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  1. not necessarily true. Lamar Jackson actually led the league in TD passes from the pocket last season. It's misleading to think to be effective you have to have mobile qbs outside the pocket making throws. A lot of the throws these guys are making "outside the pocket" are usually on plays where they scramble out and hit guys on the run, but not by design. Look at the mobile qbs there are some designed roll outs for sure, but mostly they are asked to drop back, then scramble out of the pocket and make a play. I would argue that is almost primarily how russel wilson does his job, he is rarely a "roll out" qb anymore, watch seahawks games, he is straight drop back the majority of the time, and ends up outside the pocket because his offensive line cant hold up. You dont want the majority of your offense to be roll outs and moving pockets, its too easy for the defense to defend. Easy to send autoblitzes to the roll side, and then allows the defense to only have to defend half the field. These plays are called sometimes as designed roll outs, mostly though off of run fakes, which is a play action pass. I mentioned this before that it should be incorporated more into the offense, and we did see that come to fruition, however you need an effective run game to pull this off. The jets run game was inconsistent at best last season, so with that in mind, its easy to see why there was less of it in the offense last season.
  2. Again, yes it does seem like that at times. However, having been in the role of a play caller myself, I know the extreme difficulty it can be to develop any coherent looking play calling plan when the team is consistently in a hole score wise, behind in D&DST, or effectively shut down in one phase of the offense. So while I am skeptical of Gase ability to call plays, I can't sit here and just throw a blanket of criticism on him, there are just too many factors that play into this for it to be so cut and dry. Hence why I think this year will really give a more clear picture as to what we are looking at.
  3. I have no problem with this, he is also not the only athlete to do it. There are much bigger names in the game that go and get this type of work done which mainly is done outside of the US, due to hesitancy to allow stem cell testing here. Off the top of my head i know max scherzer has done it, nadal for tennis, ronaldo in soccer has used it as well. Kobe used to go to germany and get stem cell injections for a degenerative knee condition. A lot of NFL guys actually have been turning to it to return from surgery faster.
  4. I dont necessarily disagree, but I also dont necessarily agree with this thinking. First point: Yes gase needs to change things up slightly, which I think we saw a little bit later in the season of putting Darnold on the move more. Rolls outs and Play action have to be a bigger part of the offense going forward as it is where Darnold will thrive. Two things I believe contributed to the lack of this last year: A lack of athletic lineman that could block on the edge and keep the pocket stable and move with Darnold on a roll out. And a lack of an effective running game. This concept of moving the pocket and getting Sam on the move to make throws and take advantage of his athleticism is not anything foreign, however is difficult to implement consistently when you are rotating lineman every week, have week athleticism to effectively pass block on roll out protection, and have a lack of a running game to use to create flow in the opposite direction. Second point: I would argue that Sams skill set actually works well in a Gase short to intermediate passing concepts. Sam's strength aside from his ability to move inside and outside of the pocket is that he is a much more accurate passer in the short to intermediate game. Sam can have a lot of success in this style of offense, and it is one that works really well with again a strong running game and play action. Example, look at what the 49ers did this year with Jimmy G off play action and WR's running short crossings and intermediate in breaking routes. When you go back the route concepts are similar to what Gase used a lot last year, and it is something that Sam can really excel at. When you look at the issues last year in this area you see a few things. One being that WR's had a hard time getting open on these intermediate routes consistently. Consistency is actually the biggest factor here, as nothing synced up. When a WR did manage to get open, the pass rush was in instantly. When Sam had time... Wr's were smothered by pressed DB's and man coverage. The lack of any real threat on the outside allowed teams to single up defenders and stack boxes against the jets. Also the amount of penalties taken on first down (addressed now by a more competent offensive line) allows for the flow of the offense to be better. It is hard to take advantage of play action and intermediate passing concepts when you are routinely at 1 & 20 or 2 & 15. So while your point is well taken that yes saying that injuries and lack of talent doesn't tell the full story of why the offense struggled, it is absolutely something to factor in when considering certain points of interest in the offense. I fully expect to see a better version of this offense this year. The question I have with Gase is not whether his offensive scheme fits Darnold, but rather is he the Play Caller situationally that can take the offense to another level being one step ahead. Right now you can point to several teams as having real difference makers as play callers in the NFL (shanahan, payton, greg roman are 3 of the best at setting up their plays). Offensive schemes at the NFL level dont vary a ton from team to team, base concepts are very similar and then the philosophy of the coaches influence is the variation you would interpret as their scheme. In that regard I believe this fits Sam well (a zone scheme coupled with a short to intermediate passing game, setting up certain shots during the game). So for me, this year I am looking to see how Gase calls games, and if the increased talent allows him to set up an offensive flow better than last year when it was difficult to do so and he struggled greatly at times.
  5. Its posturing in my opinion.. No one, not one team, will offer him Aaron Donald money. He will get a deal consummate with being a top player at his position (whether you agree he is or not is irrelevant to the fact of what he is looking for and will probably sign). When talking about the frame work of a deal, many times this becomes about "optics", players want to be shown the love as Rod Tidwell would say. So what does that mean.. There are ways to structure deals (and we've seen this before) where each year of the deal isn't a cap killer for the team, but the total value of the extension makes them the highest paid player at their position. So perhaps its a combination of guaranteed money, signing bonus whatever.... there are people here smarter than I with cap terminology and figures that can better explain how that would be structured but we've seen this type of deal before where the gross sum of the contract is top at the position, but the per year average is not. Thats what I mean by fair, I do not mean a middle of the road deal that makes him the 9th highest paid safety or something of that nature. There will be a middle ground struck where he gets what he's looking for but the jets are insulated by the per year average or another factor.
  6. All very true, anyone that has paid attention to what I said (paradis as well, credit where its due) about mims during the pre draft process, or looked at the film and knew what they were looking for will tell you the same thing. Alot of this he has probably already been working on, he actually already looked improved in his senior bowl practice film coming out of his breaks in less steps... It takes practice reps. same goes for release moves, the great thing about both is even with these restricted times, these are things he can get a TON of reps working on right now. By the time camp roles around he'll be much improved. The hand fighting and pushing off is a different story and can be a difficult habit to break as it just comes naturally to some.. Hines was really good at this though, so having him as a resource to work with will help a ton as he develops.
  7. End of the day he just wants to get paid, also I wouldnt be surprised if he looks at the history of the jets and is skeptical that he can win here. IMO. I don't think he ends up getting traded, I think JD ends up getting the deal done eventually. I predict once the offseason starts rolling and we're guaranteed a season and what kind of season comes into a clearer focus, the negotiations will heat up. Media will make it seem like Jamal forced our hand, JD will be painted in a negative light by Mehta saying he was bowing down to demands, some how he'll also relate that to Gase pounding the table forcing the jets to give him a lot of money. Jamal will get a fair deal overall, he'll be locked up for 4-5 more years, and this will all be done.
  8. very good signing. You want an experienced backup to help with Sam and Flacco is a really good choice. Veteran with playoff experience and has won a superbowl. Not a ton of guys with those credentials willing to be backups
  9. I mean everything at this time of year is lunacy.. Team additions are mostly settled but there are always late cuts and additions. This time of year is just ehhhh throw some crap out there and have people debate since its the ultimate lull in the nfl offseason. Hahaha Its not super far off. Although Gase is still sporting that beard which, as a bearded man myself, fully endorse. not to make this a PSA on beards but..... I couldnt imagine commanding a room of athletes clean shaven... who would respect you? BEARDS COMMAND RESPECT AND ATTENTION.
  10. i mean dont get me wrong, all the games listed there are tough games, but every prediction I see always lists the colts and chargers as tough games, and granted they very well may be... those are two really good teams. But the jets have done really well against Rivers led teams, so I oddly feel confident agaisnt them.. and the chargers most likely will be playing against a rookie QB. Maybe I'm just naive, but I just don't feel like those two games scare me on the schedule.
  11. the only thing that kind of worries me at all, and i shouldnt even say worries me, maybe just kind of irks me. Is sams love affair with allen. They're best buds. I dont know why, just annoys me lol
  12. It definitely is more of a beige than a grey. I personally think they look better on the shop page than in those promo photos. I dont know why, maybe its the flat lighting as opposed to the spot light? either way when you put the whole uniform together it just feels extremely bland to me. maybe add some color to the collar... im not really sure.
  13. At first i thought the rams uniforms were horrific, soooo bland, super plain and just way too vibrant with not enough contrast to break it up. But when you go on the nfl shop and look at them they look way better on there, not nearly as bad. I had the same experience when the jets released their photos of their uniforms, I thought they were ok, but they look way better on the field than in those original press photos from nike. I think the issue more so is the way nike handles the photos, I'm not sure if their photo department ups the vibrancy and saturation of the color when releasing promo photos of the jersey, but they seem to look way more palatable when photographed other places.
  14. theyre going to try to only let a select number of fans in at first, at least that seems to be the initial plan. I really do believe however they will not have any fans present for the games. That seems to be the way to go for most of the pro leagues.
  15. could be the juice lol he did have a strong return though from suspension

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