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  1. Wilson could end up having a better career than Lawrence or Fields. His arm talent is greater than Lawrence and his anticipation and accuracy is superior to Fields.
  2. You guys are nuts ... I invite you to study his stats and come back to this discussion ... guy is a beast. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. I want Brady to win if I am honest ... give that whipper snapper a spanking. Being serious ... has the potential to be lopsided with KC on top, but I am hoping for an extremely competative game. I love both QBs and while KCs offense is more dynamic, TB has the more complete team overall - and Brady .. master of the clock. Brady wins this one and no one on this board will ever see a better QB play football. We will all be dead an buried by then.
  4. Not sure .. I came away feeling he was effortless after watching more tape of him. One thing is indisputable ... dude is accurate as ****.
  5. He could .. and that would be a guy i want NO part of.
  6. Totally agree with this ... My feeling is that Wilson far superior arm talent and therefore i want that guy.
  7. ... which would cement the fact that nothing has changed and this franchise is doomed to fail until that guy is dead and buried.
  8. I feel like we have actually jinxed the GOAT by bestowing himn with accolades earlier.
  9. I started believing in Brady about 6 years ago ... simply have never seen anything like him ... Doing it in Tampa aways from teh Sleeveless Sith Lord ... is really fun. Guy is not human.
  10. Brady is simply one of the only QBs that plays to win and not not to lose. Guy is clearly the GOAT and love watching him play now that he is in Tampa.
  11. Get Better ???? ... you be serious .. I ask you to look at his statistics and then come back. Dude is a passing stud. Period. End of story.
  12. Proven is debatable .. has he made it to the Championship game yet ?

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