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  1. Whaley needs to start showing Tyrod more respect. Yes, he still needs improvement but he continues to improve. We need stop jumping ship and give our coaches and Q.B.'s a chance or we it will be another 17 years before we see the playoffs.
  2. Doug Whaley has been pushing e.J. Manuel down our throats for the past 3 years. It's time that Whaley owns up to the fact that he made a mistake his E.J. choice.
  3. No. It's the second mistake the Bills made this week. The first was to fire Rex after 2 seasons.
  4. LOL - There's a definite change in Rex's personality. I noticed it from the beginning of the year. He's more laid back or serious.
  5. As I mentioned earlier, I think Whaley is a good G.M. but I also perceive him as someone who is difficult to get along with. I know Marrone had his problems with him.
  6. No details were given. Just that there are not getting along.
  7. I understand Max. We probably would have a better shot at draft picks if we lose the next 3. We are not going to make the playoffs.
  8. I agree that benching Tyrod would be a mistake. I am disappointed with the bad rap he is getting in Buffalo. I still have faith in him. The Pegulas are very slow to fire anyone. I understand that there's some dissention between Whaley and Ryan. Of course, there was dissention between Whaley and Marrone too. I think Whaley is a good G.M. but I also sense he could be difficult to get along with. Getting back to Rex and Tyrod, we can't keep changing coaches and QB's and expect to get to the playoffs.
  9. The latest news is that Tyrod will start and Rex is still with us. If we go 9-7 or win our last 3 games, Rex will be with us next year.
  10. Any thoughts about what will happen at the end of the season? Will Bowles and Fitzpatrick be there next year?
  11. I'm a Bills fan so I hope you are wrong about Lynn leaving. However, I don't believe you are. If our teams keeps going the way they are now, I think Lynn will be a head coach somewhere next year.
  12. If(when) Kaep kneels during the national anthem in Buffalo, he's going to hear about it.
  13. "so expect there will be some more celebration dances from the Ryan" Actually there wasn't. Rex, in his post game speech , did point out that Brady wasn't there. It was as if to say, ya we're happy about the win but let's not lose sight of the fact that NE didn't have their team on the field. Rex seems much more subdued on the field this year.
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