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  1. His loss is going to be felt by all, all season. Truly great man, who had a great outlook on life. Jets are a better team today for even the brief time that he spent there, but more importantly is the impact he had on everyone's lives. He'll be greatly missed.
  2. I wanted to give Carter over 1000, i just dont know if he'll get the touches to do it, it'll be close I think though. I just suspect we're going to be such an RB committee team that every guy will put up good numbers but going to be hard hitting 1k with so many guys to carry it.
  3. in fairness, a lot of the people at USC probably were
  4. Yes that is cole on the left. At least it was tagged that way in the post on instagram. But certainly looks like him. He wasnt the other guys there. Cole is listed at 6'1
  5. They're down there getting work in with the dude RouteGod. It was morgan, white, zach, keelan cole, and davis. The other three were routegod (forget his real name) wimms from chicago and another dude from the panthers. A bunch of NFL guys have been down there working with him lately. I know he works with Winston all the time, i think he's trying to break into the league. But also Deonte Johnson and Cam Sutton have been down there too.
  6. with the way moore and berrios are playing in OTA's i think they're probably talking about the same thing in the FO as well. A lot of insurance in that slot right now.. and they're two contracts might not add up to 10 mil for the year sooooooo
  7. dont you do it. dont you fckin do it!
  8. lol he's actually a pretty good player, he's certainly making crowders life miserable right now.. The combination of berrios and moore in the slot and how they are performing in OTA's certainly could give the jets comfort if they got a good enough offer to move crowder. I was high on berrios when we got him from the pats, I thought he was really underutilized there and was someone I wanted the jets to draft when he came out. Glad he's finally getting an opportunity and making the most of it.
  9. Huff apparently has been impressing in camp so far and has been the first to get extra reps for performance. Ulbrich specifically praised him during his presser, so he certainly early on has the leg up in the competition. Franklin-Myers, from the feeling I got in the press conference, seems to be the odd man out as of right now. I think they may kick him inside as a versatile piece and let shepherd go honestly, but theres a long time between now and then. I think marshall may end up on the practice squad
  10. prob sophia culpo's friend... thats her and berrios who shes dating right next to them.. I'm sure she brought a friend so she wasnt the only chick in that sea of meat lol
  11. lol this new dude is great, he's funny, fair, and brings some sauce
  12. in regards to what, the new set up and Deweese coming over? I can say with certainty its not window dressing though. If you follow the scientific based research for physical preparation (James Smith has a great book on this) this is the best and most comprehensive way to prepare athletes on every level. The issues lie in the fact that for years everyone relied soley on S&C coaches, and at lower levels like HS, the coaches themselves with no training handle S&C. however when you look at the data, documented connective tissue trauma has escalated over the years, mostly because o
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