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  1. all of this I agree with, those are great ways to get him involved. he's a more dynamic guy with the ball in his hands than other guys we have so those routes make sense for him in order to showcase more of his playmaking ability. His release moves have been pretty good actually from what I've seen so far, and he has been getting open regularly. They were posted online somewhere but a buddy of mine let me see the All 22 film from the Falcons game and I will say this. Moore is open way more than we are giving credit for. He was wide open on deep out breaking routes multiple times in
  2. Which is confusing to me. I know the Jets believe this too, which is why I thought for sure they would target a center and move him to guard last offseason. I had heard early on that JD and the FO believed the same thing that his best position was guard but they had such a hole at center the liked him enough there too. Linderbaum could in theory solve two spots with one pick... would upgrade Center and Guard by shifting CMG over.
  3. this is a good point. Aside from Thibodeaux, I'm not sure there is a player yet in that top 10 that is a MUST take guy. Thibs fits a need for us and is maybe the top player in the draft, so if he fell I couldnt fault JD for selecting him over Linds.
  4. I think if he fell out of the top 10 JD has shown he'll be aggressive for guys he feels like are at the top of his board. He went up for AVT last year and he has the ammo to do it again.. Especially with wilson out for a month or so now, if that Seattle pick is in the Teens? watch out.
  5. Yea i mean at some point this team is going to be heavily invested $$ wise in the OL. there are going to be a lot of top picks on it, which isnt a bad thing, we saw the cowboys get it done for years, it just becomes tricky when Zach comes up for a deal at a similar time.
  6. the game becomes when to take him now. knowing the hard on JD had for AVT im sure he's been full mast this whole season watching Linderbaum, the question becomes where do you take him? If the jets finish the year in their current state and have a top 3 pick, could you pull the trigger on him there? Thats really high for a center and like you said the value says dont take one that high.. There are two things JD will have to really work on this draft if we want linderbaum. 1. trade down from top 3 but not out of top 8. or 2) trade up from seattle to top 10.
  7. I believe so, guards have shot up the boards the most currently in recent years but center still has lagged behind.. This may be the year that changes.
  8. the way its going, JD is going to have to use a top 10 pick to get him. Kids a monster.
  9. Started on JI back in 2003 i think? maybe 2005 its hard to remember, early 2000s for sure.. when that went to scout or whatever they decided to destroy that place with I drifted in the ether for a few years, didnt get any jets discussion at all. I tried to log back onto JI and I saw some of the main posters were talking about this place so i jumped ship and came over here. Best decision ever, boards amazing, and its great to be around a lot of the old crew again from over there.
  10. not always as easy as just moving a guy inside. Alot of players can do it so its not an issue but it is a different position that requires different steps, angles, block adjustments, and responsibilities. Can moses pull? Idk thats something thats important though as this offense does run counter. Aside from pass pro, guard is a much harder spot to play for most offenses especially in the run game. Not saying its impossible to do, many have done it, just not sure he's one of the guys that can. Cant always just say put their best 5 out there
  11. man imagine being the giants and being faced with giving barkley a big time deal at the end of the year? two straight years of being banged up and only 1 really good season in 4 years.
  12. well sammie puts the nail in the coffin... i guess we can talk about how we'd want him for that 4-2 record now
  13. man that darnold is really killing it today.. 93 yds passing and 2 ints. sickkkkk game brah
  14. they're gonna bid hard for watson I think.. they have the ammo to get it done
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