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  1. Everyone needs to settle down about it because these uniforms as a whole are not going anywhere for a while. A lot of fans may hate them, but the team just changed them and realistically couldnt redo them for another few years I believe. However, youd be surprised what a difference just a small easy change could make. If someone was good at photoshop, take the current uniforms and just swap in a white facemask instead of the black we have in right now. In my opinion makes the uniform look better instantly.
  2. the thread titled quote. “Senior year gym class in June is more intense than this OTA.” I was speaking from first hand experience.
  3. As a physical education teacher in a high school dealing with seniors in june regularly. I can with absolute certainty 10000000000% assure you that this statement is false.
  4. He's a fine player right now, but has the physical traits to be a plus type of player. Thats why the staff is so high on him. He's fluid, fast, and can hit. The thing is he plays a little reckless, comes with the speed, he sometimes could stand to throttle it down a little and not overshoot gaps or over run plays. So learning timing and angles will be vital for his development. He also has to get better in pass coverage. He's got the physical tools to do anything you want him to do at the LB position but its really knowledge of the game, angles, tempo, and understanding of the full defensive scheme that will elevate him to be a very good player. It helps having mosely to tutor him and hopefully it pays off. Low risk high reward player for a staff that loves to take chances on physical statistics at the position.
  5. Wouldnt be surprised if he works out a lot with AJ brown and DK Metcalf in the offseason since they're all close friends. If so you probably can just make gains standing next to those two animals.
  6. Thats awesome! I'm very jealous.. I tried starting a team in my district the last year for the Jets League. At the time they were looking for 8 teams and I got the ball rolling super early only to be shot down by the administration. I love what the jets are doing with the league and empowering these girls to play a flag season in the spring, awesome stuff. Im jealous though that we werent able to be apart of it, its really great for the school districts too.
  7. i agree, 17 and 89 are fire. Love those for them. 35 for Hall is gross lol 52 im alright with, but its hard to picture as a down end.
  8. Yea I completely agree, youre seeing kids come out of high school physically more developed than they ever have been and with TONS of experience under their belt. Especially down south where there are 7v7 leagues basically year round for these guys to compete in and the number of positional trainers has gone through the roof. Playing WR has become like the rich kid playing tennis thing, only it doesnt cost a ton of money. What I mean is all the rich kids that play tennis and that are good people go "oh well they have a trainer and take lessons on the side". Thats exactly what is going on with most WR's now (hell I do it lol). WR's are becoming easier and easier to find, thats why youre seeing a lot of smaller school guys get drafted early on and perform as well. Not everyone can go to Bama or Clemson, theres just too many kids that are good, so you'll get really good players that go to smaller schools and tear it up. No need to pay for just good wrs anymore, like you said, pay the special ones, keep drafting.
  9. Exactly, Supply will equal demand but in my opinion it would take a very long time to out kick the demand. Too many wrs used on any given play and with the changes to the way defense is played, its a less physical position that it has been over the decades. The trades are going to be the most fascinating non jets story line of the nfl season to me personally. in KC and GB specifically with elite QBs, if the offenses are equal or better for having a less is more approach (more capable WRs compared to 1 elite guy and a few sub par guys) then you may see a lot of teams with high end QBs not pay their Elite Wr's and adopt this approach. Teams will always want an elite player so the trade market for teams with young qbs on rookie salaries will benefit here as they can trade for an elite talent to help the young guy develop (which is what we saw this offseason). This year with the exception on LA every team trading for an elite Wr did so for a young QB on a rookie deal (Jets included). If it happens that GB and KC are better off for these moves, and I suspect it will prove that (especially KC and how they've transformed their room). Then this can have multiple effects to NFL offseasons. 1. being like i just discussed, teams with young qbs being more aggressive in a market for established star WR's. or 2. The salaries of these Wr's settling back into a smaller market, not going above 25 mil per.
  10. with the way the nfl is trending its not a bad idea. General rule at this point would be to take a OL and DL every year to create a pipeline there, but WR could be an every year to every other year pick as well with the way the drafts are going.
  11. Dont close the door on WR jusssst yet. Davis may be on his last leg here, and if so they may invest a 2nd on a guy next season. or if JSN is there i could easily see them taking that kind of talent if they're up there and going all in on Zach. That all hinges on Davis, and also Mims.
  12. This is the big reason GB and KC said bye to big time WR's wanting 25+ mil per year approaching 30. Its not worth it. Every year now you'll see big time WR groups coming out. You should see the high school kids i get film on (one kid is a freshman with 7 D1 offers), every year youre going to be loaded a the position, really no need to spend big on these guys when the supply will equal the demand.
  13. Becton and Mims have a real shot to make big contributions to this team Becton will be starting if healthy. For mims and davis it becomes harder because of the competition at the position. Mims has a better shot because he offers size that only Corey Davis can give you. So he can carve out a niche in this offense. Davis is going to have a real uphill battle. Not that we're flush with talented safeties, but with whitehead getting one spot locked down he'll have to beat out a list of guys to start or get time, including Marcus Joyner who is back.
  14. aside from jeremiah, ive heard he's been extremely impressive so far on the field. We'll see if it translates.
  15. smith njigba is going to be a top 10 pick next year if he chooses to come out. The kid is the best WR on that team probably, but also came on late with some ridiculous performances to end up leading the team. Also. he had 30 catches for 587 yds and 4 tds in two games that GW didnt play in (nebraska and utah), Thats an insane chunk.
  16. this is 2 years in the making for us. WHAT. A. DRAFT
  17. Dean would be the only guy that really would be filling a hole without double dipping. Trading back from 38 makes the most sense if he's gone. Theres so many players I've heard they like still available to move back and add some more 3rds and 4ths to fill some depth and they will still get a guy they really like.
  18. certainly would suggest a trade down from 10 in that case. I think Taking Ekwonu represents the most likely scenario where we stay at 10 to try to draft a high impact Edge guy hoping a JJ or Thibs falls. If they dont is where they would trade out. Could still address edge in the first in a trade down, or in rd 2 if you felt like risking it, its a deep class, but I think they would have JJ and Thibs rated high enough that 10 would be their spot. Taking Hutch or an Edge at 4 I believe almost assuredly will result in a mad scramble to get out of 10 as the tackles will surely be gone and there is not much else there we would value. Edge at 4 opens up a lot of possibilities for the team.
  19. hahah naa its all good, i think its a fair comparison though. I think thats why he's the safest pick in the draft right now. I think at worst he ends up similar to Kerrigan.. Guys 10+ years in the league, 4 time probowler, 4 double digit sack seasons, youd take that easily. High end you hear people say jared allen, so if thats the ceiling and kerrigan is the floor, thats a damn good player.
  20. Any time I watched michigan this year I thought they were fools for standing him up. His get off is extremely less effective from a two point stand than a three. I thought it was extremely obvious.
  21. Yea I dont really know, I think its just kind of easy to peg the jets for OL all the time because Joe and Saleh have just repeatedly said they want the trenches. The Becton stuff im not sure how much is true and how much is made up. Most of the stuff I hear is there were certainly issues with his weight during recovery, I think the front office was frustrated with that because it limited his ability to recover in a timely manner. But today all youre hearing is Ekwonu and trading becton, thats the big time leak out there, Id be very surprised it happens. So i think with all of these leaks they're based off some truth, but mostly just people in the media taking liberties with the information and extrapolating it out to fit a personal narrative that is better for sales.
  22. I also think theres less ambiguity trying to decipher what teams at the top of the draft will do rather than in the middle to end of rd 1. How many players are worthy of the 4th pick in the draft? Only some realistic options. Since JD has been the GM we've picked 11, 2, 4/10 now. Not exactly hard in those spots to narrow the selections down. Youd argue 11 was the hardest but JD came in preaching OL and it was viewed as a very strong OT class, kind of just made too much sense.
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