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  1. its going to be a process, Theyll have to at least make one good FA signing, and probably one solid guy for depth/possible average starter. I think alex lewis will be back, and obviously edoga. I also think they try to keep beachum for 1 more year for insurance. Right now the jets will be either going WR or OL in the first round, unless by some slim slim chance they chase young is there for them. I do fully expect the jets to trade down if one of the QBs slide which will help their cause. Douglas has to be successful on a mid round offensive lineman in order to not make this a 3 year process. He can turn the line around in a year or two with a very good FA signing, resigning some of our own guys, and 2 very solid guys in the draft. The wild card being how Edoga develops in the offseason and if he can be a viable starter next season.
  2. mannnn if you were going to the dolphins game this weekend id be down, i actually scored some free tickets for it.
  3. there are going to be guys getting absolutely paid this offseason that probably are going to be over valued. Shaq Barrett is going to get a monster deal. He's a guy that you'd think about going really hard after in FA. Dude already has 14.5 sacks this year and is only 27. The problem with him is that he's never had more than 5.5 in a year... Why the jump? is Todd Bowles defense really that conducive to pass rushers? Or is he a guy that just got lost in that denver system because they had so many good pass rushers at the time that they never gave him a fair shot? Heres why id be hesitant.. He's never had more that 5.5 sacks in a year until this year. Gives me major pause when im talking a big money with big guarantees on a deal. With how many holes are on this team though we'd be better served going for under the radar guys that can produce at an even level or possibly higher level here, and that will sign for a more palatable contract. Depending on how they finish the year Judon and Bud Dupree are two guys that I'd look at. Judon has been rock steady basically averaging 7-8 sacks a year (this year already at 8) . The problem is I see it taking a big contract to lure him away from a ravens team which A)wants to stop losing home grown players, and B ) is a serious contender for a superbowl. Bud dupree to me is maybe the most interesting name on the list of FA's besides Markus Golden. Bud durpee has had a very steady career so far posting 4, 4.5, 6, 5.5, and this year 8.5 sacks since being drafted. Not outstanding masterful pass rushing numbers sack wise but steady production trending upwards this year. He's also posted double digit QB hits in back to back seasons. Depending on how he finishes the year he could be a cheaper option for OLB but also a very very solid one. I said it a lot last year when talking about FA's maybe not so much on here but on other platforms. I was very high on the jets signing not only shaq barrett (i never thought he'd be this good though i just thought it was worth the risk for the price) but also Markus Golden. ESPECIALLY when they lost out on barr and zadarius smith (who i loved). Markus Golden is having a bit of a renaissance in NY right now. After doing next to nothing in Arizona after his 12.5 sack season, he's posted a respectable 7.5 sacks and 17 qb hits. Part of the reason for his dip in production in Arizona was an Injury plagued season, and then switching to a 4-3 under steve wilks. It because very clear that Golden was not a good fit in a 4-3 defense, but now healthy and back in a 3-4 with the giants, he's trended back towards being a productive passrusher. I'm sure the giants are going to try to keep him after this year, but maybe a better defense and a better situation across town can lure him over for a more manageable deal.
  4. Just depends on the price tag for me, im not sure how i feel about paying both jenkins and judon around 12-15 mil a year while we're paying mosley and williamson. thats a lot of money to be tied up into the LB position when we need to spend on so many other areas. That said, if they're not going to retain jenkins, i really like judon as a player.
  5. This is a 2 to 3 year project and anyone that doesnt think so is insane. Need, conservatively mind you, at minimum . 3 OL 1 OLB 1 DE 2 CB 2 WR.. Thats not even taking into account guys leaving or getting traded in that time span and having to replace them, and adding quality depth to a taem that has little. Thats easily 2-3 offseasons before this team has a chance to be a quality football team.
  6. I love how everyone thinks its so simple to just RUN THE BALL MORE. There is so much more that goes into the run game than anyone really realizes. Adam archuleta's ignorant raving about RUNNING OUTSIDE!!!! cmon has anyone seen the jets competently get the edge on anyone? or successfully position block scraping lineman on an outside zone play? They jets dont run these plays because they cant, its that simple. Just look at the personnel on this team and look at the past success last year trying to run outside zone, its laughable.
  7. lol you cant drop buck sweep on these people and expect them to follow you further than a few words haha
  8. If you want to take it to that extreme of sarcasm thats fine.. Just stating a fact that most times you wont even see them on the screen unless the ball is thrown deep. Maye has played reasonably well this season. He has missed a few big plays, and should have another INT or two, but a lot of it is a product of what this defense is putting on the field each day. Playing safety as deep as required in this system is great for breaking on the ball, but when the quarterback has plenty of time to set his feet and throw an accurate ball down the sideline its hard for the safety to get over in time regardless of the technique he's playing. The lack of consistent pressure on the quarterback makes things tougher for him. I would argue that Adams is having his best year in this system as well, greg is not using him as much as a Deep cover 2 safety, instead going to a nickle look moving him down into the box and either using him to cover underneath or to blitz, so his INT chances will be lower than normal deep safeties.
  9. safties in this system dont necessarily pop on film, especially since greg routinely plays his safties at 18-22 yds off the ball. It helps them in coverage, being able to drive on the ball in the air, but for the average fan to see what is going on and how he's playing without watching the ALL 22 film and understanding the defense its easy to assume he just isnt involved or not playing well.
  10. he got absolutely abused today.. Like regularly just manhandled. Him and tom compton were absolutely terrible. Theres no way were going to replace all 5 starters this year so good chance alex lewis and either edoga or shell are starting again next year. I would imagine they'd resign beachum too.
  11. Yea I never got wrapped up when he lost it and started going off, he was a good dude and we had some good football discussions back in the day. I was still playing back when i posted there and had some friends going to the league. Good times. Politics is always a complete disaster, We're way better here for not having it be a part of the discussion. Now i can just hate posters for their football opinions rather than for their politics AND football opinions lol
  12. Ill take it even a step further for you, WE CANNOT RUN THE BALL TO THE OUTSIDE, we cant seal the edge and our outside zone game is absolutely horrific. So despite Archuletas super stout advice and coaching acumen of "run to the outside" . It just isnt the strength of this team AT ALL. The jets actually did a decent job of pushing the pile and grounding out yards in the middle in the beginning of the game. Eventually though anything good that was done was wiped out by penalty.
  13. haha yessss i do remember that, I hated draft insider, but he'd try to tempt everyone by having tony pauline post his draft stuff there exclusively. Thats back when everyone and their mothers over there were taking tony's draft word as gospel. How times have changed.
  14. i stumbled upon that place years ago and almost signed up before finding this forum and liking it better. I cant believe a lot of the old JI guys still post there.
  15. What ever happened to green jets and ham? I always enjoyed his posts

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