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  1. Happy Bday to our little slice of canadian bacon @Paradis
  2. Such a terrible job by the DB. Dude had outside leverage and Davis was running essentially up the numbers.. WHY ARE YOU BITING ON AN OUTSIDE MOVE?! clearly faking, what could he possibly run with a hard cut to the outside like that? And even if he ran outside, you have outside leverage already, youre in good shape! so bad... Dude panicked because he let him destroy his cushion on the route and was made a fool of for it.
  3. Yea i think thats a solid room. I do think you'll see a little house cleaning of the RB room for sure. Maybe Walter sticks through camp, possibly Ty Johnson although the drops this year are so annoying. But yea overall i think if that was the plan id be totally behind that. I do think its a little bit of wishful thinking like you said but i wouldn't be surprised if the actuality of what happens isn't far off.
  4. best part of the senior bowl coaching assignment. This team gets to look at all these guys upclose and personal. We've been on the Ruckert train for over a year now, and hopefully his stock doesnt get so so high at the senior bowl that we can grab him, as I think thats going to end up being the case with mcbride.
  5. Yea i dont think they'll be throwing late round resources at corner, maybe safety but i think that gets addressed early on in the draft or in FA. I agree, and I think in theory i would prefer to draft a 5th/6th rd rb than sign one. I know they want to load through the draft this year on defense, so I expect it to be a heavy defensive side of the ball draft with OL and TE being an exception for sure. We'll see if that extends to RBs. Late round rbs in this draft are actually pretty decent and fit what we do so there is hope in this regard. To me. its not about what I want, if its
  6. 10 is the pick to trade.. Its the most logical landing spot for a QB if a team falls for one, you have two teams after us that realistically could take one in the WFT and Vikings. The only thing that gets murky is that right ahead of the Jets are two teams that could potentially take a QB too in the Falcons and Broncos. If the broncos add someone in FA and the FAlcons decide to hold off. that pick at 10 gets very very very interesting for teams like the steelers and saints
  7. just looking at the young FA RB crop makes you think you can get guys pretty cheap. Just a few names I happened to notice who may be able to come in. Phillip Lindsay Jeff Wilson Marlon Mack Ronald Jones Matt Breida Corey Clement Boston Scott Royce Freeman Justin Jackson. Then you have the bigger names Gordon, Fournette, Mostert, Penny, Michel, Conner, and D'Ernest Johnson who had a nice job filling in for the browns but is an RFA. I get it that none of these guys are packing a huge punch for you probably but im just illustrating t
  8. its possible. and I should say I do agree with you. Outside of Carter, the rest of this crop did nothing for this team, and we could use an upgrade for sure. Carter as good as he looked did miss a good amount of time with various things, so to get another guy in here or two to help out and share the load is ideal. I tend to think FA is going to be the sweet spot for improving the offense (outside of TE and OL). So I've been looking at the FA RB crop in order to see where we could add a guy or two to compliment Carter. Its possible if more picks are gathered in a trade down that a
  9. I just think its over played to say the jets secondary wasnt good lets give them Stingley. I dont see it happening. especially at 4. Its Edge or reach for an OL at that pick i believe, then 10 its trade down or take whatever you didnt take at 4. Right now if you ask me, stingley would have to blowwwww up the combine, all predraft interviews, and all predarft workouts to go top 5. KID HAS BARELY PLAYED AND HAS NO GOOD FILM FOR 2 YEARS. maybe theres something im missing? idk
  10. I agree we need someone to compliment Carter with another back, and i do like what TDP would allow us to do with his size, certainly nice to have that hammer of a RB for those situations and allow you to still operate the offense effectively. I just dont see the jets adding any RB depth in the draft. I could see a low level FA signing or a UDFA possibly, but I just keep thinking we wont be seeing ones name called across the screen even on day 3
  11. i would be surprised, I dont believe this team will be using any draft capital (late round if at all) on RB this year. You may see someone added in FA or a UDFA but a second i would be heavily against.
  12. not bad at all... couple of cringe worthy moments for me but i like it. I also love a herm coached guy.
  13. lol I love lloyd. Think he's a perfect fit for this team. Said it before too, think if youre not getting one of the top 2 edge theres a real case to be made he's the most day 1 impactful player you can get for this defense. BUT that said, id be surprised if we drafted him.
  14. thank his trainer, he was telling me he was the best back in college when he was a freshman lol
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