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  1. Patriots owner Robert Kraft mingled with Judge Richard Berman, who overturned the NFL suspension of Tom Brady over his alleged role in Deflategate, at a Hamptons Labor Day party full of media and business power brokers. http://pagesix.com/2015/09/06/robert-kraft-deflategate-judge-chat-at-hamptons-media-party/
  2. The problem is the punishment was WAY too light. Brady is at the twilight of his career and it appears Belicheat is ready to move on from him by throwing him under the bus. The million dollar fine and loss of draft picks was a joke. I'm sure there are quite a few owners who would give up a million bucks and the draft picks in exchange for the Super Bowl title (if they weren't caught cheating). I'm sure someone with as questionable ethics as Krafty and Belicheat consider that the cost of winning. Plus, the fine itself doesn't even cover the cost of the investigation. Total BS, IMO.
  3. I'm really beginning to think this whole thing about Brady is a giant red herring to lead us away from the real perpetrators Belicheat and Ernie Adams. Yes, the softer balls were probably easier for Brady to throw and his receiver to catch, but this whole scheme was done to cut down on fumbles and reduce turnovers... something Belicheat is particularly conscious about. Brady not turning his phone over to investigators is being done to keep this limited to himself and the equipment staff and protect the real masterminds.
  4. There might be something to this. The last few years, Belicheat has been setting it up so that his son could run the Cheatriots.
  5. Of course Belicheat never believed Brady... Belicheat was fully aware it was going on. It was his or Ernie Adams idea to do this to cut down on fumbles which is something of a pet peeve for Belicheat. Yes, the softer ball might be easier for CryBrady to throw and his receivers to catch, but this whole focus on CryBrady is a giant red herring to protect Belicheat!
  6. It's pretty self-evident that they have been doing this since 2007. When Spygate stopped, Deflategate started up. It's also why they can never point to the success they had after Spygate and claim it didn't make a difference.
  7. I think we can be pretty sure they cheated in the 2009 season. Watch the highlights from their 2009 Titans game: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81382f02/Patriots-59-Titans-0 Any honest person who watched that game will notice something was really amiss. The Titans are fumbling all over the place while the Cheats don't fumble at all. You'll notice that Brady is taking snaps from shotgun, doing gimmick plays like flea flickers, and has a record setting day while Collins, taking snaps from under center, was throwing interceptions, and was 2-12 in pass attempts. Thi
  8. Looks like the asterisk is official! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000493268/article/aaron-rodgers-reigns-among-top-10-qbs-tom-brady-takes-a-hit
  9. You really have to wonder who is giving Kraft such stupid advice? You can tell he must live inside a bubble if he really thinks going down this road is a good idea. It should be very fun to watch!
  10. This almost seems WWE-ish to me. Almost like the NFL is setting this up in order to make the Patriots*/Colts game the most watched regular season game ever.
  11. I think there is a smoking gun in the Wells report about this. When the Colts equipment manager was examing the ball that was intercept, he noticed it felt soft AND had a tacky coating on it. It was quite different than the Colts balls.
  12. Besides Belicheat, there is no way Gronk, the WRs, and the RBs did not know.
  13. It's a ridicously lenient punishment. Bill Belicheat gets off scot free while Sean Payton got a year suspension because he should have been aware Bountygate was going on. Brady cheats, lies about it, and then hampers the investigation and gets the same 4 game suspension a GM gets for sending texts during a game. The million dollar fine is nothing to a billion dollar organization and a mere pittance to the money they made because they were cheating. The taking of their 2016 1st and 2017 4th round draft picks seems light when the Saints gave up 2 2nd rounders for Bountygate.
  14. Probably himself and Edelman... Naked sauna pics in compromising positions tend to be embarassing. Seriously, probably Belicheat. Funny how the guy who many claim is the most detail oriented coach ever had no idea how game balls were prepped.
  15. They probably have a couple dozen other things up their sleeves that are illegal.
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