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  1. I'm going to keep saying it till theres some respect for this man HUNTER LUEPKE!
  2. Totally agree, but honestly a few things: 1) i dont think we'll have pick 13, i fully expect that to be traded away for Rodgers -If we do trade for Rodgers, I believe we will also be bringing in Randal Cobb on a small deal. While this may not be akin to drafting a really good new WR I think his veteran presence helps the team alot and hopefully the combination of a new OC and WR coach opens up things with Moore and Mims a little bit. 2). If we do have 13, barring a great OL being there I assume we'd trade down. At the back end of round 1 I would consider a WR if addison was there, otherwise I would wait until the 2nd round where my target up until this point had been Rashee Rice. Bottom line I do not think they feel that room is "complete". But the Rodgers situation dictates a lot for the plan in that room.
  3. I mean that didnt help him haha contributed to the notion that he couldnt be a good route runner at the next level. Just a credit to him as a player that he is able to do what he does with the variety of routes they give him there and how he has improved.
  4. I dont think anyone has talked about him because everyone feels he wont be around when we select a WR lol Right now, just thinking about this class. He very well may be WR1. His weight concerns me a little because i believe he's listed at 175. otherwise prototypical build i like (6'0). He's a great route runner, on par with JSN in terms of how he uses tempo and his breakpoints but I think Addison is more of a dynamic player where as JSN a little more physical. If theres 1 wr that goes in the 20's this year I think its Addison. Weight will concern some teams and we'll see where he comes in at the combine and how he's built but when you pop on the tape you see a guy that creates separation at all levels and shows an advanced release move tool box as well as different stems throughout the route progression.
  5. I agree, you need multiple guys. The thing is i believe we already have multiple guys. Moore was criminally under used in that offense and routinely in the dog house for reasons no one can justify. He's going to produce more than you'd expect when put in the right situation. Wilson will be our 1, Moore our 2. now we need a 2b. I think the draft is a great spot for this while we also hope that a new offense and a release from the dog house revitalizes a denzel mims who we all were high on coming out. But yes it wont be at 13 that pick in all likely hood will be traded. And when it is i wouldnt be surprised if the other WR we add isnt through the draft but Randal Cobb.
  6. no DK went that far because there were concerns about his route running coming out. He never really produced a dominant year at WR in college either. While clearly a physical specimen, there were just a lot of unanswered questions that game tape couldnt give the answer to. To his credit, like apparently most of that Ole miss group, they were all working behind the scenes with various WR trainers and his route running was much better than anticipated.
  7. I think this is just the way the league is trending. There will always be a place for the "Big guy that runs fast" type of WR. But the league is changing, corners are getting bigger to match, hell sauce is 6'3! As these corners and safeties and the exotic looks defenses are giving get better, having WR's that can just plain get open off of the combination of fantastic technique as well as blessed athleticism are more and more valuable. Top Wr's in the league now arent these 6'5 220 guys anymore. Its Jamar Chase at 6'0 200. its Justin Jefferson at 6'1 200. Garret Wilson at 6'0 190 put up an unbelievable year with essentially high school level quarterbacking. Thats the blueprint now. I came to this conclusion years ago as a coach when we'd lose guys to injury. Losing the BIG X Wr always sucked, but I was way more worried when I saw my smaller technically sound WR's be slow to get up because those were the guys you relied on more often. YES the BIG TIME X TARGET can get you quick hitters and explosives, but you cant make a living on offense with them. In my opinion, its always nice to have a take the top off guy (hence why i like Hyatt this year) but I also see how effective an offense can be built around guys like Wilson and Moore because they can get open vs any coverage. That makes an offense extremelyyyyy tough to defend. Take it from a DC Id much rather game plan against 1 big fast wr than multiple super technically sound WRs.
  8. hot and cold on him honestly. He's got some parts of his game I like.. I do like how he catches the ball away from his body sometimes, like his size obviously, Seems to do well in contested catch situations. My issue from the tape ive seen so far, and admittedly maybe its not a good enough sample size, he jsut lacks a burst off the line, lacks good foot fire on his releases and looks that he has a hard time accelerating up to a top speed. He gets deep obviously so I'm sure he has a decent top speed just seem like it takes him 15 yards to get there. Again maybe im missing something in the tape or I havent seen enough, but I just dont see the explosiveness I want to see.
  9. At first i thought I was being lazy with that comp, but its really syncing up. their films stack up very similar
  10. 2 days in a row he's been the most talented guy there. He's small for sure, but his route running and release package is on point.
  11. Also I have to just say it. For as high as i have been on Rashee Rice going into this (I really do like his tape) he not only underwhelmed on his 1v1 opportunities (its still early). he also measured in at just a shade over 6'. he was originally listed at 6'2 at SMU so thats a big difference. Measured in at 6'0 200 where as he's listed at 6'2 203.. that was really disappointing for me. Not a great day for me to feel good about a guy i was high on.
  12. haha yea, youd think hed be a little faster or more explosive with his track numbers. Just odd. Whatever. That wasn't superrrr surprising. I was more surprised Rice looked a little slow to me. Slower than his film looked so I wonder whats up with him. Maybe just shaking off the first day rust. We'll see how his week progresses. His film shows much better than what I saw yesterday.
  13. he looked surprisingly slower than I thought he would be. He had a few nice reps but i thought he would be faster.
  14. for context this is a quick look at some of the reps from yesterday.
  15. I mean I can understand that. I stopped looking at programs years ago for talent. There are too many private trainers and places for these kids to get good coaching that it really doesnt matter what program you belong to anymore or what offense youre in (unless of course youre not trying to get better on your own). Dell for instance i know because he works with a guy I talk to who is Extremely highly regarded. Thats why even though on tape Dell doesnt run a full route try at houston, watch his break points, stems, and releases during the 1v1s. Best at the senior bowl for day 1 if you ask me.
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