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  1. Hasn't he played like in a year? Take Sewell and have the best tandem of tackles de nfl has ever known...
  2. 2. Penei Sewell OT Oregon 26. Creed Humphrey OC Oklahoma 33. Najee Harris RB Alabama 66. Kyle Trask QB Florida 89. Joe Tryon EDGE Washington
  3. He is going to be a backup somewhere...why not here?
  4. Maybe we can make a deal with Chicago, if they drop the game vs Jacksonville we send them Sam
  5. Playoff record: Joe Namath 2-1 Richard Todd 2-2 Ken O´Brien 0-2 Pat Ryan 1-1 Vinny 1-2 Chad Pennington 2-3 Mark Sanchez 4-2 PLUS 10 4th quarter comebacks and 12 game winning drives...in those 2 seasons.
  6. Thanks man. I've been saying this for ages...you don't trade away your good football players...you build around them!!!
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