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  1. sick of you to bring back the old brandon pettigrew profile pic
  2. I traded down twice, with cincy then again to carolina. I think the jets will look to trade down twice also, that trade down was ideal as I was targetting Pitts with the first pick to fit Kittles role in this offense. I think two athletic TE's with Pitts and Herndon will do a lot for this offense. I was hoping to add a FB but i really think Wesco is going to fill that role for us. I'm a big fan of Darden, he had a monster year for UNT this year and is a very good return man. Dynmaic talent. I met his trainer a few years back through some people I talk to and he has been hyping him up to me all year. I think he can be an asset on offense as you can move him around quite a bit, he's mainly a slot guy but you can line him up in the backfield, slot, and maybe even outside here or there. His quick twitch is insane, he gets in and out of breaks so easily and can accelerate to top speed fast while stopping on a dime afterwards. Only issue is he basically fills the same role as berrios in this offense, but I think will time faster and is more twitchy in my eyes. however berrios is certianly a much thicker build. Either way a late round flyer for a dynamic talent for the return game is good value in my eyes.
  3. I think some will be critical of me not adding a top of the line WR but i do think the jets will address this in FA so adding quality depth with upside i think is important. Both moore and darden are on the smaller end of WR's and profile as slot guys, but with mims in the picture, pitts who is a big body, and some of the bigger WR's in FA i felt adding quality explosive players that can win in the slot and be deadly on motion from bootlegs was enticing. This draft is somewhat unrealistic obviously beause i was able to add really front line talent in the mid rounds but my picks i was most excited to get were moses and surratt. Both would really help the LB core of this team, quicker LB's with plus athletic ability and off the charts football IQ. Surrat is really interesting because he was a QB at unc before moving to LB. Overall I think this was a really good draft to build up a base of talent, with possible high end players coming out of it, and adding another 1+2 next year.
  4. trade down options were limited but I ended up having a ton of mid round picks and gained some more for next year. Focused on zone corners, 4-3 edge players, fast lbs and added some offensive talent to fit our outside zone and west coast prinicipals
  5. Mcgovern played much better as the season went on, I think like anything it took the Oline time to gel. I had heard early on in the offseason last year that JD and the team preferred in an ideal world to have McGovern play guard where they felt he was a better player. Will they opt to move him this year if they can get a Center? Possibly, I am unsure if they still feel that way. I am almost at the point where I dont see any way possible we dont have Thuney on this team next year, JD loveddddddd him last year and was crushed the pats franchised him.. If he's available again he'll be the #1 priority for douglas. Which opens things up a little bit where you can move Mcgovern to Guard and draft a center or leave mcgovern at center and draft another guard.
  6. pretty much yes, alabama is multiple in their defense but mostly a 2 gap 3-4 base. I think his skill sets will translate however in a 4-3, he is pretty good in coverage and a very smart LB which will help this defense alot making calls and getting everyone lined up. I do think they'll look to add speed around him at the Sam and Will spots but we'll see.
  7. Very true, 2 years off will be interesting. I do think they'll draft some LB's this year to help fill out the front. But from what I had heard early on, Saleh was very excited at the prospect of both williams and Mosely on this defense.
  8. I also think guys like harvey langi and owansor have better chances of sticking as faster LB's.. Also will be good for Mosely.
  9. And people say adam gase never did anything for this team 😉
  10. Douglas may have gained 47 lbs over this process. Dude needs to start eating some salads and scouting while on the treadmill
  11. you wonder now with the combine being changed if more guys opt to participate in the Senior bowl in order to get better exposure to teams.
  12. luckily for the most part, this front office hasn't operated like the jets FO of the past. I fully expect us to navigate the foibles that have plagued this organization for decades.
  13. The jets will I believe trade down with Carolina as the most likely spot and look to target either an Edge Rusher, or CB with the pick... Unless PItts I think would be in consideration here as well although it may be a little high, perhaps they trade down a second time into the high teens? all a possibility. I think people who want an WR with that early pick will probably be disappointed especially if the jets spend early in FA on one. It is a deep WR draft class and I am unsure that they are going to spend top capital on the position. Now a lot can change during the course of the pre draft process and Chase or Smith could absolutely wow them and change their minds. But as of right now if youre asking me to lay my money down. Its trade down with Car. Target Edge or CB.
  14. What people want and what is practical are two different things. WR could be in play as there are players in the top 10 worthy of the selection, however I just do not think that is JD's type of move, especially since this is another reasonably deep WR draft, and we can look to add one in FA. Instead I think CB or EDGE, possibly Pitts make the most logical sense at that position.
  15. I think in a trade down depending where we drop down to he's going to be in the mix.. Especially if we're right on the fringe of the top 10.. My first thoughts are if we trade down we'll probably target a top Corner or Edge, but Pitts will make a real case for the selection.

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