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  1. The strength and conditioning id have to look, ive seen articles about it in the past on new advancing sciences and equipment they have been using, and I know from people i talk to that the johnsons spare no expense on equipment and technology for Florham Park. Say what you want about them as owners, they arent cheap. In fact i believe it was this year Galac went to johnsons to tell them about a new sports biometric analysis system that he wanted to buy that some other teams had been using and seeing great results with, and Johnson (who had just bought and redone the department a few years prior) scrapped all the old stuff and bought the new equipment immediately. Nutritional stuff i just know from people telling me that its basically unlike anywhere in the league... They have personal chefs at the facility day and night and they literally cater to any diet the players want if they have their own nutritionists, and then they employ dietitians and sports nutritionists of their own. Snacks was quoted as saying one of the biggest changes for him when going from jets to giants was that the food situation was way worse, and that he didnt have a staff to help him with any of it.
  2. that would be a steal, based on career numbers he's not far off those two guys, i think the best we could hope for 9.5-10ish? really depends how he finishes the year out, if he gets 10 sacks then he's trending up as a player according to stats and finishes with a career high id doubt we'd get him under 8.
  3. realistically you think of them as better players but the career numbers look eerily similar. Preston has set a career high in sacks this year with 10 already, but had 5 last year and 8 the year before that Zadarius had 8.5 last year and 3.5 the year before that Jordan jenkins had 7 last year and already 5 this year. Not out of the realm of possibility that he reaches double digits sacks for the first time in his career. Now i dont think he offers the consistent pressure that the other players offer, but he is extremely solid and puts up pretty good numbers. Id definitely think he's worth resigning and keeping on defense as he provides really good edge support and i think can be an 8-10 sack a year guy consistently. What his number looks like contract wise, im not quite sure.. I think if you could get him in the 11-14 mil range it would be alright, 14 being a little high for my taste and 12.5 being realistic
  4. A is more probable than B. I think one, the competition in practice and the intensity that its held at is causing some guys to be a little over worked, and pull muscles. That would be the first place i look probably, "Is my practice intensity contributing to injuries?" Now, in terms of sports nutrition and everything. Technology wise the jets are right on par if not above other teams in equipment and the latest technology for sports training. Nutrition, the jets are one of the top if not the top in the league in terms of food services and nutritional providence (have heard this from many players over the years). The one area i would look at is Justin Galac. He has been the strength and conditioning coach for the jets now for 8 years. Questions you need to ask here are "Are the jets as an organization known for having physically strong players" "do the jets consistently have athletes that would you would consider fast twitch" . "are the jets in a place where they have been consistently avoiding soft tissue injuries, knee injuries/structural lower leg injuries." To most of these questions i would answer no. I learned a long time ago from Jim Radcliffe (former strength and conditioning coach for 33 years with the university of oregon) that the importance of good sound training principals coupled with proper biomechanics greatly reduces the rate of catastrophic injury as well as almost completely negates soft tissue injuries.
  5. Giants take the lead here and never look back, our offense can’t get a drive going to save their life... I don’t think we’ve gotten A first down since the first quarter.
  6. This offensive line can’t block anyone, it’s not even fair, sam has literally 0 time and when he throws he’s high on everything
  7. Is there a team faster at going from 1st to 3rd down in the nfl more than the jets?
  8. technically 3 years but youre not wrong.. although i think rex can have a job anywhere he wants as a DC, he just doesnt want one he wants to be a HC
  9. i usually support adams, but he's just trying to save face. His agent and people he's talked to let it be known he wants to go to dallas. Hell he's said so as much in the pre draft process he would love to play for dallas. I would argue that if they jets dont markedly improve they probably lose him in FA to dallas if they have the room for the massive contract he'll want. That being said, this whole anger about going behind his back is a cheap shot at an organization that is down and viewed as a mess. Easy to get the fans on your side after basically being outed as wanting to leave by making the organization, who the fans already dont trust, look even more ridiculous. End of the day this is damage control with the fans for adams image, but unfortunately for him theres been too many people coming out in support of douglas in this situation so its not going to go anywere.
  10. completely agree, not much else we can do at this point. If teams want to offer high picks for some of our talent we need to make the move and deal it off. This team needs a lot of pieces and unless we want to continue to trot darnold out with a subpar supporting cast next year and beyond we need $$ and draft picks in order to rebuild. a fire sale at this point makes the most sense.
  11. ive done both, ill tell you when i train qbs we start with our feet squared and then push into a drop back from there. The setup of it really doesnt make too much of a difference, its everything that takes place afterwards that means more. Darnolds problem right now is his drops arent good, and he's not stepping up into the pocket and getting his feet underneath him on throws. Most of his throws (especially interceptions) are off his back foot fading away from the line (admittedly due to pressure). Also if someone can find video of his actual footwork in the pocket its pretty frantic, where as you watch a brady or a rodgers they kind of bounce in place and shift around smoothly instead of stamper and wildly move. Alot of this will be corrected naturally when the line gets better, but he's got to work on keeping a more sound base to throw from.
  12. this can go nuclear... i dont think anyone realizes how dangerous this can get.
  13. depends the level of improvement youre looking for... 2 years to be a good to average offensive line. Alex Lewis looks like he could hold down a guard spot, and i do believe chuma can be a good starter at one of the tackles spots. If they're able to solve 2 of LT, C, G this year then they go from god awful to good/average. Then the next year you put it all together and have a good line.
  14. its actually more than i was hoping to get, i hoped for a 3rd, ill take a 3rd and a possible 4th for a guy were werent resigning anyway. or will joe douglas pull a brian cashman and trade him away only to sign him back for short money next season and get leo and a 3rd and 5th?!!?!?! lol
  15. kyle shanahan, harbaugh, and reicht all deserve to be in mention. I think 5 right now would absolutely have to be harbough because he won a superbowl already. BB, Payton, Carol, Reid, Harbaugh Thats my top 5 Next 5 would be Tomlin, Reicht, Mcvay, Shanahan, Mcdermott.
  16. I swear people irrationally make things up to so they can wallow in the self pity of being a jets fan. Regardless of whether or not us as fans think gase is the issue, its an honest assessment from inside the locker room and from the OWNER that is going to be the determining factor in if he will be fired or not at the end of the season. In order for him to be fired at the end of year 1 there would have to be a catastrophic melt down of this team where they 1)lose out 2)Sam severely regresses and 3)multiple high profile pieces complain to the owner. Unfortunately for everyone who wants him fired now, none of those things are likely to happen so buckle up and get ready for 3 more years.
  17. i would 100% agree that if it needs to be done and has to be done then Douglas would do it. He's on a 6 year deal, he's going no where anytime soon (especially since we're still paying mac off). Gase on the other hand we have no idea how long his contract is for, the terms were actually never released i believe? Either way the issue here is that Douglas would not be the one to fire Gase.. That power and decision lies almost solely in the hands of Christopher Johnson. Going by track record of him and his brother, it would suggest that Gase will be given 3 years to either sink or swim.
  18. how does greg williams fix the offense? who is calling plays? dowell loggains, and how is that any better than what you perceive gase to be as a play caller? In fact loggains prob has a worse track record as an offensive coordinator. Thats why i dont think that firing him in season accomplishes much for this team going forward other than just getting rid of him for next year. I also dont see johnson pulling the trigger on firing a coach mid season when he balked at firing mac after his dreadful past few years mismanaging the team.
  19. interesting to note. Really the schemes these quarterbacks are put into makes all the difference usually in who has a chance to be successful and not. It's interesting that most of his INT's have come mainly in 3 games. Pats, Vikings, and i cant think of his other big INT game? The problem is his HIGHS right now arent as High as his lows are low, and that comes with scheme. People want to pan mac for not drafting Mahomes that year, but truth be told, with the way this franchise has faired over the last 3 years, mahomes wouldnt be the transcendent star that he is in KC. Right now there may not be anyone better at getting the most out of a quarterback than Andy Reid, the only other guys that come close would be payton and shanahan, who completely build excellent schemes to the strengths of their qbs and put them in a perfect position to succeed. No way the combo of Morton and Bates would have done that for his first two years, and so far its not looking like the combo of Bates, and Gase can do it for Darnold in his first 2 either.
  20. ive defended him too based on the personnel on this team and the fact that if you watch the all 22 there are guys open consistently. That being said youre 100% correct. you look at good offensive coordinators (shanahan, mcvay, reicht, payton) . when they have a mobile qb and they need to get them in rhythm they start with easy throws, crossers, roll outs, play action. We have legitimately the best receiving back in the nfl and we dont do any screens, hot routes, angle routes anything to him out of the backfield. I'm legitimately very confused by what the plan is going into every week.

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