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  1. Chrebetfan80

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    You make solid points, I can’t argue with that. I’ve dealt with the reconditioning before with Riddel since I’m a coach, I understand the process. I really think it can go either way, and from what I’ve heard from some sources I know, I’d be surprised if the green stayed the same shade of green we have now. People in the know are being extremely tight lipped but little things are popping out that lead people I know to believe there will be additional colors added or colors changed. I’d bet on both. You could be right though, your theory is sound and reasonable about thenhelmets.
  2. Chrebetfan80

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I know someone personally, who talked to a person in the organization face to face at the pats game and got similar information. "If you like the retro style jerseys, youll enjoy these"
  3. Chrebetfan80

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    When they keep the helmets in storage they dont have the Jets logo on the side i believe... I'm pretty sure they put that on later once the season starts, which would lead me to believe they are actually changing the helmet color.
  4. Chrebetfan80

    3 Coordinators, No Head Coach

    This is really what i think he learned alot about from his first stint in miami, i think he originally wanted to oversee everything, and be that CEO style head coach (all while calling the offensive plays).. The problem is you cant say "im going to call the offense" then be a CEO style coach and check in on and manage the defense and special teams too. It's too much and things get sloppy. I think gase realizes now if he wants to get the most out of the offense his focus needs to be there, and he needed a coach to be able to handle the defense the way he'd be handling the offense. He's said in interviews' he'll check in with the defense and let them know the time out situation, or situationally if he sees the offense doing something, but he said that he "doesnt want to micromanage" since he knows "how annoying it is to have someone looking over your shoulder while trying to call plays" This williams marriage is as close to perfect a hire as you can get for gase, personality wise, style wise, and actual football acumen wise.
  5. Chrebetfan80

    President MAL eerily quiet about Gase

    In fairness hiring Gase didnt mean that he was conceeding to mac, thats the given contractually as mac has control of the 53, But in miami Gase had control of the roster, so it wasnt like coming into it Gase was a pushover for mac, this is a guy that fought with his previous owner over personnel decisions.
  6. Chrebetfan80

    President MAL eerily quiet about Gase

    except for the fact that he wasnt publicly supporting mccarthy, he wanted Kingsbury baddddd. so he may be disappointed but not because it wasnt mccarthy
  7. Chrebetfan80

    Francesa Says...

    It's been kind of stretched by the media but the jets front office wasnt even telling him he had NO power to hire his staff, they just wanted input on his coordinators and were pushing a few names of guys they thought would be good. They never told him he couldnt hire his guys, but the sense was that they'd strongly prefer he'd go with their recommendation. It's not a huge difference, but it definitely is different than them stripping him of the power to hire his own staff, that wasnt the case. They were just very uncomfortable with the names he'd mentioned leading the way in darnolds development.
  8. Chrebetfan80

    Someone Explain Gase’s Offense

    People forget how many good coaches he's worked with and for over there years. He's only 40 now but he's been in the NFL since he was 22. He started his career as a grad assistant at Michigan state working with Saban.. When saban left he followed him to LSU and worked as a defensive assistant and recruiting assistant for 3 years. After leaving LSU he went to work with the Lions as a scouting assistant when he was hired by Steve Marriucci (good offensive mind) from 2003-2005, he stayed with the lions and became an offensive assistant under Rod Marinelli, before being promoted the next year to QB coach for Mike Martz. in 2008 he followed Martz to San Fran to be an offensive assistant there. then hired by mcdaniels in denver before being kept by fox and mccoy as the qb coach before becoming the OC and presiding over one of the best offenses in league history.
  9. Chrebetfan80

    Gregg Williams potential DC?

    I think him recently getting let go in cleveland is more the reason, his name didnt come up because no one had any idea what would happen with him there. Also vance being available was an easy connection to make, they like each other and he was available so it was just easy to write "vance could reunite with gase". Front office when rhule was interviewing really liked Richard for the DC but didnt know if they'd get a chance at him for the position.
  10. Chrebetfan80

    How Long Until JETS Announce New HC?

    they talked to him about the job... they'll bring him in once they hire a head guy, unless that guy is mccarthy and then youre getting macadoo or philbin almost guaranteed. I've heard some stuff about today but I dont know if i want to go on record with it yet.... Id say this, things could be announced by tonight, possibly tomorrow.... Also relates to monken who I think will be an OC next year, possibly here.
  11. For what its worth, people I talked to told me that if he was hired to expect one of those two to be the OC. He was bringing his guys with him.
  12. Chrebetfan80

    Baylor AD on Rhule

    worked under coughlin so there are NFL connections to guys. Also jets have been interviewing a lot of candidates and have suggested to some if they are not chosen that they may be contacted for coordinator jobs. Richard is one i can tell you to watch. If Rhule is the HC, it may not be long before you hear Richard is the new DC here. They also love him in general and he's still high on the list of HC candidates if Rhule was to stay at baylor or jets not want to pay the compensation. I should edit too: There is a lot of mutual interest between Richard and the Jets. not just for HC
  13. He's a little much and thats why he wont be a HC probably again, but in fairness if he had a good qb we may very well have won a SB one of those years lol we got to the AFC championship game TWICE with MARK SANCHEZZZZZ dude just got benched for jo johnson lol
  14. looks like it actually is going to be bowles. At least thats what I keep hearing.
  15. hahah honestly man when i post on here im exhausted so the king becomes kling hahaha I have no idea if theres an existing relationship, i just know the jets are really interested in him, and know the players are too. The problem is they arent comfortable handing over the reigns to him completely as the HC. Thats at least the what ive been told people in the know are getting the sense of. Take all this with a grain of salt, while my info is usually pretty damn reliable i cant give you a 100% certainty. The league news ive gotten is that KK has been getting a lot of interviews but a lot of people are looking to pick his brain and like him as an up and coming coach.. Only other team I can see hiring him as a HC would be Arizona, but I think Richard is atop their wish list right now. If he doesnt get a HC job he quit a job at USC so he definitely would want to break into the NFL now while his name is circulating. The next logical job would be an OC, and the jets having shown the most interest so far and being his first interview makes sense. It's a very risky move having a Rookie in Rhule and a rookie OC in KK but i think if you were to bring in an established DC like a greg williams or chuck pagano you could get away with it. Similar to what the Rams did bringing in Wade Phillips. Your experienced coach has to be the DC and preferably have HC experience. Again I have no idea who they'd be looking at for a DC to pair with that bunch, i think those are logical names, but there are others out there i just havent done the research. Rhule's NFL connections are going to come from Coughlins staff on the giants (spagnolo possibly?) and I have no idea who Kingsbury would hire to fill out the offensive staff, my thought would be that Dorrell would stay on as WR coach and Stump as RB coach since their already here but we'll see where it goes.

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