3 Jeff Okudah 2022 4 Sauce Gardener 2018 4 Denzel Ward 2016 5 Jalen Ramsey 2011 5 Patrick Peterson 2003 5 Terence Newman 2002 5 Quentin Jammer 2012 6 Morris Claiborne 2005 6 Pacman Jones 2010 7 Joe Haden 2021 8 Jaycee Horn 2014 8 Justin Gilbert 2005 8 Antrel Rolle 2004 8 DeAngelo Hall 2002 8 Roy Williams 2021 9 Patrick Surtain II 2020 9 C.J. Henderson 2013 9 Dee Milliner 2005 9 Carlos Rogers 2016 10 Eli Apple 2012 10 Stephon Gilmore 2004 10 Dunta Robinson 2018 11 Minkah Fitzpatrick 2017 11 Marshon Lattimore 2016 11 Vernon Haergaves 2015 11 Trae Waynes 2008 11 Leodis McKelvin 2003 11 Marcus Trufant 2013 12 D.J. Hayden 2014 14 Kyle Fuller 2007 14 Darrelle Revis 2005 14 Thomas Davis 2006 15 Tye Hill 2000 15 Deltha Oneil 2020 16 AJ Terrell 2015 16 Kevin Johnson 2008 16 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 2003 16 Troy Polamalu 2002 17 Phillip Buchanon 2018 18 Jaire Alexander 2015 18 Marcus Peters 2007 18 Leon Hall 2006 19 Antonio Cromartie 2001 20 Adam Archuleta
  5. I think he just became more comfortable in the pro game. Things slowed down a little for him.
  6. Nuthin like seeing a home game live ... that being said ... commercial breaks are odd live....
  7. Revis started in all 16 games of his rookie season. He ended his rookie season with 87 total tackles, one sack, one forced fumble, and 3 interceptions.. He was only bea for TDs 3 times. I'll take that all day
  8. Tbh.. this is my greatest fear ... will Saleh trust Zach enough to allow him to become great ... or will he be Dilferized.
  9. Could bot make it through the whole thing ... guys delivery was making my ears bleed.
  10. Lol ... nice one... and indisputable fiction. ... was a great movie and as a drummer myself can say that the guys playing in that thing had real chops. But story was fiction.
  11. That is not what I am saying ... my comments were a retort to the statement that we shouldn't expect him to dominate out of the gate as a rookie .... I contend that we should absolutely expect that based on where he was drafted. The CBs I listed were all drafted around that slot ... i would like to see the stats of those guys during their rookie campaigns.
  12. So I guess Dallas to the Super Bowl ???? Surely I jest ... I actually find it more interesting watching pollen motes fly in my backyard.
  13. Hotels in NJ near the stadium(Rutherford) are pretty much dumps .... look further into bergen county, or if you want something nice NYC.
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