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  1. I personally think this played into douglas' decision to go hogan over kelly. I'm not sure if kelly was opting to stay in chicago first or not, or possibly if we wanted both and hogan wouldnt come for any position other than Assist. GM either way we got a great FO man back in the fold. These tweets say it all really, sometimes getting positions isnt about what you know its about who you know, and for this one it may not have been who in the building he knew, but more who around the league and who in the college ranks he knew. Joe is really well connected, and it seems like him and Champ would have similar contacts based off their history, while a guy like rex who has never worked with joe may be able to bridge the gap better with other schools and teams to get more done.
  2. biggest take away from all these three is williams talking about how he scouts coaches, pr men, and trainers. Has notes on all of them and you have to earn his respect by how you go about your job. I had heard this rumored about him that he kept notes on a lot of personnel men around the league whether it is coaches or team personnel which he used to help decide where he would go and coach. Interesting to see that he has a healthy respect for a lot of the people here already and for gase in general.
  3. i was dying when this came up, he snapped at rich so fast that i could clearly see cimini shrink to the size of a mouse.
  4. have you been to a top golf? its actually pretty cool, it combines a driving range with like darts i guess you could say.. and there is a full bar there and they deliver to your station.
  5. its more about removing runs schematically that he doesnt feel comfortable with. We do it all the time for Wr's and QBs. If our running backs arent comfortable with an outside zone... why keep running outside zone? its common
  6. i believe youre right too, everything ive heard is he's been the guy all along and they were just gauging whether he would take it through back channels. what will be interesting is to see who he brings with him. The initial thoughts were DJ which is still possible, theres a few guys on the eagles that will probably be coming over since he brought them there with him from the ravens. But the big one i keep hearing is Champ Kelly could be coming to work under him. Champ had been requested as an interview but to my knowledge nothing had been scheduled yet.. could be because he's had talks to work under douglas. Again we'll wait and see but i expect this all to be sorted by mondays news cycle.
  7. Lol I couldn’t tell you, if I had to guess I think it was more of some trade up scenarios, but it’s possible. Again specifics on that have been unclear. I do know one of the big internal criticisms of mac was that he was indecisive and hesitant with trades and values.
  8. Kinda? I think it was more he was the football guy behind the scenes that everyone already differed to, so a lot of scouts and people in the organization were steering it that way.. whether dinger was spearheading that I couldn’t tell you.
  9. I can’t get a straight answer on what happened exactly, we may never know... but the sense I get is that the front office was divided.. there were groups that supported Mac and groups that wanted him out and supported heimerdinger. Everything came to a head at draft time. Some moves weren’t made that people thought should have been, deals passed on that people felt were fair value, so on so forth.. that was the breaking point and things got bad. I’m not sure what happened but I know CJ met with a lot of people 1 on 1 (presumably digging deep into the organization?) to try to mend the riff. When nothing could be done instead of foster a toxic environment he cleaned house. I had heard rumors in the offseason early on that the “hot seat” rumors and internal unhappiness of mac was actually leaked by heimerdinger but I’m not sure if that’s 100% true
  10. Stats wise it’s kind of a push.. I wouldn’t say the value is that far off, a late 6th is basically nothing
  11. I am, but it’s a little different than what I think others may have heard.. gase and mac definitely didn’t see eye to eye, that much is true for sure.. value of FAs they were off on.. to be clear gase doesn’t hate bell, he just didn’t want to spend the money they did on bell.. I had heard some hard line numbers thrown around and gase had a low number bell never would have signed for. The mac/hiemerdinger saga is bound to come out and really makes the most sense when applied to the time line of events. On the the other side of this we better find someone soon because it’s uneasy having gase make moves literally hrs into the interim job.
  12. Not sure how this is a great move other than everyone just hates lee? Cheifs traded a 4th for Reggie Ragland.. is Reggie ragland that much better than lee? Personally, I dont think so, and I’m not even a fan of lee to begin with
  13. not often i agree with you, but this is true. They need to hire someone and let them take the reigns of these things and just be the faceless money. CJ is taking a complete thrashing in the new york media today. Even ESPN radio (the home of the jets) has been lambasting the team mercilessly from the moment the news broke. The only person that has semi defended anything is oddly Anita Marx who's take on the subject is also information i had heard from my sources. If that info is true, this all makes a lot more sense to me. Even still a strong president of football ops is the way to go, not team president neil glat or some other nobody.
  14. I'm not going to go around throwing names and titles out.. they're people that would rather not be named. If you dont want to believe unnamed sources thats fine.
  15. could have legs.. i had heard rumors earlier in the offseason there was some friction between mac and dinger... Scouts liked dinger better and when mac was on the hot seat and people were leaking rumors, the thing i heard was that it had been dinger leaking the news. Apparently some people thought he was trying to start a mutiny and take the GM job for himself. At the time i just took the news for what it was worth, a rumor, but it turns out it may have been more true than i gave it credit for

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