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  1. thats going to be peytons nephew in another 4 or 5 years. Kids already hyped out the wazooo
  2. I have to really look at the tape, because looking at the 2018 highlights i feel like as sams footwork has improved, he's actually shortened up his drop back. It seemed like his rookie year, he was getting more depth from the line which I think gave him more time to go through his reads and better angles to escape the passrush. Not 100% on this though, just my initial observation watching the games this season and seeing these high lights, i feel like he isnt dropping back the same depth.
  3. Its kind of a round about way to get to the point where you have a respected sought after football guy gm making the calls, but thats the jets right?
  4. good because special teams coverage has been an issue.
  5. Its a good point, Perriman was a bad call considering he's only played 1 full season in his career. If you were going to replace robbie with him which i was fine with, i felt you needed another guy that would be healthy and dependable. I didnt like the zuniga pick just because of the durability issues, I actually like the player, but in the 4th I felt we had a shot at other guys that werent such an injury liability. Bryce hall where we got him is a fine pick, thats the type of player and spot in the draft that if you can get him you take the chance because he was projected as a 2nd round possibly 1st round kind of guy anyway. JD seems to be content building slowly and accepting that certain areas are just going to take longer than others. Its extremely frustrating as a fan to consider this, but im reserving judgement to see when he has more than 1 year to solve issues.
  6. could have easily done it. My guess is JD just didnt like robbie and wasnt willing to spend alot on the player. Whether we believe it to be too much money or not, its shown that JD has a number in his head for guys, a hard line limit. He does not seem to go past that hard line, and apparently thats what happened with Robbie. No GM has a perfect record, If he overall fixes the WR situation next year, then you just chalk it up to "he had a plan, followed it, and he knew not everything could be fixed in one year". I would have drafted another. WR instead of zuniga or morgan but thats fine.
  7. The other thing is we havent even gotten a chance to see how the rest of the draft is going to pan out. Besides becton and mann who have been as advertised. Ashtyn davis has barely played, but everyone else has been hurt. I'm excited to see what mims and hall can do this year, and possible cam clark too. Not sure if we'll ever see zuniga this year, i have a feeling he'll never be healthy.
  8. very true, this has been hurting darnold too that there is no dedicated QB coach.. Its supposed to be loggains but he isnt a great qb fundamentals teacher. Bates was one of the better QB coaches, just overlooked because he was a little out there.
  9. Roman will be on a short list im sure, ravens connections and douglas can trust the opinions of the front office there if he was so inclined to go after a Roman or Martindale. I suspect also lincoln riley will be on the short list but it would be if he would take the call or not. I have my doubts he makes the jump yet. When I think of potential replacements for Gase, I think of a few different aspects. 1) style and mentality to mesh with Douglas vision, and 2) relationship to douglas. Those two points i think give a clearer look into guys we'd look at. So in my mind: Roman- Strong run game, believes in a strong OL, Ravens connection Martindale- Hard nosed guy, Creative Defensive mind, Ravens connection Schotty- Strong run game, Football lineage, Successful OC Doug Peterson- Eagles connection, values a zone blocking athletic line. Riley- Hot name, Quarterback friendly system, Great play caller, likes zone blocking athletic lines.
  10. Its just guys playing undisciplined and trying to make plays instead of honoring their gap integrity. Thats the difference early this year as opposed to last year where the whole defense was incredibly gap sound. the 3 and 23 run ogletree screwed everyone since he should have been in the cut back lane, instead he over pursued and left the entire cut back wide open.
  11. He has had a god awful game today. He will be a good TE2 but at this point he cant be a dynmaic TE1
  12. This team just has 0 talent, lets be real. There are no WRS what so ever now with the injuries. and Herndon really just dropped what was an absolutely great throw by darnold.
  13. Im not even mad at this game, I honestly think we're just not good at all lol It's so apparent the lack of actual talent on this team when we're playing that i cant even get mad at the losing.
  14. also, its probably going to go overlooked but Wesco is having a really nice game. He has been slamming people in the run game so far.
  15. middle of this line just isnt ready yet. alex lewis needs to be upgraded.. and GVR just got spun around bad on that 4th down.

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