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  1. Chrebetfan80

    Update on Justin Houston

    id be fine with it, im not a big fan of overpaying for injury prone players, especially guys that are going to be 30. hasnt played a full 16 games in 4 years. 2015-11 2016-5 2017-15 2018-12... in fact hes only played 16 games 3 times in his career. Houston is probably the best of the rest out there, so if we signed him im not going to complain because its a need, but buyer beware with a big deal on this guy
  2. thats more of a portland thing than a seattle thing.
  3. Chrebetfan80

    Trade down scenarios with reasoning

    in fairness we would have easily been in on a premier pass rusher if barr had just said no from the get go, what screwed us is the fact that he had agreed to the contract and the jets felt they had someone they were excited about as a hybrid piece... Say what you want about your evaluation of barr, but williams wanted him bad. Him holding our interest cost us on both Smith's... the only guy im legitimately upset we missed out on is markus golden, but i can see why they didnt go for him since he cant exactly be a hybrid player since he showed he's really not great in a 4-3.. Trading down just seems to difficult this year, i think teams will trade up for a QB but it'll be into that 8-15 range not top 3. I'm 90% confident the jets will get one of either bosa or allen, doubt they go 1 and 2. I havent heard much about it yet, but I believe we will see a player for picks draft day trade from this team.
  4. Chrebetfan80

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    just building depth and the special teams unit up. people forget that we had only something like 36 players on the roster coming into free agency.
  5. It's plain and simple, they were mildly interested in morse.. less so than manish states, but the concussion issue was worrisome and word around was that he was getting a big deal which they didnt want to give to a player with that type of injury history (concussions for lineman are tricky, they bang heads every play so it can escalate quickly). Paradis it was again durability concerns and how he was healing from the leg. They werent comfortable with a multi year deal on him. Make no bones about it the jets want to lock up a center long term to have in front of darnold as he grows. They want consistency, which is why, and ive said this on here before i believe: If they were not happy with the centers in FA they would be perfectly comfortable riding out the FA period and then going into the draft to grab a center. That is what i fully expect them to do. Now if I'm wrong and they go into the year with harrison, ill complain it was a bad job, but as of right now I see them drafting a center so that who ever it is has years on their contract to grow with darnold.
  6. Chrebetfan80

    Justin Houston

    in fairness it was 3 splash but the dude backed out lol im not sure who else is worth a splash at this point.
  7. Chrebetfan80

    CB Poole to the Jets

    It’s not the style of the player it’s the technique they teach for playing the position. Quinn coming from Seattle teaches the technique similarly to what Greg does. Just because the d backs coach didn’t come there doesn’t mean they teach their own tech. It’s what the DC wants. I’m just saying that’s probably why he was a target, and not some of the other corners.
  8. I thought it was too but when you look at last years side line hat it wasn’t that green I don’t believe it was darker
  9. Chrebetfan80

    CB Poole to the Jets

    Similar coaching tree I believe, Seattle teaches a similar technique to one used by Greg so there will be some technique and scheme similarity making it a good fit
  10. Watch the video, much lighter green on the hat. That’s the color boys now we know
  11. Chrebetfan80

    Le'veon Bell Contract Structure - GREAT job

    Very nice job, didnt expect anything less though. Mac has done a great job of building contracts with early outs for the club since he got here. Im very interested to see the mosley deal details as well to see how that is structured
  12. Chrebetfan80

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    yea it all makes sense, just dont know if there will be enough pressure on the NFL to get anything done about it or it'll just be a "ooo youre upset? its legal tampering too bad" . Media pressure is what would force their hand, they are all about optics in this league
  13. Chrebetfan80

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    I happen to think it may come in some form of salary cap relief or something, maybe an additional bump for the team, or a compensatory pick awarded, but who knows. at this point im just guessing now at what possible out comes you could get.
  14. Chrebetfan80

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    i mean if theres legal legs to stand on then lets stand away lol im no lawyer just saying i dont see anything coming from the complaints. but again we'll see
  15. Chrebetfan80

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    yea its out there now so i feel like i can say it... The league actually has a pretty big issue on its hands with this... I'm not sure how many times something like this has happened, but in a period the nfl created to drive FA popularity further, their first real hiccup is this with the jets where they have a player that agreed to a deal, Would have signed it if it was actual FA, and then backed out costing a team valuable time with other FA. the fact that he backed out so much later and other guys at that position who the team would have targeted signed elsewhere in that time frame is a very bad optic for the league. Like i said legally the jets have no leg to stand on really since its known players cant sign, but with how the league caves to media pressure its worth holdign their feet to the fire to see if you can get anything.

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