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  1. At least in the AFC its true, there are still alot of good QBs in the NFC that could challenge the pats. Its funny no matter how much the game evolves, whether it be rule changes, scheme shifts, player progressions, it always comes down to 2 things. Play great Defense, and run the football. At every level thats the recipe for success.
  2. He's almost right, once this team has a good offensive line and can run the ball effectively and consistently then the offense will be unstoppable. Imagine darnold on those 09-10 teams with that OL and running game, that would be unstoppable. That should be the blueprint going forward.
  3. man what ever happened to pats fan tx? i was on the old JI back in the day and i missed a good 2-3 years after they made the switch to Scout.
  4. I believe chad for a while had the record for completion percentage in a season (68%). Chads injuries took away from what i thought could have been a really great career. His arm strength was his undoing, but i ultimately believe that it was even further stunted by constantly having to rehab injuries to that shoulder, instead of continuing to work on throwing mechanics and overall strength.. Had those injuries never happened who knows what could have been. That being said darnolds physical talents are extremely unique, combine that with top notch intangibles and you can see why his potential is as high as the best qbs in the game. The crazy thing is too is he's only 22, and has only been playing the position for like 5 years (he was a LB in high school who converted to QB his junior year i believe). Coming out his ceiling was perhaps the greatest of any player coming out in a decade (other than mahomes).
  5. Oakland is the most likely as of right now. Mayock loves Leo, they have a need, and draft capital to make a deal. He also is a great fit for what they're looking for there and they have a good deal of projected cap room to extend him.
  6. like not being a statue in the pocket, and throwing the ball to open receivers instead of locking onto his first read and having to see the throw WIDE OPEN to be able to pull the trigger? The majority of people don't watch the ALL 22 film or understand offensive principals and schemes, so it's hard as a fan, to make judgements on players and coaches when we really don't have ALL the information.
  7. So glad we’ve spent so many 1sts on DTs really shows in the run defense and pass rush
  8. Ran a simple counter before and picked up 9 yards, reinforces my statement that this is a power blocking line, I know he’ll is an outside zone back but Jesus we can’t block in a zone scheme consistently
  9. I believe that was Qs first tackle of the season, and I’m not even joking
  10. No way the johnsons are eating another multi year contract this soon
  11. finally a sensible post... When KO was signed i thought it signaled a shift to a more power/ man blocking scheme. Mac screwed the team hard with having 0 vision or reasoning for how he was building. He just amassed players he felt were good at football, but not individually good at what we were looking to do here. KO is the greatest example of this. Now gase in the past has run some man blocking principals in his offense, and i think this line is built for that, khalil, winters and KO are all marginally better in a man blocking scheme rather than a movement based double and climb zone blocking scheme which requires greater athleticism. so it made sense to me when trading for KO that we were moving away from the outside zone scheme bates was running to one that favored a more power running style. Then we sign bell... bell is a perfect inside/outside zone runner, which takes advantage of his patience and one cut/burst abilities. So now were stuck between a rock and a hard place with a zone back and zone scheme to take advantage of that backs skill set, with a man blocking line. its honestly no way to build a team or identity.
  12. Just for context, groin pulls are some of the hardest to heal and one of the easiest to re-injure. Also if the injury is exasperated further, it puts someone in greater peril for injuries such as sports hernias. I tore my groin a few years back during a practice and it took me months to recover properly. Now i have no doubt that CJ's injury will take far less time to come back from, its still a very tricky injury to heal. I would give it the extra week to be cautious, then next week have him, sam, DT, herndon all come back together.
  13. i would agree, trading out of the top 5 to the top 10 would keep them in striking distance for higgins and the other OT available it would seem. This team needs so much talent, its almost criminal to not trade down in this draft if we're top 5, especially this year where there are going to be highly thought of QBs. If we some how end up top 3 watch out, we're probably getting a draft day haul.
  14. gotta love a really informed announcer, but for college one of my favs will always be gus johnson... dude makes every game feel like the superbowl

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